Chapter 954 Killing Xue You (Teaser)

The Corrupt path’s two Kings didn’t even think before turning to flee.

RUMBLE! A huge broadsword crashed down toward them. This was Feng Xinglie’s attack, and it felt like the world was filled with this sword. Whether you went into the heavens or dove into the earth, you couldn’t possibly dodge it.

All the Kings were startled by Feng Xinglie’s power, especially the Kings from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance.

Although their cultivation bases had all reached the King realm, in terms of actual combat power, practically no one could challenge the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s fighters.

“Split the Heavens 3!”

Both the Corrupt Kings were drawn into his attack. The two of them hastily activated their King items to block.

Space exploded. Everyone was shocked to see their King items both shatter from just this one attack.

The ancient race’s King gulped. He thanked his luck that he hadn’t provoked Feng Xinglie, or he would...

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