Chapter 953 Continuous Sinister Schemes

Everyone from the Remote Heaven Gang turned pale. But they rejoiced to see that Li Changfeng only picked out a few ringleaders who had participated in this matter, including the patriarch, Ji Changkong, and a few dozen others.

As for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s traitors, they didn’t even have a place to cry. Zhao Wuji tried to kill himself, but he didn’t prevail. He and Yue Qianshan would have to endure the Xuantian Dao Sect’s number one punishment.

Thinking of the Five Heart Living Lotus, the two of them fainted. They despaired.

As for the other disciples, although they weren’t to suffer that number one punishment, betraying a sect was a grave taboo. They would definitely die. Unfortunately, death was a blessing they wouldn’t receive.

Once everyone had been escorted away, the only one remaining was Ji Changkong. Long Chen stood in front of him. “Do you have anything to say?”

“Long Chen, you brute, if you have guts, then kill me! You-” sneered Ji Changkong arrogantly.

Pow! Guo Ran slapped him in the face. But without his armor, it was his own hand that ended up hurting.

“You want me to kill you in a fury? You really like to scheme. There’s no saving you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Not good!” Suddenly, Ouyang Qiuyu let out a startled cry. The jade plate on her waist was rapidly flashing. “Someone’s attacking the Xuantian Dao Sect!”

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you were still one move too slow! Even if you kill me, so what? Your Xuantian Dao Sect has been razed to the ground by Xue You and the others! You won’t be able to kill me, but I’ve killed every last dog remaining in your Xuantian Dao Sect!” Ji Changkong crazily laughed.

Lu Minghan’s expression sank. “You actually colluded with the Corrupt path to harm my Xuantian Dao Sect?”

“Old fool, Long Chen really was right to curse you as an idiot. I’ve long since colluded with the Corrupt path, so why wouldn’t I collude with them again? I had a grasp over all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s movements from the start! Originally, the ones that came here should have been attacked and killed, while the Corrupt path destroyed the Xuantian Dao Sect’s foundation. Regretfully, we lost. But so what? Tens of thousands of your Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples are about to die because of me, hahaha!” laughed Ji Changkong.

“Courting death!” Lu Minghan extended his hand, about to kill him. But Li Changfeng held him back. Killing Ji Changkong now was letting him off too easily.

“Fury can’t resolve problems. Let’s hurry over to the branch sect.”

Li Changfeng waved his hand. A mile-long flying boat appeared and everyone hastily jumped onto it.

What Li Changfeng hadn’t expected was for not only Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie to get on; even the other three Kings got on.

The flying boat wasn’t able to fit everyone. In the end, they only brought along their peak fighters, such as the monastery heads and the Dragonblood Legion. At the same time, they brought Ji Changkong and the others.

Long Chen was surprised to see that this flying boat didn’t really fly. Instead, it tore straight through space.

“Spatial transportation?” Long Chen was startled by this capability. In truth, the only reason why it was capable of this was because the Xuantian Dao Sect’s coordinates were recorded within it. This speed was much greater than flying, but to bring this many people back to the Xuantian Dao Sect would require at least an incense stick’s worth of time.

Thinking of how the defenses of the Xuantian Dao Sect were currently, everyone knew that it wouldn’t even be able to last a few breaths. This incense stick’s worth of time was too long.

“Hahaha, I really want to see what your expressions will look like once you see your home covered in corpses and burned to the ground, hahaha- ah!”

Ji Changkong laughed until Long Chen hit him in the face. He also broke his jaw, making it so he couldn’t speak.

Ji Changkong let out a pained groan, no longer able to laugh. Long Chen inserted his spiritual yuan into Ji Changkong’s body. Ji Changkong immediately felt his body become much more sensitive.

Before Ji Changkong could even prepare himself, a foot landed on his crotch. An indescribable pain, magnified ten times, tore through his body.

He spasmed, curled up, and then stiffened. His body continued to twitch, and a certain vein popped up on his forehead, looking like it might explode at any moment. His eyes were protruding out of their sockets.

“I didn’t expect that your appearance could become so overflowing. So talented.” Long Chen icily stared at Ji Changkong. He pressed his foot on his jaw and then gently pushed down. The sound of bones breaking made everyone’s hair stand on end.

That sound of bones grinding against each other even made the Kings appear unnatural. This kind of torture was too vicious.

They could all tell that Long Chen had used a secret art to amplify Ji Changkong’s senses, making his sense of pain ten times greater. In such a scenario, just being pricked by a needle would feel unbearably painful.

“Ji Changkong, due to my beautiful wife’s enlightening words, I’ve become magnanimous. As long as you endure the Five Heart Living Lotus punishment, I can leave the enmity between us as is. However, your mouth is so filthy, and you actually want to infuriate me so I kill you. So if you want to play, I will play with you.” A cruel smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

Meng Qi blushed and rapped Long Chen a few times. He was always so crass without paying attention to the situation. 

But the fact that he was talking like this meant he had returned to his old self. He had walked out of the shadow of Little Snow’s death, allowing her to sigh with relief.

Long Chen continued, “Did you think I wouldn’t see through your little scheme? I’ll show that the Xuantian Dao Sect is still the same as ever, with each one of its disciples safe. However, your mouth is irritating, so I’ve decided not to listen to you any longer. You can just sing instead… Yes, just like that. Although that grunting is very irritating to listen to, it’s much better to listen to than when you talk.”

Everyone cast a sympathetic glance at Ji Changkong. He could have provoked anyone, but he provoked Long Chen. Wasn’t that just asking for it?

Bones ground, and Ji Changkong’s pained grunts continued to ring out. The Dragonblood warriors were fine, as Long Chen had long since led them onto a different kind of path. But even the Kings found this a bit unbearable. That sound was like nails on a chalkboard. It was an indescribable, hateful sound.

“Guo Ran, come over and try it. My foot is getting tired,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran hastily went over and imitated him. He stamped his foot on Ji Changkong’s jaw, causing him to instantly vomit blood.

“Fool, pay attention to your power! Use the tip of your foot and evenly distribute your power, rubbing back and forth…”

With Long Chen’s guidance, Guo Ran quickly grasped the quintessence of it. That hair-raising sound once more began.

The Pill Valley’s King almost couldn’t bear it. Several times, he opened his mouth, but no sound came out. This sound was driving him crazy, but he was afraid of Long Chen cursing him once more. Long Chen was like a dung-covered stone. He was both smelly and hard. He dared to curse even his sect’s higher-ups.

That was why he, the ancient race’s King, and the ancient family alliance’s King all didn’t make a sound. They simply acted as if they were busy concentrating on something inside.

They even suspected that with Long Chen’s ruthlessness, even if Ji Changkong died, he might still torture his corpse.

In all their years of cultivation, they had seen countless people. But they had never seen such a domineering youth.

Domineering wasn’t even enough to describe it. At early Sea Expansion, he didn’t even place Kings in his eyes. That was absolutely crazy, and their first time seeing such a thing.

Suddenly, the sky brightened. They flew out of space, appearing right outside the Xuantian Dao Sect.

When they appeared, they saw a couple hundred Foundation Forging experts crazily attacking the Xuantian Dao Sect, as well as five half-step Kings guarding the outside. There were also two elders standing in the air, letting loose runes that crazily attacked the Xuantian Dao Sect’s protective formation. Those two were shockingly Kings.

Li Changfeng and the others were stunned upon arriving. They had been prepared to see the Xuantian Dao Sect destroyed and its attackers fleeing upon seeing them. In that case, the only thing they would be able to do was to launch a vicious counterattack.

But seeing two Kings attacking the formation with it only trembling, not breaking, they were shocked. Furthermore, those two Kings were sweating. They had clearly been attacking for a long time.

“Are the Xuantian Dao Sect’s protective formations all so terrifying?” The Pill Valley’s King was stunned. He hastily circulated his Spiritual Strength to probe the formation. “Yuan spirit stones! There are actually so many yuan spirit stones!”

He saw Shui Wuhen within the Xuantian Dao Sect, with thousands of yuan spirit stones being arranged according to a certain pattern around her.

That was the core of the protective formation. With yuan spirit stones supporting it, the protective formation was strengthened over a hundred times. Even Kings needed time to break it.

All the Kings were moved by the yuan spirit stones. Those were exceedingly precious existences within the Martial Heaven Continent.

The two Corrupt path’s Kings saw the huge flying boat suddenly appear with a mass of Kings on it and were shocked.


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