Chapter 952 Put Down Your Burden

“Long Chen, you dare?!”

The Pill Valley’s King and Lu Minghan both shouted furiously. Long Chen was actually arrogantly ignoring their decision.

Even Li Changfeng found it slightly hard to bear. Long Chen was too obstinate and didn’t even give face to Kings. 

Seeing Long Chen filled with killing intent, Ling Yunzi sighed inside. It seemed there really was nothing Long Chen wouldn’t dare to do in this world!

“Hmph, There’s nothing that I, Long Chen, don’t dare to do in this world! If you have the power, then come and kill me. However, you don’t have the power to change me. Even the heavens don’t have that ability!” shouted Long Chen.

The two dragons coiled around Long Chen, constantly roaring. A powerful aura enveloped everyone present.

“Long Chen, let us off! We didn’t know you were framed! Please!”

Countless people were terrified by Long Chen’s killing intent. Long Chen had two Kings fully supporting him, and no one could force him to submit.

If Long Chen wanted to, then they would all die. Originally, they were all people with high status and dignity, but in the face of death, that pride was broken and they begged for mercy.

“If those two seniors hadn’t come to support me, then once I was killed, would you let off the hundred thousand disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect when they begged for mercy?!” roared Long Chen.

The two dragons suddenly exploded in power. A powerful pressure crashed down on them, one that even caused the Kings to change expression.

They hadn’t thought that Long Chen could release such a terrifying attack without a King item. Once that attack was released, then other than those who had reached half-step King, everyone else would be killed.

“Long Chen, if you kill this many people, you will be hunted down by the world’s Righteous path. Are you planning on becoming enemies with the entire Righteous path?” shouted Li Changfeng.

Although Long Chen was obstinate, Li Changfeng truly felt he was a good sprout. Even if he was placed in the Central Plains, he could release his brilliance. He couldn’t bear to see Long Chen commit such an offense.

If Long Chen only killed the ringleaders, then that was fine. But killing this many, especially when they were all from the Righteous path, would make it so even the Xuantian Dao Sect couldn’t protect him. In fact, they might even have to personally execute him. He didn’t want to see a genius fall like that.

Ling Yunzi only calmly watched. He didn’t say anything nor did he do anything to stop him. He didn’t even express his point of view.

He was the one who understood Long Chen the most. Divergents could never walk a normal path. It wasn’t odd for them to do all kinds of crazy things.

Feng Xinglie’s eyes were shining. This unbending stubbornness of Long Chen’s was what he liked the most. He was already holding his sword hilt and made his determination known that no matter what anyone said or did, he would bring Long Chen back to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“Do the two of you not want to say anything?” Li Changfeng turned to Ling Yunzi. He couldn’t be bothered to ask Feng Xinglie, as he knew that was useless.

Ling Yunzi shook his head. “No one can change the things that Long Chen decides on. It’s just like he said, you can kill him, but you can’t change him. In any case, no matter what trouble Long Chen causes, I will help him shoulder it. Even if it costs me my life!”

Li Changfeng sighed. He no longer tried to change his mind. He had already done everything he could. If Long Chen wanted to obstinately do things his way, he had no way to stop him. He could only watch as such a heavenly genius was destroyed. He was full of pity.

Long Chen stared at the terrified faces below. But thinking of Little Snow’s death, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

Back then was the same as now. Ji Changkong had gathered a group of Celestials from the Righteous path, and they also hadn’t cared whether or not Long Chen was framed. They had just wanted to suck up to Ji Changkong.

Although Little Snow hadn’t died to their hands, they couldn’t escape the fact that they were related. They were accomplices in his death.

“If there is another life, I would want to be with you again.” Those were Little Snow’s final words to Long Chen before dying.

It was just one sentence, but it contained boundless emotion and longing. Long Chen would never be able to forget that pain.


Long Chen’s eyes were scarlet as he activated the Double Dragon Destruction. He was going to kill all the helpers the Remote Heaven Gang had gathered.

“Long Chen, don’t! This isn’t you!”

A graceful figure flew in front of Long Chen, her white robes and long hair fluttering in the wind. Appearing like an immortal from a painting, she stood right in front of him.

“Meng Qi, you…!” Long Chen was startled and hastily stopped his attack.

“Long Chen, release your hatred. Your hatred has blinded you, turning you into a completely different person. If you really kill them, you won’t feel any better. You’ll just feel more pain. In truth, you also know that if they truly were wicked beyond redemption, then you wouldn’t have hesitated for so long. You would have killed them without a frown. But you hesitated, unable to do so because you still have a kind conscience inside you. You’re trying to wipe that conscience away, but you can’t. You’re simply trying to use the hatred from Little Snow’s death to force yourself into becoming a heartless killer. But it’s useless; you are kind inside, and once you kill them, it will just cause you to feel more lost. The yardstick upon which you judge your own morality will be broken, and you won’t be able to find your life’s goal.”

Long Chen clenched his fists. It was Meng Qi who understood him the best.

Pain filled Meng Qi’s eyes. She gently stroked Long Chen’s sharp and determined face. “We know the pain in your heart, so we don’t want you to feel more pain. Killing these people is simple, but it won’t erase the pain of Little Snow’s departure. Let them off, not because you pity them, or because you’re lowering your head to anyone, but because of your brothers and sisters. Each one of us will not hesitate to fight to the death for you, but none of us want to see you hurt. Only once you choose to release them will you regain your freedom, allowing you to walk down your endless cultivation path. We all still have many things to do. If you just keep accumulating burdens on your back, sooner or later, you’ll collapse. Releasing those burdens is also putting down the burden in your heart!”

“Boss, just treat them like a fart. They’re useless and will forever be useless. We just need to settle the bill with the ringleaders. Boss, someone as grand as you doesn’t need to set yourself against a group of ants. I’m sure Little Snow also wouldn’t want you to do such a thing,” said Guo Ran.

“Boss, just have them scram. We’re still waiting for you to lead us to greater heights,” shouted the Dragonblood warriors.

Long Chen looked at Meng Qi. He saw endless warmth within her beautiful eyes, warmth that made his heart feel less pain.

He recalled the two dragons. The atmosphere that had been like a taut bowstring instantly relaxed.

Those quivering Righteous experts collapsed on the ground. Only now did they realize they were covered in sweat.

They were all delighted. It seemed that they would escape with their lives.

“Thank you.” Long Chen tightly hugged Meng Qi. With his face in her hair, smelling her scent, he felt a sense of peace and content he hadn’t had since Little Snow’s death.

Meng Qi’s words were absolutely right. He had already started becoming bedeviled. Little Snow’s death had filled him with pain.

Although he had slaughtered experts from all sides in the Immemorial Path, the fury in his heart hadn’t lessened at all. Upon returning to the Martial Heaven Continent, he first exterminated hundreds of thousands of experts from the Corrupt path, and then even used the Eastern Wasteland Bell to slaughter the ancient races’ elites. According to reason, after killing this many people, the hatred in his heart should have gradually faded.

But instead of feeling relieved, he just felt more hatred. Meng Qi allowed Long Chen to realize that a problem had already occurred in his heart. If he continued killing, it might become irreversible.

Then he would sink down to become a bloodthirsty berserk devil. He would never be happy no matter how many people he killed.

If Long Chen wasn’t able to be happy, then the people by his side wouldn’t either. His pain was all their pain. For his brothers and sisters, he had to put down the burden in his heart. He still had a long path to walk in the future.

Meng Qi tightly held onto Long Chen, her eyes misty. Long Chen had suffered a great deal, but he had bottled it up inside, refusing to share any part of it.

He was the soul of the Dragonblood Legion. He was carrying an incredible weight on his shoulders. If it was anyone else, they would have long since crumbled under the pressure. But Long Chen carried that weight without complaint or regret.

Long Chen was just a human. There were times where he felt sorrowful, helpless, and hesitant. But Long Chen continued to bring them charging forward courageously. On the other hand, they were unable to help him much. Meng Qi sometimes hated herself for being useless and unable to help him more.

Seeing that Long Chen had given up on his attack, Li Changfeng sighed with relief. Ling Yunzi on the other hand acted as if none of this had anything to do with him. As his comprehension into the Sword Dao grew deeper, he was becoming transcendent, isolating himself from mundane things.

“Tch, you were stopped by a woman? Still not unyielding enough,” muttered Feng Xinglie. He let go of his sword hilt.

The three Kings who had come to bring Long Chen away were all disappointed. They had all wished for him to attack.

“Everyone else can leave. But the Remote Heaven Gang’s people must remain behind. Of course, that includes the traitors from the Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Li Changfeng.

The Remote Heaven Gang’s patriarch, Ji Changkong, Ji Hongling, and the others turned ashen.

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