Chapter 951 Kill Them All

Everyone was silent. Even the Kings were dumbfounded. What did he think he was doing? Was this brat crazy?

All he had done was insult him and he killed him? And right in front of his master? And he thought it would be okay with a sorry?

Ouyang Qiuyu’s soul almost fled out of fright. She felt like she was going crazy. What was Long Chen planning?

The Dragonblood warriors didn’t bat an eye upon seeing one of the Pill Valley’s experts be killed like a chicken. That kind of indifference to death made their blood boil. This was their boss. This was what it meant to be domineering.

Guo Ran was clenching his fists, filled with worship. This was truly being badass. Killing one wasn’t satisfying enough, so directly killing another was best.

In truth, just speaking so frankly to a group of Kings and even cursing a King to their face was enough to raise Guo Ran’s posing realm. But he still couldn’t be compared to Long Chen. Long Chen was the truly badass one.

Even Ling Yunzi wiped his forehead, feeling a slight headache. This temperament of Long Chen’s hadn’t changed. Instead, he had only grown more crazy. 

Only Feng Xinglie nodded with delight. He almost clapped his hands and praised. In his opinion, this was how a man should act.

But Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan’s expressions changed. Long Chen clearly didn’t know how to appreciate kindness. How could he do something so overboard?

What they had done before had already calmed things down. With just a bit more, this whole matter would have been resolved.

“What… did… you… say?!” The Pill Valley’s King almost exploded. Flames erupted around him, and it felt like the whole world had ignited. He was truly furious; no, not furious. He was on the edge of exploding. Each of his words was spat out through clenched teeth.

“Sorry,” said Long Chen very apologetically.

“Just sorry?!” he raged.

“Ah… I suppose. I’ve said sorry, and this matter is already over. Isn’t it just one dead person? Don’t be so petty. Stay calm. With your age, is it worth making such a fuss over such a small matter?” said Long Chen.

“What nonsense! You killed two of my disciples! I’ll make you pay with your life!”

“Pay with my life? Why?” asked Long Chen.

“You killed someone, so you have to pay with your life! Are you an idiot?!”

“No, just because you kill someone doesn’t mean you have to pay with your life. Although you’ve suffered wrongs and two of your disciples have died, you should be magnanimous. Only then can you accomplish bigger things,” advised Long Chen.

Everyone looked oddly at the Pill Valley’s King. These were the same words he had said to Long Chen. 

Now they understood why Long Chen had killed that person. It was to shut his mouth. He really was brazen.

“When I first joined the Xuantian Dao Sect, my sect leader told me a certain thing: when others don’t understand anything and simply advise you to be magnanimous, you should maintain your distance from them, because when they’re killed, they’ll splash you with blood. Back then, I was too young to understand. But now that I think about it, the principles behind it are truly profound. Sect leader’s wisdom truly is as vast as an ocean.” Long Chen looked at Ling Yunzi with heartfelt admiration.

“Did I ever say something like that?” Ling Yunzi was stunned inside. But then he quickly understood Long Chen was using him, pulling him down with him.

“Brother, this principle of yours truly is profound. With just a glance, I can tell you’re erudite. Truly worthy of praise!” Feng Xinglie gave Ling Yunzi a big thumbs-up.

Ling Yunzi bitterly smiled. He had never said anything like that, but he also couldn’t explain. He could only go along with Long Chen.

“Long Chen… you did this on purpose?!” The Pill Valley’s King glared at Long Chen, filled with killing intent.

“No, I wouldn’t dare to admit to that. Let me just say it again, this matter is already in the past, and people should be magnanimous so that they can do bigger things. Only like this can people work together sincerely and raise each other to greater heights. As part of Pill Valley, I’m sure you understand this principle. Could it be that you advised me to be magnanimous, but you aren’t magnanimous yourself? If even you can’t be magnanimous, how do you expect me to be? You should lead by example,” said Long Chen.

“You… you’re just twisting words!”

This was people’s first time feeling a trace of sympathy for that old man. Looking at how his hair was standing on end, they didn’t know if he would directly die of anger.

The Pill Valley’s disciples had finally learned their lesson and backed further away. They also didn’t dare to say anything.

“I’m twisting words? But then what about you? Just because a few of your disciples were killed, you want me to pay with my life? But when so many of my companions died because of Ji Changkong’s schemes, you wanted me to be magnanimous? Is your head full of shit?

“You think just disbanding the Remote Heaven Gang is enough to quell my hatred? You’re just going to let these murderers roam the world? Why should you be allowed to stop me from getting revenge? Because you’re a King? Because you’re stronger than me? Just because your position is higher than mine, you can rule over everything?

“Fuck the hell off. Old bastard, let me tell you, I’ve seen far too many of you idiots who like to put on a sanctimonious appearance while clearly having filthy goals. Just looking at you disgusts me. From the moment I came here, I didn’t hope for anyone to save me. I don’t fear death, so why do you think I’d fear an idiot like you?”

Toward the end, Long Chen’s voice grew louder to the point that it shook the sky. Thinking of Little Snow’s death caused his killing intent to surge beyond control.

“Calm down, Long Chen. We all know your grievances. Speak, what do you want?” said Li Changfeng helplessly.

Long Chen was not an ordinary disciple right now. Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie supported him, and no matter what evil things he had done, they would protect him.

Furthermore, the two of them were extremely powerful. Although they hadn’t said anything yet, the Pill Valley’s King was about to attack, and the two of them would not just sit still and watch.

He didn’t have a great understanding of Ling Yunzi, but he had a profound understanding of how crazy the madmen from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were. They never talked reason.

While the situation could still be controlled, he hastily opened his mouth. He felt a headache. In all his years, he had never seen a disciple like Long Chen. There was no way to suppress him.

“My requirements aren’t high. Anyone here who raised their fists to kill me should be killed instead,” said Long Chen. A cold gasp escaped from everyone. He wanted to kill essentially everyone from the Righteous path.

“Long Chen, many of the people here are innocent. They were simply baited to come by the Remote Heaven Gang,” said Li Changfeng. He felt that Long Chen was going too far.

“Innocent? Haha, do you know how many people here clearly knew I was framed but still came out to suck up to the Remote Heaven Gang? Do you know how many people don’t give a damn about my innocence, with their only goal being to get a favor from the Remote Heaven Gang? If the situation was reversed, once I was killed, would they think of the word innocent when they turned their butcher’s blades toward the rest of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples?” sneered Long Chen.

“...” Li Changfeng was stumped. As one of the higher-ups of the Xuantian Dao Sect, he couldn’t be biased toward the Remote Heaven Gang. But if the Remote Heaven Gang was disbanded and then all these Righteous experts were killed, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s name would be tarnished.

“Let me tell you then: they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t hesitate despite knowing your disciples are innocent. They would cut off all our heads to show their loyalty to the Remote Heaven Gang, making them the dominant power here. In this world, there aren’t any innocent people; there are only greedy and foolish people. Greedy people know the truth but act like they don’t, while foolish people simply don’t know the truth but will still raise their blades with everyone else. They don’t need to know the truth; all they need is to win the favor from the Remote Heaven Gang. Those foolish people aren’t worth pitying, as they have their own heads. If they can indiscriminately kill people without first determining the truth, can they get off unpunished? Can foolish people ignore other people’s lives? Can foolish people randomly harm others? So being foolish is the reasoning of these ‘innocents’?”

Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air, causing countless experts’ expressions to change. Yes, by coming here to the Remote Heaven Gang, they didn’t care at all about whether or not Long Chen was innocent.

“Since they can slaughter my brothers, why can’t I slaughter them?!”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s wings appeared and he shot into the sky. Two huge dragons flew out, releasing powerful roars.

With Lei Long and Huo Long bringing out their true bodies, endless lightning and flame energy raged in the air. Icy killing intent erupted out of Long Chen. He was like an Asura who had come to reap lives.

All the experts who had been invited by the Remote Heaven Gang were horrified. A sensation of death welled up within them.

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