Chapter 950 A Person Should be Magnanimous

All the wily old foxes immediately understood Li Changfeng’s words. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s attitude was to simply smooth things over and protect Long Chen. This was no investigation.

When the ancient races brought out their own disciples to testify about what had happened, all that would happen was that both sides would criticize the other. They could make up all kinds of lies; after all, there was no third party to testify. It wasn’t as if they could call out the aboriginals from the Immemorial Path.

As a result, this matter would be smoothed over. At the very most, the Xuantian Dao Sect might pay some compensation to the ancient races for them to bury their dead.

“Let’s not talk about the ancient races for now. Long Chen killed so many people from the Righteous path, and thousands of them came from my ancient family alliance. How do you explain that?” said the ancient family alliance’s King.

He wasn’t stupid. Seeing that the Xuantian Dao Sect wanted to protect Long Chen, he immediately tossed out what had happened with the Righteous path. At the same time, he cast a glance to the Remote Heaven Gang’s patriarch.

Ji Changkong immediately walked out and respectfully bowed, saying, “Reporting to seniors, this disciple has evidence here that proves Long Chen colluded with the aboriginals to kill Righteous experts. Here is the photographic jade.”

Ji Changkong activated a photographic jade. An image of a battlefield appeared in the air. That battlefield was Drake Mountain. It revealed how Meng Qi had been fighting against Righteous experts to save the aboriginals.

“Oh, why is there just that one girl? Where are the others, and the other scenes?” asked Li Changfeng.

“Everyone was in a life and death battle, so it was only possible to record this little bit-” said Ji Changkong.

“It’s because if they show too much, it’ll expose their secrets,” sneered Guo Ran.

“Bullshit! Do you dare to let that woman come out and testify?!” raged Ji Changkong.

“Long Chen, is this image real?” asked Li Changfeng. His meaning was obvious: Long Chen should say it wasn’t real, and simply say that they were being framed. Then they could continue smoothing things over.

“It is.” Long Chen nodded.

“Haha, what a good child. Then is there anything that isn’t revealed in just this scene? Why did you collude with the aboriginals?” Li Changfeng couldn’t help but laugh. His laughter was a bit helpless; he was sure Long Chen had understood his intentions, but he had still said this. He didn’t know what drugs he was on.

“This doesn’t count as colluding. Before this, my boss was chased down by countless experts led by Xue You and Yu Changhao because of his treasures…”

Guo Ran told them about how the aboriginals had saved Long Chen after being chased down by those two. He didn’t go into very much detail, but to sum it up, the aboriginals were actually good people.

Seeing Long Chen’s heaven-shaking handsomeness was enough to cause gods and ghosts to weep, the aboriginals had thought him to be a good person and saved him. They had become friends with him and very close ones at that.

But when it came to how Ji Changkong had laid down a trap for Long Chen and intentionally drawn over the aboriginals as bait, Guo Ran went into great detail.

When he finally mentioned how Ji Changkong’s trap had involved working together with the Corrupt path to kill Long Chen, it immediately caused an uproar amongst the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

“Ji Changkong, you shameless bitch, you’re too despicable!”

“Don’t slander others. What proof do you have? We were cleaning up the traitors in the Righteous path, and the Corrupt path just happened to come. We had no relation at all,” sneered Ji Changkong.

“Do you really think you handled things perfectly? Ji Changkong, you overestimate yourself. Do you think that other than you everyone else is stupid?” Long Chen smiled slightly.

A photographic jade appeared in his hand. He tossed it directly to Li Changfeng. He activated it, which revealed a scene in the air. Ji Changkong’s expression changed.

The first scene in this photographic jade was of the person he had sent to Xue You to establish their cooperation. Then more familiar faces appeared, all talking with Corrupt path. They were clearly discussing the plan, and even he himself appeared in it.

“Bastard, this is fake! That person isn’t me!” roared Ji Changkong.

Now he was afraid. He hadn’t expected that this kind of scene had been recorded. In reality, this was something made by Xue You. Once his aide had been killed, this thing had been noticed by Qing Yu when she had gone through his possessions.

“That’s not you? Okay, then it’s not you. But there’s also an image of both your armies gathering together. Tell me, how was I supposed to find enough fakes to set that up?” asked Long Chen lightly.

Li Changfeng smiled. It was no wonder Long Chen was so calm. He had absolute proof in his hands.

That photographic jade was like a knife that had viciously stabbed through the Remote Heaven Gang’s heart. Everyone was startled by it, and the patriarch’s expression completely changed.

“Shouldn’t the person from the Remote Heaven Gang come out and say something?” sneered Lu Minghan.

This matter was too obvious. All of this had been caused by the Remote Heaven Gang, and not only had their scheme been brought to light, but the price of colluding with the Corrupt path was the annihilation of the entire sect.

“You little bastard, you dared to do such a heretical thing!”

Unexpectedly, the Remote Heaven Gang’s patriarch roared furiously and sent a palm toward Ji Changkong.

But as soon as he moved, Lu Minghan raised his hand. Spatial strength extended hundreds of meters, and the Remote Heaven Gang’s patriarch, a half-step King, became unable to move.

“Rashly killing someone before this matter is settled isn’t good, don’t you think? If he is wronged, wouldn’t that make you feel embarrassed?” sneered Lu Minghan. He waved his hand.

Runes appeared in the air, forming chains that bound the patriarch. Although he was a half-step King, he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

Seeing that, the other half-step Kings’ expressions changed. They felt that this situation today was about to go very badly for them.

“Brother from Pill Valley, you were invited here to uphold justice, correct? Then please, go ahead and say your verdict. After all, for a member of my Xuantian Dao Sect to be the judge would be inappropriate,” said Li Changfeng.

The Pill Valley King’s expression was extremely unsightly, and the other two Kings were about the same as well.

The person from the ancient family alliance was especially irritated. Right now, he couldn’t say a word. There was the ironclad evidence that Ji Changkong had led the Righteous experts to collude with the Corrupt path in order to kill Long Chen. There was no way to retort.

Although those people had partially been used by Ji Changkong, and their deaths were a bit unjust, there was no reason for him to make things hard on Long Chen.

The ancient race expert also had to shut his mouth as Yu Changhao had been part of the collusion. The three forces had joined hands to handle Long Chen. Although he hadn’t been part of the attack on Drake Mountain, Guo Ran had revealed more images that were completely irrefutable.

All his reasoning had been ruined because Ji Changkong had made a critical error. That had even implicated the ancient races, so he didn’t even know what to say. His people had been killed, but there was no good excuse for him to make things hard on the killers.

The ancient races were always neutral. Cooperating with the Righteous path or the Corrupt path was taboo. Now that they had cooperated in a fight between the Righteous and Corrupt paths, their deaths were simply wasted.

“Cough, I didn’t expect the Remote Heaven Gang to be so impetuous. The truth of this matter has come to light; let the Remote Heaven Gang be disbanded,” said the Pill Valley’s King.

“Brother truly is wise.” Li Changfeng smiled. He gave Pill Valley a way out of their embarrassing situation.

Although now everyone was clear about what had happened, Li Changfeng didn’t want to ruin the Xuantian Dao Sect’s relationship with Pill Valley. No matter how strong the Xuantian Dao Sect was, they still relied on medicinal pills. Although this person couldn’t represent Pill Valley, it was best not to offend him either.

“Since that’s the case…” the Pill Valley’s King understood Li Changfeng. He was giving him face, and he was just about to announce that the Remote Heaven Gang had been disbanded when he was cut off.

“It seems I am the victim, right? Pill Valley senior, can you help me get revenge?” said Long Chen suddenly.

The Pill Valley’s King glared at Long Chen. He was starting to hate this brat, having an urge to crush him beneath his fingers. Long Chen had caused him to lose face by killing one of his disciples right in front of him. Now, he didn’t even have an excuse to get revenge for that disciple. Although his expression was calm, killing intent was boiling within him.

“Long Chen, although you were wronged, as part of the Righteous path, you should be magnanimous. Only then can you accomplish bigger things,” lectured the Pill Valley’s King.

“Hmph, ignorant and unbearably coarse; without this magnanimity, it’s obvious he is nothing more than a butcher,” sneered someone in the crowd.

This person was one of the alchemists from Pill Valley. Seeing that Long Chen had caused a shocking reversal and was now proven innocent irritated him, so when Long Chen had contradicted his master, he had immediately sneered at him.

The people on the stage were all Kings, so he didn’t have the qualifications to sit there. He could only stand below the stage, not far from Long Chen and the others. Although his voice wasn’t loud, it was very clear to the surrounding people. The insulting tone within it was overflowing.

Guo Ran’s expression sank. He was just about to retort when a blood-colored light shot out suddenly. That person was blown to bits, splashing his fellow alchemists with blood.

Long Chen’s attack had come suddenly and unexpectedly. No one had thought he would dare to kill one of the Pill Valley’s disciples right in front of a King. That was his second disciple slain.

Long Chen lazily rested his saber on his shoulder and disdainfully looked at the Pill Valley’s King. “Sorry.”

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