Chapter 95 Execution Ground

The Phoenix Cry imperial capital stood there as majestic as ever, emitting an ancient air. That was something that could not be concealed despite the several wars it had experienced in the past thousand years.

But today, the imperial capital was no longer as bustling and filled with traffic as it normally was. It was filled with a foreboding air, and not a single shop opened its doors.

In just a single month’s time, the capital had completely changed. First the news of Xia Changfeng being murdered shook the entire Phoenix Cry Empire.

But even more shocking was that the person who had killed the Grand Xia’s prince was the most famous person in the capital, the junior generation’s strongest member who had risen like a shooting star, Long Chen!

When the photographic jade’s images had spread throughout the capital, everyone had been completely shocked. The image of Long Chen killing Xia Changfeng was forever stuck in their minds.

Long Chen, who was originally high-spirited and full of endless prospects, had now become the entire empire’s number one wanted criminal.

The Long household’s people had all been imprisoned in just one night. After another few days, large quantities of soldiers began to flow towards the capital.

Before anyone could even understand what was happening, four hundred thousand elite troops from the Grand Xia had encircled the city. 

Everyone had been incomparably nervous, waiting for the spark of a huge war to ignite the capital in flames. That thought caused all these people, who were used to living in peace and security, to be filled with fright.

But the lucky thing was that the battle never occurred. The fourth prince had appeared to mediate both parties. Saying that he had already captured the killer and had investigated the whole matter, he gave the Grand Xia an acceptable account.

Only then did the elite troops withdraw their siege of the capital. But they didn’t go far. They pitched camp forty miles away from the capital. If the Phoenix Cry Empire didn’t hand over acceptable terms, they definitely wouldn’t mind starting a huge war.

That foreboding air enveloped the entire capital. Although the capital had Marquis Ying and Marquis Wu leading the majority of the strongest troops in the empire, this situation had arisen so suddenly that they had been unable to collect the rest of their forces. If a battle really did start, whether they could win or not, the capital itself would definitely become a scene of disaster.

At the same time, there were also people who secretly wondered what was going on. Weren’t the Phoenix Cry Empire and the Grand Xia Empire supposed to be allies? How did they suddenly end up on opposite sides of the battlefield now?

What kind of satirical situation was this? It was always the enemies you never thought about who did the most damage. Otherwise, there was no way they would have been able to encircle their capital so easily.

Following the Long household’s capture, huge waves erupted in the empire. The first thing people thought of was the Border Suppression Marquis, who was defending the border against the barbarian tribes.

The Border Suppression Marquis had guarded the border for over ten years. He had control of fifty thousand elite troops that had fought with the barbarian tribes over and over. It could be said that his army was a true elite force.

As for the ‘elite troops’ currently residing in the capital who lived peaceful, satisfied lives the entire time and had only completed some drilling, the difference was immense, completely incomparable.

The Border Suppression Marquis’s elite troops would definitely be able to fight enemies ten times their number. After the Empress Dowager had imperially arrested the Long household, everyone wondered just how Long Tianxiao would react.

Ten days ago, sudden news had leaked that Long Chen’s murder of Xia Changfeng had been incited by the crown prince, and so even the crown prince had been arrested.

There had also been several ‘henchmen’ that had been taken in with him. Today was the day for all these ‘murderers’ to face their executions.

Outside the city walls, the martial stage that had often been used for fights, had been torn down to be replaced with a huge execution stage.

On one side of the execution stage were the Phoenix Cry Empire’s elite troops, while on the other side were the Grand Xia’s elite troops. They both watched each other from a distance with the atmosphere being incredibly tense.

The commoners of the Phoenix Cry Empire were also watching from far away. This was the most controversial and shocking matter that had occurred in the Phoenix Cry Empire in the several dozen


Not only was a noble family about to be eradicated, but the crown prince was also to be executed. There were also dozens of members of the imperial court who had been implicated. 

There were two lines of people on the execution grounds, one lined up in the back and one lined up in the front. There were dozens of people in the front row, all wearing imperial robes. They were completely bound, lying there on the ground.

Although everyone had already been prepared to see that, they were still greatly shaken. Those were the most senior ministers of the empire. Normally, just getting a glance of them was almost impossible, but today they had become prisoners.

However, the most shocking thing for everyone was the sight of the person who was bound front at the execution platform. It was crown prince Chu Yang! The current Chu Yang had long since lost his majestic and graceful poise. His hair was a mess and his eyes darted around. He was mumbling something that couldn’t be heard as he incessantly fidgeted.

Behind this group of people was another group of over twenty people. This group included maids and servants. They were actually the Long household’s people.

Mrs. Long was shackled by iron fetters. Her expression was haggard as she looked into the distance. Who knew what she was thinking.

Other than Mrs. Long, the rest of the Long household’s members couldn’t help but weep. They knew that today would be the last day of their lives. Looking at the executioners beside them, they were filled with despair.

“Ah, my Long family has truly let you down. If there is a next life, my Long family will definitely make it up to you.”

Looking at the weeping people surrounding her, Mrs. Long couldn’t help but sigh. They were all innocent, but they had been implicated by being part of the Long household.

“Madam, don’t say that. We are members of the Long household, and we will be part of the Long household even in death. We don’t regret anything,” said Bao-er firmly.

“Hmph, you want a next life? Just keep on dreaming. Your Long household really is just a group of idiots,” said a man with a long blade in his hand coldly.

Mrs. Long glared hatefully at that man, her eyes filled with poison. She wished she could tear that man apart.

“Li Feng, you bastard, even as a ghost I won’t forgive you.” Mrs. Long ground her teeth.

That person was one of the officers in charge of the execution and was her older sister’s son. Looking at him caused Mrs. Long to feel needle-like pain in her heart.

Back when her family had been ignoring her, she had been completely dejected. But then recently, when they had warmed back up to her, her mood had completely reversed. She knew they were just currying favor, but they were her family after all. She still forgave them.

But who would have thought that it would be her closest family that would force her Long household into the depths of despair? That had truly caused her to feel endless resentment.

She remembered back when Wilde had returned to the Long household. Seeing her, the first thing he had said was, “Quickly go ask for grandmaster Yun Qi’s help.” He had then fainted straight away.

When Marquis Ying had gone to chase after Long Chen into the forest, Wilde had already been completely exhausted. After just resting for a moment, he had suddenly remembered what Long Chen had told him and rushed back to the capital.

Who knew whether it was Wilde’s luck that was great or whether Marquis Ying’s subordinates were incompetent, but Wilde managed to return without any resistance.

However, he hadn’t dared to stop to eat. He had relied only on his willpower to sustain himself until he had reached the Long household. After saying a single line, he had been overcome by his exhaustion and fainted.

Wilde hadn’t noticed that at that time, Mrs. Long was in the midst of chatting with her older sister’s family. Perhaps even if he had noticed, he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

When Wilde had fainted, Mrs. Long had hastily shouted for people to help. Her older sister had immediately comforted her and called over two people who weren’t that far away.

Wilde had fainted due to hunger. In order to awaken, they had brought over several bowls of water, but Wilde still hadn’t shown any signs of awakening.

Just when Mrs. Long had felt that something wasn’t right, she suddenly smelled a certain thing and immediately lost consciousness. But right before her eyes had completely closed, she had seen her older sister’s smile that was full of ridicule.

By the time she awakened once more, the entire Long household had been thrown into a dark prison. That caused Mrs. Long to be filled with regret and hatred as well as a deep sense of self-blame.

Li Feng smiled coldly when he looked at her. “Even as a ghost, you’ll hate me? Hmph, even as ghosts you’d just be a group of idiot ghosts not worth interacting with. Ten years ago you were all also this stupid. At that time, we had already decided to part ways with you in order to avoid being implicated. And now it seems you’ve become even dumber. After just saying a few random words, you actually ended up completely trusting us. If such an idiot didn’t die, then it really would be a defiance of the heavens.”

Mrs. Long trembled in anger. Tears flowed down her face, but she didn’t say anything. This was her family?!

“You don’t need to cry. As my relative, I’ll help to end your sorrow by speeding things up a bit. You won’t feel any pain.” Li Feng gently shook his blade and continued, “But aunt, I really do need to thank you. Once I chop off your head, my career will quickly advance. Now that so many people are about to die in high positions, there are many openings for some lucrative posts. One of those spots will definitely be mine. Once I’m rich I definitely won’t forget aunt’s favor. During the New Year, I will definitely burn some paper money for you, haha.”[1]

“Li Feng, you definitely won’t die a good death!” Bao-er cursed him from the side when she saw his satisfied smile. She really couldn’t stand seeing this despicable bastard. Thinking back to when he had acted so well-behaved in front of them, his current expression made her nauseous.

“Not a good death? Hehe, that’ll be you guys! Soon your heads will fall to the ground!” Li Feng sinisterly laughed at Bao-er.

Bao-er was just about to retort when a heavy figure was thrown to the ground beside her.

“Wilde!” Mrs. Long let out a sorrowful cry.

Wilde currently looked like a hedgehog with long iron needles stabbing all over his body.

Those were torture tools called Bone Eroding Needles. There was a painful poison coated on them that could erode a person’s bones, causing the person to feel intense pain deep in their marrow.

That kind of pain was something no one could resist. Most people were unable to even bear having one of the needles being pierced into them. Even cultivators would be unable to endure more than five of them. That kind of pain was enough to kill someone.

But Wilde’s body was completely covered with that kind of needle. Wilde’s ability to resist pain was absolutely shocking. Originally, Wilde had been unconscious, but when he had been thrown on the ground, those needles had once more pricked his bones, causing him to awaken.

“Mom, you don’t need to be worried. Wilde doesn’t feel any pain.” Seeing Mrs. Long crying, Wilde tried to comfort her, even forcing out a slight smile.

But the current Wilde had lost so much weight that he was now practically skin and bones. His smile was actually extremely ugly now.

Back when Long Chen had brought Wilde back home for the first time, Long Chen had told Mrs. Long about his circumstances. He had hoped that his mother would accept him as her adopted son.

Wilde had called Mrs. Long ‘mom’ the whole time, but Mrs. Long had always felt that the appellation was a bit strange and hadn’t replied to it.

But now when Wilde called her that, she couldn't help but feel sour inside. “Wilde, mom has let you down.”

[1] It’s a Chinese tradition to burn paper money for your dead relatives so they have money to spend in the afterlife. 

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