Chapter 949 I Don’t Care What Illness You Have

The two elders had white hair and lean faces. They gave off a feeling of the Immortal Dao. With their white robes, they looked like immortals who had walked out of a painting to grace the mundane world. It was like they might vanish with the wind at any moment.

“Disciple Ouyang Qiuyu greets Elders!” Ouyang Qiuyu hastily bowed. These two were Kings from the head sect.

The person at the front appeared exceptionally old, but from the features of his lean face, it was possible to tell he had to have been very handsome in his youth.

The other one had an icier face. His lips were thin, his eyebrows were thin and long, and in general, he gave off an unfriendly feeling.

“Ouyang Qiuyu, as the sect master of the Xuantian Dao Sect, you should be the leader of the Righteous path here. How could you have done such crazy things? When did the Righteous path’s people begin slaughtering each other?” The icy elder shouted at Ouyang Qiuyu.

Ouyang Qiuyu lowered her head and didn’t reply. She knew that this Elder was doing this on purpose. It was like a family head scolding two children for fighting. No matter what, they had to first scold their own child, and only then would they investigate what had happened. That was the way for them to seem magnanimous.

“Disciple knows her wrongs.” Ouyang Qiuyu was experienced and she obediently apologized.

Only then did the icy elder nod. The other elder bowed slightly toward Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie, saying, “I am Li Changfeng, and this is my junior brother, Lu Minghan. He is a law enforcement Elder from the Xuantian Dao Sect. To have bothered all of you because of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s matters shames me!”

Li Changfeng’s voice was simple, not fast or slow, not servile or overbearing. It was extremely comfortable to listen to. And paired with his mannerisms, it was as if he was saying this was what an expert should act like.

“Hmph, my Pill Valley doesn’t meddle in other people’s affairs. People were wronged and needed trust, and so they asked us to get justice for them,” said the Pill Valley’s King in response to Li Changfeng’s words.

Now that he was talking to someone reasonable, he clearly didn’t have so many misgivings and directly expressed his dissatisfaction. He hadn’t dared to do that with someone as unreasonable as Feng Xinglie. Madmen were the most terrifying ones.

Feng Xinglie narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything. He couldn’t be bothered with this kind of battle of tongues. It wasn’t as delightful as using his sword.

Ling Yunzi also didn’t say anything. Now that the Xuantian Dao Sect had come to take charge of this matter, he could just watch.

“Hmph, it was the disciple raised by your Xuantian Dao Sect that colluded with the aboriginals in the Immemorial Path and slaughtered your own people-” shouted the ancient race’s King.

“Does that have anything to do with you? It was our own people, so who do you think you are? Did you personally see me do that?” Long Chen cut him off.

“All the Righteous experts are saying so-”

“If others said you were my son, would you call me dad without hesitation?” Long Chen cut him off once more.

His words were hostile but still correct. Whether or not he had killed people from his own sect, it had nothing to do with the ancient races. As for the ancient race’s King, he almost fainted from rage because of Long Chen’s interruptions.

“But you also colluded with the aboriginals to slaughter my ancient races’ elite disciples! Isn’t that right!?” he roared. He, a grand King, was infuriated to the point where he quivered and his hair stood on end. Guo Ran and the others had to admire Long Chen’s sharp tongue.

“Yes, this time you’re right. But why did you have to release all these farts before this? Was it to make you sound righteous and just? Or was it because some of you just had to paint a certain person as an irredeemable villain so that you could have more justification?” sneered Long Chen.

“You! No matter how you put it, you killed my ancient races’ disciples! You can’t twist that truth, can you!?”

“Everyone, let’s calm down and discuss this. Why don’t we sit and figure out this problem together? My Xuantian Dao Sect is famous amongst the Righteous sects and has tens of thousands of years of inheritance. I trust everyone is aware of our reputation. If Long Chen truly did do something wrong, we definitely won’t harbor him from justice,” said Li Changfeng.

Hearing that, the three Kings had no choice but to go along. Right now, it was no longer possible for them to forcibly bring Long Chen away. They could only think of something else.

They all descended from the sky, landing on the stage in front of the Remote Heaven Plaza. The seats on the stage were all occupied by the Kings. Long Chen and the others could only stand below the stage.

“Long Chen, tell us. Why did you kill so many people from the Righteous path and so many ancient race experts?” asked Lu Minghan sternly and coldly.

Ouyang Qiuyu hastily cast a glance at Long Chen. These were the same unspoken rules as for her. They would chide him a bit, but it was just for show. She was indicating for him to endure it

“Because-” Long Chen hated this kind of thing. It was like he was a criminal. But for Ouyang Qiuyu, he didn’t retort.

“Shameful, do you not know how to use polite honorifics? Who taught you how to speak to your seniors?” shouted Lu Minghan.

According to regular etiquette, Long Chen should have first bowed, then called him senior, and addressed himself as disciple. But Long Chen didn’t care about any of that.

“Pay attention to your tone. I respect you because of your position, which is high enough to preside over justice, but when it comes to your inner quality as a person, I loathe people like you,” said Long Chen icily.

Ouyang Qiuyu and the other experts from the Xuantian Dao Sect all jumped in shock. Long Chen was absolutely obstinate. If an almighty King wanted to chide you a bit, why not just simply call him senior?

Seeing that Long Chen dared to contradict Lu Minghan, the Pill Valley’s experts all smiled derisively. Chortling even rang out in the air, putting Lu Minghan on the spot.

“Little brute, you-”

“Well, aren’t you the old brute?!” raged Long Chen.

“Hahahaha…” Feng Xinglie couldn’t help but laugh. Ling Yunzi also shook his head helplessly. Long Chen’s temper hadn’t changed even after all these years.

“Courting death!” Lu Minghan was absolutely infuriated. Originally, this should have been just an ordinary preamble, but before he could even ask anything, Long Chen cursed at him and made him want to explode.

“What? You want to attack? That’s good, I’ve been waiting for a while.” Seeing Lu Minghan stand up, Feng Xinglie also stood, patting his sword hilt.

“Everyone, calm down a bit. It’s hot today so it’s easy to lose your temper. Haha, Long Chen, why don’t you explain what happened in your own words?” said Li Changfeng.

In truth, he was bitterly smiling inside. This junior brother of his was extremely stern and icy. That was related to the fact that he was from the law enforcement hall, so his tone was naturally a bit overbearing.

Normally, the ones he faced were just junior disciples. Those disciples had to endure whether they wanted to or not, but Long Chen refused to accept that.

If he wanted to use a berating tone, then he could accept that. After all, he was the senior. But calling him a brute was insulting his mother. He couldn’t accept that, which was why he warned him to pay attention to his words.

Then Lu Minghan refused to accept that and still cursed him. Long Chen’s fury had immediately erupted, and he directly cursed back.

That made it so Li Changfeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. There was no way to resolve that, as it had been Lu Minghan that started things. If this continued, he would just embarrass himself more. So he hastily took over.

“I’m a bit mad right now and my head’s messy. So I’ll let my brother speak for me. Guo Ran, you can explain,” said Long Chen. He really was a bit angry. In fact, just now when Lu Minghan had cursed him, he had almost exploded. He found that he was getting more and more angered. His ability to control himself was weakening.

“Me?” Guo Ran was a bit apprehensive.

“What? Do you not dare? Go bring out the bravery you have when you normally act like a poser,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran really was nervous. Kings were existences that didn’t exist within the Eastern Wasteland. But as soon as he heard the word poser, his eyes brightened. That word gave him limitless courage.

“This matter happened like this. My boss is a god-like hero, a genius amongst geniuses- Cough, ah, my boss is Long Chen. When we just entered the Immemorial Path…”

It went without saying that Guo Ran’s tongue was also exceptional. Although he was a bit nervous at the beginning, he quickly became accustomed and a colorful story was painted by him loudly and smoothly. He explained everything about the enmity between them and the ancient races.

From the beginning, it was always Yu Changhao provoking Long Chen. Later, the ancient races had continuously forced them into conflicts. All of this was explained in detail.

All Guo Ran’s words were true, and Long Chen didn’t ask him to lie. There was also no need to lie. This explanation was no more than a formality, so Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to do it himself.

The Xuantian Dao Sect was strong. Even if Long Chen said that he didn’t like the way Yu Changhao looked and so he had killed him, the Xuantian Dao Sect could come up with a million reasons to protect him.

If Pill Valley was strong, then even if Long Chen explained how he had been wronged in a million ways, it wouldn’t have a damn use. Whether or not he was in the right depended on power.

All of this was just a bunch of senseless rules. But the Righteous path liked to play this game, and they played it a lot. They liked to see who played better, who had a better strategy, or whose tactics were the most supreme.

With Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie standing by Long Chen, who would dare to touch his head? So Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to play that game. But if they wanted to play, they could play by themselves. Since Guo Ran liked to be in the spotlight, he could play with them.

From now on, Guo Ran would have an amazing story to brag about: when he was just at early Sea Expansion, he dared to tell a story to Kings. After cursing them over and over, they didn’t even dare to interrupt. Of course, who would believe him?

“Bastard, even if there was a conflict between the two of you, there was no need to slaughter all our elite disciples! You don’t have a leg to stand on! Furthermore, I don’t believe you! The ancient races are always neutral; we never bully others!” raged the ancient race’s King.

According to Guo Ran’s story, it was the ancient races that were too overbearing, willing to slaughter people for any random resources. The conflicts grew step by step all because of them.

“Do you have an illness? If you don’t believe me, why listen to me explaining at all? You could have said something sooner and saved me the effort,” Guo Ran cursed the ancient race expert.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” he raged.

“Temporarily put aside your anger. Although this is just a one-sided story, why don’t you have some of your ancient race disciples tell their side?” said Li Changfeng.

As soon as he said this, all the wily old foxes understood what he was doing.

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