Chapter 948 Feng Xinglie

His aura had completely transformed, but his outer appearance was still the same. His sword was sheathed on his back, and he wore snow-white robes.

“Sect leader!”

They were delighted. This was the one hundred and eighth monastery’s sect leader from back then, Ling Yunzi! He had actually appeared here.

With one slash of his sword, he cut a King in two. However, that King used some unknown technique to reconnect the two parts of his body. He looked in shock at Ling Yunzi.

Other than Ling Yunzi, there was a middle-aged man in the air as well. Just now, a slash of his sword had blown back the ancient family alliance’s King.

He was extremely tall and muscular. It was like snakes were wriggling beneath his skin. He was bursting out with energy.

He had a broadsword almost just as tall as him on his back. He was like an immovable mountain as he stood there.

“You’re from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect?” demanded the ancient family alliance’s King.

Hearing that he came from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Long Chen didn’t find it odd at all. As soon as he had attacked, he had sensed the aura of Split the Heavens. Although the move he had used wasn’t Split the Heavens, he couldn’t have mistaken that aura.

That large man didn’t even glance at the King. He turned to Long Chen. “Not bad little fellow. Due to this mettle, you won’t be beaten too badly.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it was like thunder in everyone’s ears. They all knew this person had to be a King and wouldn’t bother trying to flaunt his power in front of them. His voice was probably just like that.

Even from this distance, his voice shook their eardrums. If they were closer, wouldn’t they go deaf?

Long Chen didn’t know what was happening, but he knew he was helping him. There was no need for him to throw away his life anymore.

“Many thanks for helping, senior.” Long Chen hastily bowed.

The large man waved his hand. “Don’t do so many useless things. The reason I’ve come here is because I was ordered to come support you. Today, if you want to kill someone, then go ahead and kill them. If someone dares to interfere, I’ll cut off their heads. Ah, speaking of which, who are you? How have I never heard of you in Central Plains? It seems you are very powerful.” He turned to look at Ling Yunzi, battle intent soaring in his eyes.

“Junior brother is Ling Yunzi. Greetings, senior.” Ling Yunzi smiled.

“Ling Yunzi? Why does that sound so familiar? Ah, didn’t the Heavenly Sword Gate obtain a peerless genius with that name who has already comprehended the Annihilation Sword Dao? Is that you?” said the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s man.

“I am simply indebted to the Heavenly Sword Gate's master and cultivating there. Senior brother overpraises me,” said Ling Yunzi.

Although his words were very calm, just hearing the name of the Heavenly Sword Gate was enough to shake everyone. The Heavenly Sword Gate was extremely famous on the Martial Heaven Continent. They only had a few hundred members, but they only accepted sword cultivators, and only sword cultivators that had comprehended sword intent at that. They were different from other sects and rarely interfered with mundane matters.

They were like a group of hermits that had isolated themselves from the world to cultivate. They rarely had any interactions with the rest of the world, but they were exceedingly terrifying experts.

Anyone could try to join the Heavenly Sword Gate. As long as they passed the test regarding the Sword Dao, they could join. After that, they would enjoy all the Heavenly Sword Gate's resources given to sword cultivators. 

However, the test was extremely strict, and focused on the Sword Dao. The probability of passing was less than one in ten thousand, and the price for failure was death. It was a cruel trial.

But every person who managed to pass would have their name carved onto the Heavenly Sword Gate's Heavenly Sword Tablet at the front of the sect.

It had been many years since someone had managed to pass the trial and join the Heavenly Sword Gate. But over a year ago, Ling Yunzi had managed to pass, and when his name had been carved onto the Heavenly Sword Tablet, it had caused his fame to explosively grow.

That was why this Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s King would feel that his name was very familiar. He asked, “Don’t the Heavenly Sword Gate's experts only cultivate the Sword Dao and not interfere in mundane matters? Why have you run over here?”

“In truth, the Heavenly Sword Gate doesn’t require its members to act in any way, nor does it restrict our freedom. It just requires us to act according to our heart. There are some seniors who already have no ties to the rest of the world, so they don’t even leave the sect. There are also some who are completely engrossed in the Sword Dao and don’t care about anything else. However, I was never able to let my heart rest, and so the sect let me come out to settle my affairs. And now you see the result…” Ling Yunzi smiled at Long Chen.

“You have a relationship with Long Chen?” The large man was startled.

“Not just any relationship. The reason I could attain my current height is all because of Long Chen. So whoever tries to make things hard on Long Chen today will meet their death.” Ling Yunzi looked at the three Kings, his voice was flat but full of unquestionable resolve.

Hearing that Ling Yunzi was this powerful because of Long Chen, everyone was startled. Even Long Chen was startled.

Long Chen didn’t know that Ling Yunzi’s Annihilation Sword Dao was something he had comprehended after helping him erase the lightning tribulation energy within his body. He had comprehended the essence of annihilation, opening a completely new path for himself.

“Long Chen, as you get stronger, your ability to cause trouble also grows.” Ling Yunzi looked from Long Chen to the mass of experts below.

“Hehe, many thanks sect leader for your praise,” laughed Long Chen.

Now that Ling Yunzi and this large man from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had arrived, the crisis had been resolved. Long Chen’s mood was no longer so heavy.

He wanted to ask Ling Yunzi what he had done during the past few years for his cultivation base to grow to such a shocking level, but now wasn’t the time.

“Only a man who dares to cause trouble is a real man. If you flinch and cower when you do everything, what’s the point of living. Originally, I was in seclusion, but I was ordered to take a trip here. Tch, that was irritating, so I was going to give you a beating to vent. However, your display is very satisfactory, so I won’t. I’ll leave this beating for later,” laughed the large man from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. He patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

Booming sounds rang out when his palm struck Long Chen’s shoulder. He felt like his bones were about to break.

“Hehe, although you’re a bit small, this courage is not bad. Haha, truly not bad!” That large man examined Long Chen from head to toe like he was a treasure, causing Long Chen’s hair to stand on end.

“Senior…” said Long Chen.

“Don’t call me senior. What an irritating word. I am Feng Xinglie and ranked third. You aren’t one of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples yet, so you can call me third uncle. If you aren’t satisfied to be suppressed by me in terms of seniority, then hurry and raise your cultivation base. When you become a King, you can call me third brother,” said Feng Xinglie.

Everyone was startled. How was it that Long Chen had such a close relationship with a King from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect?

The Remote Heaven Gang’s patriarch’s expression became extremely ugly. The matter had developed out of his control. They could only watch. They didn’t even have the qualifications to speak.

Seeing two Kings stand by Long Chen’s side caused the other Kings to be startled and infuriated.

The King from Pill Valley icily said, “Are you really going to harbor a criminal like Long Chen?”

Ling Yunzi was about to reply when Feng Xinglie took the initiative. ”There’s no need for so much bullshit. Although you’re from Pill Valley, you can’t represent Pill Valley’s higher-ups. You still aren't at that level. Furthermore, when did the Righteous path’s matters become something you can stick your nose into? Meddlesome dog.”

“You!” The Pill Valley’s King was infuriated. Feng Xinglie’s words were too ugly and didn’t give him face in the slightest.

“You? What you? I am here to support Long Chen, and if you refuse to accept that, let’s fight. If you don’t want to fight, then fuck off. What’s the point of all these useless words?” Feng Xinglie frowned irritably.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people all liked to be direct. They would rather fight with their fists than their tongues.

“Bastard, my Pill Valley received an invitation to come here to get justice! As for you-” raged the Pill Valley’s King.

“Old bastard, do you want to try cursing me again?” Feng Xinglie’s expression sank. His hand reached toward the broadsword on his back.

The instant he grabbed the hilt, the world turned still. A powerful aura locked onto the Pill Valley’s King. If he dared to move, he would meet a thunderous attack from Feng Xinglie.

The lock of a King was incomparably terrifying as heaven and earth seemed to be suppressed. Each person felt like their heart was about to leap out of their chest.

“You!” The Pill Valley’s King was startled and infuriated. Although he knew that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people were all blockheads who didn’t talk reason, this was far too domineering.

Pill Valley’s position was extremely high. Each sect had to be respectful and deferential to them. After all, they all relied on Pill Valley’s medicinal pills.

So Pill Valley’s people were all arrogant and looked down on others. But Feng Xinglie didn’t accept that.

The other Pill Valley’s disciples all tottered on the verge of collapse just from being near Feng Xinglie’s lock.

The other two Kings didn’t know what to do. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people were all madmen. No one wanted to provoke them.

“I didn’t think this place would be so lively. For all of you to come here for my Xuantian Dao Sect’s matters truly make me endlessly grateful.”

An elderly voice rang out. Two figures appeared far away, crossing the distance in an instant.

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