Chapter 947 Expert Reinforcements

Blood splashed. That Pill Valley disciple’s head exploded and a translucent figure shot back.

This slap had destroyed his physical body. Only his soul escaped. That was the terror of alchemists. Even when their physical bodies were destroyed, their souls could exist independently.

They were different from ordinary experts. Alchemists cultivated Spiritual Strength. Even after losing their bodies, they could unleash powerful spiritual attacks.

“Bastard, you destroyed my physical body! I’ll kill you, your entire family, your-”

That person’s roar was cut off by a lightning arrow. His soul exploded.

“Okay, I’ll kill you instead.” Long Chen had intentionally been merciful just now. He knew that even if he destroyed his physical body, this alchemist could have found another body and continued cultivating.

But Long Chen quickly realized he had made another foolish mistake. They weren’t merciful to him. His mercy had caused them to threaten to kill him and his family. Long Chen immediately realized his mistake and killed him.

This all happened so quickly that even the Pill Valley’s King couldn’t react. That person who had gone out just now was one of his genius disciples who had reached late Sea Expansion. His combat power was extremely strong. That was why he hadn’t stopped him. He just viewed it as a trial for his disciple.

But who would have thought that this talented disciple of his wasn’t able to bear a single blow from Long Chen? He hadn’t even had a chance to save him.

Everyone was startled. One reason was because of Long Chen’s strength, while another was his guts. He actually killed a King’s disciple right in front of him?

“Courting death!” The Pill Valley’s King immediately erupted in fury. The veins on his forehead bulged and killing intent erupted. Killing a master’s disciple right in front of them was worse than a slap in the face.

“Old ghost, do you see what this is?” Long Chen smiled coldly and suddenly took out a medicinal pill.

The Pill Valley’s King’s expression instantly changed. “Tiger Dragon Heavenly Explosion Pill? And peak grade? How do you possess such a medicinal pill?!”

“Why should I tell you, you sanctimonious hypocrite.” Long Chen’s gaze moved across the other two Kings. “The reason you’ve decided to capture me has nothing to do with upholding justice or getting revenge for your clansmen. You’re just a pack of greedy dogs. You want my secrets, but you still put on such an act; nauseating!”

“That’s enough! Long Chen, you’re the one who has committed innumerable crimes. Everyone in the Righteous path knows about those things. Do you think anyone would believe your words?

“Even if you have a peak grade Tiger Dragon Heavenly Explosion Pill, so what? You aren’t even at the peak of Sea Expansion. If you consume it, it would be a miracle if you didn’t immediately explode! But even if your body doesn’t immediately die, just how much of the pill’s power do you think you can release? And once its effect has passed, your meridians will be destroyed, and you’ll be no different from a cripple. I’d advise you to not struggle uselessly. Perhaps you feel wronged, but you can trust my Pill Valley. Pill Valley is always neutral and fair. If you had reasons for your actions, we won’t kill you. In fact, we’ll help you prove your innocence. Don’t be obstinate. That will not just cause you to lose your own life but will also implicate innocent lives,” said The Pill Valley’s King.

Just now, he had almost directly attacked to kill Long Chen. But Long Chen was right, he wanted his secrets.

Hearing this, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts were infuriated. This was absolutely shameless. They clearly wanted his life but were actually demanding he go peacefully.

“Fuck off, you damn Kings. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, don’t fall for it. Since we’ve all come, we don’t have any plans of leaving alive. Let’s go all-out!” roared a disciple.

“Go all-out!”

All of them roared and took out their weapons, prepared for a fight to the death.

Originally, they had been a bit afraid due to the arrival of a King. But now seeing that these three Kings didn’t give a damn about the truth and directly called Long Chen a criminal, they were all infuriated.

“Shut up! You ants don’t have the qualifications to speak!” shouted the black-robed ancient race expert.

His voice wasn’t loud, but it somehow rang like thunder in everyone’s ears. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples felt their heads buzzing, and blood leaked out of their ears. They collapsed on the ground. Only a few Sea Expansion experts were able to resist.

“Long Chen, since you want to persist in going about things the wrong way, don’t blame me for bullying the weak. Hmph, a peak grade Tiger Dragon Heavenly Explosion Pill isn’t enough to save your life!” roared the Pill Valley’s King.

“Is that so? I don’t believe that. This peak grade Tiger Dragon Heavenly Explosion Pill can not only preserve my life, but it can allow me to leave here safely. Most importantly, once I leave, I will kill every last person here, including those idiots by your side!” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen was confident. He was very clear on the power of the pill in his hand. For an ordinary Sea Expansion expert, consuming it would mean certain death.

But he had the Green Dragon Battle Armor. He could definitely endure the medicinal energy. At that time, his power would be ten times greater than normal. Even if he couldn’t beat a King, he could clean up the trash by their side. Then he could use the Lightning Body Blink to escape. No one could stop him.

The Pill Valley’s King’s expression changed. The attack Long Chen had used just now had shocked him. Although he hadn’t seen it clearly, Long Chen’s explosive speed did cause him some worry. Now seeing Long Chen so confident, he became a bit unsure. But he sneered, “Even if you can endure that pill’s energy, your body will be crippled. Although it’s a just a seventh tier pill, it is an ancient pill. Only before the change in heaven and earth could a peak Sea Expansion expert consume it safely. But the world has changed, and the current age’s cultivators cannot compare to ancient cultivators. Furthermore, that is a peak grade pill. The chance of you being able to digest it is less than ten percent. Even if you do, with me present, there’s no chance of you harming a single hair on my disciples’ heads. I’d advise you to not resist. Think about yourself and about the people by your side.”

His meaning was extremely obvious. He no longer bothered with the charade and laid the threat bare: even if Long Chen escaped, none of the people by his side would survive.

“You shameless bitch. Were all your thousands of years wasted as a dog?!” Guo Ran couldn’t help but curse.

“Hmph, there’s no need for me to think about anything. I, Long Chen, never submit to threats. If you dare to attack my people, then I will break out of your encirclement, conceal my identity, and bitterly cultivate until I am at the peak of the martial path. Then I’ll get revenge for all of them,” said Long Chen calmly.

The current situation had far surpassed his expectations. But he had already thought things through before coming here. He would no longer hesitate. Even if what was ahead was a den of dragons and tigers, he would still go. He would no longer painstakingly scheme against others. Starting now, when he sensed a threat, he would go all-out to eliminate it.

He found that after that domineering moment from the Jiuli secret realm, he had gradually become apprehensive again and his guts had only grown smaller. He had become more and more reliant on intelligence instead of power.

But intelligence was deceptive. No matter how many trump cards you prepared, they would never be enough. Little Snow was an example. So he gave up on that. If he died, then he died. He wouldn’t retreat.

“Hmph, do you think you’ll have that chance?” sneered the ancient race and ancient family alliance’s Kings. They both extended a hand, and the world was bound by endless runes. Space became locked.

Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to devour the peak grade Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill. A large hand reached toward him.

It was like the world was frozen around him. But a cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. His divine ring appeared, and four stars revolved in his eyes, but this spatial power still didn’t break.

However, when green scales covered his body, a sacred aura erupted and his spatial bindings shattered. Long Chen tossed the medicinal pill into his mouth.

“There’s no need to go so all-out.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out. Two qi waves erupted, and the ancient race’s King and ancient family alliance’s King were both blown back.

The ancient race’s King was sent flying and vomited blood, while the ancient family alliance’s King was slashed on the shoulder and cut in two. His blood splashed through the air.

This sudden change caught everyone off-guard. Long Chen had only just tossed the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill into his mouth when he stopped and didn’t consume it. He looked at that familiar figure with disbelief.

A sword slowly returned to its sheath. A man stood in front of Long Chen, and there was a thirty-meter black hole in the sky in front of him.

The void had been cleanly cut apart just like this. That blackness seemed to be able to devour anything. Just looking at it would make a person feel like their soul was being drawn in.

After that, the injury to the void healed in a single breath. It was an unforgettable scene.

“Long Chen, it’s been a few years. Your ability to cause trouble only grows stronger.” That man turned around.

“Sect leader!”

Long Chen, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and all the disciples who had originally been part of the one hundred and eighth monastery all had their jaws drop.

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