Chapter 944 Condemnation of the Eastern Wasteland

The entire Eastern Wasteland was trembling because of one name. That name was Long Chen, Devil King Long Chen.

His name had spread throughout every corner of the Eastern Wasteland. Any place with people knew Long Chen’s name.

Whether it was the cultivation world or the secular world, he was a topic mentioned over and over. Everyone discussed this strange figure. There were even many people that went to the Phoenix Cry Empire to investigate him.

However, the majority of those people’s questions were not nice ones. Some people’s investigation concluded that having been bullied so much in his youth had caused Long Chen’s heart to grow twisted, turning him into a bloodthirsty devil king.

Then others added fuel to the fire, painting Long Chen as an unreasonable fiend, an immoral criminal.

There were even some who said Long Chen had already joined the Corrupt path. He definitely had some sort of relationship with them. When that theory was released, many people had retorted, arguing that Long Chen wouldn’t do such a thing. Hadn’t he fought against the Corrupt path so fiercely in the Immemorial Path? In fact, hadn’t he joined hands with the experts of the Immemorial Path to slaughter tens of thousands of elites from the Corrupt path?

However, those retorts were drowned by countless louder screams. In fact, those questioning people were threatened to stay silent. Some even disappeared from the world.

As a result, the Eastern Wasteland’s public opinion was that Long Chen was a cruel devil king with a twisted heart.

But this devil king was too strong, and he only grew stronger. Not only had he slaughtered the Corrupt path’s experts, but he had also exterminated the ancient races’ army. Now, his fiendish hand was stretching toward their Righteous path. He was intent on overturning the Eastern Wasteland.

Just at this time, the era’s hero appeared. That hero was the Remote Heaven Gang. They couldn't bear to see the Righteous path destroyed, and to avoid the loss of innocent lives, they sent out invitation cards for a Devil Execution Conference.

They invited all the brave warriors beneath the heavens to join hands to slay the devil in the name of the Righteous path, returning the cultivation world to its old brilliance.

And today was the day of the Devil Execution Conference. The Remote Heaven Gang was extremely lively as tens of thousands of sects arrived. Millions of Righteous experts had gathered.

The Remote Heaven Plaza was full of an unprecedented number of righteous heroes.

Looking at the packed plaza, Ji Changkong smiled. He said, “The old patriarch truly is amazing. He was able to gather practically all the experts in the Eastern Wasteland.”

“But of course. Changkong, you’re looking down on our Remote Heaven Gang’s foundation. Although we were low-key during the past years, in truth, we were just patiently developing. After thousands of years of planning. All the various sects’ higher-ups have our Remote Heaven Gang’s people in them. There are even some sects that are completely under our control. It was all in preparation for today. We’ll use this chance to force the Xuantian Dao Sect out of the Eastern Wasteland.

“No matter how strong the Xuantian Dao Sect is, it’s not like they can kill all of the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path,” said the master of the Remote Heaven Gang, Ji Hongling.

“That Long Chen really was terrifying. He actually had such a trump card.” A bit of fright appeared on Ji Changkong’s face. He had seen the images of Long Chen unleashing the Eastern Wasteland Bell. If Long Chen had used it against them in the Immemorial Path, he would have been dead.

“You don’t need to worry. That’s definitely a weapon beyond the King item level. Its item-spirit should be too proud to accept Long Chen as its master. It left right after attacking, meaning Long Chen only had an agreement with it to help once. Fortunately, that one time was used on the ancient races. Now our Remote Heaven Gang can use this Devil Execution Conference to kill Long Chen and drive off the Xuantian Dao Sect. Then the Eastern Wasteland will be the Remote Heaven Gang’s. In other words, it’ll be our Ji family’s land.” A pleased and sinister smile appeared on Ji Hongling’s wrinkled face. It was like she could already see the sight of the Remote Heaven Gang dominating the Eastern Wasteland.

“Do you think Long Chen will come? He kept hiding within the Xuantian Dao Sect before this. It seems he really is out of trump cards and doesn’t dare to go out,” said Ji Changkong.

“Whether or not he comes, the result will be the same. We’ve gathered practically all the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path. The patriarch even invited some friends who had been in seclusion for a thousand years. Killing Long Chen and the others will be as easy as turning a hand. Hmph, if my guess is right, it should be that the Xuantian Dao Sect is afraid and has asked for assistance from their head sect. They’re waiting for reinforcements. Once those reinforcements arrive, this matter won’t be so simple. But did Ouyang Qiuyu really think that I, Ji Hongling, would give her that chance? What a joke!

“During the Devil Execution Conference today, we’ll show the Righteous path the evidence of Long Chen colluding with the aboriginals. Then with a bit more ‘proof’ and ‘sworn testimony’, we’ll make sure everyone knows Long Chen is an absolute villain. In any case, public opinion is under our control. As long as we wave the banner of heroically killing a devil, killing Long Chen is easy.

“If Ouyang Qiuyu tries to stop us, then that means she’s protecting a devil. Then can’t we just kill her as well? In any case, we have all the proof and testimony we need. Even if their head sect sends people, so what? Do they dare to kill all the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path? Impossible! Once the Devil Execution Conference is over, Long Chen will be dead, and whether or not Ouyang Qiuyu stays alive, the Xuantian Dao Sect will definitely be torn down. Changkong, remember, strength is important, but intelligence is even more important. So what if Long Chen is strong, so what if he encountered amazing opportunities? He’s just a slightly stronger weed. No matter how strong he is, can he fight all the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path? To be a hegemon doesn’t rely on martial strength. This world has its own rules, and only those who understand those rules can become hegemons, understood?” said Ji Hongling.

“This child understands,” said Ji Changkong.

“No matter how strong one person becomes, so what? Can Long Chen become stronger than our Remote Heaven Gang with its thousands of years of history? The old patriarch has already arranged everything. At that time, Long Chen will die to your hands. So what if you lost to him before. With him personally being killed by you, you will still be the king of the Eastern Wasteland. With the Remote Heaven Gang behind you, who would dare to fight against you?” sneered Ji Hongling.

Ji Changkong’s eyes brightened. His admiration for his Ji family’s patriarch grew more and more. His own little tricks were nothing compared to the patriarch’s intelligence.

The Ji family’s machinations had been set into motion thousands of years ago. Now, they could use Long Chen as an opportunity to erase an enormous existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect. And the head sect would only be able to endure.

This was too brilliant. It was an unresolvable scheme. Even if Long Chen knew about it, he couldn’t do anything.

“Those two called Yue Qianshan and Zhao Wuji, don’t waste them” reminded Ji Hongling.

“Don’t worry, they surrendered themselves to us a long time ago. They can also see that the Xuantian Dao Sect is doomed. All the proof has been prepared. Some of it is stuff even I never expected, hehe!” laughed Ji Changkong. Zhao Wuji and the others from the Xuantian Dao Sect were the best people to testify against the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Good, keep them around for now, and when this matter is over, wait for an opportunity to make them disappear forever. The Remote Heaven Gang doesn’t need such trash.” Disdain appeared in Ji Hongling’s eyes. She clearly looked down upon Zhao Wuji and the others.

“Understood.” Ji Changkong nodded.

A sea of people was present within the Remote Heaven Plaza. Even some figures that hadn’t appeared in public for centuries had appeared. At first, these sects had been worried about how terrifying Long Chen was. But the Remote Heaven Gang was smart, and they released a list of sects for them.

When those people read through the list of sects participating in this, their terror diminished a great deal. Now, they were just waiting for everyone to present their evidence and views of Long Chen. Was he a devil who deserved the death penalty, or could he be saved?

Seeing the millions of Righteous experts that had gathered here, they were completely at ease. With this many experts present, they knew Long Chen wouldn’t dare to do anything. Furthermore, the Remote Heaven Gang had also promised that this was just a gathering of people, and everything had already been properly prepared.

So their safety was guaranteed, and they could also get a favor from the Remote Heaven Gang. Most importantly, there were few sects that had dared to not come. If they did offend the Remote Heaven Gang, then considering their methods, the offender would probably end tragically. All the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous powers had essentially gathered. In a few days, the Xuantian Dao Sect would no longer exist in the Eastern Wasteland.

“Heavens, even the Remote Heaven Gang’s old patriarch has appeared!”

Clamor erupted as several figures appeared on the stage in front of the plaza. The person at the front was an extremely old elder whose hair was completely white. He was practically a living fossil. His cultivation base had reached the half-step King realm.

“Heavens, that seems to be the Strange Peak Gate’s founder! He’s still alive?! And he’s also a half-step King!”

“Isn’t that Nature Crane Valley’s He Mingxiao? I hear he’s been in seclusion for a thousand years.”

Startled cries rang out as people saw eight elders, all illustrious and famous old figures. The eight of them were all half-step Kings.

Ji Changkong now slowly walked up the stage. He bowed toward the eight of them, and then turning to face everyone, he announced, “Today’s Devil Execution Conference is to get justice for the countless fallen heroes of the Righteous path. Our Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path embodies the meaning of morality and integrity. Its brilliance lit up the world. But now, a heretic like Long Chen has appeared. He was shameless to the peak, ruthless and vicious, and colluded with the Immemorial Path’s aboriginals to kill people from his own sect. He then colluded with the Corrupt path and there are suspicions that his bumpy childhood caused his heart to be twisted, leaving behind a heavy shadow…”

It was unknown just who wrote this speech, but it was incredibly passionate and descriptive. It painted Long Chen as an irredeemable fiend who had committed innumerable crimes.

“... today, my Remote Heaven Gang is upholding justice, using the Devil Execution Conference to gather our Righteous path to eliminate the traitor and return the Righteous path to its old brilliance!” Ji Changkong raised his fist into the air.

“Eliminate the traitor and return the Righteous path to its old brilliance!”

“Eliminate the traitor and return the Righteous path to its old brilliance!”

“Eliminate the traitor and return the Righteous path to its old brilliance!”

The huge crowd of Righteous experts cheered so loudly that their faces turned red. The cheering of hundreds of thousands of people was truly grand.

“When did the Righteous path ever have any brilliance? How is it that I, Long Chen, have never heard of such a thing?” A mocking voice rang out, causing everyone’s hearts to shake. They all turned to look.

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