Chapter 943 Devil Execution Conference (Teaser)

“If only I had known how monstrous the Eastern Wasteland Bell was before. I should have planned things out properly.”

Long Chen had a face of regret as he sat in a private room. Who would have thought that the broken, practically crumbling apart Eastern Wasteland Bell would be so terrifying?

It killed half-step Kings without the slightest effort, and King items were nothing more than toys to it. The Eastern Wasteland Bell was incredibly powerful.

Right now, his strongest trump card had disappeared, but he still hadn’t gotten his revenge on Ji Changkong. He couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. If only he could have drawn over the ancient races and the Remote Heaven Gang together, he could have had the Eastern Wasteland Bell handle them all at the same time.

But regret had no use. The Eastern Wasteland Bell had already left. He didn’t even know if he would ever see it again.

Furthermore, there was something else that made him jittery. When he had advanced to Sea Expansion, that mysterious voice hadn’t appeared.

The pill formula for the fifth star of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art also...

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