Chapter 942 Terrifying Eastern Wasteland Bell

Space split open as a broken bell appeared in the air. It was the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s true body.

Countless runes circulated around it, and images appeared on the bell’s surface. It was possible to see mountains, plains, birds, fish, and beasts. Those were scenes thriving with vitality.

It was like the Eastern Wasteland Bell was its own world. As soon as it appeared, heaven and earth changed color.

The world became still. Long Chen realized that no one was capable of moving. Even the King item’s attacks launching through the air came to a stop.

“Long Chen, have you thought this through? This karma is not so easy to bear,” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell as solemnly as possible.

“I have. Whatever karma arises because of this, I will bear it. From the moment Little Snow died, I swore I wouldn’t restrain myself. I will put my life on the line against my enemies, and if I can give up my life, what else is there to worry about?” Long Chen stared at the ancient race ‘statues’ in front of him.

Seeing their sinister, cruel smiles, they seemed especially ugly now.

“Alright then!”

The Eastern Wasteland Bell stopped revolving. Divine light erupted.

Spacetime returned to normal. Everyone now saw the Eastern Wasteland Bell in the sky releasing boundless pressure.

They didn’t even know what had happened. This bell had just appeared out of nowhere and was releasing a blinding light.

What startled Long Chen was that the divine light the Eastern Wasteland Bell released destroyed all the King items held by the ancient races. Those King items disintegrated along with their masters.

Sixteen half-step Kings and sixteen King items were destroyed by this divine light. It destroyed anything it met. Its power was incomparable.

But Long Chen was disappointed to see that after the Eastern Wasteland Bell had killed the half-step Kings, it retracted its divine light and turned into a ray of light over the horizon, disappearing. It didn’t return to his mind-sea.

“Our agreement is complete. This time, it can count as half a favor. Adding on blocking an attack for you in the Immemorial Path and sealing Little Snow’s soul into his crystal core, it can count as one complete favor. Don’t blame me for not helping you kill them all - it was all for your own good. You’ll understand in the future. I’ve accomplished my end of things, and I have my own matters to attend to. Goodbye!” These were the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s parting words to Long Chen.

Everyone was dumbfounded, even Ouyang Qiuyu. They couldn’t believe their eyes as sixteen half-step Kings had instantly vanished. That was too shocking.

“Meng Qi!” The first person that received a mental message from Long Chen was Meng Qi. She recovered from her shock and rapidly formed hand seals. Stealthy Spiritual Strength spread throughout the battlefield.

The ancient race experts were all dumbfounded. Still stunned upon seeing all their half-step Kings being killed, they didn’t sense the Spiritual Strength.

“Careful! Someone’s scheming against us!” Suddenly, one of the ancient race experts with powerful Spiritual Strength sensed something off.

“The Peak of the Soul - Dream Fall!” Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength erupted. Those ancient race experts were horrified. Their eyelids suddenly became too heavy to hold up. Sleepiness washed over them.

They were horrified. If they slept at this time, then they would never wake up again. They all struggled against it.

In truth, this soul art contained extremely profound principles. It contained a powerful hypnosis effect. Once a person fell asleep, they would die. The most terrifying thing was that this move could be used silently without powerful spiritual fluctuations. It was even able to hide its fluctuations from protective soul items.

If it was used against one person, then even if they had a soul item, they would definitely die. However, for it to be used against thousands of Foundation Forging experts, it had already displayed its maximum effect. They would only feel a bout of sleepiness for a breath of time. Once they struggled through this one breath, they would escape the soul art.

At this moment, Long Chen extended his arms and two streaks of berserk energy shot out. “Double Dragon Destruction!”

Two dragons twisted around each other, charging through the ancient races. The Foundation Forging experts didn’t have the slightest defense up right now. They were trapped in a daze thanks to Meng Qi, and Long Chen’s attack struck them head-on.

The Foundation Forging experts were blown apart by the two dragons. Blood filled the sky as they wreaked havoc. Of the thousands of Foundation Forging experts, only three hundred managed to live thanks to being on the edge of the battlefield.

“Dragonblood Legion, kill them all! Don’t leave even a single one alive!” Long Chen was the first to charge forward. Blooddrinker released a powerful saber-image that killed seven Foundation Forging experts in one blow.

Those seven really were unlucky. After escaping from the Double Dragon Destruction’s rampage, they hadn’t even had time to celebrate their luck before being killed.

The ancient race experts recovered, but because they had just escaped Meng Qi’s terrifying soul art, their heads still weren’t in the right state. Tang Wan-er’s wind blades slashed through their midst.

Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Guo Ran were leading the rest of the Dragonblood Legion. They were like hungry wolves, killing them rapidly.

The Foundation Forging experts were horrified. They still didn’t even understand what was happening. Their half-step Kings had been killed, and now thousands of them had been slain. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

After escaping from Meng Qi’s soul art, they saw only a few of them remaining. They didn’t even know if they were still dreaming. It was at that moment that the merciless blades struck.

Many of them died without even knowing what had happened. The world had transformed suddenly. Even once they became ghosts, they would still be confused ghosts.

“Don’t let them escape!” shouted Long Chen upon seeing some of the Foundation Forging experts start fleeing in terror.

Four huge figures appeared. Three waves of dragon breath and a ray of divine light blew apart the Foundation Forging experts that had just fled a few miles.

Perhaps a Foundation Forging expert could block one Earth Dragon’s fire breath, but they couldn’t block the combined attack of three Earth Dragons and one Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. They were instantly blown apart.

The ones that were fleeing were killed by the Magical Beasts. The ones still fighting were being hacked to death. Many of them died to the Dragonblood warriors’ blades.

The Dragonblood warriors had completely stabilized their realm after that huge battle just now. They were accustomed to their new explosive power. The ordinary Dragonblood warriors were rank three Celestials, while the squad leaders were all rank four Celestials.

Most terrifying of all, they had all consumed the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, and they possessed the Spirit Blood that matched them perfectly. Although it wasn’t as dense as Meng Qi and the others’, once it was activated, their Spirit Blood’s power was still incomparably terrifying. With this many people activating their Spirit Blood at the same time, even Foundation Forging experts couldn’t stop them.

“Fuck I didn’t even get one, you damn wolves.” Some of the Dragonblood warriors had moved too slowly and had their paths blocked by their brothers.

“Haha, our achievements are your achievements too. Oh, this fellow is still alive. I won’t fight with you over him.”

“You really are my good brother!” That person killed a Foundation Forging expert that was half dead and bragged, “Haha, who dares to look down on me? I’m a man who has killed a Foundation Forging expert!”

“Tch, don’t act so shameless. Boss killed that many half-step Kings, but did he brag at all?” said the other disdainfully.

Ouyang Qiuyu and the other members of the Xuantian Dao Sect simply watched this scene, unable to say a word for a long time.

Seeing the Dragonblood warriors cheerfully talking and joking as they cut down the ancient race experts, they were unable to wrap their heads around this reality.

Once all the Foundation Forging experts had been killed, the Dragonblood warriors began cleaning up the battlefield. Guo Ran was going around, gathering the broken pieces of the King items. His eyes had turned blue with greed. These King item fragments were the treasures he needed the most at this moment.

“Long Chen, this time, you really caused a huge calamity.” Ouyang Qiuyu finally recovered from her shock. She sighed. “However, it’s fine. No matter how big of a calamity you cause, I will help you bear it.”

“The truth is-” said Long Chen.

“There’s no need to say anything. I finally understand why you would kill so many of those ancient race bastards in the Immemorial Path. If I was still my young self, I’d also kill them all. But this is also good; after so many years, I, Ouyang Qiuyu, can finally taste the flavor of causing trouble.” Ouyang Qiuyu smiled as if she was returning to the springtime of her youth.

The battle was over and the spoils were gathered. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples silently looked at Long Chen with worship and passion. Long Chen was amazing.

“What do you plan on doing now?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu. She couldn’t figure out what Long Chen was thinking.

“The matter of the Corrupt path and ancient races has been handled. Now it should be the turn of the Righteous path. Back then, I intentionally let Ji Changkong off just to make this matter livelier. Just killing him isn’t enough to resolve my hatred. I needed an excuse to destroy the entire Remote Heaven Gang,” said Long Chen.

“Then are we going to kill our way to the Remote Heaven Gang now?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu.

“No. I need to give them some time to gather all their people and gather all the power of the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path. I need to wait until they smear my name and condemn me,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Isn’t that a bit too vicious? Do you know how large the Remote Heaven Gang is? With their power, they can gather practically all the Righteous path’s experts, as well as all their disciples,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“So what?” retorted Long Chen.

Ouyang Qiuyu’s scalp turned numb. “Some people are just being used by the Remote Heaven Gang and don’t know the truth. They…”

“They’re innocent, is that right? If they don’t know the truth, they can indiscriminately kill others without fault? Once they kill others and learn the truth, they can just say ‘sorry I didn’t know’ and the matter is settled? There are no innocent people in this world. Do those ignorant people not have brains? In any case, I don’t care. No matter how many the Remote Heaven Gang gathers to handle me, they’re all my enemies, and I’ll kill them all. Sect master, if you have any misgivings, you don’t have to participate in this matter,” said Long Chen.

“What nonsense! Am I someone who just gives up halfway? If you want to kill them, then big sister will accompany you,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Looking at the slightly insulted Ouyang Qiuyu, he felt a burst of warmth. This world still had many people worthy of trust.

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