Chapter 939 Capturing Him Alive

Wherever the black wave went, the ground was flattened. This was a world-destroying power. Mountains crumbled in front of it.

Long Chen held his two arms in front of him to block. He knew this old ghost had despaired. No longer caring about his Corrupt path’s elite disciples, he chose to activate this King item’s power.

Although a half-step King was unable to truly control a King item, they were still able to activate a portion of it. Just that little portion was enough to destroy this minor world.

Long Chen felt like a shooting star had crashed into him. He could clearly hear the sound of his bones breaking from each part of his body. He shot back.

Because he had been so close, Long Chen received the greatest impact. He almost fainted.

As Long Chen was sent flying, the black wave didn’t slow down at all because of his existence. The surrounding mountains were blown apart and buildings were razed. The Corrupt path’s stronghold that had existed for countless years had been instantly destroyed. At the same time, the ripple spread toward everyone else.

Meng Qi’s Earth Dragon suddenly opened its mouth and breathed in. A powerful suction force brought all the Dragonblood warriors into its mouth.

After that, the Earth Dragon scuttled away and charged into the ground. It had only just snuck its way into a hole when that ripple struck.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had long since flown away. It was carrying the Sea Expansion elders in its mouth. But even with its speed, it was caught by the black wave and sent flying.

Long Chen vomited blood. He felt like every bone in his body had shattered. He hastily circulated the primal chaos bead to heal.

However, he found that as his physical body grew stronger, the amount of life energy required to heal also grew.

After advancing to Sea Expansion, the primal chaos space had grown by ten times. It was now thirty thousand miles wide and could be considered its own world. That huge space was filled with the Spirit World’s huge trees. Despite how much life energy they contained, their effect was no longer as amazing as before.

He knew that this was the result of the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art. Back when he hadn’t refined the dragon blood, he could have healed almost instantly. Now, his healing was much slower.

But even if it was slow, it was hundreds of times greater than medicinal pills. In just a few breaths, the pain stopped, and his broken bones began to reconnect. He should be fully recovered in about two hours.

That was already a miraculous effect. But to Long Chen who was used to instant recovery, it was too slow.

“Long Chen, are you alright?” Meng Qi, Ouyang Qiuyu, and the others all rushed over. Ouyang Qiuyu was apologetic, but this attack had come too suddenly for her to protect him. Fortunately, he was still alive.

“I’m fine,” said Long Chen.

The ground split open and three huge figures crawled out of the ground. They were the three Earth Dragons. Meng Qi’s Earth Dragon opened its mouth.

The Dragonblood warriors charged out. Even with the Earth Dragon protecting them, they had still been heavily injured. Fortunately, they had all survived.

In the distance, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was also fine. By the time it had been struck, it had been far away enough, and it didn’t receive any substantial injuries.

Only now did everyone have a chance to appraise their surroundings. The unending mountain range and buildings had been completely destroyed. Everything within tens of thousands of miles was destroyed. The Corrupt path’s experts didn’t even have corpses remaining; not even one of the Foundation Forging experts had survived. It could be seen just how terrifying the attack of a King item was.

“Bastards, you didn’t die?! Just wait for the Corrupt path’s bloody revenge!” roared the half-step King with exasperation.

He had never expected that after exhausting all his spiritual yuan to activate a King item, he would still be unable to kill any of them. Instead, all he had wrought was killing his own elites. His face was green.

The half-step King suddenly activated the bone tower. Its runes began to revolve and space shook. He was planning on breaking through space and leaving.

“Let’s not wait. We’re all busy, so let’s settle things now,” said Long Chen. The ground beneath the bone tower suddenly split apart, and a huge lightning dragon flew out. It coiled around the bone tower.

At the same time, up in the sky, flame chains shot down, forming a huge net that wrapped the bone tower. The half-step King’s expression completely changed.

When the bone tower had unleashed its attack, Long Chen had hesitated, but he had still decided to leave the two dragons as trump cards. Lei Long and Huo Long had been hidden by him in the ground.

At the bottom of the bone tower was a gap. Its terrifying attack had been the weakest directly below it, which had allowed the two dragons to survive.

To set this up, Long Chen had given up on using the two dragons to block for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken such heavy injuries.

That had been a gamble, but now the gamble paid off. Lei Long had instantly coiled around it, and then Long Chen had activated the Raging Flame Prison.

Chanting filled the air as Long Chen used the Nirvana Scripture. The Earth Flame’s power multiplied with the support of it.

“Bastard!” The half-step King had originally been using the last bit of his power to use the bone tower to break the void and teleport away. But first, the lightning dragon had entangled it, drawing out the amount of time required. Then by the time he could try it again, the space around him had been completely locked by the flame chains. The spatial energy here had been thrown into disorder, making it so there was no way for him to leave.

The bone tower was wrapped by lightning and flame. The half-step King couldn’t even leave.

Moreover, the bone tower’s last bit of power was being exterminated by the lightning. Now he was just a chicken in a cage.

“Bastards, if you have any guts, then you’ll release me! We’ll have a fair fight!” roared the half-step King.

“Idiot, did your brain rot from old age? A fair fight? You are a half-step King using a King item. You were trapped by my boss, an early Sea Expansion expert. You still have the face to ask for a fair fight? If my boss was the same realm as you, then even without a King item, he would kill you with a single fart!” sneered Guo Ran.

Hearing that, everyone couldn't help but crack a smile. The tense atmosphere had been ruined by his cursing.

“Bullshit! I don’t believe you!” roared the half-step King.

“Ah, then you’re right. My own farts are definitely not as mighty as boss’s.” Guo Ran shrugged helplessly.[1]

Flames began to soar, and Lei Long retreated from the tower. Its sinister energy had been wiped away by it, and even its item-spirit had been killed. Lei Long could already leave in victory.

The bone tower was basically just an empty shell. It had the body of a King item but not the power. It was essentially a sturdy cage.

The bone tower was still made of King item material, so the Earth Flame wasn’t able to destroy it. However, the person inside wasn’t able to bear those flames.

Due to activating his King item, he had exhausted his spiritual yuan. Right now, he had no more energy. Just his physical body was not enough to resist these flames.

He was the opposite of that tall and skinny half-step King. He was short and stout. Being broiled by these flames, oil began to pour out of him. A charred scent filled the air.

“Quick, add the hot pepper. The cumin and other powders have all been prepared. We’ll have some barbecue to eat,” cried Guo Ran excitedly upon seeing that practically god-like half-step King being turned into his current state.

By following Long Chen, Guo Ran had seen many sights that others couldn’t believe. Long Chen was always pushing the boundaries of human imagination. Guo Ran involuntarily gulped down his saliva. Just looking at his current manner gave people goosebumps.

For him to find this kind of scene appetizing, a sensation of nausea washed over everyone.

“Guo Ran, don’t say such a thing. It’s disgusting.” Tang Wan-er was the first to shout at him.

“I was just talking. Don’t treat it so seriously. Furthermore, barbeque requires half fat and half meat to be perfect. But this fatty is all fat, so the mouth feel-”

Tang Wan-er kicked Guo Ran flying, shutting him up. This bastard was actually commenting like he was a professional cook.

At first, everyone was just a bit disgusted, but as Guo Ran talked more and adding on the burning scent in the air, they felt like their stomachs were heaving.

“Bastards, just you wait! You’ve provoked the entire Corrupt path and will suffer our punishment! We’ll return my pain a thousand times to you!” cursed the half-step King. He was helpless to do anything else.

He was trapped within the tower, and the flames outside made it so he couldn’t leave. He could only obediently wait for death inside. Death by fire was an annoying death.

“Hey, old ghost, don’t be so rude! My boss is kindly helping you lose weight, but instead of thanking him, you’re cursing him?” Guo Ran walked over behind Long Chen and cursed the half-step King. This place was safer; no one could kick him.

Only now did everyone see that the half-step King truly had lost quite a bit of weight. The effect of these flames was truly amazing!

“You… you… pfft!”

Seeing everyone curiously staring at him and nodding, as if approving of Guo Ran’s words, the half-step King vomited a mouthful of blood.

The vomited blood was immediately incinerated by the flames. The half-step King was unable to stop the constant roasting of the Earth Flame, and his body was constantly quivering.

“Underworld Soul Bind!”

Long Chen cast Meng Qi a glance, and she immediately understood. Her Spiritual Strength erupted, and taking advantage of the half-step King’s incredibly weak state, she instantly took control over his soul.

The flames scattered, and the half-step King was caught in Long Chen’s grasp. With a kick to his Dantian, Long Chen crippled his cultivation base. He smiled toward Ouyang Qiuyu. “Capturing one of the Corrupt path’s top experts should be worth quite a bit of resources, right?”

[1] So the half-step King, when saying “Bullshit! I don’t believe you!”, really says “You’re farting, I don’t believe you”. And in this case, “You’re farting” would mean you’re spouting nonsense. Honestly, it just doesn’t translate well and it’s not very important. 

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