Chapter 938 The Might of King Items

Four fierce roars shook the land as three Earth Dragons and one Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix appeared in the air. They launched a sudden attack against the Corrupt experts.

This sudden attack caught them off guard. Furthermore, the four Magical Beasts had long since been accumulating power for an attack.

Three waves of dragon breath and an innate ability from the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix instantly killed four Foundation Forging experts.

Their cooperation had been excellent. The four Foundation Forging experts had been standing together, so all the Magical Beasts’ attacks had been concentrated. As a result, the four of them encountered a tragic end.

After this attack, the Earth Dragons fell to the ground, crushing a few Corrupt experts fighting down there. The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix flew toward the Sea Expansion elders from the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The Corrupt experts had sent a few hundred people to kill them. But the true feather on the Blood Phoenix’s head rose, and a red light slaughtered those attacks.

The appearance of the four Magical Beasts caused chaos on the battlefield. The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was in charge of protecting the Sea Expansion elders, while the three Earth Dragons slaughtered the Corrupt experts on the ground.

The reason Meng Qi and the others had suddenly released them was because Meng Qi had noticed that Ouyang Qiuyu was starting to get pale as she fought against the half-step King. Using a King item was clearly extremely taxing for her.

As for the half-step King, his expression was twisted into a sinister smile. This meant half-step Kings were truly a step above peak Foundation Forging. So they had to quickly kill the enemies in front of them to help Ouyang Qiuyu.

But the Corrupt experts had also noticed this and they went all-out. Although Meng Qi and the others had managed to kill four Foundation Forging experts in this sudden blow, they were unable to crush the remaining Foundation Forging experts in a blow.

“Long Chen!” shouted Meng Qi.


Long Chen saw all of this. He had underestimated the power of a half-step King. Fortunately, his opponent didn’t have a King item. But despite that, his magical arts came in an unending stream, and he was capable of using all kinds of bizarre techniques. Long Chen was helpless to do anything to him.

His skill in magical arts was extremely refined, and Long Chen’s own magical arts were too coarse and unrefined to catch him off guard.

Furthermore, that old bastard refused to face Long Chen head-on after being injured. He maintained a distance from him, simply trying to make him run out of energy.

Seeing Ouyang Qiuyu at a disadvantage, Long Chen took a deep breath. Two dragons flew out of his arms.

Lei Long and Huo Long roared, charging at the half-step King. This time, what was being used wasn’t their energy, but their true bodies.

The half-step King was startled by their appearance. He had never seen such powerful lightning or flame energy.

The flame dragon was one thing. After all, there were Earth Flames in this world. But he had never seen anyone capable of controlling the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning. A huge barrier of light appeared in front of him. This was his strongest defense.

When the two dragons crashed onto the barrier, it shook slightly but didn’t break.

“Split the Heavens 2!” A huge saber-image soared into the sky, slashing down with a heaven-destroying power. The half-step King’s expression changed and he formed new hand seals.


The barrier exploded and the saber continued down.

“Hmph, you can’t do anything to me!” snorted the old man. He sensed that Long Chen’s power was strange and restrained his magical arts. To kill him would be very difficult.

But on the other hand, his companion had completely suppressed Ouyang Qiuyu. As long as he killed Ouyang Qiuyu, he would then be able to instantly kill Long Chen with his King item.

The half-step King formed a strange hand seal with his thumb and middle finger touching, and his other fingers clasped. “Corrupt Spirit Shield!”

Black qi condensed, forming a huge shield. A demonic face twisted in savagery appeared on it.

BOOM! Blooddrinker slashed onto the Corrupt Spirit Shield, causing a powerful explosion. Runes blew apart in every direction.

“I told you that you’re helpless to do anything to me!” The half-step King sneered upon blocking Long Chen’s attack. He was extremely confident in his defensive powers.

“What?!” But his smile quickly vanished. The exploding runes had blocked his vision and spiritual perception. When his spiritual perception recovered, he suddenly found that Long Chen wasn’t in front of him. The only thing there was a blood-red saber.

His head buzzed, and his hair stood on end. His energy circulated within him as he prepared to dodge.

“Too late.” An icy voice rang out behind the half-step King. A hand ruthlessly tore through his back and out his chest. That scale-covered hand was dripping with blood, as well as some broken bits of organs.

The half-step King couldn’t move. A berserk energy was wreaking havoc over his body, completely sealing all of his power.

A flash of comprehension appeared in his eyes. He knew he had been duped. The reason Long Chen had released the two dragons was just to block his spiritual perception. However, the one thing he couldn’t understand was how his saber had released an attack on its own, one containing Long Chen’s specific aura. Wasn’t it said only King items were capable of imitating their owner’s aura?

“You really are despicable! I refuse to accept this-!” roared the half-step King.

Long Chen’s arm shook. His dragon blood power erupted, blowing apart his enemy’s body. At that exact moment, a translucent figure shot out of the exploding body and entered Long Chen’s head.

“Hahaha, as long as I possess your body, I can return to my peak! Perhaps I can even advance to the King realm! No, not perhaps, definitely!”

The translucent figure was the half-step King’s soul. He specialized in magical arts, so his Spiritual Strength was powerful. Taking advantage of Long Chen having no defenses, he actually surprised himself at how easily he had entered Long Chen’s mind.

Long Chen was a peerless genius. Once he possessed him and restarted cultivating, he would definitely be able to surpass his old self.

“So you’ve come.” A faint voice rang out.

“Who’s there?!”

The half-step King had only just entered Long Chen’s mind-sea and finally had a chance to look around. Before he could exclaim in shock about how boundless his mind-sea was, he saw a broken bell floating in the center.

“Don’t bother with who I am. Putting it the way Long Chen would, we’re all very busy. Since you’ve sent yourself to me, I won’t stand on courtesy.” After saying this, an irresistible suction force came out of the Eastern Wasteland Bell, pulling the half-step King’s soul toward it.

“NO! Who are you?! Release me!”

No matter how the half-step King struggled, his soul still ended up being sucked into the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

In truth, his little scheme was unable to escape Long Chen. But Long Chen knew the Eastern Wasteland Bell needed the souls of experts.

For this idiot to send himself into his mind-sea was like meat jumping into his mouth. The Eastern Wasteland Bell directly sucked him up.

After killing his half-step King opponent, he grabbed his spatial ring and shot toward Ouyang Qiuyu’s side.

The other half-step King was completely suppressing her with his higher cultivation base. Ouyang Qiuyu wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

The sudden reversal of Long Chen’s battle shocked him. That other half-step King was truly lacking at close-range combat. If it had been him, Long Chen’s attack would have been sensed by him and he wouldn’t have fallen for it.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

As soon as Long Chen appeared, he unleashed his strongest attack.

“Hmph!” The half-step King snorted, and the ancient tower in front of him rapidly grew. He actually ended up hiding himself within the tower.

BOOM! The two dragons struck the tower, and the half-step King’s expression suddenly changed.

As the master of the bone tower, he immediately sensed something was off. Long Chen’s lightning dragon possessed a power that was extremely damaging to his tower. This one attack had exhausted a third of the tower’s energy.

“Bastard, I’ll go all-out against you!” The half-step King was infuriated. Long Chen’s lightning dragon was too terrifying, and it restrained his corrupt weapon. If he continued like this, just a few more moves from Long Chen would be enough to cripple his bone tower.

Corrupt weapons were essentially all dark and evil existences. They were innately suppressed by thunderforce. And Long Chen’s thunderforce came from tribulation lightning. It was a supreme Yang existence, and it also contained a destructive will. Even his King item wasn’t able to handle it.

The bone tower began to shine and rapidly revolve. Black qi circulated within, and a terrifying aura erupted from it.

“Not good! Meng Qi, Wan-er! Quick!” Long Chen’s expression changed.


The black qi within the tower suddenly exploded. The wailing of millions of lifeforms filled the air, and a black ripple spread in every direction.

“Die! Heaven Devouring Ghost Qi Wave!”

The half-step King seemed to have become mad. This terrifying attack was causing space to crumble.

The sound of a drum rang out. A huge drum appeared in front of Meng Qi and the others.

“Long Chen!” shouted Tang Wan-er upon seeing that he didn’t have a King item to protect himself.


The black wave flattened the entire minor world.

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