Chapter 937 Green Dragon Battle Armor vs Half-Step King


Following Long Chen’s roar, the Dragonblood warriors’ blood ignited. They went all-out, the Treasure items in their hands releasing brilliant lights.

Each of the Dragonblood warriors activated their Treasure items’ true forms. Boundless killing intent raged in the sky. Each one of them looked like a killing god about to start a slaughter.

“Spirit Blood… This is Spirit Blood power! Impossible!” The two half-step Kings roared furiously, filled with disbelief.

Three hundred and sixty Dragonblood warriors all released Spirit Blood fluctuations. Considering their immense experience, how could they not notice?

It was precisely because they noticed that they couldn’t believe it. Geniuses that possessed Spirit Blood all had shockingly powerful backgrounds and inheritances. Spirit Blood was something that would only appear when their ancestral blood was fully activated.

The Corrupt path had entered an unprecedented golden era, but even they had pitifully few disciples with Spirit Blood.

And what was unbelievable was that each one of the Dragonblood warriors’ Spirit Blood fluctuations was incredibly powerful. Their Spirit Blood was extremely dense. Such a thing was simply not possible.

Just the fact that the Dragonblood warriors were all rank three Celestials was unbelievable. But now, they had suddenly transformed into rank three Celestials with Spirit Blood.

“Quick, kill them all!” roared the half-step King. He was truly panicked now. If this continued, then all their elite disciples would be killed.

Although their people were Sea Expansion experts as well, the majority of them weren’t Celestials, and none of them possessed Spirit Blood. Even if their realms were higher, how were they supposed to stop the Dragonblood Legion? They had to kill Long Chen and Ouyang Qiuyu quickly so they could stop them.

According to this speed, it wouldn’t be long before all their Sea Expansion experts were killed.

“You should care about yourself.” Long Chen arrived in front of the half-step King, Blooddrinker slashing down.

“Ignorant brat, I’ll show you what it means to respect the strong!” That half-step King’s dried up hand slammed forth. Although it was just an ordinary attack, it caused space to crumble.

BOOM! Long Chen’s saber landed on his palm. Both his arms shook intensely and his saber almost escaped his grasp. He shot back.

“Old ghost, you’re quite strong.” Being able to blow him back after he had summoned the Four Star Battle Armor and divine ring showed that half-step Kings were truly powerful.

“Die!” roared the half-step King. Suppressing his shock, he let out another palm. He had no time to be shocked by Long Chen’s power, because with each passing breath, countless elites of the Corrupt path were being slaughtered.

As for the Foundation Forging side, there was nothing optimistic about it. Tang Wan-er and the others had also released the power of their Spirit Blood, and their Spirit Blood was even more terrifying. Tang Wan-er was especially frightening, with her wind blades forming a sea of death around her. No one could stop her.

Tang Wan-er and the others were facing thirty Foundation Forging experts, but they were so powerful that their opponents were on the verge of collapse.

Right now, the only ones who could bring hope to the Corrupt path on this battlefield were the two half-step Kings. If they couldn’t quickly kill Long Chen and Ouyang Qiuyu, all their people would be killed.


The half-step King’s palm landed. However, what met it wasn’t a saber, but a fist covered in green scales.


The half-step King was blown back, his arms broken. He was filled with shock. Long Chen now released a sacred aura with his body completely covered in green scales.

“Nice work, Long Chen!” Ouyang Qiuyu had originally been worried for him, but seeing that he still had such a terrifying trump card, she was put at ease. Although she didn’t recognize this move, she could sense the limitless power within Long Chen’s body.

“Ouyang Qiuyu, today, you’ll die without a grave!”

The other half-step King also attacked now. He clearly recognized Ouyang Qiuyu, and as soon as he attacked, he released his full power. A bone tower appeared in his hands. It was three meters tall, and it was unknown what bone it was made of. Black Qi coiled within it.

As soon as this ancient tower appeared, the world became gloomy and eerie, as if it had been turned into a ghost region. Nine fiendish heads appeared on top of the tower, and opening their mouths, nine black arrows shot out. The black arrows caused strange sounds. It was like the void was being corroded. If struck by one of those arrows, even Treasure items would corrode to nothingness.

Ouyang Qiuyu took out a drum. At first, it was only the size of a palm. But it quickly grew to three hundred meters, releasing endless divine might.

A muffled bang rang out as Ouyang Qiuyu’s hand slapped onto the drum. Countless runes lit up on its skin. It looked like a formation diagram, and an arc of light shot out.


The nine arrows blew apart with the light.

“Hmph, so you’ve also brought the Xuantian Dao Sect’s protective King item, the Heaven Catching Drum,” snorted the half-step King.

“If it wasn’t a King item, how could it block the attack of your Nine Ghost Refining Soul Tower?” said Ouyang Qiuyu coldly.

The Heaven Catching Drum she had taken out was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s protective treasure. Although she wasn’t a King and she didn’t necessarily have the power to possess a King item, she had the status to. And so the head sect had intentionally given her the King item to protect the sect and control its karmic luck.

This was the reason why Ouyang Qiuyu dared to come here without a plan. As for the half-step King she was facing, his bone tower was also a powerful King item. He was pressed for time, and so he didn’t bother with any testing blows. He directly used his King item to attack.

“Then let me see just how much of a King item’s power someone merely at the peak of Foundation Forging can bring out!” sneered the half-step King. His bone tower began to rapidly revolve, and black qi circulated within it. Black figures charged out of it like ghosts, wailing as they charged toward Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Although I’m not a half-step King, it’s no problem for me to hold you back.”

Ouyang Qiuyu repeatedly slammed her palms against the Heaven Catching Drum. Continuous arcs of light shot out of it, shattering the ghost images.

However, the half-step King’s bone tower continued to revolve, causing more ghost figures to fly out in an endless stream. In truth, these ghost images were an extremely terrifying soul art. Not only did they possess a powerful spiritual aspect, but they also contained curse energy. If Ouyang Qiuyu was struck, it would be very troublesome for her.

However, a King item was for Kings. Even half-step Kings found them extremely difficult to use, and they exhausted a huge amount of spiritual yuan.

As for Ouyang Qiuyu, she wasn’t even a half-step King. So the Corrupt elder was intentionally unleashing this barrage of attacks to exhaust Ouyang Qiuyu’s spiritual yuan.

While Ouyang Qiuyu fought this half-step King with King items, Long Chen had summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor to fight an even more intense battle with the other half-step King.

Half-step Kings were incredibly powerful, and magical arts could be used instantaneously by them. They didn’t need hand seals and could release them at any moment. Magical arts were normal moves to them.

Furthermore, each one of their attacks was incredibly powerful and sharp. As for Long Chen, no matter what attack his opponent used, he would simply let out a punch.

Each attack was a heaven-shaking collision. This was Long Chen’s second time using the Green Dragon Battle Armor, and his control over it was much more refined.

Right now, his blood had been completely transformed by the green dragon essence blood, giving rise to a completely new kind of blood. This blood rumbled within his body, and without him even doing anything, it drew out the power of his four qi seas to strengthen him.

That made him full of energy, like a volcano that had been storing up energy for millions of years and was now finally releasing it all.

Furthermore, he found that with each punch, indescribable energy was released by the Green Dragon Battle Armor that broke apart any magical art he struck.

Even though that was the case, Long Chen had no choice but to admit that half-step Kings were truly powerful. Without the Green Dragon Battle Armor, he wouldn’t have been able to exchange a single blow with them before being heavily injured.

Fortunately, he did have the Green Dragon Battle Armor. Brandishing his fists, he charged forward. As for the half-step King he was facing, he clearly didn’t specialize in close-range combat. His magical arts came out of him in an unending stream.

Those magical arts were unable to display any effect in front of the Green Dragon Battle Armor. Long Chen’s power completely restrained him.

The battlefield was now split into three sections. Ouyang Qiuyu and Long Chen were fighting half-step Kings. Long Chen’s fight was the most intense, while Ouyang Qiuyu and her opponent were both exhausting the other’s spiritual yuan through their King items.

The more chaotic battle was comprised of Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, and Guo Ran fighting Foundation Forging experts. It was also extremely intense.

Down below, the Dragonblood warriors were slaughtering their way through the Corrupt path’s Sea Expansion army. In just an incense stick’s worth of time, their mighty army had lost a third of their number. The Dragonblood Legion was incredibly fierce.

Looking at this imposing scene, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts all felt like their hearts had stopped pounding.

They had never seen such a terrifying scene. Sea Expansion experts were truly nothing more than cannon fodder.

Now they understood why Long Chen hadn’t let them enter the battle. With their little power, throwing them into the battle wouldn’t even cause a ripple.

At the same time, they were grateful to Long Chen and Ouyang Qiuyu. They had given them face and let them enter. Now they could say they had participated in the ultimate Righteous and Corrupt battle and testify to its unprecedented scale.

“Three, two, one, release!” Meng Qi suddenly gave everyone a spiritual message.

On Meng Qi and the others’ battlefield, four huge figures suddenly appeared. Roaring shook the heavens.

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