Chapter 936 Half-Step Kings

With the Four Star Battle Armor and divine ring, Long Chen’s power leaped to a level the Corrupt Foundation Forging experts had never imagined. For Long Chen, who had been in such a desperate situation, to suddenly explode with such power, the expert was caught off-guard and blown into bloody mist in a single attack, his Treasure item also shattering.

His spatial arts posed no resistance against Long Chen’s full power. They were as weak as paper.

A huge saber-image tore into the sky and ruthlessly slashed down.

BOOM! Five Foundation Forging experts were sent flying. Before they could stabilize, Long Chen formed hand seals.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Two huge coiling dragons shot out, releasing a destructive power as they charged at the five of them.

Despite doing their best to block and summoning many layers of defense, their power was not worth mentioning in front of the two dragons. The five of them were turned to ash.

This sudden change stupefied the Corrupt path. No matter what, they couldn’t make themselves believe their own eyes. Long Chen had suddenly transformed into an unrivaled battle god, killing six of their Foundation Forging experts in an instant.

“There’s finally no more need to hold back? God Slaying Slash!”

Long Chen had just erupted when Yue Zifeng’s Flying Rainbow slashed down. He also killed a Foundation Forging expert in one blow.

After absorbing the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, he had condensed innate divine runes and his own Spirit Blood. When he used Spirit Blood to activate his divine runes, his power could shake the heavens.

At the same time, Gu Yang, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others all instantly released their power, slaughtering the Foundation Forging experts they were fighting.

“I won’t lose to you youngsters. I’m not old yet.”

Seeing her young disciples release such power, Ouyang Qiuyu clapped her hands together and shouted, “Xuantian Triple Revolution Slash!”

A violet rune formed a huge cyclone. Three flying blades rapidly spun within it as it struck the five Foundation Forging experts she was fighting.

The five of them went all-out, but as soon as they clashed, their expressions changed.

That cyclone paused due to their defense, but then it once more spun. Once the first blade was blocked, the second blade fell on them. They once more hastily blocked.

This time, its attack was even stronger and the five of them vomited blood, feeling like their bones were about to fall apart. Just at that moment, the third blade struck. Helpless to resist, the five of them were cut to shreds.

After killing five Foundation Forging experts with one attack, a faint rosy color appeared on Ouyang Qiuyu’s face. But it quickly receded.

Long Chen saw it clearly and couldn’t help but shake his head. This sect master of his truly was competitive. She had definitely paid a price to release that attack.

But he didn’t say anything to break her facade. Under everyone’s powerful retaliation, over ten Foundation Forging experts were killed in an instant, shocking the entire battlefield.

“Brothers, kill! Earth Burial!”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi attacked at the same time. The ground crumbled and countless earth dragons sprang out. Their thirty-meter wide mouths devoured people in one gulp. Dozens of Corrupt experts were devoured into the ground. Those people’s auras rapidly vanished.

“Kill! There’s no need to hold back any longer. Cut them down!”

The Dragonblood warriors’ auras erupted like volcanos. They could finally release their full power. Heavenly Dao runes appeared around them.

“Heavens, three-colored runes! They’re all rank three Celestials!”

Now, all the Sea Expansion elders were dumbfounded. The Heavenly Dao power the Dragonblood Legion had now erupted with could not be mistaken. They had gone from tigers to dragons. They charged forward, reaping the lives of the Corrupt experts.

From the Dragonblood warriors’ auras, they had a sudden thought and looked up into the sky again. Previously, the attacks had been too fierce and they hadn’t been able to get a clear look. But now they saw it clearly.

“Rank… rank four Celestials!!!”

Four-colored runes revolved around Meng Qi and the others. Heaven and earth quivered as endless energy was absorbed by the runes. It was like the world was giving them its blessing.

“Kill! Don’t hold back!” shouted Long Chen. With another use of Split the Heavens, a Foundation Forging expert was cut down again. This was already the ninth Foundation Forging expert he had killed.

When Long Chen and the others went all-out, in just a few breaths, the fifty-six Foundation Forging experts were cut down to thirty. It all happened so suddenly that they were unable to react.

BOOM! A Foundation Forging expert’s sword landed on Long Chen’s shoulder. Blood splashed, and it was possible to see the bone. But Long Chen’s saber had cut off the expert’s hand, and with a kick, his head exploded.

“Brats from the Righteous path, you are provoking the Corrupt path!”

Suddenly, two elders wearing simple robes appeared on the transportation formation. Their faces were covered in wrinkles, but their eyes shone with a bright light. There seemed to be a faint blood color hidden within them.

Most curious of all, their eyes seemed to have their own world. Boundless energy circulated within them.

As soon as they appeared, everyone felt like they had fallen to the bottom of the sea. A powerful pressure made it feel like time was moving slowly.

“Half-step Kings!” cried Ouyang Qiuyu in shock. She had known that the Corrupt path might have had a half-step King presiding over it, but for two of them to really appear still shocked her.

Half-step Kings, experts who had taken half a step into the King realm. Although they weren’t true kings, they had already touched upon a King’s divine power.

Ouyang Qiuyu had also touched that barrier, but she still hadn’t comprehended that last step. During her trip to the head sect this time, she had listened to other experts preach the Dao, and she had benefited immensely. She had originally been planning on going into seclusion upon returning and attacking the half-step King realm.

But she had encountered a complete mess when she had returned, and she hadn’t had any time or the ability to calm herself down and focus on comprehending the Martial Dao.

Although she had been prepared, the appearance of the two half-step Kings still shocked her. She felt like they really had played it big.

“You’re wrong, I don’t have time to provoke you idiots. Let me ask you, where is Xue You?” Long Chen icily stared at the two elders, battle intent raging in his eyes.

When he mentioned Xue You, Little Snow’s image reappeared in his mind. It was like he could see the scene of him dying again. A burst of pain filled his heart.

“You should be Long Chen, correct? You really are a fool to run here to send yourself to death,” said one of the two elders. He was tall and thin like a stalk of bamboo. A cruel smile appeared on his face, making him look as sinister as a ghost.

Long Chen suddenly made a motion with his hand. No one understood, but then a bang rang out. The stronghold’s transportation formations all exploded.

“Boss, it’s done!” Song Mingyuan and Li Qi had both been waiting for Long Chen’s signal.

“Hmph, how absolutely senseless!” The two half-step Kings hadn’t expected Long Chen to do this. But they also didn’t care.

“You’re wrong, I never do anything senseless. Now that the transportation formations are broken, we are all sealed here. No one will be entering for a while at least. That’s the only way we can have a real life and death battle.” Long Chen looked at the two of them without the slightest bit of fear.

Everyone else paused to stare at Long Chen and the two half-step Kings.

“Life and death battle? Laughable! Do you think you can have a life and death battle with us? Foolish to the peak!” sneered one of them.

Long Chen shook his head. “It seems your Corrupt path really is very powerful, more powerful than I expected.”

“But of course.”

Long Chen ignored them and continued, “It seems Xue You didn’t explain what had happened after returning to the Corrupt path. Or perhaps, you aren’t from the same faction as him. Either way, it seems he didn’t tell you the truth. Otherwise, my low-grade tactics wouldn’t have had such a great effect. It seems I have to thank him once I see him.”

The two elders’ expressions changed slightly. Long Chen’s words had hit right on the mark. In truth, the Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path was split into two camps, and there were definitely some conflicts between them.

Xue You just happened to not be part of their faction. As for Ka Wutu, he had been part of their faction, which was why Ka Wutu had targeted Xue You.

In truth, they had learned the news that Long Chen had entered their stronghold as soon as it had happened. Originally, they hadn’t cared. After all, coming here just made him a turtle caught in a jar.

They had gathered their stronghold’s experts and sent them to kill him as a trial. They viewed this kind of battle as nothing more than a kind of game.

As a result, Long Chen and the others had been so strong that they had been forced to send even more experts. In truth, doing so was exposing the hidden power of the Corrupt path. However, the spatial portal had already been closed by them, so Long Chen and the others couldn’t escape. So what if they exposed their power? Dead people tell no tales.

As for Long Chen, when he had seen that he had drawn out all their power, he had immediately started a slaughter, making it so that these two elders couldn’t keep watching.

With the transportation formations broken, and with Long Chen suddenly mentioning Xue You, a slightly bad feeling rose in their hearts. It seemed as if everything was within Long Chen’s expectations.

“Why hasn’t Leng Yueyan come?” asked Long Chen.

“Brat, you talk a lot! Since you like to talk, I’ll make sure you mop the ground for me every day once I refine you into a living corpse!” shouted one of them.

“Since she hasn’t come, I’m put at ease.” Long Chen really was relieved. Although he hadn’t talked much with Leng Yueyan, through some of her insinuations, he had learned a few of the Corrupt path’s secrets.

Furthermore, it seemed Leng Yueyan didn’t feel any emotion toward the Corrupt path. In fact, Long Chen could sense that inside, she hated and loathed the Corrupt path.

It was precisely because of this that Long Chen didn’t understand his relationship with Leng Yueyan. In the end, he was unable to muster the resolve to kill her. So the fact that she hadn’t come allowed him to sigh with relief.

“One for one?” Long Chen looked toward Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Will you be alright?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu worriedly.

“This kind of question is an insult to a man.” Long Chen smiled.

Seeing that Long Chen could still joke at this time ended up stirring Ouyang Qiuyu’s pride. She smiled, battle intent rising within her. “Let’s start then.”

“Brothers, the true battle starts. The sect master and I will handle these two old ghosts. Sorry, there won’t be a portion for you. But there are plenty of pigs for the slaughter down below. As for who can kill more pigs, it’ll be up to who has the ability! Brothers, your weapons are already getting impatient for blood. Let us fight a blood-soaked battle once more today, using their blood to dye our robes. This battle will forever be our glory!”

“Brothers, kill!”

Long Chen shouted and launched himself at the half-step King, pulling open the curtains of the true battle.

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