Chapter 934 Blood Dyes the Ground Scarlet (Teaser)

The Corrupt path’s stronghold was actually a whole minor world. It was a world created by an almighty expert and was hundreds of thousands of miles wide.

This kind of minor world was similar to a spatial vessel and didn’t possess its own laws. It was essentially the same as the outer world, but it was extremely hidden. If you didn’t know the entrance, it was essentially impossible for others to notice it.

Countless experts of the Corrupt path had gathered within this minor world. The old monster that Long Chen had injured was nervously looking at the portal.

“Are you sure they’ll enter? You have mustered such a large force, but there’s no movement coming from their side. Are you sure you weren’t just scared out of your wits?” A pockmarked, corpse-like elder glared at the person who had been injured by Long Chen.

His voice contained ridicule, because in the sneak attack against the Xuantian Dao Sect, all seven of their strongholds had sent in troops, but only this stronghold was counterattacked.

Now, although their sneak attacked had succeeded, Ouyang Qiuyu had led a fierce counterattack to turn the old monster...

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