Chapter 934 Blood Dyes the Ground Scarlet

The Corrupt path’s stronghold was actually a whole minor world. It was a world created by an almighty expert and was hundreds of thousands of miles wide.

This kind of minor world was similar to a spatial vessel and didn’t possess its own laws. It was essentially the same as the outer world, but it was extremely hidden. If you didn’t know the entrance, it was essentially impossible for others to notice it.

Countless experts of the Corrupt path had gathered within this minor world. The old monster that Long Chen had injured was nervously looking at the portal.

“Are you sure they’ll enter? You have mustered such a large force, but there’s no movement coming from their side. Are you sure you weren’t just scared out of your wits?” A pockmarked, corpse-like elder glared at the person who had been injured by Long Chen.

His voice contained ridicule, because in the sneak attack against the Xuantian Dao Sect, all seven of their strongholds had sent in troops, but only this stronghold was counterattacked.

Now, although their sneak attacked had succeeded, Ouyang Qiuyu had led a fierce counterattack to turn the old monster into his current state. He had lost all his elite warriors, so this elder was laughing at his misfortune.

However, since he had received an urgent request for help, he had no choice but to come here. This stronghold now contained the elites of all the other six strongholds.

They numbered over four hundred thousand. Having mustered such a huge force, if the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t dare to attack, it would become a massive joke.

They had over three thousand Sea Expansion experts, and a total of eighteen Foundation Forging experts. Such a force was practically enough to overturn the entire Eastern Wasteland. This was the result of that injured elder sending out an urgent distress signal.

Although they had all known that bringing all their forces like this was overkill, when the urgent distress signal was used, they all had no choice but to move out. Those were the rules, and no one dared to go against them.

“Shut up! Don’t think that you can bully me just because I’m down and out!” roared the person Long Chen had injured. He was this stronghold’s master.

All his elites had been killed. Such immense damage was something that couldn’t be recovered from without several centuries.

Originally, his stronghold had counted as above average amongst the seven strongholds. But now, they had immediately become the bottom existence, and even he had been beaten badly. He was already enraged, and as soon as that other elder added some oil to the fire, he exploded.

As for the person he cursed, he was infuriated to be pointed at and cursed back. He had long since gotten tired of that old monster’s bragging, and he was just about to counterattack.

Suddenly, a golden figure charged through the spatial portal, startling everyone. But when they saw that it was just one person, they hesitated.

“Don’t activate the killing formation. They sent one scapegoat, so don’t waste the formation on one person,” shouted one of the Corrupt path’s elders.

“Scapegoat? Fuck your mother, I am the grand and illustrious Guo Ran! When did I become a scapegoat? Fuck, here!”

Guo Ran furiously tossed out a huge sphere. It landed in front of the spatial portal, an empty land covered in runes. It was a huge killing formation.


The huge sphere exploded upon striking the land. An immense force instantly erupted.

“Not good!”

The bomb’s explosion was absolutely horrifying, as it completely destroyed the killing formation. Not only that, but bone thorns also shot out like rain.

Those bone thorns came from the Immemorial Path. Even ordinary Sea Expansion experts couldn’t handle them, let alone the Xiantian disciples the Corrupt path had gathered. Anyone touched by a bone thorn would instantly die.

This attack’s scope was incredibly huge, and although the Foundation Forging experts hastily took action and formed barriers of light, tens of thousands of their disciples had still been killed. These bone thorns contained poison, and a single one of them could pierce through hundreds of disciples. They were just too weak in comparison.

“Kill that golden armored monstrosity!”

The Corrupt path’s experts roared. They found that the killing formation they had set up in advance had been completely ruined and couldn’t be activated. They had the urge to tear Guo Ran apart piece by piece.

“I’ve already said, my name is Guo Ran! Are my words too complicated for you, or are you deaf?!” raged Guo Ran.


Just as the Corrupt path was thrown into a mess by Guo Ran’s attack, the sky suddenly darkened.

“What’s going on?”

“Heavens, someone’s undergoing tribulation!”

A huge mass of people charged out of the spatial portal. Their initial seas surged behind them.


Endless lightning poured down from the sky, landing amongst them.

“It’s a Sea Expansion tribulation! Sea Expansion experts, hurry up and kill them! Foundation Forging experts, suppress your cultivation bases to Sea Expansion and slaughter them, quick!” shouted one of the Foundation Forging experts.

They hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so ruthless as to send in a huge group of people that were undergoing tribulation. This move was too vicious. Because this was a Sea Expansion tribulation, their Xiantian disciples all met misfortune. This tribulation wasn’t something they could endure.

“A portion of you, go kill them! Xiantian disciples, gather together and find a Sea Expansion expert to protect you. This is just the first wave of the tribulation and isn’t that strong! Quick, kill them now!” roared a Foundation Forging expert.

“Hahaha, in a battle against opponents from the same realm, when have the Dragonblood warriors ever been afraid of anyone?” The Dragonblood warriors laughed and brandished their weapons, slaughtering their enemies.

Their collective tribulation was a part of Long Chen’s battle plans. Within the scope of the tribulation clouds, everyone had to suppress their power to the level of the person undergoing tribulation. Otherwise, the heavenly tribulation would suddenly grow in power.

Unless the Foundation Forging experts gave up on everyone else’s lives, they couldn’t go all-out. Otherwise, this Sea Expansion tribulation would become Foundation Forging tribulation. That tribulation could instantly annihilate anyone below Foundation Forging.

At this time, Long Chen, Ouyang Qiuyu, and the others also entered. However, Long Chen didn’t participate in the battle. Instead, he just calmly watched.

No one was more confident in the Dragonblood Legion’s power than Long Chen. On this battlefield, no one could defeat them in the same realm.

When those Sea Expansion elders that had valiantly demanded to be allowed into the fight saw the sea of Corrupt experts, they were all startled. They hadn’t expected the Corrupt path to possess such numbers.

However, they also saw the Dragonblood warriors slaughtering their way into their midst while also dealing with the lightning tribulation. They were like tigers pouncing on a flock of sheep. Each slash of their blades killed a group. This was an absolute slaughter.

“Long Chen, this move of yours is ruthless. You’re forcing the Corrupt path to not use their true power.” Ouyang Qiuyu couldn’t help being moved.

She saw that the Foundation Forging experts who charged toward the Dragonblood Legion were completely unaccustomed to fighting with their cultivation bases suppressed to Sea Expansion. They didn’t dare to use many of their moves, and as a result, a single one of them was at most able to hold back five Dragonblood warriors. Just five disciples were able to go against a Foundation Forging expert. They were so furious that their faces were green. Then seeing the Dragonblood warriors slaughtering their elite disciples, they felt like they might explode.

“Disciple of the Righteous path, just wait! We’ll slaughter you to the last!” roared one of the Foundation Forging experts.

“I’ll slaughter you all with a smash of my club!” Wilde charged out. The lightning rain was unable to affect him at all, and he charged right in front of that Foundation Forging expert.

“Fuck off, do you think I’m easy to bully?” roared the Foundation Forging expert. He sent a punch at Wilde.

Seeing that, quite a few of the Sea Expansion elders couldn’t help but feel worried for Wilde. But they suddenly found that Long Chen, Meng Qi, and the others suddenly couldn’t bear to watch and turned away.


That Foundation Forging expert had his cultivation base suppressed to Sea Expansion. As a result, a single smash of Wilde’s club destroyed half his upper body. And before he could even react, Wilde’s second smash blew him to bits.

The Sea Expansion elders were all horrified. A Foundation Forging expert, an almost pinnacle existence within the Eastern Wasteland, had been killed with two smashes of a club. This was too hard to believe.

Even Ouyang Qiuyu was filled with shock, her hand covering her mouth. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

On the contrary, Long Chen’s expression was calm; everything was within his expectations. Wilde was a complete freak. He had no cultivation base, and the heavenly tribulation was unable to lock onto him.

For a Foundation Forging expert to suppress his cultivation base to Sea Expansion, he would only be a bit stronger than a peak Sea Expansion expert. But Wilde’s power wasn’t suppressed at all, so for him to be able to kill that expert with two smashes of his club was completely normal.

Wilde’s participation in the battle caused complete chaos. He was focusing on the strongest experts of the Corrupt path, the Foundation Forging experts.

When another Foundation Forging expert activated his Treasure item but was still almost killed in a single blow, he shouted, “Avoid that giant brat! Something’s off about him!”

Wilde wreaked havoc amongst the Corrupt path as he chased the Foundation Forging experts through the battlefield. Seeing Foundation Forging experts fleeing like chickens in front of a dog, Ouyang Qiuyu and the others were flabbergasted.


The lightning tribulation grew even stronger. Lightning rain, lightning arrows, lightning spears, and finally, lightning beasts appeared. The Corrupt path was finally unable to bear it. The Xiantian experts were still blown apart even under the protection of Sea Expansion experts.

“Hold! This is the final wave of the tribulation!” shouted a Foundation Forging expert. He saw lightning beasts descending from the sky one by one.

By the time the lightning beasts had filled the battlefield, the Corrupt path’s original army of over four hundred thousand had been reduced by two thirds. Ninety-nine percent of their casualties had been because of the heavenly tribulation.


“What, it’s over already? Is this the bias given to Celestials?” Seeing the tribulation clouds slowly scatter, Long Chen couldn’t help being disappointed.

He had an urge to fly up and give it a punch to bring it back, but he decided against it. Then he would be playing a bit too big.

“You damnable Righteous path, time for you to die!” roared one of the Foundation Forging experts. His aura erupted and he sent a powerful palm crashing toward the Dragonblood warriors.

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