Chapter 933 Killing Their Way Into the Corrupt Path’s Hive

Originally, Ouyang Qiuyu had been about to call a retreat. She had only summoned everyone to win back the Xuantian Dao Sect’s honor. To put it more bluntly, it had been for face.

Now she had won and succeeded in killing tens of thousands of the Corrupt path’s experts. She had even killed two Foundation Forging experts. This counterattack had been enough to shake the Eastern Wasteland.

Once she reported this accomplishment back to the head sect, they wouldn’t reprimand her. Instead, they would praise her, and the Xuantian Dao Sect’s name would rise to a new height in the Eastern Wasteland.

With this battle, she would be able to give a show to the head sect as well as the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path. And so she had been planning on retreating, because if they continued fighting, this matter might escape her control.

“You want to…!” Ouyang Qiuyu jumped in shock.

“Yes. I’m preparing on leading everyone into the spatial portal and start a slaughter of their hive,” said Long Chen.

“You can’t! That spatial portal leads to one of the Corrupt path’s seven great strongholds. Although it looks calm from the outside, once you go in, you won’t just have to face countless formations and mechanisms, the other six strongholds’ experts will also come to reinforce them. At that time, you’ll be facing the entire Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path’s attack. In fact, half-step Kings might appear. Don’t think that the Corrupt path only has so few people. This is just an unwritten rule that without approval from above, neither the Righteous nor Corrupt path will launch an all-out war against the other. But if we ignore that and attack, the Corrupt path will be able to gather all their experts to kill us.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that Long Chen wanted to charge into the Corrupt path’s hive. Perhaps the younger generation didn’t understand, but the Sea Expansion elders were aware of these rules.

“More rules. I hate those things the most. Battle is not a game. Who is the referee? Who came up with the rules? After they’re broken, who gives out the punishment? I’ll tell you, rules are always chains the strong use to control the weak. As for the strong, they’ll ignore those chains and kill you whenever they please. Isn’t the Righteous path a perfect example? Each time the Righteous and Corrupt battles begin, isn’t it the Corrupt path that attacks? Did they ever send you a notification before attacking? Did they tell you where they were attacking? Did they tell you their numbers? Why do they get to be the player and the referee, while we just have to accept that?” Long Chen looked at Ouyang Qiuyu, his voice full of disappointment.

Even Ouyang Qiuyu, an expert who could command an enormous existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect, was actually constrained by these idiot rules. Long Chen really was starting to feel like there was no hope for the Righteous path.

Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t know what to say. She had always felt the Righteous path to be very stupid and cowardly, but despite how high her cultivation base was, she didn’t dare to break the rules that had been followed for countless years.

Seeing Long Chen’s disappointed expression deeply stimulated her heart. She clenched her teeth and said, “Long Chen, no matter what you choose to do, I will accompany you.”

Although she hadn’t known Long Chen for long, she had to admire his heaven-defying ability to stir up trouble. Since Long Chen wanted to play bigger, then as the sect master, she would accompany him for a bout of craziness.

Even Ouyang Qiuyu herself didn’t know why she felt that taking risks with Long Chen was so frightening, but this kind of fright was also extremely stimulating.

She had always handled things steadily and calmly. Whatever she did, all the results were basically within her expectations. But this time, she had no idea what the results would be.

The more you didn’t know the results, the more stimulating it was. It was like a gamble. Without revealing the final card, no one knew just who had won and who had lost.

“Guo Ran, come over.”

“Boss, you have instructions for me?”

“Do you still have any more of those supreme bombs? I just need one.”

“Boss, I only have one.”

This bomb’s scope was huge. Back then, he had only managed to use one at the start, as otherwise, he would have injured his own people. So the second one had gone unused.

“Good. We’ll use it as the opening act. Guo Ran, you can be the vanguard. Give them our gift. Remember, we want to start off with a bang.” Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder.

“Haha, don’t worry boss, it’ll definitely be enough to shake heaven and earth,” said Guo Ran excitedly.

“However, don’t put on your poser act! If you want to be a poser, wait until you set off the bomb,” warned Long Chen. Who knew if this fellow had gotten too addicted to posing and would mess things up.

“Long Chen, are you sure he can handle such a thing?” Ouyang Qiuyu was hesitant.

Although Guo Ran’s aura had reached Sea Expansion, his aura wasn’t particularly outstanding. She couldn’t help being worried.

“Sect master, don’t worry. If I didn’t have any ability, how could I follow boss? My life is pretty tough as well,” said Guo Ran, confidently patting himself on the chest.

After the immense battle in the Immemorial Path, Guo Ran could also count as someone with his own story. Each movement he made seemed to possess the manner of an expert. It did have a bit of an intimidating flavor.

“The others, you don’t need to enter. I suppose you can just wait outside.” Long Chen glanced at the Sea Expansion experts of the Xuantian Dao Sect and shook his head.

“You… Long Chen, are you ignoring us because you think we’re too weak?” asked one of them.

Long Chen helplessly stared at him. In the end, he truthfully nodded, almost causing that elder to cough up blood.


Not every Sea Expansion expert here was a coward. They had their own dignity and hot blood. They were willing to fight for the sect.

Although they constantly fought amongst themselves, they still cared about the sect in their hearts. Furthermore, quite a few of the disciples and family they cared about had died to the Corrupt path. They had come with a determination to fight to the death as revenge for them.

“Long Chen, you should let them come.” Ouyang Qiuyu looked at Long Chen, her tone almost pleading.

Some of these Sea Expansion experts were still people with face. If they didn’t participate in this battle, how were they supposed to work for the sect in the future?

Long Chen understood their meaning, and he bitterly smiled inside. Looking at the several staunch experts, he felt a bit of comfort. This meant that not all their hot blood had been wiped away by those garbage rules. The Righteous path could be saved.

“You can come, but you have to listen to my orders,” said Long Chen harshly. He definitely didn’t want chaos because of them.

“Don’t worry, I will personally guarantee that each one of them will listen to your orders,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

She knew that these Sea Expansion experts might be a bit too old to feel comfortable with being treated as fighters that had to obediently listen to orders. So she hastily mediated things.

“Everyone, to tell the truth, the Corrupt path is completely intolerable, and so I am planning on undergoing a true bloody battle with them. The Corrupt path’s strongholds are all linked with transportation formations, so once we charge through this spatial portal, we’ll essentially be facing the entire Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path. Think carefully about whether you want to fight this battle. It might be a battle to the last man. Do you still want to participate?” warned Long Chen.

“Nonsense, if a group of children like you can sacrifice your lives, then how could a group of people with half a foot in the grave possibly refuse?”

“Isn’t it just death? That happens sooner or later, but to bring a few bastards from the Corrupt path with us, we can make sure our children have fewer enemies.”

“Disciples listen well. If I don’t return, the monastery head position will fall to…”

The various Sea Expansion elders were all ready for death. In fact, even some of the smaller sects’ leaders had entrusted their position to their juniors.

Other than a few of them that evasively hid themselves, the majority of them were invigorated and ready to fight a battle to the death.

“Who would have thought that at a critical moment, the Righteous path’s experts would actually possess some courage?” Looking at these old elders ready to sacrifice their lives, Ouyang Qiuyu couldn’t help being moved.

“People can be good, but the Righteous path’s rules have harmed them. If you are alright with the pain of cutting out a malignant tumor, the Xuantian Dao Sect might be able to walk into the right path in the future.” Long Chen also hadn’t expected there to be this many people who wanted to fight.

“Sect leader, we also want to go in! We can also fight!”

“Even if death lies within, we’re not afraid. We’ll go all-out against those bastards from the Corrupt path!”

Affected by their sect leaders, quite a few disciples began to shout emotionally.

“All of you shut your mouths! Even we would just be cannon fodder once we enter, so how do any of you have the qualifications? Go back and focus on cultivating. Wait to put your life on the line once you get stronger,” scolded their sect leaders. But they were gratified.

Perhaps only at this time was it possible to clearly see who was a real man. They were gratified to see that there really were quite a few hot-blooded men in the Righteous path.

They regretted wasting their time fighting each other. What would happen if they focused on raising these hot-blooded men? Thinking of this all, they were incredibly ashamed.

Space suddenly shook. The powerful rumbling shocked everyone, and they hastily turned to look in a certain direction.

Meng Qi’s spiritual barrier now vanished. Over three hundred experts were releasing turbulent auras. Illusory seas appeared behind him.

“Collective Sea Expansion tribulation?!”

Everyone was shocked. The Dragonblood Legion’s experts were all advancing to Sea Expansion at the same time. Hundreds of qi pillars soared into the sky.

Each one of the Dragonblood warriors’ qi seas was over two thousand miles. They were all together so their seas superimposed, causing intense rumbling in space.

“Guo Ran, go ahead! Fire the opening shot!” shouted Long Chen.

“Alright, I’m going!”

Guo Ran summoned his golden armor and charged into the spatial portal. Everything was silent for a moment, but then the spatial portal began to tremble. It was possible to hear a very faint bang.

“Dragonblood Legion, charge! Undergo tribulation in the Corrupt path’s hive!”

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