Chapter 932 Do You Want to Play It Big?

For some unknown reason, seeing Ouyang Qiuyu’s smile made a trace of warmth appear in Long Chen’s heart. Perhaps it was because of dealing with schemes for so long, but that simple act touched him deeply.

“I don’t remember making any promise to you.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Oh? You’ve forgotten already? I seem to recall that back then, someone intimately called me little sister and said that if anyone bullied me, I could come and find you,” laughed Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen’s arrival caused Ouyang Qiuyu’s originally chaotic mood to instantly improve a great deal. The haze over her heart finally faded.

Long Chen immediately felt awkward. Back then, he really had been an idiot. He had been tricked by Ouyang Qiuyu’s outer appearance and treated her as an ordinary disciple. He had even bragged so much.

“You came from the Xuantian Dao Sect, right? What’s going on there? Shui Wuhen should have recovered by now, so why didn’t she come with you?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu.

As soon as Shui Wuhen was mentioned, Long Chen’s gaze turned cold. His gaze swept over the Sea Expansion experts of the Xuantian Dao Sect, and his killing intent slowly rose once more.

“Sect master, although raising this topic now is a bit unsuitable, I’m an impatient person and I don’t like to stall. Within our group are several black sheep that need to be eliminated.”


When Ouyang Qiuyu heard that Shui Qingfeng had actually been so stupid as to try to kill Shui Wuhen, Ouyang Qiuyu’s expression sank to a frightening point. “How brazen!”

“The brazen ones aren’t just those few idiots from the Shui family. The Zhou family is also quite brazen. Wouldn’t you say, Zhou family head?” Long Chen turned toward a certain elder in the crowd.

That person was the new Zhou family head. He immediately shouted, “Long Chen, I admit you’re powerful, but you can’t willfully slander others! As soon as you appeared, you killed our commander, but I didn’t say anything. Now you want to slander me? Just what are you thinking? Why do you always have to target my Zhou family?”

The Zhou family head’s voice sounded righteous and wronged, and he spoke loudly so everyone could hear him.

“Hmph, that commander was clearly garbage. His distribution of battle power was clearly unbalanced. The right wing’s enemies were strong, but he placed the majority of our power to the left? Do you think I’m an idiot and can’t see that he placed the Dragonblood Legion at the front to be sacrificial pawns?” asked Long Chen icily.

“What does a brat like you know of battle tactics? You’re just shamelessly framing people! If you want to accuse someone, bring out your proof! If you don’t have any proof, then just shut your mouth!” shouted the Zhou family head.

“Proof? Sorry, but I’m not a bailiff. If you want proof, well, let’s just see.”

Long Chen’s gaze locked onto the Zhou family head, and he suddenly found that he was unable to move. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength crashed down on him like a mountain.

He felt like he had been dropped in an icehouse. He was unable to move, but it wasn’t a spatial art. It was a spiritual suppression and a kind of killing intent lock.

“I ask you, was that commander intentionally harming the Dragonblood Legion!?” shouted Long Chen.

Ouyang Qiuyu was startled. She hadn’t expected that it wasn’t just Long Chen’s combat power that was so frightening. Even his Spiritual Strength was terrifying. This was an extremely domineering spiritual interrogation. With his Spiritual Strength locked around him, the Zhou family head couldn’t lie. If he did, the slightest spiritual fluctuation from telling a lie would activate Long Chen’s killing intent and his soul would be destroyed.

“... Yes!” After struggling for a long time, the Zhou family head didn’t have the courage to lie in the end.

“Were you the one who incited that?” Long Chen’s expression didn’t change.

The Zhou family head tightly shut his mouth, his whole body trembling and sweating. He didn’t dare to make a sound. He looked at Ouyang Qiuyu with a pleading expression.

“Long Chen-” Ouyang Qiuyu had just opened her mouth when Long Chen flashed into motion, pressing a finger against the Zhou family head’s forehead.


Everyone was horrified. Long Chen truly was brazen, to actually exceed his position and directly use a soulsearch against the Zhou family head in front of Ouyang Qiuyu. Once this soulsearch was over, wouldn’t the Zhou family head be turned into an imbecile?

“You brazen criminal, hurry and release me-!” The Zhou family head’s furious roar was cut off by a golden light. He was dead.

“When my boss takes action, don’t make such a fuss,” shouted Guo Ran. He had been the one to kill him.

Ouyang Qiuyu’s expression changed slightly. Long Chen’s actions truly were not giving her, the sect master, face. He didn’t care at all about her opinion.

“Zhou Changwei, Zhou Yaohui, Zhao Chengjie…”

Long Chen listed off eight names, all of which were the Zhou family’s higher-ups. Those who were named immediately turned pale as paper. Guo Ran raised his finger and pointed at them. The eight of them were locked down.

“Long Chen, we can discuss this matter later. Right now…” Ouyang Qiuyu couldn’t help but open her mouth. Now wasn’t the time to continuously kill their own Sea Expansion experts. It would affect their army.

“Guo Ran, help them out.” Long Chen seemed to not hear Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Okay.” Guo Ran pointed his finger. A golden ray shot out and killed one of the Zhou family’s experts.

“Sect master, save us-!”

Miserable cries rang out as Guo Ran continued pointing. Arrows shot out too quickly and at too close of a distance for them to do anything but die.

“Long Chen, I order you to stop!” shouted Ouyang Qiuyu furiously.

“Why should I stop?!” Long Chen suddenly turned to look at her. He looked like a furious lion, his killing intent soaring into the sky. “They wanted to kill my brothers, so why can’t I kill them? Do I really have to wait until they actually do kill my brothers so I can kill them in revenge? Who came up with that dogshit logic? Don’t try giving me some garbage about taking my time and how I can settle the bill later, or how I need to get proof. I don’t care about any of that. Anyone who dares to touch my brothers all have to die! Every single one of them!”

Long Chen thought of Little Snow’s death. His fury and killing intent were about to erupt out of his control. His final words echoed through the air.

Even someone with Ouyang Qiuyu’s cultivation base felt her head ringing from Long Chen’s voice. But even more terrifying, Long Chen’s eyes were completely red. He looked like a bloodthirsty devil who might start killing people at any moment. This was Ouyang Qiuyu’s first time seeing Long Chen so furious, and her own fury vanished without a trace.

“The reason I traveled so far wasn’t because I care so much about the Xuantian Dao Sect, but because my brothers are here, and because my big sister is here. For them, I can put my life on the line. But as for the dogshit rules you higher-ups like to play, I’ve had enough. Don’t talk to me about background or influence. Anyone who dares to scheme against my people will have my butcher’s knife chop off their heads.”

Long Chen’s voice shook everyone’s hearts. In that instant, it felt like all their lives were in his hands, as if a single thought from him could kill them all. He was too terrifying.

Eight of the Zhou family’s experts had been killed. After completing the mission Long Chen had given him, Guo Ran casually walked back behind him.

“You don’t feel any ties to the Xuantian Dao Sect?” Ouyang Qiuyu sighed with disappointment. As the head of that family, she viewed each disciple as her own child. Long Chen’s words were hurtful.

“I don’t like the Xuantian Dao Sect’s atmosphere. The internal strife and despicable schemes continue in an unending stream. Just now, all I did was kill a few of the vermin targeting me. But in reality, the Xuantian Dao Sect is infested with more vermin, vermin that hinders the sect’s proper development. I’m sure you’re even clearer about that than me.

“I want to love the Xuantian Dao Sect, but in front of the endless schemes that want me dead, I don’t know just how I’m supposed to love it!” said Long Chen.

The higher-ups all felt ashamed. Yes, it was true that all their energy was focused on internal strife.

But there was no way around that. If they didn’t, they would have to leave or die. No matter what they wanted to do for the sect, they would have to go through many twists and turns.

Countless people were worried that you would soar like a shooting star above them, and so they would heavily suppress you. As you constantly worked your way through that, you would constantly run into blockades.

Cooking a good bowl of porridge wasn’t easy, but ruining it was. All it required was a single log of stool to destroy your work of several years or even decades.

After trying for so long, everyone had given up. Instead, they held their own logs of stool and their sights on other people’s bowls of porridge. It began an unending, vicious cycle.

Many people understood this principle, but they were unable to do anything about it. These had become  unspoken rules, and they had to follow them. This was what it meant by the law could not condemn everyone. It wasn’t as if they could kick out every single one of them. Wouldn’t the sect be disbanded then?

Although they were all just holding logs of stool to target others, at least on the surface, it would appear like the sect was flourishing. This was the case for the majority of sects.

“Although I don’t have any good feelings toward the sect, my brothers and sisters are here. They are the people I love, so I’ve come,” continued Long Chen.

Hearing that, Ouyang Qiuyu’s disappointed eyes brightened.

“I don’t care about the problems with the sect’s system, nor do I care about your hopelessly tangled relationships. How other people want to fight against each other means nothing to me. However, don’t provoke me.” Long Chen glared at the Xuantian Dao Sect’s higher-ups. This was a warning.

Originally, Ouyang Qiuyu had thought that Long Chen was saying these heartless words because he was planning on leaving the Xuantian Dao Sect. But now he had clearly expressed himself. Although he didn’t like the Xuantian Dao Sect, he wouldn’t leave the sect. That relieved her.

At the same time, she was also extremely ashamed. She was the highest leader of the Xuantian Dao Sect, but she had never been able to steel herself to completely cleanse the sect. If she had been ruthless back then, then the Xuantian Dao Sect might not be in its current form.

“Long Chen, what are you planning to do now?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Sect master, do you want to play it big?” Long Chen stared at the distant spatial portal, his eyes icy-cold.

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