Chapter 931 Unable to Bear a Single Blow

With a single step, Long Chen arrived at Ouyang Qiuyu’s side. Everyone was startled.

Ouyang Qiuyu was fighting against two old monsters from the Corrupt path. It was an incredibly imposing sight, and any Sea Expansion experts that entered their scope would be blown apart.

“Sorry, I’m very busy. Don’t mind me.” Long Chen directly charged at one of the Corrupt path’s old monsters.

The two of them were both late Foundation Forging experts. With their full power released, space was constantly twisting around them. That was the specific power of Foundation Forging experts.

Foundation Forging experts were able to control a certain amount of spatial power. That was a kind of comprehension realm. Advancing to Foundation Forging didn’t just rely on support and talent, but it also required high comprehension skills.

For a Xiantian expert to reach Sea Expansion was comparatively easy. By piling on the resources, any somewhat talented person could reach Sea Expansion.

But for Foundation Forging, no matter how many resources you piled on, no matter how great their innate talent, if their comprehension skills were lacking, they would never be able to reach Foundation Forging. It required a certain level of comprehension into the Heavenly Daos.

So Foundation Forging experts were very few. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, Shui Wuhen wouldn’t have reached Foundation Forging ever in her life.

These two were precisely two of the three that had killed the vice sect master and heavily injured Shui Wuhen. The two of them were extremely strong, but back then, one of their group of three had been killed by Ouyang Qiuyu, and these two had fled.

Now that they were once more fighting, the two of them were merely focused on stalling Ouyang Qiuyu. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to join their battle, as he had clearly just advanced to the first Heavenstage of Sea Expansion. With a cold snort, they simply ignored him. With his combat power, it wasn’t worth it for them to split their attention. They had to focus on Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen smiled slightly. He sent a single punch toward one of them.

“Idiot, you won’t even be able to break my spatial wall-” sneered that old monster. But his sneer quickly transformed into astonishment and then horror.


The transparent spatial barrier around him was instantly shattered by one punch. Long Chen then sent out another punch.

The Corrupt expert hastily moved his soul summoning banner to block. Long Chen’s fist became covered in thunderforce as he struck it.

What astonished the Corrupt expert was that cracks appeared on his soul summoning banner. It was a peak grade Treasure item, but was broken just like this.

“Bastard, how can you possess heavenly lightning?!” That old monster finally realized the problem. His soul summoning banner was a supreme corrupt item that contained the aggrieved souls of countless people, and Long Chen’s thunderforce had killed all the evil energy within it.

The only thing that could possess such power was the most supreme Yang existence, heavenly tribulation lightning.

BOOM! His response was another punch. It was just a single punch, one relying on just his physical strength. At this time, Long Chen’s body had been completely changed by the green dragon essence blood.

The Corrupt expert summoned a runic shield, but it was unable to bear a single blow from Long Chen. His shield shattered and he shot back, vomiting blood.

One fist broke his spatial barrier, one fist broke his peak grade Treasure item, and one fist caused a late Foundation Forging expert to vomit blood. Everyone was shocked.

Those people from the Xuantian Dao Sect were especially shocked. A year ago, Long Chen had already been terrifying enough. But now, his power had practically surpassed the scope of their understanding.

“Is he really human?”

The experts who had come from other sects couldn’t believe their eyes. How could they? Their jaws were dropped so low it was almost possible to see their stomachs.

At Sea Expansion, he was able to fight across realms against a Foundation Forging expert. Furthermore, it was the early Sea Expansion against late Foundation Forging, and with just three punches, he caused him to vomit blood. They felt like their heads had broken.

Even Ouyang Qiuyu was shocked. However, she was also delighted. Long Chen’s power caused her to feel much more assured.

In truth, although she had launched a furious counterattack against the Corrupt path for their sneak attack against the Xuantian Dao Sect, she had her own secret troubles.

The Xuantian Dao Sect had suffered immense damage this time, and their prestige had dropped sharply. It was a grievous blow, especially to their influence over the Righteous path. Ouyang Qiuyu had no choice but to launch a fierce counterattack in order to show the Xuantian Dao Sect’s power. Otherwise, not only would others look down on them, but she would also have no way to explain this to the head sect.

However, the vice sect master had died, and Shui Wuhen had been heavily injured. Ouyang Qiuyu’s plan had been to wait for Shui Wuhen to heal from her injuries, which was why she had just been patiently fighting these two. She was waiting for Shui Wuhen.

She had never imagined that Shui Qingfeng would actually be so stupid. Even at this life and death juncture of the entire Xuantian Dao Sect, he had actually wanted to play games. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, Shui Wuhen would be on the brink of death right now.

The person Ouyang Qiuyu had been waiting for hadn’t arrived, but Long Chen had. And his power was just what she needed.

“Bastard brat, fuck off!” The injured Corrupt expert roared furiously. Previously, he had been focused on fighting Ouyang Qiuyu, which was why he had been at such a disadvantage. A huge palm-image covered the sun and smashed toward Long Chen. A terrifying pressure descended upon him.

“Careful!” warned Ouyang Qiuyu. She knew that this was a full-power attack from him. She was worried Long Chen wouldn’t be able to handle it, and she was just about to help him.

But suddenly, a blood-red saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands. A huge saber-image manifested, looking like a celestial blade. “Split the Heavens 2!”

BOOM! The palm-image and saber-image both exploded.

“Heavens, Long Chen can break a Foundation Forging expert’s full-strength attack?!”

“Doesn’t that mean he truly has the power to challenge late Foundation Forging experts? That's… terrifying.”

“At the first Heavenstage of Sea Expansion, he can challenge late Foundation Forging experts. Just what kind of monster is he?”

Countless people from the Xuantian Dao Sect were looking at the sky in shock. They were looking at that god-like figure holding a blood-red saber.

“Blood Soul Devours - Ghost Kill!”

After having his attack broken, the Corrupt expert clapped both his hands together and a sea of blood appeared behind him.

That sea of blood was three hundred miles long. A bloody scent filled the air. Although it was condensed from countless runes, in truth, those runes were created through the souls and essence blood of countless dead experts.

The sea condensed into a huge skull, and it smashed toward Long Chen.

Bang! Long Chen slashed his saber onto the skull, but he felt an immense power behind it. He was constantly forced back.

“Divine ring!”

A four-colored divine ring emitting endless might appeared behind him. Long Chen’s power explosively grew alongside Blooddrinker. He had activated its true form. At the same time, his spiritual yuan poured through eighteen acupuncture points.


An unstoppable saber-image erupted into existence, instantly shattering the huge skull. The huge saber-image continued toward the Corrupt expert.

The Corrupt expert was appalled. He had never imagined that Long Chen could possess the power to destroy the magical art he was so proud of. He hastily formed a layer of defense. As a result, it was cleanly cut through.

BOOM!!! The Corrupt expert smashed into the ground like a shooting star, and the experts Guo Ran was fighting against were blown to smithereens by the impact.

Even Guo Ran was unfortunate. He hadn’t expected disaster to suddenly fall from the sky. He just happened to be where the Corrupt expert fell.

He felt like a balloon that had been kicked by a foot. He flipped through the air, his blood surging within him. If he hadn’t refined the rank four Heavenly Dao Fruit and the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, strengthening his constitution to a whole new level, he would have been heavily injured just now.

While Guo Ran felt like the stars in the sky were spinning around him, he suddenly felt someone catch him. Only then did he realize he had been blown back into his group.

Now the Xuantian Dao Sect’s people finally understood why Long Chen had all Xiantian experts and below retreat. The result of Long Chen’s attack had caused a powerful shockwave that exterminated over ten thousand Corrupt experts. Even Sea Expansion experts were killed.

Thinking of that, they felt a chill. What if the Corrupt expert had landed on the side of the Righteous path? Just how many people could have survived?

“Well done, Long Chen!” Ouyang Qiuyu felt like flowers were blooming inside her heart. Although she had always had a favorable opinion of Long Chen, she had never dared to imagine he would be so powerful.


A figure flew into the air. He was flying toward a spatial portal in the distance.

“Stop him, Long Chen! He’s trying to flee!” shouted Ouyang Qiuyu.

But that Corrupt expert was quite crafty. He had traveled quite a ways underground, and only then had he flown out. He instantly flew into the portal and disappeared.

Seeing him flee, the other Corrupt expert suddenly released a blinding light like the sun. He lit up the entire sky, blinding people, and somehow, everyone’s other senses disappeared. Their sense of hearing, smell, and even touch were gone. It was like the world had turned static.

Just as everyone was shocked by this move, the blinding light disappeared. Their senses returned to normal.

Up in the sky, Ouyang Qiuyu was smiling coldly. At some unknown point, a sword had appeared in her hand. It was stabbing through the Corrupt expert’s body.

That Corrupt expert was filled with shock. He was unable to move an inch. Ice Qi began to envelop him, turning him into an ice statue.

“Did you think I was an idiot? You wanted to escape with such a flimsy little trick?” Ouyang Qiuyu disdainfully wrapped her opponent in runes before extracting her sword. He had his life, but now he was a hostage.

She dropped him to the ground. Ouyang Qiuyu smiled at Long Chen. “Who would have thought that in just one year, you would be able to fulfill your promise?”

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