Chapter 930 The Slaughter Begins


Blood splashed. Furious roars rang out. In front of thousands of Corrupt experts, the Dragonblood warriors were still releasing awe-inspiring killing intent.

The Dragonblood warriors were all at the peak of Xiantian. On a thousand-mile battlefield, they were on the right wing, surrounded by a mass of Corrupt experts. Over half of these Corrupt experts had reached Sea Expansion. The intense battle dyed the yellow ground red.

“We can’t continue like this! Fuck that Zhou bastard, he intentionally left us here to draw the majority of their forces! If this continues, we won’t be able to hold on!” roared one of the Dragonblood Legion’s squad leaders.

The Dragonblood Legion had been assigned to the right wing of the battlefield during the strategy meeting. Only once the battle began did they find out that the majority of their enemies’ power was concentrated on them.

At the front of the battlefield, Ouyang Qiuyu was fighting two of the Corrupt path’s top experts. The void rumbled around them, making it so the others couldn’t see their battle clearly.

This was their third battle against this stronghold. The previous two times, the Righteous path had been at an advantage. But this time, the Corrupt path had clearly sent reinforcements.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts were all here along with some smaller sects’ experts. That was an extremely strong force.

There was a group of Sea Expansion experts blocking the majority of the other Sea Expansion elites from the Corrupt path, but the Corrupt path just had too many Sea Expansion experts. As a result, quite a few of them managed to get by and attack the Dragonblood Legion.

What shocked everyone was that these peak Xiantian warriors were actually able to handle ten times their number, even when half of those enemies were Sea Expansion experts.

Although they weren’t elite Sea Expansion experts, they still weren’t things that Xiantian disciples should have been able to handle, especially not in a one against ten situation.

However, this kind of intense battle was too exhausting. The Dragonblood warriors hadn’t expanded their seas, so their spiritual yuan was limited. They couldn’t keep up with this intensity forever. After a day and night of fighting, their energy was starting to flag. Their situation was growing desperate.

“Talking about that now is useless. Boss should be arriving soon, so just endure it. We’ll settle our debts then,” said another squad leader.

In the back of the battlefield was the Zhou family’s genius commander who had come up with the troop distribution. But even if the Zhou family was trying to intentionally harm them, they couldn’t do anything about it now. Once their line buckled, the people behind them would be doomed. The entire army would be implicated, so they could only clench their teeth and endure.

“Fall back into the arched slaughter formation! Your main goal isn’t to kill your enemies, but to survive!” shouted a squad leader.

He saw that they were still able to fight against their enemies. But they wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer.

“Bastards, you have to form a barrier at the front! Hold the line, or the enemies will get by!” shouted a person standing at the back of the troops.

That was the genius commander from the Zhou family. He had been in command of multiple Righteous and Corrupt battles and had won despite many setbacks. He had plenty of experience, so he had naturally become the commander.

“Fuck your mother, Zhou idiot, just wait until this is over!” cursed the squad leader. He ignored his orders, having everyone form a protective arc formation. They changed from offense to defense, making sure they could temporarily survive.

He couldn’t care too much anymore. The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were all his brothers, and their lives were more important to him than his own. He wouldn’t allow any of them to fall.

“Bastard, you dare to ignore orders! Just wait-”

Halfway through his furious roar, a golden light shot through his body and he exploded.

That light hadn’t come from the front, but from behind. In other words, it had come from the side of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Let’s not wait. We’re too busy to listen to your long-windedness.” An icy voice rang throughout the battlefield.

“Boss!” Hearing that voice, the Dragonblood warriors immediately felt their blood heat up. That voice was too familiar, and they cheered, their morale surging.

Long Chen and the others appeared in the air. With his black robes billowing, it was like the arrival of a death god.

“Everyone, don’t panic. An idiot commander’s death signifies that victory is near!” said Long Chen lightly, calming the uproar caused by the death of their commander.

All the experts from the Xuantian Dao Sect were affected by Long Chen’s arrival. He was the leader of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s junior generation, and his prestige was extremely high. In the younger generation, his prestige might even surpass the sect master.

“Good job, brothers.” Long Chen gave the Dragonblood warriors a thumbs-up. To remain undefeated one against ten gratified him.

“Leave the rest to us. Brothers, just watch the show!” Guo Ran was the first to charge out, a flashy golden crossbow in his hands.

The crossbow shook and released golden rays that exploded amongst their enemies. The Corrupt  experts in the middle of attacking the Dragonblood warriors were blown up in large clumps.


The Dragonblood warriors’ jaws dropped. The fierce Corrupt experts that they had had such difficulty with were nothing in front of Guo Ran. With just ten arrows, hundreds of them were killed.

Guo Ran’s awe-inspiring power shook the entire battlefield. He immediately drew everyone’s attention. He loudly chanted, “I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. If you want a chivalrous hero, you can come find- aiya!”

Before Guo Ran could report his name, he was sent flying into the Corrupt path’s army by Long Chen. He couldn’t stand him right now.

Everyone jumped in fright. Because of Long Chen, Guo Ran had flown right into the battle of the elite Sea Expansion experts.

“Don’t just watch. You all have important work to do.” Long Chen returned to the Dragonblood warriors, ignoring Guo Ran’s plight.

“Great Soul Barrier!”

Meng Qi formed hand seals, and a huge spiritual barrier enveloped them. People outside were only able to see a curtain of light around them, but they were unable to see inside.

Guo Ran grumbled, “Why couldn’t you just let me finish the last three words? Boss, I wasn’t done yet!”


The Corrupt experts were first startled at a person suddenly being kicked into their midst, but then they quickly recovered and attacked.

“Kill your mother!” raged Guo Ran. His fury from having his poser act interrupted now fell onto the Corrupt experts in front of him. Two golden sabers appeared in his hands, and he hacked the person shouting in two.

“I, Guo Ran, am right here! Whoever dares can come at me!” 

With his two sabers dancing in the air, Guo Ran started a slaughter. The two sabers were a pair of Treasure items he had obtained within the Immemorial Path. Paired weapons on the level of a Treasure item were extremely rare. After he had added them to his set of armor, they hadn’t even been damaged during the huge battle in the Immemorial Path. Thus, it could be seen just how powerful they were.

Now that they were just facing Corrupt experts who at most possessed low grade Treasure items, he cut through any resistance easily.

In an instant, over ten of the Corrupt path’s Sea Expansion experts were killed, shocking them. They hastily retreated.

Looking at the armored monstrosity that was Guo Ran, the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Righteous path’s experts were all shocked. 

“The vanguard, hold the line and slowly retreat!” Long Chen’s voice suddenly resounded throughout the battlefield. He appeared out of the spiritual barrier, looking down on the entire field.

The battlefield contained tens of thousands of experts. But when he compared it to the battle fought in the Immemorial Path, Long Chen felt like it was nothing more than child’s play.

Long Chen wanted all the Righteous path’s people to retreat from the battle, as they were too weak. There were even Meridian Opening disciples fighting on their side. 

Just now, he had gathered the Dragonblood Legion and distributed the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, Divine Mortal Molting Elixir, Heavenly Dao Fruits, and Sea Expanding Pills to them all.

They were to absorb the first three things as fast as possible and then get ready to attack Sea Expansion.

Of course, those treasures were too important, and so he had Meng Qi summon a barrier to block other people’s vision.

He watched as Guo Ran’s addition to the battlefield caused the whole battle to become imbalanced. Just on his own, he drew all the experts’ attention.

Many of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s monastery heads were freed up and went to help other squads that were in a dangerous situation. The tempo of the battle slowed down quite a bit.

“Those at Xiantian and below, retreat out of the battle!” shouted Long Chen.

“What?” The Xuantian Dao Set’s experts couldn’t believe their ears. If all Xiantian experts and below left, then they would only have a few hundred people left on the battlefield.

“Listen to Long Chen! Those below Sea Expansion, retreat!” A booming voice rang out from the air. It was Ouyang Qiuyu.

Ouyang Qiuyu was fighting two Corrupt experts who had both reached Foundation Forging and were extremely strong. They had intentionally distanced themselves from the battlefield and were fighting in the air.

Hearing Ouyang Qiuyu, no one hesitated any longer. They all retreated, leaving behind only Sea Expansion experts.

This sudden change caught the Corrupt path completely off guard. But looking at Long Chen standing in the air, for some unknown reason, they felt like they shouldn’t approach him. It was like getting one step closer to him was getting one step closer to death.

The Corrupt experts gathered the majority of their power on Guo Ran. But even in the face of hundreds of Sea Expansion experts, Guo Ran was unstoppable.

The main thing was that this armor was too shameless. All their attacks were unable to break it; thus, the Corrupt experts could only bitterly endure.

After a moment, the Xuantian Dao Sect and the smaller sects’ tens of thousands of experts had mostly all retreated into the distance. They were perplexed, not knowing what Long Chen was thinking.

Long Chen icily looked at the sky. His heart shook, and he suddenly looked at the spiritual barrier below him. With a stamp of his foot, he shot toward Ouyang Qiuyu.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked. Long Chen actually wanted to join a battle of Foundation Forging experts? Had he gone mad?

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