Chapter 929 Absorbing Ten Thousand Spirit Blood

Long Chen’s shout was full of killing intent. The three monastery heads who had led Long Chen to this room all jumped.

Long Chen’s killing intent was absolutely terrifying. It was berserk and icy. They felt like the tips of millions of blades were pointed toward them, and with a single thought, those blades would pierce their bodies.

“I… I don’t know…” said the maid. She was pale. With her Xiantian cultivation base, in front of the current Long Chen, even just speaking was extremely difficult.

“Monastery head Shui Qingfeng was in charge of it. Could it be…” muttered one of the three monastery heads.

“Bring that idiot over,” said Long Chen icily. One of the monastery heads obediently ran off.

Long Chen put aside the bowl of medicine and gently placed a medicinal pill into Shui Wuhen’s mouth.

Her face had lost all signs of life right now. Wrinkles she had never possessed had appeared.

“Let me!” Meng Qi gently pressed her hand over Shui Wuhen’s forehead. Her Spiritual Strength carefully entered her body.

Shui Wuhen’s Spiritual Strength had been essentially exhausted now. She had reached the point of a lamp out of oil. Without more Spiritual Strength to nourish her, her soul would have completely dissipated.

Because her Spiritual Strength had dried up, Meng Qi had to give her new Spiritual Strength slowly and carefully. Finally, her Spiritual Strength gained control over part of Shui Wuhen’s nerves, and she made Shui Wuhen swallow the medicinal pill Long Chen had given her.

At the same time, Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength spread throughout Shui Wuhen’s body. Her body was in a quasi-death state right now and needed to be awoken.

The medicinal pill Long Chen had given her had been personally refined by him. Its medicinal effect was extremely strong. With Meng Qi’s help, it was rapidly absorbed. A rosy color gradually appeared in her pale face.

“Long Chen, what are you doing?!” Shui Qingfeng was escorted over. Long Chen’s slap hadn’t just knocked him unconscious. He had also sealed his spiritual yuan, and he was powerless to resist.

Long Chen didn’t say a word. He directly pressed a finger against Shui Qingfeng’s forehead. His Spiritual Strength erupted into Shui Qingfeng’s mind-sea.

Shui Qingfeng’s body quivered, and then his eyes became distant. The other three monastery heads were horrified. Long Chen had directly used a soulsearch without saying anything.

But they didn’t dare say anything. They were aware of many things, and now that the devil king Long Chen had returned, they didn’t dare to go against him.

“Yu Deshui, Zhao Fu, Li Wenxiao, Jiang Haoran…” Long Chen listed off seventeen names, causing the three monastery heads’ hearts to pound. “Bring them all here.”

“I…” The three of them were shocked. Although those people weren’t monastery heads, they possessed extremely high status in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Some of them were even closely related by blood to Ouyang Qiuyu.

“There’s no need for the three of you to do it. Guo Ran, Yue Zifeng, go with them and handle it,” said Long Chen coldly.

The three of them were helpless. Although Long Chen was just a disciple who had only recently entered Sea Expansion, and he also didn’t possess an official post or status, they didn’t dare to speak. They felt that if they did say something, Long Chen would directly kill them. They quickly led Guo Ran and Yue Zifeng away.

The reason Long Chen wanted them dead was because they had participated in this matter. He didn’t care what their goal was, but since they had clearly known that this would harm Shui Wuhen, he had decided they could disappear from this world forever.

The most infuriating thing to him was that two of those people were from the law enforcement hall. They had both been bought by Shui Qingfeng.

When Ouyang Qiuyu had left, Shui Wuhen had been unconscious from her heavy injuries. She had needed to rest her soul. Ouyang Qiuyu knew about the unending battles between the four families, so she had intentionally left some people to look after her. She had left behind four of the Shui family’s monastery heads to look after the Xuantian Dao Sect.

She would never have imagined that Shui Qingfeng would actually be so deranged as to kill Shui Wuhen. He foolishly thought that once Shui Wuhen was dead, he would become the next Shui family head.

For safety purposes, he had pulled in a large group of people. Using both threats and bribes, he had pulled them to his side. This way, once Shui Wuhen died, they could all testify that they had done their best, but Shui Wuhen’s illness had suddenly taken a turn for the worse and she had died.

The three monastery heads actually had known about this matter. They hadn’t been willing to go along with it, but they also hadn’t dared to go against Shui Qingfeng. It was precisely because they hadn’t participated that they could keep their lives now.

“It’s done.”

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Guo Ran and the others returned. The three monastery heads were shocked.

Amongst the people Long Chen had listed, nine had been Sea Expansion experts. But they had been killed by a wave of the hand by Guo Ran. They probably hadn’t even understood what was happening before they were killed.

Furthermore, when Guo Ran killed people, he was frighteningly calm. It was like he was just killing ants. There was no change in his expression at all.

Long Chen nodded and continued looking at Shui Wuhen. The medicinal energy was beginning to activate.

Shui Qingfeng had been extremely sinister. He had added soul poison into her medicine.

In the state where her soul was damaged, she needed slow nourishment. Although that poison’s effect was extremely slow, it exhausted all her Spiritual Strength. Once she died, there would have been no way to find out what had been used.

“Long… Chen…”

Suddenly, Shui Wuhen opened her eyes. Her originally bright eyes were dark now, and her voice was harsh to the ears.

“Big sister, I’m here!” Long Chen hastily held her hand.

“You’re back… Good… I… was worried about you…” A gratified expression appeared in her eyes. Her face twitched as if she was trying to smile, but with her corpse-like face, there was no way to do so.

Seeing that Shui Wuhen had escaped death, Long Chen sighed with relief and almost teared up. Shui Wuhen had always looked after him like she was his big sister. Although she would occasionally act fierce and reprimand him, it was all for his own good.

“Big sister was useless… the Xuantian Dao Sect was shamed… I failed the sect master’s mission…” Tears leaked out of Shui Wuhen’s eyes. She felt extremely guilty for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s heavy losses.

“Big sister, it’s fine. This enmity is something I’ll repay for you. Just peacefully heal. You’re tired and sleepy. When you wake up, everything will be fine,” said Long Chen softly. He glanced toward Meng Qi.

She immediately understood and changed her Spiritual Strength. Shui Wuhen immediately felt a bout of sleepiness and fell into a deep slumber.

“Get me a map and tell me where the sect master is.”

A monastery head immediately took out a map. Long Chen quickly saw his target. “I’m leaving my big sister with you. If something happens to her, don’t even think about living. When I kill people, I don’t need to give any reason.”

After saying that, Long Chen and the others jumped onto the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, flying northwards. Although he was a bit worried about Shui Wuhen, he knew that with his medicinal pill and the replenishment of Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength, she would quickly wake up.

Once she was awake, although she wouldn’t have her peak power, her safety would be guaranteed. Furthermore, he was also sure that those three wouldn’t dare to do anything to Shui Wuhen. They didn’t have the guts, otherwise, they would have been on the same side as Shui Qingfeng. It was precisely because they didn’t have any guts that they hadn’t participated in that matter.

Right now, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s main power was attacking the Corrupt path’s stronghold, and the disciples had been transported to a secret location. The current Xuantian Dao Sect was almost an empty city. The Corrupt path’s power and attention were also concentrated on their strongholds, so the chance of them attacking the Xuantian Dao Sect was essentially zero.

“Looking at the map, it seems it’ll take around a day of flying. There aren’t any spatial walls this time, so it’ll be a calm journey. Don’t waste this time. Everyone, start refining the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood I’ve given you. It shouldn’t be anything hard for you. Work hard, because we’re going to deal a vicious blow this time,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had given a drop of the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood to each one of them before. On their way back, the spatial walls had been too disruptive to refine it. But now that there were no more disruptions, they couldn’t waste any more time. They all took out a drop of violet blood. 

In truth, the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood was a kind of guiding medicine. Once experts refined it, it would excavate a person’s potential, bringing out their greatest power.

For example, a cultivator might only possess a trace of earth energy that was normally useless. In this case, cultivating any earth attribute Battle Skill would be very difficult. But once they refined the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, that trace of energy would become even purer, and they would become a true earth attribute cultivator.

Everyone began refining the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. There was no reaction when it entered their bodies, and it quickly spread throughout every inch of them.

The first one to cause a reaction was Tang Wan-er. Her runes revolved around her. She was a powerful wind attribute cultivator, and the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood had only just entered her body when it merged with her wind energy.

Practically invisible lines appeared on Tang Wan-er’s runes. The Ten Thousand Spirit Blood was purifying her wind energy, and it was also changing it. Tang Wan-er originally possessed practically no Spirit Blood, but she gradually became able to control Spirit Blood power.

It was like a seed had landed in fertile soil and begun to germinate. From now on, Tang Wan-er would become an expert in command of Spirit Blood, and an extremely terrifying wind attribute Spirit Blood at that. Her bloodline power would make her even stronger.

Following her, Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Guo Ran all entered similar states.

There was no reaction after Wilde consumed the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. He just foolishly looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen just smiled slightly. He had long since been prepared for this result. It wasn’t strange. Wilde’s body was just too special.

Long Chen looked into the distance, and killing intent surfaced in his eyes. It was time to flip the heavens.

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