Chapter 927 Preparing to Leave

Within the Stone tribe’s ancestral land, Long Chen was sitting alone beside a small lake. He was as still as the motionless water.

It had already been a month since the battle, and Long Chen had fully recovered. He had taken a great risk in summoning the Green Dragon Battle Armor last time, and although he had succeeded, it had been extremely damaging to his body.

The green dragon essence blood had been so domineering that it had almost broken his meridians. Fortunately, the Flame Devil’s corpse had been thrown into the primal chaos space and devoured by the black soil, giving him enough life energy to recover.

Guo Ran and the others fully recovered in less than three days. After refining the rank four Heavenly Dao Fruits Long Chen had given them, they had all become rank four Celestials.

The high-spirited Guo Ran had just been about to lead everyone to look for Xue You, Ji Changkong, and the others as revenge for Little Snow.

But Long Chen had stopped him. There was no meaning behind such an action. As long as they weren’t stupid, they would have hidden themselves. Trying to find someone who was hiding in a place as large as the Immemorial Path was no different than searching for a needle in an ocean. It was just a waste of time.

Although Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had accompanied him while healing, Long Chen hadn’t returned to his lively self. He gradually became a person who liked to be silent.

Little Snow’s death made him feel like a boulder was crushing his heart. It was hard for him to breathe.

He gently rubbed the scarlet crystal core in his hand. That was Little Snow’s crystal core. His memories and soul were sealed within it.

Although he knew that if he could find a suitable housepet, he could erase that housepet’s soul and allow Little Snow to be reborn, that didn’t change the fact that Little Snow had died. Last time, it was Ye Zhiqiu and Lu Fang-er who had died. Ye Zhiqiu had been lucky, and a powerful expert had brought her away. Long Chen had sensed her aura, so he knew she had been reborn and was more powerful than ever.

But Lu Fang-er was gone forever. Meng Qi hadn’t been able to bear burying her, and she had instead used a crystal coffin to keep her body by her side forever.

Legend said that if a corpse wasn’t buried in the ground, its soul wouldn’t enter the cycle of reincarnation. Then the soul would forever guard the person it was with.

When Meng Qi thought no one was around, she would occasionally look at her dead sister and silently weep. Long Chen had noticed her several times like that, but he had never disturbed her.

Everyone had their own weak spots. Everyone had times when they were helpless. But people could only do their best to hide their weaknesses and instead expose their sharp fangs as they fought against fate.

Ye Zhiqiu had been lucky. Little Snow had also been lucky that the Eastern Wasteland Bell was present. But something like luck wasn’t reliable. Long Chen wasn’t someone who could hope to live off luck forever.

“Perhaps what is required is another reign of terror. Otherwise, some people will never learn their lesson and will constantly try to scheme against me behind my back,” said Long Chen as he gently stroked Little Snow’s crystal core.

The Flame Devil had been killed. Six of the eight peak experts had been killed. But Long Chen was still filled with anger and sullenness. He just didn’t know who his hate was targeted towards. He felt like he was a bloodthirsty devil king who had constantly been suppressing his own urge for slaughter. But now, he was feeling like he couldn’t suppress it any longer. He had to release his true self.

“Senior, no matter how strong the enemies I encounter, you can still help me handle them, correct?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course.” The Eastern Wasteland Bell’s response was extremely direct.

“Then good. Next time, I’ll let my name resound throughout the entire Martial Heaven Continent. Whether it’s a glorious name or an infamous name, I will make sure it becomes known through slaughter. I’ll kill until those people scheming against me are finally afraid and will tremble upon hearing the name Long Chen.” He continued to stroke Little Snow’s crystal core gently, but his voice was full of killing intent.

“I know that persuading you is useless, but I’ll just warn you one more time. Take it easy!” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell a bit helplessly. To it, Long Chen was becoming more and more terrifying. Sometimes he was frighteningly calm, sometimes he was frighteningly crazy.

Furthermore, he had found that Long Chen was a determined person. What he had decided, no one could change.

“Long Chen…”

Suddenly, a soft voice rang out. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er walked over. They looked like two fairies who had walked out of a painting.

They sat beside him, holding his arms. They were full of worry, as they had never seen Long Chen in such a slump. Little Snow’s death had been a huge blow to him.

“Sorry, I’ve made you worry.” Long Chen felt a bit guilty. Little Snow’s death had been a constant weight on his mind, and this entire time, he hadn’t been able to escape his sullen mood.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had done their best to cheer him up during this time. In fact, they had even slept in the same bed with him, subtly indicating that they would have been willing to go through with certain acts. However, in his pain and guilt, Long Chen hadn’t been interested.

The two of them had been willing to break their promise with their other sisters in the hope that it would allow Long Chen to walk out of the shadow he was under. That made Long Chen grateful and ashamed. With his kind of conduct, he really had been blessed by his ancestors to have such beauties by his side.

“Long Chen… do you feel better?” asked Tang Wan-er. She and Meng Qi were the same. They were worried Long Chen would be affected by a heart-devil.

“I’m better, everything’s better. I’ve already thought things through.” Long Chen smiled and pulled the two of them into his embrace.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er both blushed with his arms wrapped around their waists. His actions made a strange feeling rise in their hearts, one that was very warm and very safe.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, one on the left, and one on the right, leaned against Long Chen’s chest. Seeing Long Chen smile, they felt like the light after the rain had finally appeared.

“Long Chen, you scoundrel, do you know how worried we were for you?!” While in Long Chen’s embrace, Tang Wan-er gave him a vicious pinch.

But Long Chen had finished refining the green dragon essence blood, so his body was extremely strong. Even if he didn’t do anything to resist, Treasure items wouldn’t be able to easily injure him. After a few pinches and finding that she wasn’t able to cause any damage, then seeing Long Chen’s evil smile, Tang Wan-er suddenly opened her mouth.

“Aiya!” Long Chen let out a miserable cry. His earlobe had been bitten by Tang Wan-er ruthlessly. He found that even the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art had its flaws. The defense of his ears hadn’t increased much at all, so being bitten was still very painful.

“Scoundrel, we were worried to death because of you! How can you smile!?” Tang Wan-er felt wronged. Although she was a fiery woman and very opinionated, her heart was entirely Long Chen’s. For Long Chen to become silent and sullen, she had felt like the sky was falling.

Suddenly, a warm mouth ruthlessly pressed against Tang Wan-er’s lips. Her body shook as his smell entered her nose. She was instantly lost in that emotional feeling.

She tightly held onto him when she suddenly realized something was off. She struggled to get away, but Long Chen held on tightly. After a moment…

“Aiya! Were you born in the year of the dog?!”

Long Chen suddenly felt a burst of pain as his lips were bitten by Tang Wan-er. He even tasted blood. He had found another weak point in his defense.

“Bastard, how can you bully me right in front of big sister Meng Qi? Wait, no, even if sister Meng Qi isn’t here, you still can’t bully me!” cried Tang Wan-er.

Her face was much thinner than Long Chen’s. Although she had liked the feeling just now, Meng Qi had been right there. She would rather express her anger than express her willingness.

“Fine then.” Long Chen directly turned to give Meng Qi a deep kiss. Meng Qi immediately turned red and tried to pull away, but how could she, a soul cultivator, escape his grasp?

“Bastard, release big sister Meng Qi! You can’t bully her!” shouted Tang Wan-er. Her fists were like a tempest of rain, but her attack power was essentially zero. She grabbed Long Chen’s neck and began some familiar motions.

“Stop! Stop!” Long Chen hastily let go of Meng Qi. Only then did Tang Wan-er take her mouth away from his ear.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were both red. The three of them didn’t say anything, instead just looking at each other. Long Chen suddenly burst into laughter.


They both reddened, but they were full of delight and hope. Long Chen had finally returned to normal, so they could finally put down their worries.

The next few days were peaceful. The Stone tribe leader handed all the spoils of the battlefield to Long Chen. Long Chen had his people pick out a portion of the Treasure items useful to themselves, and the rest was all left to the aboriginals. They also didn’t keep a single medicinal pill.

As for the people who had followed Feng Geyin to help, each one of them obtained two high grade Treasure items and several middle grade ones. They were incredibly grateful, especially since they came from poor origins. They had never thought they would one day have a high grade Treasure item.

Long Chen had taken less than one percent of the spoils, and the wealth left to the aboriginals was truly an indescribable amount. That battle had been too immense.

The Stone tribe’s leader knew Long Chen’s character, so he didn’t say anything. He directly gathered all the tribe leaders and gave him all the yuan spirit stones they had in storage. Long Chen also didn’t stand on courtesy and received them all.

The days passed one by one. Long Chen was waiting for lord Heaveneye’s return. According to the stone tribe’s leader, lord Heaveneye had gone to another region, and no one knew when he would return. Only lord Heaveneye had the ability to cross the barriers into other regions.

Suddenly, there came a day when clouds filled the sky of the Immemorial Path. The void began to shake, and the jade tablets Long Chen and the others held lit up. It was time for everyone to leave.

“Boss, let’s leave quickly and go for a slaughter!” shouted Guo Ran. He summoned his armor, killing intent erupting out of him. He was ready for a good fight.

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