Chapter 926 Green Dragon Battle Armor (Teaser)

Something inside Long Chen’s body seemed to break. Blood Qi crazily erupted and shockingly, his skin began to crack. Blood poured out, dyeing his entire body red.

“Long Chen, you’re crazy! There’s still a portion of the true dragon essence blood that you haven’t finished refining! You’ll die!” roared the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Me being crazy is at least better than an emotionless bastard who just watches as others die!” Long Chen roared back. He was full of hate. He hated the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It clearly possessed the ability to save Little Snow but had chosen to just watch.

He hated Xue You. He hated Ji Changkong. He hated the Flame Devil. He hated every one of his enemies, wishing to bite them to death.

He hated the heavens. He hated them for being unfair, for always targeting him. They didn’t just want to exterminate him but also take away every person by his side.

He also hated himself. He hated his weakness. He had clearly accounted for every possible thing, but he had still been one move off, causing Little Snow to sacrifice his life.

As Long Chen furiously roared, his Blood Qi continued to boil and all his skin...

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