Chapter 926 Green Dragon Battle Armor

Something inside Long Chen’s body seemed to break. Blood Qi crazily erupted and shockingly, his skin began to crack. Blood poured out, dyeing his entire body red.

“Long Chen, you’re crazy! There’s still a portion of the true dragon essence blood that you haven’t finished refining! You’ll die!” roared the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Me being crazy is at least better than an emotionless bastard who just watches as others die!” Long Chen roared back. He was full of hate. He hated the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It clearly possessed the ability to save Little Snow but had chosen to just watch.

He hated Xue You. He hated Ji Changkong. He hated the Flame Devil. He hated every one of his enemies, wishing to bite them to death.

He hated the heavens. He hated them for being unfair, for always targeting him. They didn’t just want to exterminate him but also take away every person by his side.

He also hated himself. He hated his weakness. He had clearly accounted for every possible thing, but he had still been one move off, causing Little Snow to sacrifice his life.

As Long Chen furiously roared, his Blood Qi continued to boil and all his skin split apart. His bloody appearance was ghastly.

“Long Chen…”

Seeing Long Chen in his crazy state, they felt like blades were stabbing their hearts. They all knew about the deep feelings between Long Chen and Little Snow. They knew what kind of pain he must be feeling right now.

Although Long Chen liked to laugh and joke normally, he cared deeply about every single person by his side. He would be willing to put his life on the line for any one of them, willing to fight against any powerful enemies. But he wasn’t able to endure the pain of losing someone close to him.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor, get the hell out here!” Long Chen roared furiously, and more blood gushed out of him. Even the ground around him turned scarlet.


The entire eastern section of the Immemorial Path trembled intensely. With Long Chen at the center, a huge qi pillar soared into the sky, blowing apart the clouds.

“What?!” Xue You, Ji Changkong, and Yu Changhao were all horrified. He had clearly already reached his peak power. So how was it that his power was now suddenly growing so explosively?

At the same time, within the boundless cosmos, a pair of large eyes slowly opened. The gaze pierced through countless stars to look into a world that looked like a speck of dust.

“Too slow.”

The master of those eyes indifferently sighed and once more closed its eyes, as if unconcerned with anything.

As the huge qi pillar soared into the clouds, it was like the boulders became weightless. They began to float into the sky, and then in front of everyone’s appalled gazes, they were crushed into nothingness.

“This is too crazy. Are all young people this brainless now? They’ll throw their lives away at a whim? Or is it that I really have become old and can’t keep up with the ages?” Looking at Long Chen covered in blood, the Eastern Wasteland Bell sighed.


Suddenly, another explosion shook the land. A huge storm erupted and then disappeared just as fast. The dust in the air settled, and the world returned to calm.


When the dust settled and they saw that figure, everyone was shocked.

Long Chen was covered in green scales, a dragon-shaped mark on his forehead. The divine aura he was releasing made it feel like he truly was a reincarnated dragon.


Long Chen’s roar was like thunder through the air. With a single stamp of the foot, he arrived in front of the Flame Devil.

There was no longer any aura coming from his body, nor were there any spiritual yuan fluctuations, as his spiritual yuan was completely exhausted. The only thing left to him was the power of his physical body.

In his rage, in his fury, in his craziness, Long Chen had instantly refined the remaining twenty percent of the green dragon essence blood to summon the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art’s strongest state: the Green Dragon Battle Armor.

According to his normal speed, Long Chen would have needed two or three more months to refine the rest of the essence blood. For him to instantly refine it all was truly impetuous. But Long Chen was in a berserk state. He hated the Eastern Wasteland Bell for not helping, and so he wanted to personally get revenge for Little Snow.

The fortunate thing was that Long Chen’s body was strong enough to bear the impact of refining the remaining essence blood. The reason why his skin had split apart was because the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art’s goal was to force out his ordinary blood.

Once all his blood contained dragon blood essence, he could finally summon the Green Dragon Battle Armor. He was now completely covered in dragon scales, and even without any spiritual yuan supporting him, just the dragon blood flowing within him gave him endless energy.

BOOM! Long Chen’s fist collided with the Flame Devil’s fist. What startled everyone was that cracking sounds rang out as the Flame Devil’s arm broke. Its huge body shot back, tumbling across the ground.

“Return Little Snow’s life!” Long Chen’s voice was full of killing intent, and he chased. He caught its tail.

The Flame Devil was smashed into the ground repeatedly by Long Chen. The ground crumbled with each smash.

The Flame Devil roared, and a huge globe condensed in its mouth. This was one of its innate divine abilities.

But before it could release it, Long Chen kicked his jaw. A muffled bang rang out as the globe exploded in its mouth.

The Flame Devil’s jaw blew off. Half its head collapsed. That had been an extremely powerful attack, and for it to explode inside its own body, its destructive power was horrifying.

“Die!” Long Chen jumped up, and with his hands clasped, he smashed them toward the Flame Devil’s forehead.


The Flame Devil’s huge head exploded from Long Chen’s attack. Broken bones and fresh blood flew through the air. Long Chen stood on top the Flame Devil’s corpse, his scales flickering.


Even after killing the Flame Devil, Long Chen’s fury didn’t lessen. He shot toward the distant Yu Changhao.

He had no spiritual yuan and couldn’t use his movement technique. But just relying on the power of his physical body, his speed was not slower than before. He arrived in front of Yu Changhao in an instant, smashing his fist at him.

Yu Changhao was horrified. As soon as Long Chen had looked at him, he had begun fleeing. Not only were the ancient races retreating, but even the Corrupt path was running. As for the Righteous experts, they had long since disappeared.

It went without saying that Righteous experts were blessed with the best vision. As soon as Long Chen had sent the Flame Devil flying with a single punch, they had begun stealthily slipping away. As for the ancient races and the Corrupt path, they had just been foolishly watching.

Only now that Long Chen had turned his sights to them did they recover from their dumbfounded state. Yu Changhao hastily circulated his essentially exhausted spiritual yuan to activate his bow.

This peak grade Treasure item bow was blown apart with a single blow because it didn’t have enough spiritual yuan supporting it. At the same time, Yu Changhao’s body exploded.

Now that Long Chen had summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor, the power of his physical body could no longer be described as human. With the power of a green dragon supporting him, no one could stop him.

The bow was shattered, and the person was dead. The ancient races’ peak experts had all fallen now. Within Long Chen’s primal chaos space, another Heavenly Dao Fruit appeared on the Heavenly Dao Tree. This Heavenly Dao Fruit had four Dao-marks.

But Long Chen was still lost in the pain of losing Little Snow. He didn’t even notice that. The only thing in his heart was a desire to slaughter. He wanted to slaughter all his enemies.

The other ancient race experts were fleeing for their lives. Long Chen was just about to chase them when he felt the world spinning around him. He almost collapsed on the ground.

His scales vanished and the feeling of boundless energy also vanished. Long Chen felt a bout of weakness overwhelm him. He didn’t even have the power to stand.

“Long Chen!” Two soft bodies caught Long Chen. Once the scales vanished, it revealed Long Chen’s original body, covered in blood. Seeing him in that state caused Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er to softly weep.

“I want… to see Little Snow.”

He had terrified his enemies, but Long Chen was still lost in his sorrow. Little Snow was his companion who had been with him from the start. But they had been parted just like this. No matter how many enemies he killed, he wouldn’t be able to revive Little Snow.

He tenderly rubbed Little Snow’s head. Little Snow was lying on the ground, looking extremely peaceful. It was like he was just sleeping.

Despite trying to hold back his tears, he couldn’t stop them. Little Snow was motionless. He would never move again.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were also crying. Little Snow wasn’t just Long Chen’s housepet. He had been a companion who had fought through life and death with them.

“We’ll definitely kill all those bastards for Little Snow. Especially that bastard Ji Changkong. I’ll tear him to pieces.” Guo Ran clenched his teeth. If it hadn’t been for Ji Changkong who had teleported away Lei Long, Little Snow wouldn’t have died.

Eight peak experts had joined hands to kill Long Chen. But six of them had been killed. Right now, the only ones remaining were Xue You and Ji Changkong. The debt for killing Little Snow would have to fall to them.

Furthermore, they were the main ringleaders that caused Little Snow’s death. Regretfully, they had already fled. Ji Changkong had fled especially early, and if the two of them wanted to hide in the huge Immemorial Path, it would be basically impossible to find them.

“Long Chen, don’t feel too bad. In truth, I wanted to interfere back then. But Little Snow stopped me. You’ve been with Little Snow for so long, so I’m sure you understand what he was thinking.” The Eastern Wasteland Bell sighed.

Long Chen nodded. His fury had passed, so his rationality had returned. Little Snow had already been aware that it wasn’t able to keep up. He had used this method to choose his own way to leave, giving himself a dignified death.

With Little Snow present, Long Chen wouldn’t accept other housepets. Thus, Little Snow had chosen to leave so that Long Chen could find a stronger helper. Little Snow didn’t want to implicate Long Chen.

But Long Chen only felt grief. Had Little Snow really thought that once he was dead, he would be able to accept new housepets? An indescribable sorrow filled him. Little Snow didn’t understand him well enough.


A scarlet crystal core appeared in front of Long Chen. Long Chen’s expression became furious.

“Don’t get mad. Although Little Snow died, I sealed his soul and memories in his crystal core. In the future, if you can find a Magical Beast with limitless potential, you can merge it with this crystal core. Then Little Snow could count as being reborn,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen was delighted to hear that. He carefully received the crystal core. At the same time, he felt ashamed for his previous rudeness toward the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“The battle’s over. Everyone can go back and rest,” suggested the Stone tribe’s leader. Everyone hastily began to clean up the battlefield.

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