Chapter 925 Little Snow’s Sacrifice

The globe the Flame Devil had summoned was created from his core energy. It had been angered at being held back and grew impatient, so it had been preparing to unleash one of its ultimate attacks. Once that attack was unleashed, it was confident that it could kill all the ants stopping it.

This attack wasn’t something the Flame Devil could unleash whenever it wanted. If it hadn’t been angered at being held back, it wouldn’t have been willing to sacrifice its core energy like this.

Just as its attack was about to erupt, countless flame runes condensed in the air around it. Columns of flames soared into the air, forming a mile-long prison that trapped it at the center. It was at this moment that the Flame Devil’s attack erupted.


Meng Qi’s Earth Dragon used its huge body to block the attack for everyone. But the explosion of that globe was too terrifying.

The Earth Dragon was turned into a bloody mess. Even its insides were leaking, and it was pushed to the brink of death.

However, with it blocking for them, everyone else only suffered some injuries.

Meng Qi felt a burst of pain. Just now, she hadn’t ordered the Earth Dragon to block for them. She had been preparing to use the Soul Suppressing Tower to block it.

But the Earth Dragon had been worried she would suffer a backlash and charged in front of her, causing her to feel both moved and guilty. She hastily returned it to her spiritual space.

Fortunately, the Earth Dragon possessed a trace of the dragon race’s bloodline. Its body was extremely powerful. Although it was on the brink of death, it wouldn’t die. But recovering would definitely take a long time.

In truth, the main reason Meng Qi and the others were able to survive was because of the Raging Flame Prison. It had received the majority of the impact. What the Earth Dragon had received was nothing more than some aftershocks.

Long Chen was covered in sweat. What leftover spiritual yuan he had was now sucked up by the Raging Flame Prison. The fortunate thing was that using the Nirvana Scripture didn’t require his spiritual yuan. As the chanting resounded throughout the air, all the flame energy in the world surged into his flame prison.

“Everyone help! Raging Flame Deathblow!”

Long Chen suddenly changed his hand seals, and the prison began to rapidly shrink. Long Chen wanted to use the Nirvana Scripture to crush the Flame Devil to death.

Meng Qi and the others all rushed over beside him. Placing their hands on his backs, they poured in what remaining spiritual yuan they had into his body.

The Flame Devil let out a furious roar and went all-out attacking the Flame Prison. However, it was unable to break it.

When Long Chen had used the Raging Flame Prison before, its flame chains had only been the width of a finger. But now, each one of those flame chains was as thick as a person’s waist. It was unknown just how many times stronger it was.

The power of the Raging Flame Prison was directly related to the quality of the flame it used. Huo Long had now devoured another stronger Earth Flame, making its power soar. That combined with the Nirvana Scripture allowed Long Chen to trap this incomparably powerful Flame Devil.

“Ants, the supreme devil race can’t be trapped by the likes of you!” the Flame Devil roared, unleashing berserk attacks against the flame prison.

Once the flame prison had shrunk to the same size as the Flame Devil, it stopped shrinking. It was unable to compress the Flame Devil any further as it crazily struggled. Furthermore, it would occasionally expand and shrink again.

“All tribesmen move out!” The Stone tribe’s leader was the first to charge over. Placing a hand on Gu Yang’s back, he poured in his own energy through Gu Yang.

Although their combat power was reduced by the curse, they had plenty of spiritual yuan. Following the Stone tribe’s leader, the others also shot into motion. Placing their hands on the backs of whoever was in front, hundreds of Sea Expansion experts sent all their Dantians' energy to Long Chen without reserve.

Ten thousand streams formed a river, a hundred rivers formed a sea. All the aboriginals, regardless of cultivation base, passed on their spiritual yuan.

After such an intense battle, the warriors of the aboriginals had lost two-thirds of their number. Now, they numbered less than a hundred thousand. But for almost a hundred thousand experts to send their spiritual yuan to him, Long Chen immediately felt the pressure lighten.

Although this kind of spiritual yuan transmission was extremely crude and lost ninety percent of the energy in the process, with their numbers, it was still an extremely powerful force. Long Chen concentrated all this energy into compressing the Raging Flame Prison.

“Damnable ants, the noble devil race won’t submit to you!”

The Raging Flame Prison rapidly shrank to a hundred and fifty meters. The Flame Devil wasn’t able to move any longer. Furthermore, as it shrank, its power only grew. For the Flame Devil to once more expand the prison would be very difficult.

“Long Chen, are you alright? How about I also help you!”

Suddenly, the distant Xue You sneered, causing Long Chen and the others’ expressions to change. Xue You formed hand seals and an illusory figure appeared behind him.

That was the image of a fiend. Its long hair touched the ground, and long tusks protruded out of its mouth. It appeared incredibly lifelike. It immediately took out a dagger and left a cut on its long tongue. Black blood flowed out.

As that black blood flowed out, Xue You’s third eye opened. A bizarre rune surfaced in his eye, and that black blood landed on it.

“Yama King Blood Curse!” A fiendish image shot out of his third eye and at Long Chen.

The entire world became full of Death Qi like it was cursed. The Yama King Blood Curse made this world seem like hell on earth, and whether ally or enemy, everyone felt their hair stand on end. It felt like their souls were about to be squeezed out of them.

Long Chen’s arm shook and Lei Long shot out. This was a trump card Long Chen had been holding back specifically to handle Xue You’s Yama King Blood Curse.

Xue You’s curse arts were too bizarre and too insidious. He was able to curse a person to death. Although Long Chen had gone all-out with the Double Dragon Destruction previously, he had still told the two dragons to preserve a tenth of their energy.

This cautiousness was now proved to be the right choice. His luck was always lacking, so rather than hoping that he would be lucky and nothing bad would happen, he would rather have the strength to handle things when they did happen.

Huo Long had been used to condense the flame prison, while Lei Long was used to block the curse. Lei Long came from the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning. It was a supreme Yang existence, a direct counter to Xue You’s curses. Although it only had a tenth of its power, Long Chen was sure that destroying Xue You’s curse would be no problem for it.

Long Chen had no time to pay attention after sending out Lei Long. He went all-out trying to kill the Flame Devil. He had to kill it as fast as possible or if Xue You once more attacked, it would be troublesome.

“Long Chen, let me help you as well, hahahah…”

Ji Changkong suddenly laughed. He took out a yellow scroll that emitted an ancient and desolate aura.

“Spatial Displacement!”

Ji Changkong smiled sinisterly. A rune appeared in his hand, and he pressed it against the ancient scroll. A ray of light shot out at Lei Long.

Space twisted and Lei Long vanished from their sights. When it reappeared, it was tens of thousands of miles away.

“Hahaha, die Long Chen!” laughed Ji Changkong. The ancient scroll in his hand turned to dust; it was a one-time use item. It didn’t normally have any use at all, but now, it became the best trump card to kill Long Chen.

This sudden change caught even Long Chen off guard. By the time he realized what was happening, the Yama King Blood Curse was right in front of him.

Long Chen’s mind turned blank. This kind of curse could not be dodged. There needed to be someone to take his place for it, or it would continue chasing him forever.

If he tried using the Lightning Body Blink, it was true he could escape it. By flying into the midst of the Corrupt path, finding a scapegoat was easy.

But if he did that, all his previous efforts would be wasted. The Raging Flame Prison would instantly collapse, and they would have to face the Flame Devil’s merciless slaughter.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Long Chen didn’t know what he should choose.

A roar reverberated throughout the air.

“Don’t!” Long Chen suddenly cried out.

His spiritual space fluctuated and a snow-white figure appeared in front of Long Chen. The Yama King Blood Curse instantly struck its body.

“NO!” Long Chen let out a heart-rending cry. And as a result of his chaotic mental state, his Spiritual Strength became unsteady and the Raging Flame Prison exploded.

Everyone was sent flying by a shockwave. Long Chen tightly held Little Snow. His gaze was rapidly growing dim.

“Little Snow… you can’t die!” Feeling Little Snow’s vitality rapidly fading, Long Chen felt like vipers were biting his heart.

Little Snow licked Long Chen’s face and then turned limp. Right before dying, his final message was, “If there is another life, I would want to be with you again.”

“AHH!” Long Chen roared. Killing intent filled the entire world. The winds and clouds changed color. His fury had reached a kind of pinnacle.

He thought of how Little Snow had been with him ever since he was the size of a palm. He thought of how Little Snow had risked life and limb to cross thousands of miles to find him as just a cub. Countless scenes surfaced in his mind.

“Die, you damnable ant!”

Having escaped its prison, the Flame Devil smashed its fist at Long Chen. Suddenly, a barrier of light surrounded Long Chen, blocking the Flame Devil’s attack.

“You should let me handle this,” sighed the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It was just about to take action.

“Fuck off! You just watched as Little Snow died? I don’t need the help of a bastard like you!” Tears streamed down Long Chen’s eyes. Little Snow’s death caused him to go completely crazy.

Long Chen’s Blood Qi began to boil. It was like a wild dragon was awakening. A divine and terrifying aura erupted.

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