Chapter 924 Terrifying Trump Card

A figure appeared out of nowhere and smashed its fist toward Long Chen. Long Chen’s expression changed as he recognized this figure.


Long Chen was sent flying. That berserk power seemed like it could shatter heaven and earth. Long Chen shot across the ground, leaving behind a long ditch.

This sudden change shocked everyone. Whether it was Xue You, Yu Changhao, or Ji Changkong, they looked at that figure with shock, as well as complete terror.

“Flame… Flame Devil!”

Xue You and Yu Changhao also recognized this figure. It had two horns on its bullish head. Its three-hundred-meter body had scarlet runes circulating around it like surging lava.

Long Chen, Xue You, and Yu Changhao were the most terrified ones out of them all. Back when they had fought in the coffin region, they had inadvertently broken its seal, releasing this ancient devil.

Back then, they had almost been killed by it. They had miserably fled and barely escaped with their lives. Just thinking about that made their hearts palpitate. 

This musclehead Ka Wutu had actually been hiding such a terrifying trump card.

“Lord Flame Devil, I’ve sacrificed my heart’s essence blood to you! I ask you to kill this brat!” shouted Ka Wutu.

When everyone looked at Ka Wutu, they were startled to see that practically all his Blood Qi had vanished. Even the flame of his life was exceedingly weak, looking like it might extinguish at any time.

It seemed Ka Wutu had paid an extremely steep price to summon the Flame Devil. Once this battle was over, Ka Wutu would basically be crippled for the rest of his life. 

“You released me, so I promised to help you out once. I won’t eat my words.” That huge flame devil actually opened its mouth and spat out human words. Its voice resounded throughout the air, shaking people’s eardrums.

The Flame Devil suddenly reached out a hand and caught Ka Wutu, throwing him in his mouth.


Ka Wutu’s startled cry rang out for a moment before the sound of bones breaking rang out. Everyone’s hair stood on end and they became covered in sweat.

“Our agreement’s complete. I’ll kill him for you, and we’ll owe each other nothing.” The Flame Devil finished swallowing Ka Wutu and turned to look at Long Chen.

The Flame Devil had escaped its prison, but it had still been bound by its seal. It had only been able to move within a small region.

Ka Wutu had heard of its release, and once he had advanced to become a rank four Celestial and his corpse devil blood had awoken, he had the courage to try seeing if he could subdue the Flame Devil.

Amongst his ancestors was an almighty expert who had specialized in controlling corpses and devils, so he possessed a special kind of energy. He could also use this energy as feed for devils to make them obedient.

However, Ka Wutu had underestimated the Flame Devil’s terror. As soon as he had tried placing a slave mark, the Flame Devil had gone crazy. If it weren’t for the seal, he’d have died.

Since the Flame Devil was so terrifying, he gave up on enslaving it. Instead, he switched to forming an agreement with it. He walked the Corpse Devil Dao, so he understood a bit about the Flame Devil’s seal.

Setting up a formation was extremely complicated, but breaking it was simple. Ka Wutu formed an agreement with the Flame Devil that he would break its seal, and it would help him out once.

But the Flame Devil was extremely greedy, and for it to help him, it required him to sacrifice his heart’s essence blood. Experts who cultivated the Corpse Devil Dao concentrated their essence blood in their hearts, and that was the tastiest thing to devils. It possessed an irresistible allure.

Ka Wutu had agreed in the end, so the Flame Devil had been staying in his spiritual space this entire time. It was Ka Wutu’s strongest trump card.

Ka Wutu hadn’t used it this entire time because he had been hoping for Long Chen to kill Xue You, Ji Changkong, and Yu Changhao for him. Then it would be his turn.

That way, he could summon the Flame Devil and have Long Chen killed. Then all the top geniuses of the Eastern Wasteland would be dead, and he alone would rule.

But once they were down to four, Long Chen had started placing his sights on him. So he had no choice but to release the Flame Devil. As a result, he had underestimated the Flame Devil’s appetite. After devouring his heart’s essence blood, he had devoured the rest of him as well.

“Inferior human race, you can all die!”

The Flame Devil’s roar resounded throughout the air. It stamped on the ground, and a ripple spread. Ji Changkong, Yu Changhao, and Xue You were immediately sent flying, wildly vomiting blood.

As for the Flame Devil, its huge body shot toward Long Chen. It closed a gap of hundreds of miles in an instant. 

Long Chen didn’t dare take its fist head-on. He hastily dodged to the side. As a result, the Flame Devil’s fist smashed onto the ground, causing another explosion.

“Inferior ant, you shouldn’t resist. Just obediently carry out your role and I’ll give you a painless death!” The Flame Devil continuously attacked, destroying the ground. Its body was huge, but its movements were shockingly fast and nimble. His size didn’t cause any clumsiness in his movements.

Long Chen’s expression was solemn. He suddenly used the Lightning Body Blink to appear right in front of the Flame Devil’s head, right after the Flame Devil had finished one punch and was storing energy for the next.

Long Chen once more brought out Blooddrinker’s true body. An immense saber-image slashed onto the Flame Devil’s head. It was unknown whether it had been sealed for too long or whether it was an instinct, but it vainly tilted its head, trying to dodge.

However, its head was too big and they were too close, so there was no way for it to dodge. Long Chen’s saber landed cleanly on its forehead.


Long Chen’s saber managed to strike the Flame Devil, but the Flame Devil’s palm also struck him. Long Chen felt like every bone in his body had broken, and he vomited blood.

“Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er shot over. Just as she was reaching out to catch him, her expression changed. Hastily forming hand seals, a dozen wind nets appeared in front of her, catching Long Chen.

Those sturdy wind nets were pierced through, but Long Chen’s speed dropped slightly. Only then did Tang Wan-er reach out to catch him. However, she still felt as if a mountain had struck her and they both flew back. 

Tang Wan-er only managed to stabilize a hundred miles away. Everyone was horrified by how powerful the Flame Devil was.

The situation had once more changed. Everyone stopped fighting to stare at the Flame Devil. It only had eyes for Long Chen.

The ancient race experts flocked toward Yu Changhao, and the Corrupt path’s experts all surged toward Xue You. Countless dead people flew out of the ground and regrouped with Ji Changkong.

Long Chen was still hacking up blood. The Flame Devil’s power simply was too much.

“Boss!” Guo Ran and the others saw that Long Chen’s injuries were terrifying. Practically all his bones were covered in cracks.

Long Chen took a deep breath. He looked inside the primal chaos space. As he drew out its life energy to heal, he saw that all the huge trees had withered by the time he fully recovered.

After such a long battle and after taking so many injuries, the huge trees were finally unable to bear it. Furthermore, Long Chen’s physical body was stronger than before, meaning he needed more life energy to heal. This was the last time he could heal.

The Flame Devil roared and once more charged at Long Chen. It had to fulfill its obligations and kill Long Chen before it could regain its freedom.

“Boss, what should we do?” asked Guo Ran urgently.

“Wilde, you lead everyone to block it for a moment. I need time to launch a big move,” said Long Chen. He took a deep breath.

“Alright!” Wilde shot forward, immediately using the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body.

“Hey, I wasn’t finished talking yet! Quick, go help him. Stall for me,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Yue Zifeng, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Guo Ran all flew out, along with the three Earth Dragons and the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.


Wilde had already exchanged blows with the Flame Devil. On the entire battlefield, Wilde was the one with the greatest power right now, with the exception of the Flame Devil.

He had been making up for his exhaustion the entire time. As soon as he stopped fighting, he would take out more food. This huge battle had caused him to use up all his rations now.

However, his power was still at its peak. Regretfully, even in his peak state, he couldn’t stop the Flame Devil.

In their first exchange, he was blown back, his hand bleeding. But he continued charging forward. Fortunately, at this time, everyone else arrived. Treasure items flew through the air, unleashing powerful attacks. Combined with the four Magical Beasts, they were just barely able to stop the Flame Devil.

However, the Flame Devil’s power surpassed their imaginations. Other than Wilde who was able to take a head-on blow, the others couldn’t stop him without combining all their efforts.

Despite working together, there was the danger of being killed at any moment. Gu Yang was almost killed by an attack, but Meng Qi sacrificed a high grade Treasure item to block the Flame Devil for him. That treasure item exploded upon being struck by the Flame Devil’s fist.

The fortunate thing was that they were rich now. Each one of them had several high grade Treasure items. After a while, sacrificing those Treasure items was the only way for them to hold back the Flame Devil. Even Meng Qi’s eighth rank Earth Dragon could be killed in one shot by the Flame Devil.

Looking at them fighting such a bloody, dangerous battle, the aboriginals all clenched their fists. But they were powerless to assist. They had the heart but not the power. 

Suddenly, the Flame Devil roared and sent Wilde flying. The bones of his shoulder broke through his skin, but Wilde continued to fight. However, the difference in power was starting to show itself.

With another fist, it sent Wilde flying once more. Two globes of light appeared in its hands, and it suddenly merged them together. A berserk aura erupted.

“Despicable humans, you can all die!”

The Flame Devil slammed the combined globe into the ground, and a sensation of death filled Meng Qi and the others.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Just as that fierce attack was about to erupt, divine chanting filled the air.

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