Chapter 923 Devil Blood Sacrifice

After devouring the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame, Huo Long had finally finished refining its energy. It was now incredibly powerful.

As for Lei Long, it had refined the thunderforce from Long Chen’s tribulation, which made it even fiercer. Now that the two dragons appeared in the world again, their pressure caused the world to shake.

After testing it several times, Long Chen had concluded that there wouldn’t be any more unforeseen events. He directly released his greatest trump card. The two dragons coiled around each other as they charged toward the seven of them.

The two dragons were both a mile long, but in truth, their true bodies were much larger. If they brought out their true bodies, they would at least be ten miles long.

But Long Chen had them compress their bodies. That might catch their opponents off guard and bring about the greatest possible gains.

In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, the double dragon attack ruthlessly struck Xue You and the others’ combination attack. A blinding light erupted and even the stars shuddered.

Xue You and the others were appalled to find that their combination attack was unable to bear even the first impact of the two dragons. Their attack instantly exploded, and then the two dragons continued to rush toward them. A terrifying sensation of death filled their hearts.

They all realized it was too late to run. Xue You was the first to act. A blood-red ray shot out of his third eye and onto the bone claw. Xue You was feeding his own essence blood to the Corrupt Dragon Bone Claw in order to bring out its greatest power. He had no choice but to sacrifice his precious essence blood now. He had to protect his life first.

The bone claw closed around him, protecting him at its core. At the same time, a three-fold blood-red barrier appeared around it.

The others also quickly unleashed powerful trump cards. Those trump cards all came at a price, but it allowed them to summon the greatest possible defense.


The two dragons exploded. The world lost all its light and the time turned still. Even Long Chen was shocked by his own attack.

The distant experts looked up at the sky in horror. This time, the power was extremely condensed. The explosion had only affected the core region without unleashing an immense shockwave. It was extremely strange.

After a moment, the seven of them reappeared in their sights, all of them vomiting blood. Xue You’s bone claw was covered in cracks. This attack had basically ruined it.

Xue You himself was pale as paper. His third eye was tightly closed, a trickle of blood slowly pouring out of it.

Yu Changhao appeared even more miserable. The two wings that had protected him were smashed apart, and he was covered in blood.

The others were the same. The peak grade Treasure items they held in their hands had shattered. The only reason why they had managed to survive was because they had used self-harming techniques to push their defenses to the peak.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside Huang Junmo. A saber pierced through his body. While they were still in the midst of their terror and shock, Long Chen had launched a sudden attack.

Huang Junmo’s Treasure item had already shattered, and blocking Long Chen’s attack had heavily injured him. While his body looked complete, in reality, his insides had been smashed and broken. He was incredibly weak now.

To block the Double Dragon Destruction, he had used up all his spiritual yuan. There was no way for him to use Heavenly Dao energy to recover. As a result, Long Chen’s blade easily pierced his chest.

“Huang Junmo, do you have anything to say?” said Long Chen, panting.

Just now, Long Chen hadn’t held back with the Double Dragon Destruction. He had basically used up all his spiritual yuan. That was what had allowed Lei Long and Huo Long to possess such terrifying power.

He was also exhausted, but he knew the others were worse off than him. His first choice was to immediately kill Huang Junmo because of his abilities to flee. The speed he had displayed in their battle hadn’t been slower than his own when he used the Lightning Body Blink.

With his saber through his body, Long Chen could tell exactly what was going on inside Huang Junmo. His injuries were incredibly heavy, to the point that he was on the verge of collapse. Defense was the fatal weakness of assassins.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that Huang Junmo looked down at the blade piercing his chest and smiled. He shook his head. “The winner is king, while the loser is garbage. There’s nothing to say. Death is the final fate of all assassins. I return to the god’s embrace!”

Suddenly, a strange sound came from Huang Junmo’s body. His body cracked like porcelain and then broke apart, falling to the ground.

Huang Junmo was dead. He had used the final bit of power remaining inside him to end himself. Even his soul had dissipated as he had chosen a dignified way to die.

Long Chen looked at Blooddrinker. In truth, he had sensed Huang Junmo’s actions and could have stopped him. But he hadn’t in the end, allowing Huang Junmo to die with dignity.

Although Huang Junmo had been arrogant and targeted him multiple times, that was simply a part of the cultivation path. This path was naturally a game of natural selection. The majority of people only did what they did in order to live. Once a person was dead, the past grievances were settled.

A generation’s genius, a peerless assassin, had died. The world was silent for a moment.

The other six experts stood in the distance, filled with shock. This result was not something they had wanted.


Suddenly, the experts of the Corrupt path and ancient races charged toward them. They were horrified. If they allowed this to continue, their peak experts would find it difficult to flee from Long Chen’s vicious grasp.

“Stop them!” shouted Guo Ran as he led everyone over. Everyone on Long Chen’s battlefield was out of energy. Although the others couldn’t help before, they could help now.

Wilde roared furiously and charged to the front, with other experts following. The aboriginals moved out in full force, forming a wall that prevented the others from passing.

The battlefield once more became chaotic. Long Chen felt weary enough to die, but he still raised his blade and charged at Xue You and the others.

All of them were out of spiritual yuan and were fighting with only their physical bodies. All of them knew that Long Chen was also exhausted. In the end, it would be up to who could last longer.


After an intense bout, one of the peak ancient race experts was struck by his saber and blown to bits. But to do so, Long Chen had left an opening on his back. The other ancient race expert stabbed his sword through him.

But before he could celebrate, Long Chen sent him a kick to the crotch. That fierce pain caused his brain to go blank for a moment.

“Watch out!” shouted Ji Changkong. But it was too late.

Long Chen’s saber had already severed his neck. His head flew into the air, but before it could get far, Long Chen turned his wrist and slashed his saber through it. Another peak expert fell.

At the same time as Long Chen killed the two of them, he had to take four attacks. Xue You’s sword almost cut him in half.

Xue You’s peak grade Treasure item was still fine. He had sacrificed the Evil Dragon Bone Claw, while Yu Changhao had sacrificed his wings to keep his weapon intact.

Right now, the only ones remaining were Xue You, Yu Changhao, Ka Wutu, and Ji Changkong. Ji Changkong was the most treacherous one. When blocking Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction, he had intentionally taken a step back and stood behind the foolish Ka Wutu.

As a result, the cutting board was truly effective, managing to save his life. Although his Treasure item had still been broken in the collision, Ka Wutu had at least saved his life.

As for Ka Wutu, his corpse had been completely destroyed, revealing his true body. All his spiritual yuan had been sucked dry by the corpse, and right now, he was fighting with a high grade Treasure item.

Seeing Long Chen be repeatedly injured delighted Xue You and the others. Without spiritual yuan, there was no way for them to recover, so taking injuries at this time could be fatal.

But their hearts quickly turned cold. Long Chen’s injuries disappeared in the blink of an eye. There wasn’t even a scar. If it weren’t for his torn clothes and bloodstains, they might even think their eyes had broken.

The reason why Long Chen dared to take all these injuries was because he had the primal chaos bead and its monstrous healing capability. At this time, its healing ability was practically heaven-defying.

Meng Qi and the others were blocking the Corrupt path and ancient races’ experts from assisting. Fortunately, the Righteous experts had ‘disappeared’.

However, Meng Qi was aware of the truth. The truth was that they were pretending to be dead by lying on the ground. Some of them even dug their way into the ground. It seemed that if Long Chen won, they wouldn’t do anything. But if Ji Changkong won, they would suddenly ‘revive from the dead’. Although this kind of conduct was contemptuous, it was a good thing for Meng Qi and the others.


Suddenly, Ka Wutu’s club was split apart by Long Chen’s attack and he was knocked back, vomiting blood.

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t give up on this opportunity, and he appeared in front of Ka Wutu like a phantom, once more slashing with his sword.

“You idiot Long Chen, why don’t you go kill the others? Are you treating me like an easy target?!” roared Ka Wutu furiously.

Ka Wutu suddenly reached into his own chest. Blood splashed as he ripped out his own heart.

Ka Wutu crushed his own heart, and a blood diagram appeared in front of him. At the same time, Ka Wutu’s vitality rapidly declined.

“Devil Blood Sacrifice!”

The void erupted as a huge figure appeared. A fist bigger than a house smashed toward Long Chen.

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