Chapter 922 Double Dragon Destruction Reappears

Sword Qi pierced toward Long Chen, causing his hair to stand on end. There was something different about this Sword Qi.

He used the Lightning Body Blink to dodge it, and it flew past his body. Ka Wutu had been in the midst of raising his hatchet when the Sword Qi struck him.

Shockingly, Ka Wutu’s previously impervious body had a cut appear on it.

“Long Chen, I’ll definitely end you!” Huang Junmo appeared, his eyes scarlet. He hated Long Chen down to his bones. Last time, he had acted like a god to play the devil with the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He had caused him to lose a fortune and almost lose his life. It was a huge humiliation for him.

He had been waiting from the moment Long Chen arrived at Drake Mountain, but he hadn’t found an opportunity to kill him in a single blow. Without being assured of killing him in one blow, he hadn’t attacked. Up until now, he had never failed his assassination attempts with the exception of when he had attacked Long Chen on Insect Island.

This time he had decided to kill Long Chen in one blow to erase the humiliation he had given him and retrieve his glory as a killing god.

However, Long Chen was too strong. Despite his calm as an assassin, he had lost his patience. He was worried Long Chen would kill everyone, and then he would never be able to kill him. So he had set his gaze on Meng Qi. Originally, he hadn’t had any plans on killing her. His plan had been to heavily injure her and take her as a hostage. That would give him another trump card and infuriate Long Chen.

Regretfully, he had landed within Long Chen’s plan. As soon as he made his move, he had been seen through and had his concealing arts ruined.

Then Long Chen had launched a sudden attack against him. Due to having his aura concealed, his energy had been in a static state. He hadn’t had time to fully activate his power, so that one attack had almost taken his life.

If it hadn’t been for Xue You and the others attacking, then one more attack from Long Chen would have erased Huang Junmo’s existence from this world.

Huang Junmo was infuriated. After healing, he had immediately erupted with his full power, using the Peaklight Blood Shadow movement art, as well as his Bloodfiend Sword Qi.

Bloodfiend Sword Qi was a secret technique of the Bloodkill Hall. After using the user’s essence blood, it absorbed all the baleful aura in the world to release an incomparably fierce attack.

Legend said that the Bloodfiend Sword Qi was an extremely extraordinary secret art. It was a magical art that had received the Killing God’s blessing.

“Do you not have eyes?!” raged Ka Wutu upon seeing this attack leave a foot-long cut on his body.

This body was not his own. It was a corpse, and it didn’t bleed, nor did it feel pain. But once its muscles and bones were severed, its combat power would sharply drop.

“Don’t fight! Work together to kill Long Chen first. Otherwise, don’t even think about trying to explain yourself to the higher-ups,” shouted Xue You.

To kill Long Chen, the Corrupt path, the Righteous path, and the ancient races had suffered immense losses. If they couldn’t even kill him in the end, they would be screwed. They had no way to explain such huge casualties.

Xue You, Yu Changhao, Ka Wutu, Ji Changkong, Huang Junmo, and the two peak ancient race experts attacked at the same time. The Treasure items in their hands released blinding light, as huge projections of their weapons appeared in the air.

Seven experts had unstintingly sacrificed their spiritual yuan to summon their Treasure items’ true forms. Right now, there was nothing more important to them than killing Long Chen.

“Blooddrinker, let’s see just how strong you are!” Long Chen took a deep breath, and the energy in his four seas poured into Blooddrinker. A three-hundred-meter saber appeared in the air.

“Kill!” Long Chen roared and charged forward.

The manifestations of the Treasure items’ true bodies clashed together fiercely. It was like the end of the world.

The distant experts were only able to see light exploding, unable to see anything within that light. All of them were stupefied by the level of this battle.

Watching this apocalyptic battle, even Meng Qi and the others were sweating despite their trust in Long Chen. The people he was facing were all heavenly geniuses that could shake the world. They all had legends of being undefeatable. But Long Chen was facing seven of them at the same time, causing their hearts to rise into their throats.

“Not good! Boss is starting to lose!” Gu Yang’s expression suddenly changed.

They had been fighting evenly for an incense stick’s worth of time. Even one against seven, Long Chen hadn’t been at a disadvantage at the start. But as time passed, the seven of them gradually got used to the others’ attack styles. Their cooperation was growing, and they were no longer just fighting on their own. Long Chen was being forced to constantly fall back.

Seeing that caused everyone’s hearts to clench. Wilde was about to charge out when he was stopped by Meng Qi.

Perhaps in the entire Dragonblood Legion, only Wilde possessed the power to participate in a battle on this level. But Wilde didn’t understand any battle tactics, let alone how to cooperate with others. If he rashly entered, then there was a chance he might be able to kill one of them instantly. But if they were in a deadlock, then considering that the seven of them were veterans of hundreds of battles, it would gradually become dangerous for Wilde. And the chances of him managing to kill one of them instantly were extremely remote.

At that time, Long Chen would have to look after Wilde. It wasn’t worth it. Unless Long Chen was truly in a critical situation, they couldn’t interfere.

“Long Chen, no one will be able to save you now!” shouted Xue You as he attacked with his bone claw.

In truth, Xue You and the others were incomparably shocked and not just by Long Chen’s combat prowess. They were also shocked by the blood-colored saber in his hands.

Even after fighting so long and clashing so many times against their own peak grade Treasure items, that saber wasn’t the slightest bit damaged. On the other hand, it was their peak grade Treasure items like the bone claw and Yu Changhao’s bow that were starting to reach their breaking points. As for Huang Junmo, there were several small nicks in his translucent sword, making him incredibly distressed. The only comforting thing was that they had finally understood each others’ rhythms and were able to put Long Chen at a disadvantage at last. Now the situation was dangerous for him.

Long Chen had no choice but to admit that the seven of them were extremely strong. It was fortunate he had killed one in the beginning, or his current plight would be even more miserable.


Suddenly, the seven of them released a combination attack. The energy from their seven weapons merged together, forming an incomparably terrifying attack. This combination attack was full of flaws as it was their first time using it, but it was still extremely powerful. As soon as it appeared, Meng Qi and the others clenched their fists.

BOOM! Long Chen used the second form of Split the Heavens and brought out all of Blooddrinker’s power, but he was still sent flying and vomited blood.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had started refining the true dragon essence blood, completely changing his physical body, he’d have long since been blown apart. And if Blooddrinker wasn’t so strong and blocking the majority of their power for him, he would have become Ka Wutu’s cutting board.

Long Chen vomited blood, feeling that his organs and bones had been badly damaged. Their combination attack was unblockable, and after fighting so long, he felt his spiritual yuan had dropped drastically despite his four qi seas.

Seeing their attack injure Long Chen, they didn’t give him any breathing room. They once more unleashed their combination attack. With their experience from the last one, its power was even greater than ever.

“Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er was filled with worry. Seeing him vomit blood, she felt like needles were stabbing her heart. Meng Qi held her hand, both of their palms covered in sweat. Despite their worry, they were unable to help.

Xue You, Yu Changhao, and the others were peak rank four Celestials. The density of their Spirit Blood gave them immense combat power.

Tang Wan-er and the others were able to fight ordinary rank four Celestials, but these seven were too terrifying. With the power they were currently displaying, they could easily kill an ordinary rank four Celestial.

As for the aboriginals, they didn’t have the slightest ability to fight people like Xue You and the other. The difference in power was just too big.

“Don’t worry, boss has a trump card.” Contrary to the others, Guo Ran was full of confidence. The faith he had in Long Chen was practically blind.

But as expected, it was truly Guo Ran that understood Long Chen the best. As soon as he had said this, Long Chen put away Blooddrinker and formed hand seals.

As he formed the hand seals, two dragon tattoos on his arms began to shine. An aura that caused heaven and earth to change rose.

“Looks like there won’t be any more variables, so there’s no need to hold back any longer. Double Dragon Destruction!”

Roaring filled the air. A lightning and flame dragon erupted into the air like a twister.

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