Chapter 921 Peak Battle

Xue You was the first to unleash his attack. A huge bone claw shot forward, releasing an evil air. Its runes were completely different from before. After being nourished by Xue You, it had become stronger and more sinister.

The bone claw was as large as a mountain as it reached toward Long Chen. Xue You was no longer holding back any trump cards. He had realized that holding back was an exceedingly foolish thing to do now. Long Chen’s power far exceeded his expectations.

It was only because they had been holding back that Long Chen had managed to kill one of them. If they continued being so foolish, the results would be unthinkable.

In the beginning, he had put aside his plans to fight Long Chen on his own and worked together with the others because he had been worried about Long Chen fleeing after being defeated. But now he realized that the ones to flee would be them if they continued holding back.

The Evil Dragon Bone Claw released a horrifying power. That evil air it released made it seem like thousands of ghouls were wailing, demanding lives.

BOOM! Long Chen used Split the Heavens, but he was blown back. Now that Xue You was going all-out, he was extremely powerful.

Long Chen had just blocked Xue You’s bone claw when a golden wing slashed down. This wing was formed of runes and was a mile long. It released blinding light.

Yu Changhao possessed the Golden Wing Blood Falcon’s bloodline. In ancient times, the Golden Wing Blood Falcon was renowned for its power. It was said they were the Golden Peng’s descendants, and their wings were their greatest weapons.

Yu Changhao was also no longer holding back. The illusory image behind him transformed into a huge golden wing that slashed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression was solemn, but he wasn’t surprised. He had long since known that these fellows were hiding ulterior motives and holding back the majority of their power. After killing him, they would rely on that power to fight over the spoils of battle. But now they finally felt threatened and stopped holding back. This combat power was within his expectations.

Long Chen didn’t retreat in the face of Yu Changhao’s attack. Blooddrinker’s runes circulated. The energy of his four stars and four qi seas surged forth.


Long Chen managed to block the huge wing, but its immense power continued to blow him back rapidly. With a furious roar, Long Chen’s muscles bulged as he fought back against the wing’s immense power.

“Die!” Seeing Long Chen was deadlocked with Yu Changhao, the two ancient race experts didn’t hesitate to pour all their energy into their Treasure items. The true form of their Treasure items appeared in the air.

“Scram!” Long Chen’s roar was like thunder. With a fierce shove, he forced Yu Changhao’s huge wing to the side. It now came crashing toward the two of them.

BOOM! Yu Changhao’s huge wing struck their two attacks. All four of them were blown back. This was a truly heaven-shaking collision. Heaven and earth changed color, the sun and moon lost all color, and space crumbled. The peak experts were finally going all-out. The level this battle had reached was appalling.

Spiderweb cracks appeared on the ground. The distant experts had no choice but to stop fighting and focus on defending against the aftershocks. After enduring it, whether it was the aboriginals, the Righteous path, the Corrupt path, or the ancient races, they all stopped fighting. Gathering together, they retreated even further.

They now realized that their battle was no different than a game between children. The true battle was over there. If they continued fighting, then before their enemies killed them, they would be killed by the shockwaves.

“Remote Heaven Dragon Trapping Net!” Ji Changkong also finally took action. He specialized in magical arts, and the hand seals he made caused the void to quiver. Millions of chains appeared in the air from every direction, piercing toward Long Chen.

This was an extremely terrifying magical art, and its scope was especially astonishing. These chains covered an area of several thousand miles, making it so no one could dodge. Long Chen could only receive it head-on.

The instant the chains had formed, Long Chen’s heart was shaken. He hadn’t expected Ji Changkong’s control over magical arts to have reached such a refined realm. He released a slash of Saber Qi that struck the chains, but they didn’t break. The chains were flexible, allowing them to avoid taking on too much force. They continued to pierce toward Long Chen.

“Long Chen, this is my Remote Heaven Dragon Trapping Net. It is a secret art that my Remote Heaven Gang does not share with others. It is incomparably tough, capable of even trapping dragons. You won’t be able to escape,” sneered Ji Changkong as he controlled his hand seals.

This Remote Heaven Dragon Trapping Net was his strongest technique. In a one against one, he had the confidence to trap anyone. Just this one technique made him undefeatable.

“The dragons you’re talking about are definitely not true dragons. A dragon’s power isn’t something an idiot like you could understand. Watch as I break your garbage net!”

Long Chen raised Blooddrinker. Its runes rapidly circulated, and it grew rapidly, piercing into the clouds and the chains.

“BREAK!” Blooddrinker’s runes suddenly froze and terrifying ripples erupted. The ripples destroyed the chains one by one.

“Impossible!” Ji Changkong couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Long Chen had now summoned Blooddrinker’s true body. This was Blooddrinker’s strongest state. Blooddrinker was a peak grade Treasure item, and after being nourished by his soul for so long, their connection was extremely close. Its power wasn’t something other peak grade Treasure items could compare to.

The chains were Heavenly Dao chains, and it should have been impossible for them to break. All cultivators felt respect and fear for the Heavenly Daos. That was an innate suppression; no matter how brazen a person was, they wouldn’t dare to fight against the heavens.

The name of the Remote Heaven Dragon Trapping Net was actually a ploy to intimidate others. Relying on the Heavenly Dao suppression, then adding the intimidating name, it made it so others wouldn’t even be able to form the urge to fight back. It destroyed a person’s will and then easily trapped them.

But this kind of trick was useless against Long Chen. In front of those terrifying heavenly tribulations, he had never lowered his head. Last time, he had even been bound by true Heavenly Dao lightning chains, but he had still torn apart the dome of the sky. Was Ji Changkong trying to make a joke by attempting to trap him in these chains?

In truth, Blooddrinker’s power wasn’t what had destroyed these chains. Instead, while releasing its own power, it had also released Long Chen’s unrivaled will. Even the will of the Heavenly Daos had to break in front of Long Chen’s will.

Without the will of the Heavenly Daos supporting them, these chains were just formed of ordinary Heavenly Dao energy. That was what had resulted in their easy collapse.

“Long Chen, have a taste of my Devil Soul Possession Corrupt Corpse Rebirth!”

Long Chen had just broken the Remote Heaven Dragon Trapping Net when a huge figure appeared in front of him.

In front of all those ultimate moves, Long Chen’s expression had been extremely flat. But seeing the current Ka Wutu, he was shocked.

Ka Wutu’s entire body was black. He looked like a corpse, and even his head had disappeared. He attacked Long Chen with a huge hatchet.

Long Chen had never seen a technique like this. When his saber clashed against Ka Wutu’s hatchet, he found that the headless Ka Wutu was now incomparably powerful. His body emitted endless Death Qi that would make a person feel like their body was rotting when they came into contact with it.

With his saber blocking the hatchet, Long Chen sent a kick toward Ka Wutu’s abdomen. But Ka Wutu was only kicked a few meters away, while a burst of pain came from Long Chen’s foot.

Long Chen was startled. He dodged Ka Wutu’s next attack and slashed his saber into his shoulder. Although Ka Wutu’s power had explosively grown, his agility had dropped quite a bit.

Shockingly, his saber merely caused some metallic ringing when it landed on Ka Wutu’s body. It was like it had slashed into another Treasure item. His body wasn’t injured at all.

“Hahahaha, Long Chen, you looked down on me too much! This technique of mine is called the Devil Soul Possession Corrupt Corpse Rebirth! This body you see isn’t mine! Even the soul isn’t mine! It is a peerless expert’s soul and a peerless expert’s corpse! Sword or spear, fire or water, nothing is able to damage me! This is my undefeatable state!”

Ka Wutu’s laughter came from his abdomen. This technique was so strange that it made a person’s hair stand on end.

“So what? Your corpse is lacking a head, and no matter how strong that soul of yours is, the corpse can’t be used to fight without a head. If you can’t control it properly in battle, it’s still trash in the end.”

Long Chen slashed his saber. Ka Wutu instinctively went to block it, but this had just been a feint from Long Chen. His hatchet landed on nothing, which revealed an opening that Long Chen used to kick him away.

Leng Yueyan had been entirely correct. Ka Wutu was precisely a cutting board. Right now, Long Chen had no time to study him any further, because Xue You and the others were once more charging forward.

Long Chen had pushed his combat power to its peak with his divine ring and Four Star Battle Armor. A fierce battle erupted, one that caused the world to shake.

“Peaklight Blood Shadow!”

A furious roar resonated. A figure flew out, leaving phantoms behind him as his speed was pushed to the peak. He charged forward and slashed a sword at Long Chen.

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