Chapter 920 Full Firepower

A translucent sword appeared out of nowhere, looking as if it had come right out of space. It advanced at a dead angle toward Meng Qi.

“Sister Meng Qi!” cried Tang Wan-er. As a wind attribute expert, she was extremely sensitive to spatial fluctuations. Water was variable, but wind was always in motion. Any obstructions either had to be blown away by the wind or cause the wind to change direction. So Tang Wan-er was the first to notice.

But suddenly, she found that something was off. The sword had pierced through Meng Qi’s body, but there was no blood, nor was there any reaction from Meng Qi. Her body faded.

“An afterimage?” A man slowly appeared in the air, surprised.

“Explode!” Meng Qi appeared hundreds of meters away. Forming hand seals, an invisible sphere exploded above her, splattering yellow powder everywhere.

That man was instantly blanketed by the yellow powder. However, it seemed that the powder was just ordinary powder. It didn’t contain any offensive power.

This sneak-attacker was naturally the Bloodkill Hall’s top assassin, Huang Junmo. He had been hidden on the battlefield the entire time. In fact, he had been there ever since Long Chen had arrived at Drake Mountain, only holding back the entire time because he had never found a good time to kill Long Chen.

When Long Chen had arrived at Drake Mountain, he had felt that something was off. However, he hadn’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason. It was as though he was being stared at by an expert, but he had been unable to sense the expert’s position. That had made him keep his guard up. The only one who could hide his existence from him was a peak assassin like Huang Junmo.

Therefore, Long Chen had given Meng Qi some instructions on their way here. She had kept a protective Treasure item active the entire time. It was an extremely special Treasure item. When she was about to be struck by a close-range attack, it would instantly teleport her away.

This kind of Treasure item was of little use normally, but it was priceless to Meng Qi. She didn’t fight in close-range, so such a Treasure item was practically made for her. Although using it once would exhaust all its energy, just this one time was enough.

As soon as Meng Qi had activated the Treasure item, she had also detonated the sphere Long Chen had given her. The golden powder gave off a strong stench and light. There was no way for Huang Junmo to erase them in the short-term. They had basically broken Huang Junmo’s self-concealment abilities.

Huang Junmo’s expression changed. He instantly realized what was going on. 

Long Chen’s prediction had been accurate. Huang Junmo would be lying in wait for an opportunity to kill him or assassinate one of the most important people to him to make him go crazy.

According to his experience with assassins, if they weren’t guaranteed to kill him in one blow, they wouldn’t take action. Even if he were to try baiting Huang Junmo into attacking him, with Huang Junmo’s immense assassination experience, it wasn’t likely he would fall for it. Instead, it would expose that he had sensed him.

So Long Chen’s guess was that Huang Junmo would kill one of his women to infuriate him. He wouldn’t choose one of the men, as the easiest way to enrage a man was to target their women. Long Chen had absolute confidence that Huang Junmo would choose either Tang Wan-er or Meng Qi. 

As a wind attribute expert, Tang Wan-er was immersed in the endless wind element around her, making her extremely sensitive to spatial fluctuations. Thus, it would be difficult for Huang Junmo to approach her. As for Meng Qi, she was a soul cultivator. Although her Spiritual Strength was great, and she was also sensitive to auras, it would be easier for him to approach her while she was focusing on her enemies. So Long Chen had been almost sure he would choose to attack Meng Qi.

“Huang Junmo, you’ve finally appeared. I’ve been waiting for a long time. Four Star Battle Armor!”

Stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and an explosive sound came from his body. His aura erupted like an awakening dragon. 


Xue You and the others were instantly sent flying by a terrifying qi wave. They couldn’t help being horrified. Long Chen had actually been holding back.

After summoning the Four Star Battle Armor, he appeared like a battle god. With a single step, he closed the distance between himself and Huang Junmo, slashing his sword down.

Huang Junmo’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected his perfect assassination attempt to be ruined and to be thrown into Long Chen’s trap. There was no way for him to conceal himself any longer.

“Blood Fiend Grand Formation, Heaven and Earth Merge!” shouted Huang Junmo. He immediately activated his Spirit Blood and used a secret technique to push his power to its peak. 

BOOM! Visible ripples appeared in the void. Although Gu Yang and the others had been informed by Meng Qi and retreated, they were still struck by those ripples.

Those ripples struck them, as well as the rank four Celestials fighting them. They felt as if a mountain-like hammer had smashed into their bodies, and they all vomited blood.

Only Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were slightly better off. Meng Qi had already retreated far away, while Tang Wan-er was extremely fast. But they were both sent flying even further.

More explosive sounds rang out as the ripples spread to the ground. Huang Junmo crashed into the desert, vomiting blood. The people fighting where he landed were devoured by a wave of sand.

He had landed right in the center of the battlefield. Fortunately, Guo Ran had been smarter. After seeing Long Chen’s attack, he had immediately let out a fierce spurt of wind and soared straight to the clouds.

The three experts fighting him were stunned as they lost track of him. Before they could even tell what was happening, a huge wave of earth devoured them. The previous ripple that had struck them had been the shockwave from their attack. But this earth wave contained the true power of Long Chen’s attack. Even Huang Junmo hadn’t been able to bear it and had been blown into the ground. This wave of earth was the result of him shedding as much of the excess power as he could.

As a result, the three of them were very unlucky. In fact, the experts fighting against Wilde were also unlucky. They were like ants in front of that wave. The energy within that wave of earth smashed their bodies to pieces, and hundreds of other figures were blown to bits.

Those figures had been hidden before this. But when that earth wave erupted, they couldn’t continue hiding. They had tried to flee, but they had been too slow.

These people were the Bloodkill Hall’s elite assassins. They had caused countless experts to tremble in fear, but now they had been turned to dregs.

The strongest aspect of assassins was their assassination arts. Their combat power lay in sneak attacks and fleeing. Defense was something they looked down upon, or there wouldn’t be the assassin’s creed of fleeing if the first attack failed.

Even if they had the power to kill across realms, their defensive ability was basically zero. This one attack had killed all the elites of the Bloodkill Hall. If that news was transmitted, the entire world would probably be shaken. The Bloodkill Hall’s way of raising disciples was extremely stringent. This attack had basically killed this generation of the Bloodkill Hall’s talented disciples.

“Boss really is vicious! He’s getting more and more monstrous.” Guo Ran had flown into the air with a single fart. Looking at the apocalyptic scene below and those experts miserably vomiting blood, he felt goosebumps. He tried to wipe the sweat off his forehead but forgot he was wearing a helmet.

Personally watching the earth wave rapidly spreading, Guo Ran gulped.

“Li Qi, quick! Great Earthen Protection!”

Song Mingyuan saw that this earth wave would still affect them despite how far they were. If they were struck, there were quite a few people that most likely wouldn’t be able to bear it.


A huge dome covered everyone, protecting them from the earth wave. The experts outside were dumbfounded. They had no time to think too much. They fled so quickly it seemed like they wished they could use their third leg as well. But they were still devoured by the earth wave.

The wave spread tens of thousands of miles. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan’s defense was covering a huge area, and they still managed to bear it. When the wave passed, people popped out of the ground like moles, filled with horror. They were currently in a huge crater. It was like a meteor had struck this place.

“Is this really the power of a human?” muttered one of the Foundation Forging tribe leaders.

“The threat has passed! Everyone, go all-out! There’s no need for mercy now. What we need is the blood of our enemies! We’ll use their foolish lives to comfort our departed brothers!” shouted Long Chen.

Previously, Long Chen had always been worried about Huang Junmo and his assassins. They were the ones that posed the greatest threat to his people and the aboriginals. Now that threat was over, it was time to let loose and start a slaughter.

“Kill!” The aboriginals thought of their fallen tribesmen and charged toward the enemies closest to them. Pain made people angry. Pain made people crazy. But pain could also make a person brave and tenacious.

“Huang Junmo’s not dead! Everyone, work together to kill Long Chen!” shouted Yu Changhao. He still sensed Huang Junmo’s aura and had to gather everyone’s power to kill Long Chen. Long Chen was in the midst of preparing his second attack, so they all charged forward to interrupt him.

“Let’s settle things today.” Long Chen tightly gripped Blooddrinker, battle intent soaring out of him. It was time to resolve all their grudges.

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