Chapter 919 Sneak Attack

The light from Xue You’s third eye enveloped Long Chen. Space froze around him, and the others didn’t even hesitate to attack.

Xue You’s third eye was an innate corrupt eye. It possessed mystical powers, and one of those was spatial locking power. Although its effect only lasted for a moment, it was easy to kill experts within that moment.

There was no time to think. They all launched attacks at their greatest speed. Even if they weren’t their ultimate attacks, they could still kill Long Chen instantly with all of them combined.

“Divine ring!”


A three-thousand-meter divine ring appeared, its four colors revolving. The locking power around Long Chen blew apart. At the same time, a terrifying qi wave sent all the people charging at him flying.

A drop of blood leaked from Xue You’s third eye. Long Chen’s divine ring had actually injured his Corrupt Pupil.

Long Chen’s body suddenly moved. Like a bolt of lightning, he appeared in front of one of the ancient race peak experts. He was the one closest to him.

That person immediately felt a chill. It was like a wild lion had set its gaze upon him. Even the companions around him didn’t provide him the slightest feeling of safety.

Clenching his teeth, his Blood Qi suddenly erupted. The runes around him became blood-colored, and a strange diagram appeared behind him. His aura erupted like a volcano.

BOOM! Long Chen’s saber slashed down on his weapon. Although they were in the air, the shockwaves spread in every direction, shattering the ground. Quite a few people were instantly killed by the shockwaves.

The ancient race expert was smashed into the ground, leaving a deep hole. But Long Chen was startled to see that this person merely coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He was surprised to see this person could receive an attack from him now that he had summoned his divine ring. But the others were even more shocked. This peak expert had activated the might of his Spirit Blood to obtain power beyond his limits but still had been injured.

Xue You and the others finally became fully aware that Long Chen’s power far surpassed their expectations.

In the beginning, everyone had been trying to preserve their strength and trump cards for the upcoming battle after they killed Long Chen. At that moment, it would be time to split the spoils. But now seeing that this peak expert had turned into his current state even after the support of his Spirit Blood, they recognized the cruel reality. Trying to be clever would make them pay a terrible price.

“Whoever keeps holding back will be attacked by everyone else after the battle is over!” said Xue You. He activated his Spirit Blood, which was his ancestors’ bloodline blessing. It was an extremely miraculous and precious energy. 

The whole reason why they were able to become peak existences amongst rank four Celestials was because of their density of Spirit Blood. It far surpassed the other rank four Celestials, allowing Xue You and the other to suppress them.

Now that they had all activated their Spirit Blood’s power, the runes around them turned blood-colored. An invisible energy was gathering toward them, causing a loud rumbling.

Xue You’s sword was the first to slash toward Long Chen. An indescribable energy was contained within this sword that made it terrifying to the peak.

BOOM! When Long Chen blocked with his saber, he was knocked back several steps. As expected, the support of Spirit Blood was extremely powerful. Even with his divine ring, he was knocked back.

On the other hand, even with his Spirit Blood, Xue You felt Long Chen’s power to be the truly terrifying thing. He was blown back dozens of meters before stabilizing.

Ji Changkong, Yu Changhao, Ka Wutu, and the other peak experts all released their full power with Xue You taking the lead. With six peak experts going all-out, their combat power was heaven-shaking.

Up in the air, Long Chen fought against six peak experts. The void was constantly shaking due to their power.

The battlefield was now split into three sections. Long Chen’s battle was at the center. Then there was Meng Qi and the others fighting the rank four Celestials. And the third battle was even further away but involved many more people. The Corrupt path, Righteous path, and ancient race experts were fighting against the aboriginals, three Earth Dragons, and one Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

The four Magical Beasts were extremely powerful, and quite a few experts had to be used to keep them back. That allowed the aboriginals to take advantage.

Added together, the Righteous path, Corrupt path, and the ancient races had originally possessed over seventy thousand experts. But because of Meng Qi and Guo Ran’s ultimate attacks, as well as the powerful attacks of the Magical Beasts, they were down to less than sixty thousand.

In truth, a portion of that loss wasn’t just due to deaths. Some had fled. Of course, those people were from the Righteous path.

One reason was because they were just too weak. Rank one Celestials were no different than cannon fodder in a battle on this level. A shockwave from any random blow might kill them.

Previously, they had thought that by cheering for Ji Changkong, they could form friendly ties with him, and through that, elevate their status.

But now, the situation was rapidly changing and getting out of control. Even while facing the Corrupt path, Righteous path, and ancient races’ peak experts, Long Chen was still able to fight. That combat power terrified them.

They even regretted that they had overestimated Ji Changkong. Their decision to invest in a relationship with him had been too brash. Now, their best decision was to retreat with their lives while they could.

The Righteous path had originally numbered over thirty thousand. After a portion had died, a greater portion had stealthily slipped away. Now, the ones remaining were less than ten thousand.

And these people remaining were just cheering loudly without putting in any work. They managed to make themselves sound loud and brave, but to maintain a safe distance, they only launched long-distance attacks.

Those kinds of attacks were nothing more than itches, because they were afraid of making their enemies angry and being attacked.

In any case, the Corrupt path and ancient race experts were the true fighters that fought to the death. The Righteous path’s experts all excelled in cheering while doing nothing, giving a new meaning to the word useless.

Now the aboriginals possessed greater numbers and greater individual power. While the situation wasn’t set in stone yet, their advantage was growing greater and greater.

Tang Wan-er and the others were surrounding Meng Qi, guarding her while she used the Soul Suppressing Tower to help defend everyone else. At the same time, she occasionally activated her Treasure items to launch attacks.

Meng Qi was the one who possessed the most Treasure items currently. She had bracelets, rings, and earrings. In fact, even her shoes were Treasure items. The majority of them were energy-storage Treasure items.

Activating them to launch an attack didn’t require any of her own spiritual yuan. The most terrifying aspect of these energy-storage Treasure items was their ability to launch instantaneous attacks.

Of everyone present, Meng Qi was the only one not skilled in close-range combat. In order to make sure that Meng Qi could protect herself, Long Chen had spent the most on her, giving her over ten energy-storage Treasure items. One reason was because Meng Qi needed them the most, but the other reason was only someone with vast soul energy like her could precisely control so many Treasure items.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and Yue Zifeng were working together as a unit. The rank four Celestials were all blocked by them, and they were all exhausting a great deal of their soul energy to maintain their soul items. That was to prevent Meng Qi from killing them in one-shot with a spiritual attack.

That was the terror of soul cultivators. Without a soul item protecting a person, then there was the constant danger of being killed in one attack. Not every expert possessed such powerful Spiritual Strength. Due to this, they were unable to truly release all their power. So both sides were at a stalemate.

A bit further from them was Guo Ran. With sabers in both hands, he was fighting three rank four Celestials, which caused metallic ringing to continuously come from there. Those fighting Guo Ran had an urge to vomit blood as Guo Ran’s armor was completely immoral. After fighting for so long, they finally saw cracks appear on Guo Ran’s armor. That had made them ecstatic.

But after so much work, when the armor finally broke, they almost went insane. What they had broken was just the outer skin of the armor.

Once that outer layer was broken, it revealed a completely fine set of armor.

“Are you guys going to be alright? My armor has a total of eighteen layers, and at this rate, you won’t be able to see my amazing body until next year!” said Guo Ran.

“PFFT! You fucker, you’re too shameless!” One of them directly coughed up a mouthful of blood from Guo Ran’s words. He was incredibly close to passing out.

However, they also didn’t dare to ignore Guo Ran and could only continue like this. Otherwise, he would charge into their army. His killing power was too great, so even if they couldn’t kill him, they had to hold him back.

Both parties were stalling on Guo Ran’s side. But on Wilde’s side, danger sprang up all over. There were nine experts attacking him, and one of those had almost lost his life to Wilde right at the very beginning in his carelessness.

Wilde’s attacks were too terrifying for them. There were no hints prior to the attacks, and they came in a bold and unconstrained style. All nine of them were unable to predict his next actions.

In truth, Wilde was just randomly smashing his hammer. Previously, Long Chen had refused to accept that Wilde couldn’t learn any techniques, and he had spent a full month teaching Wilde a move. But the result was that Wilde forgot it in just two days. Nowadays, Long Chen wouldn’t try teaching Wilde anything even if he was beaten to death.

The fiercest battle was at Long Chen’s side. The desert around them was constantly sinking. The fierce clashing auras were incredibly intense.

The entire battlefield had entered a strange equilibrium. Meng Qi suddenly felt a twist in space. A slender, translucent sword suddenly appeared next to her, piercing toward the space between her ribs.

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