Chapter 918 One Shot Instant Kill

Wilde charged forward with his bone club, directly smashing it at a rank four Celestial.

That ancient race expert only noticed Wilde’s existence now. He normally relied on aura to sense others, but Wilde’s body didn’t release any.

He was startled but just snorted coldly. He let out a fierce punch at Wilde’s club.

Blood splashed. A mix of bones cracking sound and his pained grunt rang through the air. His upper body had been shattered by this one blow. He had underestimated Wilde’s power drastically.

“Die!” Wilde roared, and in front of that ancient race expert’s dumbfounded gaze, he suddenly grew to become a thirty-meter giant. His bone club viciously smashed down at him.

This technique was something Guo Ran had taught Wilde. He had him pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger. Once his enemies were startled, caught off-guard, and injured by him, he would then release his full power.

As a result, this move was truly effective. In his carelessness, the expert had been heavily injured, and now before he could react, Wilde’s terrifying club smashed toward him again.

With a bang, his body exploded into bloody mist. A powerful rank four Celestial, one who stood practically at the peak of his realm, had been killed in one blow. All the surrounding experts were stunned.

This was the first rank four Celestial to be killed on the battlefield. This performance from Wilde stunned everyone.

“Gather up! Kill this idiot before killing the aboriginals!”

Following one person’s shout, eight rank four Celestials charged toward Wilde. Six of them were from the ancient races, while two were from the Corrupt path.

One of the ancient race experts had only just charged up when he was struck by Wilde’s club. He shot back, vomiting blood. Fortunately, his weapon and body were strong enough, or this attack would have killed him. Once Wilde had summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body, his power was terrifying.

“Don’t hold back! This giant’s tough!” shouted one of the Corrupt experts. A warhammer appeared in his hand, and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice a huge amount of his spiritual yuan to activate his Treasure item’s might.

The others also didn’t dare to be careless. Even eight against one, they didn’t seem to have good odds.

The aboriginals were rapidly retreating with Tang Wan-er and the others’ protection. They were rapidly distancing themselves from the battlefield. That freed up more enemy’s experts, and quite a few charged over at Wilde.

But Wilde was too terrifying. Rank three Celestials were fundamentally incapable of approaching him. In the end, only one more rank four Celestial managed to join the battle. The nine of them surrounded Wilde, and only then were they able to maintain an even situation.

Wilde’s appearance immediately reversed the board. He had drawn over nine rank four Celestials to handle him and even killed one.

“Everyone else, retreat! Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, you’re in charge of protecting them. I have to help sister Meng Qi.” Tang Wan-er shot off to the core of the battlefield.

The battlefield had been stretched. The aboriginals were much further away, with only a small portion of ancient race experts attacking them. The majority of them had switched to defense to block Meng Qi, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, and the others.

The three people attacking Meng Qi were exceptionally strong, and she relied on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s speed to constantly dodge. As a soul cultivator, she wasn’t skilled in close-range combat. Furthermore, having three rank four Celestials at the same time, she had to be careful. Her situation was a bit dangerous.

Her enemies were too strong. Other than the four peak experts, the ancient races also possessed thirteen other rank four Celestials. As for rank three Celestials, they numbered in the hundreds.

Seven rank four Celestials from the Corrupt path now joined in, as well as Zheng Mingkong from the Righteous path. Other than the one that Wilde had killed, there were still twenty-one rank four Celestials. 

Gu Yang and Yue Zifeng were now also in danger. They were both facing three rank four Celestials. This was beyond their limit.

The only one safe was Guo Ran. With his golden armor, and two golden sabers in his hands, he was fighting three rank four Celestials. Occasionally, holes would open in parts of his armor and needles would fly out. The three people fighting him were like three hungry wolves that had surrounded a porcupine. Despite this porcupine not being strong, they couldn’t eat it.

Sometimes the needles Guo Ran shot out had poison, infuriating them. This armor was too infuriating. When their attacks struck it, a portion of their power would be absorbed, while another portion would be dissipated. Guo Ran was at most enduring thirty percent of their power. Furthermore, he then used their power to attack them, making them so furious that they cursed him. They had never encountered such a shameless armor, nor had they ever encountered such a shameless person.

Now, there were no more rank four Celestials attacking the aboriginals. Their safety was practically guaranteed, especially with how many Foundation Forging experts they had.

Now that Tang Wan-er joined in, the slanting scales once more evened. They were no longer all fighting one against three, but gathered together with Meng Qi at the core. In this situation, they no longer needed to kill these people. Their main goal was to protect themselves.

The main characters of this battle were not them. That belonged to another battlefield. Long Chen stood in the air, his eyes glowing with a frightening light. His blood-colored saber was pointed toward the people in front of him.

Ji Changkong, Xue You, Ka Wutu, Yu Changhao, and the other three peak experts, were all glaring at him. All their auras had risen to their peaks. Countless runes were surging in the air, and faint ripples appeared in space.

Long Chen and the seven of them roared at the same time and attacked. Long Chen slashed his saber down, and a biting-cold Saber Qi locked onto the seven of them.


Long Chen was blown back. When the seven of them worked together, he couldn’t overpower them.

“Hmph, you’re only at this level.” One of the ancient race experts sneered. His body swayed strangely, and using some unknown movement art, he moved toward Long Chen like a fish in water. He arrived in front of him in an instant, reaching for his throat.

His fingers were like steel. They were covered in scales, with each scale possessing circulating runes. There was actually blood flowing within those runes. His attack caused heaven and earth to tremble.

“Careful!” But Xue You, Ji Changkong, and Ka Wutu’s expressions suddenly changed. They thought of an extremely bad possibility.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

The ancient race expert saw a sneer appear on Long Chen’s face. Then hearing Xue You and the others’ cries, a bad feeling rose in his head.

But it was too late to do anything. Seeing Long Chen’s saber slashing down, he felt a sensation of death well up within him. He instinctively reached toward Long Chen’s hand to block it, and he also moved one of his feet forward, entering Long Chen’s shadow. His tactic was extremely clever. In his opinion, once he blocked Long Chen’s attack, Long Chen would definitely be struck in his vitals by his kick. And then with a tempest of attacks, he would be killed.

His plan was good. But perhaps he was a bit too conceited in his defense. In any case, the result was that when Blooddrinker reached his arms, an earth-shattering power erupted, shattering his arms.

This attack was created through Blooddrinker’s absorption ability. It had absorbed a portion of their attacks. Although it said a portion, it was actually seven portions, and adding on Long Chen’s own power, its might was shocking.

This was a monstrous ability that Blooddrinker had told him about after completely awakening. The most monstrous part about this was that the power wasn’t stored like a magical art. Once the energy was absorbed, it was stored within Blooddrinker’s body. Others wouldn’t notice it.

What exploded wasn’t just the ancient race expert’s arms. After his arms exploded, his head exploded, and then the rest of his body. 

All the aboriginals saw it clearly. Previously, they had jumped upon seeing Long Chen being forced back by the seven of them. But in the blink of an eye, Long Chen had killed one of those seven peak experts. It happened so suddenly that it seemed surreal.

“Boss is amazing! Keep going, there are only six left! Six more attacks and you’ll be done!” shouted Guo Ran. Because of the distraction, he had been struck in the back. Although his armor blocked most of the power, his blood flipped within him. He didn’t dare to be careless and continued fighting.

Wilde had shocked everyone by killing a rank four Celestial in one exchange. Now Long Chen, one against seven, had killed one of the peak experts here.

“Long Chen, don’t get too pleased! I’ll show the Feather race’s true power!”

Yu Changhao was the first to react. His wings shook and his Blood Qi surged. Boundless pressure erupted, and a huge illusory figure appeared behind him. It appeared to be a giant bird.

Because it was so huge and illusory, it was impossible to see what bird it was. But as soon as it appeared, his aura erupted like a volcano. It was as vast as an ocean.

Yu Changhao charged forward, a golden bow in his hand. What was startling was that as soon as he drew the bow, countless light arrows condensed and shot toward Long Chen.

“Someone I already defeated also dares to talk?”

Unafraid, Long Chen released a heaven-shrouding saber-image that slashed down on those arrows.

The arrows were piercing through space, but in front of Blooddrinker, they were easily shattered. With his vast spiritual yuan, Long Chen could now afford to squander extra energy on Blooddrinker.

“Corrupt Pupil Heavenly Prison!”

Xue You’s third eye opened and a ray of light shot out, enveloping Long Chen. The world suddenly froze.

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