Chapter 917 All Out Killing

The endless desert was covered in blood. Hundreds of thousands of aboriginals were crazily charging, but they were being held back by thirty thousand ancient race experts.

Faint halos of light could be seen on the aboriginals’ bodies. That was a sign they were currently being weakened by the Heavenly Daos.

Hundreds of Foundation Forging experts were leading the aboriginals. But they were still blocked by the ancient race experts, and with each passing moment, the aboriginals suffered losses.

The ancient races were too strong. They had fourteen rank four Celestials and possessed ancient bloodlines. When they reached Sea Expansion, their combat power would soar. Even several Foundation Forging aboriginals would still be at a disadvantage against one of them. In fact, the situation was so precipitous that the aboriginals might get wiped out at any moment.

There were four experts standing side by side in the air, indifferently watching the battlefield below. The four of them represented the ancient races’ strongest powers.

They were different from Xue You and Ka Wutu. They all considered themselves to be on the same level as Yu Changhao and had formed their own independent powers. However, they didn’t have any plans of truly fighting to the end with Yu Changhao.

The four of them were publicly known as the four ancient race experts with the purest bloodlines. But as for who was truly number one, that was something that would have to wait until they had the fair public challenge back amongst the ancient races. It wasn’t to be decided through slaughtering each other here.

Even if they took the number one position through a fight in the outside world, they wouldn’t receive the approval of the ancient races. In fact, they might bring down the ire of the higher-ups.

So although the four of them refused to be ruled by the other three, they were still somewhat peaceful. From the way they looked at the battle below, it seemed the battle wasn’t worthy of them participating in.

The other rank four Celestials below were enough to defeat the aboriginals that were suffering from the curse. Even Foundation Forging experts could be handled as long as they were under the curse.

The ancient races were extremely perceptive to bloodlines, including other people’s bloodlines. So even other rank four Celestials had to accept that these four were truly the strongest of them.

“Yu Changhao, come out and die!” 

A furious roar suddenly shook the sky, one that caused heaven and earth to change color, one that sounded like the roaring of gods, one that contained boundless killing intent.

Long Chen was already charging toward Yu Changhao’s group of four. The battle below practically couldn’t be called a battle. It should be called a slaughter. Seeing the corpses on the ground and the blood-soaked sand, Long Chen’s eyes were scarlet.

“Long Chen? You didn’t die to Xue You and Ji Changkong? Haha, good!” Yu Changhao laughed and charged at Long Chen. Letting out a punch, he roared, “Have a taste of my bloodline power!”

Yu Changhao’s fist was covered in runes and swung like a warhammer. Brilliant light and astral winds erupted from it.

“Taste your fucking mother!” roared Long Chen. He ignored Yu Changhao’s punch, allowing it to smash on his chest, while his own fist landed on Yu Changhao’s nose. This fighting style lacked any technique and could only be described as a scoundrel’s fighting style. But it was extremely effective.

Both fists connected. Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his chest, as even with his extremely powerful physical body, he couldn’t ignore Yu Changhao’s power.

As for Yu Changhao, his face caved in, and it was basically impossible to see his original features. Both of them shot back.

“Kill! Kill them all!” shouted Long Chen to Guo Ran and the others.

Even without Long Chen’s shout, Guo Ran had already made his preparations. A thirty-meter sphere appeared in his hands. From high above, he tossed it to the ground.


The sphere exploded, releasing countless black needles. Screams rang out, as that sphere contained the quills Long Chen had gathered. They were poisonous, and once struck, a person’s body would rapidly rot. If they didn’t want to die, they would have to cut off the rotting portion as fast as possible.

But while it was possible to cut off a leg, it was less easy to deal with being struck in the heart, the neck, and the head. Some of the ancient race experts instantly turned into withered skeletons.

In reality, these quills didn’t possess much offensive power on their own. But the poison in them was something that could be fatal even to rank three Celestials. As for rank two Celestials who didn’t cut off their infected body parts fast enough, they would definitely die. Heavenly Dao energy didn’t have much effect on this kind of corrosive poison. There simply wasn’t enough time to heal.

This explosion covered a hundred miles. Over three thousand ancient race experts were killed in this one move. They panicked, and a portion of them gave up on the aboriginals. Instead, they were charging at Guo Ran.

“Nine Underworld Soul Devouring Wave.”

Meng Qi took a deep breath in the air. A determined expression appeared on her face, and forming hand seals, a ripple rapidly spread from her.

“It’s a spiritual attack! Activate your protective soul items!” shouted one of the ancient race experts.

As the ripple spread, even the ancient race experts that had activated protective soul items were unable to block it. They collapsed one by one.

This attack contained Meng Qi’s full strength. She couldn’t hold back at all at this time, because with each passing breath, there were aboriginals that fell. She didn’t dare to be softhearted.

“Quick, kill her!” roared an ancient race expert. He was a powerful rank four Celestial, and he charged at her. But he was stopped by Gu Yang.

The instant Meng Qi had attacked, Tang Wan-er had already led the others to the side of the aboriginals. Wind blades filled the air as she went all-out slaughtering the ancient race experts.

With Tang Wan-er, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and the others’ help, the pressure on the aboriginals lessened a great deal.

Gu Yang and Yue Zifeng were the only ones in charge of protecting Meng Qi. But there were still ancient race experts charging past them, and Meng Qi had no choice but to stop her soul art. Standing atop the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s head, she summoned the Soul Suppressing Tower to fight against them.

Meng Qi’s killing power was too great. Even in just the blink of an eye, thousands of ancient race experts had died without realizing it. So she was their number one priority.

Guo Ran and Meng Qi’s attacks had killed eight thousand ancient race experts. That kind of efficiency was horrifying.

Guo Ran was locked onto by a rank four Celestial. However, Guo Ran had already summoned his golden armor and was fighting intensely against him.

Meng Qi was being entangled by two rank four Celestials. They refused to permit Meng Qi to once more release such a powerful move.

The top experts of the ancient races quickly found their targets. But the lower levels were in a panic, because three terrifying Earth Dragons were running amok in their midst.

Those Earth Dragons were Meng Qi, Guo Ran, and Tang Wan-er’s housepets. Of the four original eggs, one had been given to Yue Xiaoqian, while the rest had been left to them. Meng Qi’s Earth Dragon had received special nourishment and already entered the eighth rank. As for Tang Wan-er and Guo Ran, in the end, they weren’t beast tamers. Although they had done their best raising their housepets, they were still only at the peak of the seventh rank.

But those two smaller Earth Dragons released waves of fire under the guidance of Meng Qi’s Earth Dragon. The ancient race experts weren’t able to block their fire breaths.

There were experts that tried to attack the Earth Dragons, but even when rank three Celestials went all out, they were at most able to break the hide of the Earth Dragons. They were just minor wounds of no consequence.

Even for Long Chen, killing the eighth rank Earth Dragon back then had required extremely potent poison, and he had still almost been killed. Now, these ancient race experts could also learn just how terrifying Earth Dragons were.

“Brave warriors of the aboriginals, retreat! Distance yourself from the battle to avoid being hit by the shockwaves!” shouted Long Chen. Blooddrinker appeared in his hand.

Yu Changhao had just recovered. Although his nose was fixed, he still felt some pain from it and he couldn’t stop tears from leaking out.

“Attack together!” said one of the powerful rank four Celestials. He saw that something was off. Meng Qi and the others were too powerful, and they had no time to waste. The person they had to get rid of the most was Long Chen. The power he had shown off just now caused them to be extremely uneasy.

The three rank four Celestials attacked at the same time, releasing powerful auras and seas of runes.

“Fuck off!” roared Long Chen. He met their weapons with a single flash of his saber. The three of them felt bursts of pain in their arms as tyrannical energy knocked them back.

They were horrified. Long Chen was shockingly powerful. They knew that this attack had been purely based on his physical strength.

Suddenly, countless powerful auras appeared. Xue You, Ka Wutu, and Ji Changkong had caught up.

They had appeared just in time to see Long Chen send those three flying with a single blow. They were shocked to find that Long Chen was even stronger than they had expected.

“Everyone, kill Long Chen together! Anything else can be put aside until later!” shouted Xue You. He clearly wanted everyone to give up their own grievances and first kill their common enemy. “Those subordinate to me, Xue You, assist the ancient races to kill their enemies!”

Ka Wutu followed, ordering his people to help the ancient races. Only the Righteous experts looked foolishly at Ji Changkong.

“Our Righteous path only cares about righteousness. We must be firm against traitors, so everyone, move out to kill them!” ordered Ji Changkong.

The Righteous experts hesitated, but in the end, they took out their weapons and charged. They had no way back this time.

“I’m finally full! Time to get back to work!” Wilde patted his stomach. Raising his bone club, he charged toward one of the ancient races’ rank four Celestials.

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