Chapter 916 Killing Their Way Out of the Encirclement

“You idiot Long Chen, senior apprentice-brother Ji has long since laid down a heaven-encompassing net for you!” sneered the Righteous experts.

In truth, Ji Changkong had spent over a month setting this trap up. This formation was actually something he had luckily obtained within the Immemorial Path. In order to make sure he could capture Long Chen and the others, he had spent countless resources and materials to set it up. Even Xue You didn’t know about it, as Ji Changkong’s plan was to kill him with everyone else.

In his opinion, his combat power wouldn’t be any lower than Xue You’s. But he didn’t have absolute confidence in defeating him. So this formation wasn’t just targeted against Long Chen. Ji Changkong’s appetite truly was large for him to want to devour Long Chen and Xue You with the same play.

Ji Changkong was completely confident in this formation. Even if the two of them went all-out, it still wouldn’t break. If he didn’t deactivate it, then no one could leave.

Only a few people by Ji Changkong’s side had even known about this formation. Seeing it now, the Righteous experts felt that Ji Changkong had long since been prepared for everything and grew more confident in him.

“Long Chen, what face do you have to live in this world? If I were a despicable traitor like you, I’d have killed myself!”

“To trap your own allies, you’re the scum of the Righteous path. You deserve to be hacked to pieces and burned to ash!”

For a while, the Righteous experts wildly cursed Long Chen to display their ‘loyalty’. All kinds of vulgar words came in an unending flood.

Guo Ran was fuming. His crossbow was already raised at them. His hatred toward the Righteous experts had now even exceeded his hatred for the Corrupt path. That was because amongst this crowd of Righteous experts were many disciples from sects subordinate to the Xuantian Dao Sect. They had begged for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples to look after them.

Back then, they had been so respectful and deferential. Now, they were hostile and cursing at them. Guo Ran’s body quivered with rage.

“Don’t be so angry. Don’t you see, there are over a few dozen familiar faces behind Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan? It means many of them are still able to differentiate right and wrong. Although they didn’t come to stand by our side, they didn’t join them either. Furthermore, don’t we also have quite a few brothers supporting us? That’s enough,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen hadn’t expected Ji Changkong to have set up such a powerful formation. This formation seemed to be on the same level as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s protective formation.

Although he hadn’t tested its power yet, he knew Ji Changkong wasn’t an idiot. Setting up such a huge formation came at an immense price, and he wouldn’t set it up for nothing.

Furthermore, looking up at the barrier above him, he felt a great deal of pressure from the runes circulating within it.

“Long Chen, what should we do? Go all-out?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen shook his head. “We don’t have time to bother with them. We have to leave immediately!”

“What? Why?”

“The only ones here are the Righteous and Corrupt experts. But there’s not one person from the ancient races. That’s definitely off. I’ve had some relations with Yu Changhao, so he would definitely join in for the fun. I checked the map on my way here, and I think this trap is even greater than it looks on the surface.

“When I arrived, Ji Changkong definitely sent out news of my arrival. Perhaps he used photographic jades as proof that we’re all in danger. The aboriginals will definitely charge out to save us, and at that time, Yu Changhao will lead the ancient races’ experts to slaughter them. If that’s the case, then they really split up the work perfectly. Ji Changkong’s head really does have some skill,” said Long Chen.

Everyone’s expressions changed, especially Xiao Fei and Shi Cang. Hearing that their tribesmen were in danger, they began to sweat. Although the aboriginals had the numbers advantage, they had now seen just how powerful Ji Changkong, Xue You, and Ka Wutu were. Even without the curse, the aboriginals weren’t their match.

This batch of invaders was the strongest they had ever encountered. Ji Changkong was incredibly vicious. With this one move, he planned on eliminating all the aboriginals’ experts.

But Xiao Fei and the others weren’t able to do anything other than panic. However, they saw that Long Chen’s eyes were sweeping over the sky, as if he was calculating something. No one dared to interrupt him.

“Long Chen, don’t you think it’s time for you to come out and face your death?” Ji Changkong was surrounded by glowing runes as he stood in the air.

Long Chen nodded. “Li Qi, Mingyuan, in a bit…”

After telling them the plan, Long Chen flew into the air. A blood-colored saber rested on his shoulder.

“Ji Changkong, Xue You, Ka Tulu, come over and face your deaths.”

Long Chen’s shout contained his unrivaled will, and at the same time, his aura erupted, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

“Courting death!” Ji Changkong, Xue You, and Ka Wutu were all infuriated. Long Chen was actually challenging all three of them at the same time. That was a naked insult.

Ji Changkong formed hand seals, and a mile-long spear appeared. That spear was formed from runes, and as soon as it appeared, it released an immense pressure.

Xue You’s third eye opened. A ray of light shot onto his black sword, and a huge sword-image soared into the air.

Ka Wutu’s eyes looked like they might spurt flames at any moment. Long Chen was intentionally saying his name wrong. Forming hand seals, black qi appeared and transformed into the face of a fiend. With a sinister laugh, it shot toward Long Chen.

That fiend’s laughter caused everyone’s expressions to change. They hastily circulated their spiritual yuan to block it, but quite a few people were still too slow. Blood poured from their seven orifices.

Long Chen gripped Blooddrinker with both hands. Countless runes lit up on it, wrapping around Long Chen. A huge saber-image appeared.


What startled everyone was that Long Chen didn’t actually release his attack. He allowed all three of their attacks to land on him.

A strange sound rang out. The blood-colored runes around Long Chen weren’t at all damaged, and neither was Long Chen.

The blood-colored runes scattered. Blooddrinker began to rumble. Light blossomed from it, looking like a blooming blood lotus.

“Not good! Stop him!” shouted Ji Changkong suddenly.

“Too late.” Long Chen smiled. Using a strange technique, Blooddrinker had absorbed the power of their attacks. At the same time, his spiritual yuan poured into it.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

BOOM!!! A crescent moon saber-image soared into the air, slashing into the huge barrier in the sky. The world shuddered violently, and countless people vomited blood. They were like ants stuck inside a bell that someone had viciously hit. 

“Hahaha, Long Chen, looks like you’re still dead! Even if you combined all of our power, you still… what?!” Ji Changkong was originally delighted to see that the barrier hadn’t shattered, but very quickly, a strange noise caused his face to turn pale.

The translucent barrier in the air was like a block of ice. Countless cracks appeared on it, rapidly spreading.


BOOM! In front of Ji Changkong’s disbelieving eyes, the entire barrier shattered. Ji Changkong almost crumbled along with the barrier. That was a barrier that contained both offensive and defensive aspects, and it was his greatest assurance in being able to kill Xue You and Ka Wutu.

But this formation that he had spent over a month setting up and spent countless resources on was destroyed in one blow without even showing its power. Ji Changkong’s heart was crumbling.

“Earth Prison!” Just at this moment, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan placed their hands on the ground. The earth surged around the aboriginals, completely wrapping them up.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix flew over and caught the earth prison with its claws. Its wings flapped, and just like that, it brought everyone soaring into the clouds.

From the moment the barrier was broken, to Meng Qi and the others jumping onto the Blood Phoenix, to the creation of the earth prison, everything had happened smoothly and easily. By the time anyone reacted, the Blood Phoenix was miles away.

Everything was within Long Chen’s expectations. When the Blood Phoenix flew by him, he reached out a hand and caught one of its wings, also getting onto its back.

“Stop them!” Ji Changkong’s eyes almost tore out of his head. With a furious roar, he gave chase.

Xue You and Ka Wutu followed, trying to stop Long Chen from fleeing. But they had underestimated the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s speed.

Now that everyone was on it, the Blood Phoenix’s feathers began to shine, and countless runes lit up. Ripples appeared in space, and the Blood Phoenix shot away.

“Bastard! Chase!” Xue You, Ji Changkong, and Ka Wutu were all infuriated. Even in this kind of situation, they had allowed Long Chen to escape. They chased as fast as they could, while their subordinates followed.

“There’s no time to rest. Adjust your states and prepare for the real battle,” shouted Long Chen.

The Blood Phoenix crossed thousands of miles in a flash, and in just a bit, they arrived at a barren desert. Countless experts were currently fighting on it.

There were hundreds of aboriginals fighting ancient race experts. Corpses were everywhere on the bloodstained ground.

“I’ll kill these bastards!” Xiao Fei, Shi Cang, and the other aboriginals were infuriated. Seeing their tribesmen fall one by one in pools of blood, they clenched their teeth so hard they were about to break.

“Yu Changhao, come out and die!” Long Chen’s blood began to boil. He shot straight toward the battlefield.

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