Chapter 915 One Point, One Slap in the Face

Following the arrival of that voice, a huge figure appeared in the sky, one that hid the sun. It was Meng Qi’s housepet, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

There was a black-robed man standing atop its head. His eyes sparkled like two stars, possessing an unspeakable charm.

“Long Chen!”


Tang Wan-er and the others were delighted.

Not even the slightest fluctuations could be sensed from Long Chen’s body. He seemed like an ordinary mortal. But everyone knew this was a sign he had controlled his power to the pinnacle, preventing even the slightest bit of his aura from leaking.

Long Chen suddenly pointed his finger. A violet lightning arrow shot toward Ji Changkong.

“Long Chen, are you looking down on me?” Ji Changkong sneered. His runic shield once more appeared, and its power was now double what it had been before.

In front of everyone’s stupefied gazes, that powerful runic shield instantly exploded upon being struck by the lightning arrow. The lightning arrow didn’t pause at all.

“What?!” Ji Changkong was shocked. He gave up on attacking Li Qi and the others, sending his palm toward the arrow instead.

Seeing that Ji Changkong was able to change the direction of his attack so easily, everyone was startled. It had to be known that in order to change the direction of an attack that was already about to be released, it would require that the body contain at least twice the amount of energy it had. In other words, that terrifying attack wasn’t even close to Ji Changkong’s full power.

Space exploded as Ji Changkong’s palm blew apart the lightning arrow. But he was deeply shaken, because his arm was numb now. Berserk thunderforce had invaded his arm, and he hastily circulated his spiritual yuan to suppress it.

Lightning runes exploded and faded, looking like beautiful fireworks. Once the fireworks were over, a figure with a raised hand appeared in front of Ji Changkong.

That hand moved in a beautiful and graceful arc. It was dazzling and contained an incomparably profound rhythm. That movement was so beautiful that a person couldn’t bear to interrupt it. Just as they were intoxicated by it, Long Chen’s slap viciously struck Ji Changkong’s face.

That resounding sound could practically shake heaven and earth, a sound that could shock the heavens out of the sky and into the underworld. Ji Changkong smashed into the ground, and a huge wave of earth spread.

With a single slap, Long Chen had sent a peak expert flying. Even Xue You’s expression changed slightly. Instead of continuing to fight, he slowly retreated. He was completely focused on Long Chen, and his energy circulated as he prepared to release his greatest power.

On the other side, Wilde wasn’t paying attention. In his Barbarian Blood Bronze Body, he had a crazy feeling, and he ignored anything happening in the outside world. His club continued to smash at Ka Wutu.

Ka Wutu went all-out, knocking Wilde back. Just as Wilde was about to attack again, Guo Ran held him back. Now that Long Chen had arrived, they had to move in accordance with Long Chen’s plans.

Wilde stopped and his body instantly shrank. His face was a bit pale, and he quickly took out a huge leg of a Magical Beast and began crazily eating.

As soon as Long Chen arrived, all the battles stopped. Long Chen didn’t even look at his enemies. He walked over to Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. Patting them on the shoulder, he said, “Good work!”

“It’s a good thing you came when you did,” Li Qi wiped off his sweat. Ji Changkong was just too strong for them.

“Big brother Long Chen, sorry…” said Xiao Fei.

Long Chen gave Xiao Fei a fierce embrace. He patted him on the shoulder. “Now you’re a man. Don’t just randomly apologize to others, or you’ll get in the habit of lacking confidence. People will sometimes get hot-headed and do some foolish things. But only those who dare to do foolish things are real men. If you’re always overcautious and scheme all your actions, you’ll eventually lose yourself, and you’ll find your cultivation path limited by your own doing. There are no absolute rights or wrongs in this world, however, a hot-blooded man can’t be lacking that hot-bloodedness, or they would have lived for nothing.”

Just these few words from Long Chen made Xiao Fei feel incomparably grateful. Rather than blaming him, he approved of his actions.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, this junior is Feng Geyin from-” Feng Geyin finally had a chance to meet this legendary figure. Seeing him send the insufferably arrogant Ji Changkong flying with a point of his finger and a slap in his face, his worship of him rose even greater.

“I don’t care where you came from. As long as you can stand beside me during such a time, it proves you’re a hot-blooded man. Such people are all my brothers.” Long Chen cupped his fists toward Feng Geyin and the others who had come to assist the aboriginals for him.

Although their power was low, that just made him even more grateful. They had essentially sacrificed their lives to come to help him. So he wasn’t forcing himself when he called them brothers. If someone could sacrifice their lives for him, then he could do the same for them.

Hearing him call them brother, these people all felt their blood burning hotter. They had been ashamed before this, as instead of helping, they had essentially held them back, forcing Li Qi and Song Mingyuan to risk their lives to protect them. But this demeanor, this heroism, was something that hadn’t disappointed them. Such a person was worthy of them following into death.


Suddenly, a figure flew out of the ground, startling people. How was it that he only appeared after this long? Just how deeply had he been blown underground by Long Chen?

“LONG CHEN!” Ji Changkong’s furious roar shook the heavens. His aura erupted to a new level.

“Wasn’t it just a slap in the face? Is it worth getting so riled up for? Look at big boy Xue You! His head was cut off, his leg was cut off, but he’s not making a sound! Don’t be so petty,” said Guo Ran contemptuously.

Meng Qi, Gu Yang, and the others had all gathered with Long Chen. From three sides, Ji Changkong, Xue You, and Ka Wutu’s armies surrounded them.

As expected, Xue You’s killing intent erupted upon hearing Guo Ran’s words. Mentioning that was like picking off his scab. It might even be more infuriating than being slapped in the face.

But Xue You was shrewd and didn’t say anything. Long Chen’s side was too powerful. Just now, he had caused Ji Changkong to suffer with just a wave of his hand. And while he was confident in his power, he knew he couldn’t handle Long Chen, Wilde, and all the others by himself. Since that was the case, it was best to gather everyone’s power to first kill him before saying anything else. They couldn’t start fighting amongst themselves and allow Long Chen to flee.

So although Guo Ran’s words were extremely insulting, he kept his expression flat. He kept his focus on Long Chen, guarding against his escape.

“You are Long Chen? Hehe, your life is mine.” Ka Wutu stared at Long Chen, licking his dry lips. His tongue was actually the size of an ox tongue, and he appeared extremely sinister.

Long Chen glanced at him. “Looking at your idiotic appearance, I suppose you must be that Ka Tulu fellow?”

“It’s Ka Wutu!” he roared.

“Ah, that’s about the same, no need to be so serious. Leng Yueyan told me that you’re a good cutting board. I wonder how many times I can cut you with my saber?” sneered Long Chen.

After saying that, he ignored the fuming Ka Wutu. To the Righteous experts standing behind Ji Changkong, he said, “I, Long Chen, am not a kindhearted man. Let me give you some advice. It’ll be my last time advising you, so listen properly. Those who want to frame me, I can’t be bothered to even care. I don’t care if you’re doing it to suck up or to protect yourself. Your brainlessness is loathsome, but it hasn’t touched my bottom line. Remember, you can spout whatever nonsense you want, but don’t use the weapons in your hands to provoke me, or you’ll become my enemies. And I don’t have mercy on my enemies.”

“Everyone, don’t fall for Long Chen’s scheme! He’s trying to split us up!”

It was unexpected that the first person to speak up was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Zhao Wuji. He and Yue Qianshan stood together.

Long Chen didn’t even glance at them. “I’ve already said what I wanted to say. Whether or not you want to be my enemies, choose for yourselves.”

He didn’t care about the opportunists who swayed with the wind. But he had his own principles and his own conscience. Now that he had warned them once, he wouldn’t feel so bad. Stupid people had to pay their own bills for their stupidity. The choice was up to them.

A small portion of people did begin to sway due to Long Chen’s words. However, being instigated by the majority, they began to say Long Chen was being sanctimonious, shameless, and despicable. To sum up, all kinds of curses and insults were thrown his way.

Rather than getting angry, Long Chen smiled slightly. He nodded and then flew high into the air.

“Do you really think you can escape?” Ji Changkong sneered. A huge sealing barrier formed over the ten-thousand-mile Drake Mountain.

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