Chapter 914 I Look Favorably Upon You

“Ji Changkong, are you just going to watch?!” shouted Xue You.

He was surrounded by them and was unable to do anything to them. Meng Qi and the others were too strong, especially Tang Wan-er. She was like a fierce tiger. Her attacks were extremely sharp, and she posed the greatest threat to him.

A stone door opened on the mountain. Ji Changkong walked out, indifferently saying, “I don’t need you, Xue You, to tell me what to do. Don’t forget our positions.”

After all, Ji Changkong was part of the Righteous path. Even if he were to take action, he had to clearly state his position. He didn’t want to leave behind evidence after killing them all.

Xue You sneered disdainfully. The thing the Corrupt path despised the most about the Righteous path was their need to act sanctimonious while really being corrupt.

It was the typical case of being a prostitute but wanting a memorial tablet erected for them. It was shameless to the pinnacle. However, Xue You didn’t bother exposing him. In any case, the evidence was in his hands.

Whether or not he could kill Ji Changkong, in the end, Xue You would use the fact that Ji Changkong had colluded with him to frame Long Chen and viciously humiliate the idiots of the Righteous path.

“Long Chen has colluded with the aboriginals to harm the Righteous path. His vicious means have made him guilty of reprehensible crimes. Despite your association with him, if you put down your arms now, we can spare your lives. Otherwise, don’t blame me for getting vengeance for my fallen comrades and cleaning up the Righteous path by killing you!” shouted Ji Changkong.

Gu Yang and the others were so infuriated that they felt like their lungs would explode. This bastard was truly too dangerous. He was clearly colluding with the Corrupt path, but he still gave such pompous reasoning.

“Fuck your mother, Ji Changkong, you shameless trash. You better get ready to have my boss beat the shit out of you for this!” roared Guo Ran.

“Frame? Guo Ran, you’re just one of Long Chen’s jackals. You’ve lost the face of the Xuantian Dao Sect. I can testify that Long Chen is a liar through and through. He caused the deaths of many of the Dao Sect’s disciples!” Zhao Wuji suddenly appeared.

Yue Qianshan was standing by his side. Now two of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s heavenly geniuses were correlating the story that Long Chen had colluded with the aboriginals. At the same time, quite a few of the other disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect also appeared, joining in.

“Long Chen is the scum of the Xuantian Dao Sect. For some selfishness, he harmed his own sect.”

“He’s not just the scum of the Xuantian Dao Sect but the scum of the entire Righteous path. Such a person cannot be allowed to exist any longer in the Righteous path!”

“All of you on Long Chen’s side are going all-out to protect aboriginals. That proves everything! Are you stupid?”

“Brother Ji Changkong, please clean up the Righteous path and kill these traitors!”

“Clean up the Righteous path and kill these traitors!”

Condemnation rang out in waves. The Righteous experts following Ji Changkong were experts at shouting. This was the best time for them to form relationships with Ji Changkong, so they went all-out shouting, afraid their voices would be quieter than others. They shouted so hard that they turned red in the face. It was like Long Chen had caused the deaths of their mothers.

“A group of idiots.”

Guo Ran was so infuriated that his hair stood on end. He really had an urge to kill these idiots who clearly knew the truth but decided to go along with it anyway. Ignoring their consciences, they blindly spouted whatever anyone wanted.

Seeing the excellent morale his side had, seeing the countless fervent gazes looking at him, Ji Changkong felt like he had become the people’s hero. His wings flapped, and he flew over to a large dome on the battlefield. That was where Song Mingyuan and Li Qi had laid down their absolute defense.

Seven rank four Celestials were actually helpless against this defense. It had become a battle of attrition, but since the two of them were supported by the earth’s energy, they were able to remain undefeated.

“Useless fools, scram! Don’t say I didn’t warn you once you die.” Ji Changkong had an urge to kill all of them together ‘accidentally’, but he resisted that urge in the end.

If he really did that, then both Xue You and Ka Wutu would immediately turn on him, and the situation would become chaotic. Because he couldn’t expose that he was colluding with the Corrupt path and he also couldn’t kill these people, his best option was to use a disdainful tone to get them to scram.

An ancient immortal character lit up on Ji Changkong’s forehead. That was his ancestral mark. It was different from ordinary ancestral marks, as golden lines were flowing within it. It was the extremely rare spacetime energy.

Ji Changkong’s family possessed a long history, and terrifying experts had appeared amongst his ancestors. Although those experts had already died, they had used secret arts to leave behind a portion of their soul essence right before they died, leaving it to their family.

When outstanding disciples appeared, they could receive the ancestors’ spiritual blessing. This blessing had not only increased the purity of Ji Changkong’s Spirit Blood, but it also allowed his combat power to increase by a shocking amount once his Spirit Blood awakened.

“Break!” Ji Changkong smashed his fist onto Song Mingyuan and Li Qi’s earthen dome. When his fist met the dome, golden runes covered his fist.

BOOM! Everyone was startled to see that the absolute defense that seven rank four Celestials had been powerless against was instantly broken by a single punch from Ji Changkong.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan vomited blood, and it also contained some broken pieces of their innards. In fact, even their bodies were covered with cracks. They were just one step away from being blown apart.

Ji Changkong’s attack looked ordinary, but he had actually used an extremely powerful magical art. His control over that magical art had reached the pinnacle, which was why its aura was condensed and didn’t leak out. 

The two of them were almost killed by this blow. They took on eighty percent of its power, but the other aboriginals with weaker cultivation bases fainted, blood pouring out from their orifices.

Only experts on the level of Feng Geyin, Shi Cang, and Xiao Fei had been able to resist it without being injured. But they felt a ringing in their heads.

“Traitors from the Righteous path, you’ve colluded with the sinister aboriginals to harm the Righteous path, and you refuse to stop time and time again. Don’t blame me for taking the place of the heavens to eliminate you!” shouted Ji Changkong righteously. His palm smashed toward them.

This attack was no weaker than his previous one. In fact, it might even be stronger based on the rumbling it caused. Guo Ran had no choice but to stop assisting Tang Wan-er and the others. Three huge arrows shot out, coming toward Ji Changkong at different angles.


Guo Ran was alarmed to see Ji Changkong smile. His right palm was still attacking, but his left hand had formed a seal. A runic shield appeared around him. He was actually able to activate a magical art with just one hand.

It had to be known that almost all magical arts required two-handed seals. Ji Changkong most likely specialized in magical arts and had studied them all the way to their roots. 

This was actually one of Ji Changkong’s top moves. This way, he could attack and defend at the same time. Guo Ran’s arrows had been timed and angled perfectly. Thus, no matter how he tried to dodge, he would be struck by one. This way, he didn’t have to.

Guo Ran’s three arrows struck the shield and directly rebounded.

Three explosions rang out. Because the surrounding experts were too concentrated, two of the arrows landed amongst the Corrupt experts, while one landed amongst the Righteous experts.

They had all been watching to see how Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and the others would be killed by Ji Changkong. When those arrows rebounded toward them, they instinctively took out their weapons to block. But their endings were tragic.

Three huge explosions caused miserable screams. Not everyone was as powerful as Xue You. The explosion of these arrows blew apart any experts within several miles of the epicenter. Even rank three Celestials didn’t manage to escape.

Everyone was startled. Originally, Guo Ran’s arrows hadn’t caused much effect against Xue You, so they hadn’t expected them to be so powerful.

“Li Qi, Song Mingyuan!”

Seeing that they were unable to stop Ji Changkong, they panicked. They went all-out attacking Xue You, hoping to force him back so they could assist them.

“Are you looking down on me? Corrupt Pupil Gaze, Heaven and Earth Revolves!” Xue You laughed, and a strange fluctuation came from his third eye. They felt space become twisted and lost their sense of direction. It was like the world was constantly spinning around them.

They were startled. This didn’t seem to be an illusion. They were unable to describe it with words, and now they were unable to make any effective attacks. They were forced to switch to defense.

They knew this kind of misperception would only be temporary. As long as they endured it, this move would run its course. But Xue You’s goal had been achieved. He wasn’t in a hurry to kill them. He just stalled them, allowing Ji Changkong to kill Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and all the others.

“Righteous path’s traitors, time for you to meet your fate!” Ji Changkong waved his hand, and a terrifying astral wind filled the air. Li Qi and all the others were within the scope of this attack. They found it hard to breathe, and they also couldn’t move. They could only watch as death approached.

“You dare to call my brothers, traitors? I look favorably upon you.” A voice rang out across the battlefield, shaking people’s ears and hearts.

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