Chapter 913 The Storm’s Fury (Teaser)

Guo Ran took out a cylinder several feet thick and six meters long. He pointed it at Xue You. 

The cylinder’s runes lit up, and whistling noise filled the area. Countless foot-long needles pierced through the air, possessing shocking power. The air revolved around them as if space was being pierced through. Guo Ran shot out millions of needles in an instant, completely submerging Xue You.

Even Xue You didn’t dare look down upon the needles. He slashed down with his sword, and as a result, explosions rocked the air. Each needle possessed the same effect as an explosive arrow, and now that millions of explosions enveloped him, although they might not be able to injure Xue You, they could at least cause him some trouble.

After the wave of needles exploded, a huge tower suddenly appeared above Xue You and smashed down upon him. Meng Qi no longer needed to hold back and bolstered the huge tower to three hundred meters tal...

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