Chapter 913 The Storm’s Fury

Guo Ran took out a cylinder several feet thick and six meters long. He pointed it at Xue You. 

The cylinder’s runes lit up, and whistling noise filled the area. Countless foot-long needles pierced through the air, possessing shocking power. The air revolved around them as if space was being pierced through. Guo Ran shot out millions of needles in an instant, completely submerging Xue You.

Even Xue You didn’t dare look down upon the needles. He slashed down with his sword, and as a result, explosions rocked the air. Each needle possessed the same effect as an explosive arrow, and now that millions of explosions enveloped him, although they might not be able to injure Xue You, they could at least cause him some trouble.

After the wave of needles exploded, a huge tower suddenly appeared above Xue You and smashed down upon him. Meng Qi no longer needed to hold back and bolstered the huge tower to three hundred meters tall.

“Hmph!” Xue You snorted, and black light erupted from his sword. He slashed at the Soul Suppressing Tower, but he was startled to find that the Soul Suppressing Tower was even stronger than what he had expected. He was actually blown back.

Meng Qi and the Soul Suppressing Tower were naturally suited to each other, and with her vast soul energy, she was able to allow the Soul Suppressing Tower to release its greatest power.

Suddenly, Tang Wan-er’s wind blades, Gu Yang’s spear, and Yue Zifeng’s sword arrived.


Xue You once more slashed his sword, shattering all of their attacks. But he was once more blown back. He was startled and infuriated, not able to understand why these rank three Celestials were so strong.

“Corrupt Pupil Gaze!” Xue You’s third eye suddenly released a ray of light toward Gu Yang.

Gu Yang felt as if a devil was staring at him. He was unable to move and could only watch as the ray of light shot toward him. A feeling of death washed over him. He didn’t know what this light was, but he was sure that if he was struck, he would definitely die. However, he couldn’t dodge.

“Soul Suppressing Light!” Meng Qi formed hand seals, hastily urging the Soul Suppressing Tower to block. At this moment, the Soul Suppressing Tower’s runes condensed at the top of the tower. It also shot out a ray of light.

The two rays collided, and terrifying soul energy covered the battlefield. Those with weaker Spiritual Strengths felt like needles were stabbing into their heads.

“Big sister!” Tang Wan-er saw that Meng Qi’s face was extremely pale now. A trace of blood was dripping from the corner of her mouth. She had clearly suffered from that exchange.

“To be able to block my attack with soul energy, your Spiritual Strength is very strong. Good, you’re definitely a must-have!” Xue You’s eyes lit up.

Tang Wan-er was enraged, instantly summoning two wind blades in her hands. Endless runes danced around them as she shot toward Xue You.

Meng Qi’s injury caused Tang Wan-er immense pain. Meng Qi had always looked after her kindly. Although she was a bit petty, Meng Qi had always conceded to her. Now seeing her injured, and for Xue You to say such brazen words, Tang Wan-er no longer bothered with Meng Qi’s warning. She didn’t care about stalling right now; she wanted to kill Xue You.

“Storm’s Fury!”

Two wings suddenly appeared on Tang Wan-er’s back. They were thirty meters long and different from other people’s wings. The world became silent for an instant. It was like the world’s wind energy had all been sucked dry by Tang Wan-er.

The runes circulating around her wind blades suddenly exploded in speed. Because they were so fast, it was no longer possible to see them.

“Die!” Tang Wan-er slashed her wind blades toward Xue You. As they slashed through space, the void was cleanly cut.

Xue You was appalled. He had never seen such a terrifying wind cultivator who chose to fight at close range. Moreover, the two wind blades released a pressure that was greater than high grade Treasure items. He slashed his sword, but he felt an irresistible power send him flying.

“Storm Apocalypse!” 

Everyone’s jaws dropped upon seeing this scene. But the greater shock came later. With her hair dancing in the air, Tang Wan-er merged the two wind blades, forming a sphere.

Within the storm sphere, there were four large wind blades circulating. A painful whistling sound came from it, one that sounded like blades being scraped.

The storm sphere left her hands and shot toward Xue You. It rapidly grew larger, until it was a mile wide when it reached Xue You on the ground.

Xue You was directly enveloped by the storm sphere. This attack was so quick that it came before he could recover from her previous attack.

The storm sphere didn’t immediately explode upon striking the ground. It continued to revolve chaotically. The earth blew apart, and it was deep in the ground when it suddenly exploded.

An earthquake erupted. The experts standing on the ground suddenly felt a shockwave pass through them. Many of them weren’t able to endure it and coughed up blood.

The ground exploded and a figure soared out. Xue You’s hair was in disarray, and he was covered in quite a bit of dust. But his gaze was even more excited. Looking at Tang Wan-er, he wasn’t the slightest bit angry. He was even delighted.

“Hahaha…. My luck really isn’t bad. I want you both. If you don’t want to listen, then once I refine you into puppets, you’ll definitely be peak grade!” laughed Xue You.

A huge illusory figure appeared behind Xue You. Blood-red runes circulated as he activated his Blood Devil Possession.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi’s power had exceeded his expectations. If he captured them, then the Corrupt path had countless ways to make them submit. Thinking of how he could obtain two peerless beauties who would also be powerful helpers, he was full of anticipation.

“Die!” Tang Wan-er’s fury didn’t lessen at all. She once more condensed wind blades and attacked Xue You.

BOOM! Xue You stood in his original location, while Tang Wan-er was forced back.

“Beauty, be careful. I’m going to get serious.” Xue You suddenly appeared in the air, summoning countless afterimages behind him. His speed had increased.

“One Sword Hunts the Soul!”

Yue Zifeng’s Flying Rainbow came slashing toward him. This was his strongest attack, and his killing intent caused the void to shake.

BOOM! Xue You had no choice but to block, and as a result, both sides were knocked back. But Xue You was only knocked back three meters, while Yue Zifeng was sent flying.

“Dragon Pierces Out of the Sea!” Yue Zifeng’s attack had just ended when Gu Yang’s spear shot forward. At the same time, an arrow came from a crafty angle.

Xue You blocked Gu Yang’s spear with his sword, while his other hand smashed apart Guo Ran’s arrow. As expected, it was another explosive arrow that blew apart his sleeve.

He had just blocked those two attacks when Meng Qi’s Soul Suppressing Tower once more descended, smashing into him.

Xue You was entangled by their attacks. The five of them were all shocking experts on their own. When they worked together and stopped holding back, even Xue You was temporarily unable to do anything to them.

“Lord Xue You is being held back?”

“What are we supposed to do?”

The Corrupt experts felt like they were dreaming.

“Don’t just stand there! Kill those useless people!” roared Xue You as he dodged Guo Ran’s silent sneak attacks.

Only then did his remaining experts react. Under the lead of the three rank four Celestials, they charged toward the aboriginals.

“Brother Mingyuan, brother Li Qi, the defense will be left to you!” shouted Guo Ran. The current battle was being fought in the sky, and the two of them couldn’t leave the ground to fight or their power would be greatly reduced.

If they did join in to fight against Xue You, well, their attacks were too direct and massive. They weren’t suited for this high-speed battle, so they wouldn’t be able to work together with them very well. In fact, they might end up breaking their rhythm.

Not only were Xue You’s experts moving, but even Ka Wutu’s experts were charging over now, led by four rank four Celestials.

“Hmph, we’ll show you what absolute defense is.”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi were still in their earth giant forms. They slammed the ground with their hands, and the earth wrapped up the aboriginals, forming layers and layers, eventually turning into a huge dome.

The seven rank four Celestials from the Corrupt path sneered. They slashed their weapons down and were startled to find that this dome was incredibly sturdy. They were unable to break it. Even if they could cause some damage to one layer, it would instantly recover.

The seven of them continuously attacked, but they were unable to break the dome. They were dumbfounded.

When it came to combat power, perhaps Li Qi and Song Mingyuan hadn’t reached a high enough level. But when it came to defensive power, then while they were standing on the ground, they possessed practically limitless power.

As long as no one could break the dome in one strike, their earth energy would come in an unending stream. That was the most monstrous aspect of earth attribute cultivators. While on the ground, they were practically undefeatable in the same realm.

“Ji Changkong, are you just going to watch?!” Seeing that they were unable to do anything, Xue You finally opened his mouth.

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