Chapter 912 Collision of Explosive Power

Wilde met Ka Wutu halfway. His club once more smashed toward him.

This time, everyone saw it clearly. Wilde’s attack didn’t release any aura, nor were there any spiritual yuan fluctuations. This wasn’t a magical art or Battle Skill. It was a simple, ordinary smash of his club.

This attack contained purely brute force. It was no wonder no one had sensed anything when Wilde had attacked. Even Ka Wutu hadn’t sensed it.

“Die, you brute!” Black Blood Qi twisted around Ka Wutu’s arm. It was like hundreds of black vipers. Ka Wutu had activated the power of his Spirit Blood.

He could tell that Wilde was a brute force fighter. To defeat him, the best way was to use power to defeat power. So he immediately used the power of his Spirit Blood, which released a powerful pressure that caused heaven and earth to rumble. The boulders on the ground shattered from the power.

This was a forbidden kind of power. Everyone was shocked. Was this the power of a peak rank four Celestial?

Xue You and Ji Changkong’s expressions changed, and the other rank four Celestials gave up any hopes of challenging him. This power wasn’t something they could handle, so they gave up any thoughts of fighting any of the peak experts.

If they had to blame something for this, it would be their bloodlines. By their generation, their Spirit Blood was too thin, making them unable to compare to someone like Ka Wutu. This was the terror of Spirit Blood.

“Careful Wilde!” shouted Meng Qi, her expression changing. Ka Wutu’s power was completely beyond her expectations.


Wilde’s bone club collided with Ka Wutu’s fist. Surprisingly, Wilde grunted and flew back, smashing into the ground.

“Wilde!” Tang Wan-er and the others cried.

“Don’t be afraid. Boss said that Wilde’s current combat power isn’t any weaker than his own! Don’t worry about it,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen had told him that in critical times, Wilde was the most dependable warrior out of them all. When he wasn’t present, Wilde would definitely be number one.

A furious roar shook the land. A tyrannical pressure descended upon the world, like an ancient beast had finally awoken.

A bronze giant flew out of the ground. The ground beneath him once more collapsed. The entire world was quivering because of his existence.

“What is that?!”

“Is that a monster?”

“How is this possible?!”

Seeing the thirty-meter Wilde who seemed like a god, all the Righteous and Corrupt experts were stunned.

Let alone them, even Meng Qi and the others were startled. They had never seen Wilde enter such a state.

Others could summon some kind of energy to reach a height of three hundred meters. Thirty meters wasn’t anything compared to that, but those people were like Song Mingyuan and Li Qi who summoned their Earth Spirit Battle Armors. For Wilde’s true body to explosively grow to such a size was too shocking.

“Die!” Wilde’s roar shook the heavens. His bone club had grown with him, becoming a huge bone pillar. When he smashed his club down, even space would crumble.

Ka Wutu was startled. He was a ruthless character, but seeing the giant, furious Wilde, his heart quivered.

Ka Wutu once more met his club with his fist. This time, he had increased his power, but he was horrified to have an unblockable force send him flying. He vomited blood, feeling a burst of pain in his arm. His upper robes blew apart.

“Impossible! Ka Wutu has already activated the power of his Spirit Blood! Just who is this monster?!” Everyone stared at the giant Wilde with shock. They felt goosebumps. Just what kind of existence was Long Chen for all the people beside him to be such monsters?

Feng Geyin had already retreated from the battlefield. As the battle was growing in intensity, he was helpless to find that he had gradually fallen into the ranks of those who needed to be protected.

Although he felt powerless, he was smart. If he went out, he would only hold the others back.

Although coming here was a bit impulsive and lacking forethought, he didn’t regret it. He originated from a poor family. He was poor to the point that the only thing remaining was his pride. To have fought beside such powerful experts, to be viewed as a brother by them, it would be worth it even if he lost his life.

Feng Geyin fell back amidst the aboriginals. His current mission was just to protect them. Just like them, he looked up at the sky. The giant Wilde was still floating in the air, and Feng Geyin felt a feeling of worship looking at him. In this era, strength possessed the greatest charisma.

“Death Spirit Energy!” Ka Wutu roared and black qi began to revolve around his body. The image of a fiend’s face appeared on his forehead, and with the black qi circulating around him, he seemed like a devil that had crawled up from hell.

Ka Wutu was furious. This was his first battle since becoming a rank four Celestial, but he had actually encountered a freak like Wilde. Wilde couldn’t even count as a cultivator! Ka Wutu’s Heavenly Dao energy had no suppressive effect against him. Feeling helpless, he could only release his full power. A bloodstained sickle appeared in his hand, releasing a bloody desire to slaughter.

“Giant fool, time for you to die!”

“Little brat, you’re the one who’s going to die!”

Ka Wutu and Wilde both roared and attacked. Ka Wutu was infuriated, while Wilde was also easily angered once he had summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body. 

Their weapons once more collided, causing the world to shake. Although they were fighting in the air, each exchange would cause the ground beneath them to sink. The experts watching on the ground all felt their blood surging within them. Each impact made it feel like their innards were flipping.

They were filled with horror. This power had already escaped the scope of their understanding, and they could only watch.

Wilde and Ka Wutu were fighting intensely in the sky, neither side able to get an advantage. They were both brute power experts, so their exchanges were simple and direct. There weren’t any flowery moves.

As Xue You watched their fight, he realized that his feeling of unease was growing. The arrival of Ka Wutu and Wilde made him lose his sense of absolute control.

Suddenly, Xue You took advantage of everyone’s attention being drawn to Wilde and Ka Wutu to charge toward Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. He was incredibly fast.

“I knew you weren’t a good fucker. Trash!” Although Guo Ran liked to show off normally, at important times, he was prudent. Having heard from Long Chen about Wilde’s combat power, he hadn’t been worried about Ka Wutu. So his attention had been on Xue You the entire time.

As soon as Guo Ran saw Xue You’s gaze roving, he knew what he was thinking. He took out a huge golden crossbow. It was his greatest masterpiece, an upgraded version of his Voidbreaker Crossbow.

As his power increased, his forging arts became more refined. A golden arrow even thicker than his arm silently shot out and struck Xue You midway. Its attack power was shocking.

Xue You had clearly not expected Guo Ran to easily see through his thoughts. Furthermore, this attack came out of nowhere, and the timing and angle had practically reached the pinnacle of perfection. Xue You snorted and slashed with his black sword.

BOOM! Guo Ran’s golden arrow exploded, but the explosive power was great, even shaking the void. Xue You was blown back hundreds of meters away.

Xue You’s expression involuntarily changed. The instant he had slashed the golden arrow, it had automatically exploded. If he hadn’t activated his Heavenly Dao energy to form a shield in time, then he would have been injured. At the very least, he would have been covered in dust. This move was too evil.

“Hehe, idiot, how’s the taste of my exploding arrows?” Guo Ran rested his huge crossbow on his shoulder, smiling coldly.

But in reality, Guo Ran’s heart sank. Xue You’s power far surpassed his expectations. This exploding arrow of his could easily shatter mountains, and for an ordinary rank four Celestial, they would at least be heavily injured upon being struck.

Xue You hadn’t known about the arrow’s trickery, and he had simply let out a random slash. He hadn’t had any defense at that time, but he still wasn’t injured. Furthermore, his arrows were best suited for sneak attacks, especially the first sneak attack. Now that he had exposed his explosive arrows, even if Xue You couldn’t dodge them, he would be on guard.

The chances of him using the explosive arrows to kill any true experts were now exceedingly low. But then he would be unwilling to use them against small fry. So this exchange could count as his loss.

“Monstrous, absolutely monstrous. This kind of reaction speed is ridiculous. In this world, perhaps only a supreme monster amongst monsters can suppress a fellow like Xue You.” Guo Ran was now completely convinced.

When he heard that Long Chen had suppressed Xue You, managing to cut off his leg and his head, he had thought that Xue You wasn’t that strong. Now he realized he was wrong.

“Brothers, attack together! Kill Xue You!” shouted Guo Ran. He took out a large cylinder.

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