Chapter 911 Explosively Powerful Wilde (Teaser)

“Ka Wutu!”

Xue You narrowed his eyes. Ka Wutu hadn’t reserved his aura at all. That berserk energy coming from him made it feel like his body contained a hibernating dragon.

There were four powerful rank four Celestials behind Ka Wutu. As for rank three Celestials, they numbered in the hundreds. It was not at all inferior to Xue You’s group.

The scars on Ka Wutu’s face could not be healed even with Heavenly Dao energy. That was because those scars had been left by Leng Yueyan.

Each time she had attacked Ka Wutu, she had cut him to pieces. However, she hadn’t killed him. But the scars she had left behind were for him to remember her by.

Previously, Xue You had sneered upon hearing Ka Wutu’s name. He hadn’t thought that he possessed the power to challenge him.

But now seeing him in the flesh, he was startled. Ka Wutu’s aura was extremely powerful, and he saw black blood flowing under his scarred skin.

“You’ve activated your death spirit blood?” asked Xue You icily.

As soon as Ka Wutu arrived, he intimidated...

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