Chapter 911 Explosively Powerful Wilde

“Ka Wutu!”

Xue You narrowed his eyes. Ka Wutu hadn’t reserved his aura at all. That berserk energy coming from him made it feel like his body contained a hibernating dragon.

There were four powerful rank four Celestials behind Ka Wutu. As for rank three Celestials, they numbered in the hundreds. It was not at all inferior to Xue You’s group.

The scars on Ka Wutu’s face could not be healed even with Heavenly Dao energy. That was because those scars had been left by Leng Yueyan.

Each time she had attacked Ka Wutu, she had cut him to pieces. However, she hadn’t killed him. But the scars she had left behind were for him to remember her by.

Previously, Xue You had sneered upon hearing Ka Wutu’s name. He hadn’t thought that he possessed the power to challenge him.

But now seeing him in the flesh, he was startled. Ka Wutu’s aura was extremely powerful, and he saw black blood flowing under his scarred skin.

“You’ve activated your death spirit blood?” asked Xue You icily.

As soon as Ka Wutu arrived, he intimidated everyone. His arrival impacted the entire battlefield. Everyone stopped to stare.

His powerful aura made it so everyone present felt that they were facing a devil king. It was like a wave of his hand possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, and Feng Geyin stood in front of the aboriginals, their expressions grave. Ka Wutu was too terrifying. If they fought, it would be a true life and death battle. There would definitely be casualties.

Ji Changkong was also no longer able to remain sitting. He stared closely. He had always thought that Xue You was the strongest expert of the Corrupt path. But he wasn’t afraid of Xue You.

He had his own trump cards. Even if he couldn’t defeat Xue You, he was confident in not being defeated. That was the only reason why he dared to cooperate with him.

Although he had heard of Ka Wutu, he had underestimated him. Now that he saw him, he sensed his power was most likely not weaker than theirs. That aura gave people a feeling of boundless pressure.

“Hahaha, if I hadn’t awakened my death spirit blood, how could I have dared declare myself ruler? Xue You, the reason I’ve brought my people here today isn’t to challenge you, but to tell you that the Corrupt path is no longer just yours.” Ka Wutu smiled sinisterly at Xue You, and with his shocking scars, his appearance was truly terrifying.

Xue You clasped his hands behind his back. “A display of power? Haha, a bit interesting, but I’m used to eating everything alone. I don’t like splitting it with anyone, and I also don’t like anyone standing at the same height as me.”

“Oh, if that’s so, then it’s very simple. We can resolve our problems according to the Corrupt path’s old rules.” A fierce light shone in Ka Wutu’s eyes.

He was just like a beast in human form. His gaze swept across the battlefield. Suddenly, he saw Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, and his smile grew more sinister.

“I didn’t expect the Righteous path to have such beautiful women. I want them.”

Ka Wutu suddenly shot toward Meng Qi and the others like a cannonball. His speed was shocking.

“Courting death!” Xue You was enraged. He had long since begun viewing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er as his prey. He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to stick their hands on them. He flashed into motion, also charging toward Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. He wanted to capture them before Ka Wutu got there.

Ka Wutu and Xue You were both attacking at the same time. Their powerful auras shook the world.

Meng Qi and the others’ expressions changed. Although the two of them were also rank four Celestials, their power was several times that of ordinary rank four Celestials. The difference in combat power was immense.

“Great Earthen Walls!”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan both shouted, slamming the ground with their palms. Their earth energy circulated, and a huge wall dozens of miles thick appeared. It was covered in runes and filled with the aura of the earth.

“Hmph, an insignificant skill.” Ka Wutu snorted and raised his palm, crushing the huge wall in one attack. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan received a backlash. If their feet weren’t planted on the ground, they would have coughed up blood.

Meng Qi’s Soul Suppressing Tower flew out, and the Earth Dragon released its breath. At the same time, Yue Zifeng and Gu Yang each launched a full-power attack. They were no longer stalling for time and had to go all-out. A huge wind blade appeared in Tang Wan-er’s hand.

“A mantis trying to stop a cart.” Ka Wutu sneered and sent out a palm. It was unknown what magical art he was using, but his huge palm-image possessed such immense power that all six of them were blown back. As for Feng Geyin, he vomited blood. If Li Qi hadn’t formed an earth shield around him at that critical moment, he might have lost his life.

“Oh, you have some ability. Interesting, but all your struggles are useless. So sorry Xue You, this prey is mine.” Ka Wutu had moved before Xue You. Although he had been forced to go through two blockades, he was still ahead of Xue You.

“Spirit Blood Locks the Universe!” Ka Wutu suddenly shouted, and Blood Qi suddenly soared into the sky. Gu Yang and the others suddenly found that they were unable to move. It was like they were bound with countless invisible chains.

They weren’t aware that when Ka Wutu had advanced to become a rank four Celestial, he had also awakened his innate bloodline. His Spirit Blood was extremely dense, and he was able to release an inherited secret art.

Caught off guard, Meng Qi and the others couldn’t possibly defend. Space was locked around them. Although it was at most only able to last for half a breath’s time, that was enough to determine life and death.

“Come over here you two beauties!” laughed Ka Wutu.

Seeing Ka Wutu release his bloodline power, Xue You was startled. He was just about to form hand seals but suddenly stopped.


A furious roar rang out, shaking the world. Even Ka Wutu’s ears were ringing.

A bone club smashed down from the sky. It came without any warning, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of aura released with it. This attack came too suddenly.

Before Ka Wutu could react, this club smashed into his shoulder. Cracking sounds rang out, and Ka Wutu shot back like a shooting star.

The ground was like a lake that had been struck by a meteorite. Earthen waves erupted, and a hole was blown into the ground.

Everyone was horrified. That was Ka Wutu! Just who could smash him into the ground?

Only now did everyone get a chance to see who had attacked. They saw a huge muscular man standing in front of them.

“Wilde!” Meng Qi and the others were delighted. In this world, perhaps only Wilde’s natural height was so tall.

Wilde was even more muscular than before. His arms were thicker than a person’s waist. His body seemed like a volcano that had been slumbering for ten thousand years. He was full of explosive energy.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains. Heaven and earth ripple because of me. I slaughter demons, kill devils, pluck the stars and moon. A bout of fury from Guo Ran causes heaven and earth to flip.”

Just as Wilde appeared in the most domineering, bold manner, a rhythmic chant rang out from the sky over the battlefield.

Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Gu Yang, and the others’ expressions stiffened. They speechlessly rolled their eyes. Even at this time, this brat didn’t forget to be a poser. They had never seen someone so dedicated to their craft.

They knew Guo Ran’s character, but the others didn’t. They looked up at the sky with shock. Even Ka Wutu looked up. He wanted to see just who was such a poser.

What he saw was Guo Ran standing in the sky, glowing with health and looking down on these countless experts. It was truly the posture of a supreme expert.

But that smile on his face sold out his wretched inner heart, gravely harming his image.

“Who are you?” shouted Ka Wutu.

He was somewhat intimidated. Guo Ran’s aura was extremely weak. He seemed to be no more than an ordinary rank three Celestial. No, even ordinary Celestials couldn’t be this weak. But his experience told him that Guo Ran was truly a rank three Celestial. It was precisely because his aura was so weak that his guard was raised. He thought that Guo Ran was extremely sinister and disguising himself as a pig to eat the tiger.

After all, Wilde’s attack just now had shocked everyone. This fellow seemed to be Wilde’s companion, and he was extremely flashy. Everyone was wondering about his true status.

“Are you all idiots? Or am I just so hard to understand? Why is it every time I report my name, people ask me what my name is?! Have you ever read a book? You can’t even hear the name in the poem? Are your ears useless?” Guo Ran pointed at Ka Wutu and cursed.

He really was angry. Each time he used this flashy method to appear, people would always ask the same question: Who are you?

That was a slap in his face. He felt like his flashy entrance and poem had been an act for deaf and blind people.

Furthermore, with such a huge stage with so many experts watching, Guo Ran’s greatest wish was for them to suddenly change their expressions upon hearing his grand name. It would be best if his name alone was able to intimidate them all.

But these hopes had been extinguished by a single word from Ka Wutu. Guo Ran was so infuriated that he had an urge to spank Ka Wutu. But he still maintained some rationality because he was unable to beat him.

Everyone was startled by Guo Ran’s fury. They were intimidated because Guo Ran’s fury really wasn’t faked.

Guo Ran took a deep breath. “Stand steady! My grand name is one that shakes the land and is spread throughout the five regions, the grand, the renowned, the mighty Guo Ran!”

“Nameless pawn, you dare to trick us? Courting death!”

How could Ka Wutu have heard Guo Ran’s name before? He was infuriated, and he shot toward Guo Ran. He wanted to personally tear him apart.

“Wilde, smash this idiot!” Guo Ran didn’t even look at Ka Wutu. He directly had Wilde attack.

“I’ll smash you!” Wilde was extremely obedient. Carrying his bone club, he charged toward Ka Wutu.

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