Chapter 910 Tang Wan-er Arrives on the Scene

A huge storm cloud appeared in the sky. It was a mile long and comprised of countless wind blades.

An ear-piercing sound came from it. The rapidly spinning wind blades cutting apart space. They surged towards the Corrupt experts.

Everything happened too quickly. That huge storm erupted, and wind blades filled the air, instantly covering an area of a hundred miles.

The Corrupt experts were horrified. There were too many wind blades. They hastily blocked, but the wind blades came in waves that devoured everything. They came from every angle. Those with weaker cultivation bases, as well as those who had thought to show off and had charged to the front, met with a terrible end.

Hundreds of the Corrupt experts were killed despite blocking with their lives on the line. Those who barely managed to survive were covered in blood, looking like they had just been cut by a million blades.

Everyone hastily looked up to the sky to see a beautiful woman standing there, her robes and hair billowing. She looked like an immortal descending upon the world.

Tang Wan-er was surrounded by endless wind blades. The void was constantly twisting, making her appear even grander and more heroic.

“I got here in time.” Tang Wan-er looked at the battlefield and sighed with relief. As soon as she had received Guo Ran’s information, she had rushed over here.

“There are actually two such beautiful women? And they have two completely different styles. Hehe, looks like my luck with women isn’t bad!” Seeing Tang Wan-er, Xue You was startled and delighted.

He was innately lecherous, and Tang Wan-er wasn’t just a beauty. She was a kind of extremely willful and strong beauty. Xue You hadn’t seen a beauty like her before.

When she appeared, Xue You hesitated about whether he should personally take action to capture her or not. But in the end, he didn’t move.

The Corrupt path was different from the Righteous path. They didn’t fear battle. To their experts, it was a game of survival where the weak were washed out.

The more unfavorable situations you could survive, the more it proved that you were powerful, smart, and lucky. Only such a person was worthy of being groomed.

The Corrupt path had fewer numbers, but they were elites amongst elites. Each time they fought against the Righteous path, they viewed it as a trial. The Corrupt path used those trials to pick their disciples.

These were the Corrupt path’s unwritten rules on raising geniuses. This was the only way to guarantee that their resources were used on the right people, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Furthermore, there was almost no such thing as possessing a powerful background and getting special treatment. Even the children of peerless experts had to kill their way up from the bottom. Other than some simple care, they wouldn’t be doted on.

The Righteous path was the exact opposite. The resources were only given to their own people. Even if their talent was ordinary, they would pile on the resources, raising them as high as possible. This had created an existence like Feng Geyin.

Disciples with talent weren’t able to obtain many resources. Many sects would rather waste their resources on their families than let outsiders get an advantage.

Tang Wan-er’s arrival allowed Li Qi and Song Mingyuan to relax. They were well aware that this huge form of theirs wasn’t nimble enough. Although it was their strongest battle state, because their forms were too big, it sacrificed agility for absolute power and defense. They weren’t confident in being able to protect everyone.

Now that Tang Wan-er was here, that worry evaporated. They launched a full-out attack against the Corrupt experts.

The other Corrupt experts had all retreated because of Tang Wan-er’s arrival. Wind attribute attacks were too terrifying. They didn’t just possess immense destructive power, but their scope was also shocking. If ordinary Celestials came over here, they would just be cannon fodder.

“All remaining rank three Celestials charge with me!” One of the innate rank three Celestials not fighting Song Mingyuan and Li Qi attacked Tang Wan-er. Following him were dozens of other rank three Celestials.

Tang Wan-er had originally been forming hand seals when she received a spiritual message from Meng Qi. She stopped her original hand seals and formed new ones.

Following the change in her hand seals, endless wind energy condensed into millions of wind blades around her. The space around her became a cyclone that enveloped her attackers.

The Corrupt experts didn’t dare to be careless. They blocked with their full power, but they were horrified to find that these wind blades were exceedingly powerful. Although when they went all-out, they were able to break apart the wind blades, she was able to summon more and more of them. The Corrupt experts were unable to approach her.

“Heavens, are all the people that follow Long Chen like this? How is each of them more terrifying than the last?” Xiao Fei was stunned. He was already a rank three Celestial and had awakened his bloodline power. But what made him speechless was that even if he was free from the Heavenly Daos’ curse, the difference between him and them was immense.

Of everyone fighting on their side, it seemed that the sole rank four Celestial, Feng Geyin, was the weakest. That made no sense at all. Meng Qi, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Tang Wan-er were all shockingly powerful.

“We really were stupid. With our little power, we wanted to save Long Chen? All we did was cause trouble for him,” said an expert from the Stone tribe.

They were all ashamed and regretful. They hated themselves for being too stupid and overestimating their own power. If someone like Long Chen really was in danger, would people like them really be able to save him?

These aboriginals who had seen Long Chen being miserably hunted had all thrown caution to the wind to increase Long Chen’s chances of escaping by just a fraction. But they hadn’t expected that their hotheadedness would lead them head-first into someone’s meticulous trap. Now they were even implicating their own tribesmen who were thinking of how to save them.

But even in such a dire situation, Long Chen’s people were charging into this trap one by one to save them.

As for those who followed Feng Geyin and worshipped Long Chen, they didn’t like this taste. They didn’t even have the qualifications to participate in this battle. Looking at Feng Geyin who was surrounded by three rank three Celestials, they sighed emotionally.

“You want to launch a sneak attack? Die!”

While Tang Wan-er was entangled by dozens of Corrupt experts, a squad of Corrupt experts slipped past her battle, wanting to kill Xiao Fei and the others. As a result, a huge wind blade flew over.

On the way, that huge wind blade suddenly exploded into millions of tiny, fingernail-sized wind blades that surged over them.


But it was too late. Now that Tang Wan-er had advanced to Sea Expansion, her spiritual yuan was incredibly vast. She had obtained an ancient scroll in the Immemorial Path that recorded extremely profound wind magical arts. Her control of wind energy had reached a new level.

Although attacks would be impacted if they were spread too widely, these experts were all rank two Celestials. They weren’t able to block these terrifying wind blades.

Once the wave of wind blades passed, it was like cherry blossoms were flying through the air. Over seven hundred Corrupt experts had been killed in one shot. Their blood dyed the land red, a bloody but beautiful sight.

“Hehe, Xue You, now you’ve finally tasted the bitter fruit you personally planted. Serves you right!” Within the mountain, Ji Changkong smiled icily.

Ji Changkong’s original plan had been to capture them one by one. It would have been much easier, but this idiot Xue You didn’t even know how terrifying Long Chen was.

Phoenixes didn’t fly with sparrows. Dragons didn’t swim with loaches. Although Ji Changkong hadn’t been aware of most of their powers, he was well aware of how terrifying Meng Qi was. He had once suffered immensely because of her.

For Xue You to want a rank three Celestial to defeat Meng Qi, he must have been dreaming. Ji Changkong had intentionally not said anything. This scene was almost entirely within his expectations.

He wasn't furious. Instead, he was delighted. Unless Xue You personally took action, his subordinates definitely wouldn’t be able to handle this.

But once he personally took action, it would prove he had run out of other options. His expression definitely had to be like an idiot who had just eaten dogshit. Thinking of that marvelous expression on Xue You’s face, Ji Changkong felt a burst of invigorating freshness.

Tang Wan-er’s attack finally caused Xue You’s expression to change. He had noticed that Tang Wan-er had actually been hiding her true power. She definitely could rapidly defeat her current enemies, but she wasn’t doing so.

That made him a bit uneasy. A curious feeling rose in his heart. He felt like something bad was about to happen.

He was very curious, with his current power, who could possibly threaten him? As time passed, he was growing more and more uneasy. In the end, he finally decided to personally move out to capture Tang Wan-er.


Suddenly, laughter rang out. A terrifying pressure descended upon Drake Mountain.

A group of people had appeared in the sky. Xue You and Ji Changkong’s expressions changed.

More than ten thousand Corrupt experts had appeared, and each one of them was releasing their aura. They seemed to want to crush everyone with just that pressure.

The person at the front was extremely tall, and every inch of his exposed skin was covered in scars. His face was especially scarred, making it look like his head had been cut into several pieces and then reattached. He had only one eye that looked as if it was made of bronze. It emitted a bloodthirsty light, like a cruel Magical Beast.

“Xue You, I didn’t expect you were so useless. You can’t even handle these few people? That signifies that there’s no longer a use for you. The Corrupt path’s overlord is me, Ka Wutu!” That scarred man laughed, his voice full of haughtiness and domineeringness.

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