Chapter 909 Fantasy Blade Storm

The dragon breath released a sea of fire that rapidly spread. The Corrupt woman had no time to dodge before being submerged in the flames.

Countless miserable screams rang out. The Earth Dragon’s fire breath covered a huge area, and some of the Corrupt experts were burned to charcoal.

The Earth Dragon Golden Blaze was ranked first on the beast flame rankings, and that was the beast flame from a sixth rank Earth Dragon. Now that it was coming from an eighth rank Earth Dragon, its power was even more incredible.

Even Sea Expansion experts were unable to block it if they didn’t have protective Treasure items. And to activate a Treasure item to protect oneself required the Treasure item to have at least reached the middle grade level. That wasn’t something just anyone had.

A single wave of dragon breath killed hundreds of Corrupt experts.

When the dragon breath faded, it revealed the Corrupt woman was being enveloped by sword-light. She shot toward Meng Qi while activating her Treasure item’s true power.

She finally understood Meng Qi’s power and didn’t hold back at all. Her sword grew to a shocking size, and Sword Qi filled the sky. That Sword Qi was mixed with fakes. Some of them weren’t true Sword qi and were only condensed from Spiritual Strength. However, it was difficult to tell the difference. This was the terror of soul martial dual cultivation.

If you treated the spiritual attack as a physical attack, or the other way around, you would suffer greatly.

This woman’s position in the Corrupt path was extremely high, and her soul martial dual cultivation’s prowess was shocking. Therefore, she had few opponents to compete with.

Now she had just joined Xue You, and so she was planning on using a thunderous blow to defeat her opponents, showing off her power.

The Corrupt path was different from the Righteous path. Their principles were extremely simple: life was survival of the fittest. The only important thing was power.

Experts only needed other experts. They didn’t feel that following another person was an insult, as long as that person was strong enough. Even if the strong wanted to enslave them, they could accept that. The Corrupt path’s principles were that the weak existed only to serve the strong.

But subordinates needed to display their value if they wanted to be viewed more importantly and gain more resources. 

Meng Qi used the Soul Suppressing Tower to block the physical attacks while personally blocking the spiritual attacks. At the same time, she was also controlling the Earth Dragon to attack.

The Corrupt woman was startled and infuriated. She found that with the assistance of the Earth Dragon, Meng Qi’s defense was seamless. Each time she fell into a disadvantageous position, the Earth Dragon would immediately launch an attack.

The Earth Dragon was extremely strong. Its breath, its wings, and its tail all possessed immense power, enough power to threaten the Corrupt woman’s life. She suddenly realized that the power she was so proud of and confident in didn’t have the slightest effect against Meng Qi.

Meng Qi stood on the Earth Dragon’s head, her expression calm. The Earth Dragon completely made up for her low defense.

While Meng Qi and Yue Zifeng were fighting, Gu Yang was also battling another rank four Celestial with a warhammer.

Gu Yang’s opponent was extremely tall. He was more than two meters tall, but his waist was as wide as his height, like a large balloon.

Although his appearance was comical, his power was shocking. Each smash of his hammer caused heaven and earth to rumble. Gu Yang fought fiercely against him. Every single one of his muscles and veins bulged, and three-colored runes surged behind him.

What shocked Xue You and Ji Changkong was that Meng Qi, Gu Yang, and Yue Zifeng were all rank three Celestials, but could still battle the rank four Celestials. Their runes were clearly dimmer than usual, showing that their Heavenly Dao runes were being suppressed. However, they were still able to fight against rank four Celestials without falling into a disadvantage.

This was an extremely unusual situation. For a rank three Celestial to become a rank four Celestial didn’t just require opportunity. It required the power of innate Spirit Blood. Those who could become rank four Celestials all possessed a trace of Spirit Blood. However, the rank four Celestials that had advanced didn’t possess very dense Spirit Blood, which was why they couldn’t compare to Xue You and made the smart decision not to fight him.

But even if these rank four Celestials didn’t possess dense Spirit Blood, in a one against one, they could definitely dominate rank three Celestials. Originally, they had been thinking of using the most direct, most domineering method to defeat their opponents. But what made them feel awkward was that they were unable to do a thing.

While the three intense battles were being fought, thousands of Corrupt experts were flooding toward the aboriginals.

Feng Geyin met them head-on. Three innate rank three Celestials immediately surrounded him.

At this time, the difference was made apparent. Feng Geyin was also a rank four Celestial, but just fighting against these three was taxing.

Normally, a rank four Celestial would be able to fight against eight innate rank three Celestials. Stronger ones might even be able to win ten against one.

But Feng Geyin came from poor origins, and his sect was only able to offer him limited resources. His Treasure item was only middle grade, and his foundation wasn’t even as good as most of the Corrupt path’s rank three Celestials. He wasn’t qualified to fight against the other rank four Celestials.

It was precisely because Zheng Mingkong knew Feng Geyin’s power that he dared say he would kill him. He had that confidence.

Feng Geyin had to fight all-out in order to maintain a tie against these three Corrupt experts. Seeing that, the other Corrupt experts ignored him and continued toward Song Mingyuan and Li Qi. The two of them were the final defense before the aboriginals. As long as they got past them, they could undergo a massacre.

“Great Earthen Spears!” Li Qi patted both his hands on the ground, and countless spears shot out of it. But this time, the Corrupt experts were prepared. Wings appeared on their backs and they shot into the sky, easily dodging the spears that had appeared out of the ground.

“Hmph, do you think we’re idiots… what?!”

The Corrupt experts’ disdainful expressions changed. While Li Qi summoned the spears, Song Mingyuan formed hand seals. The ground shook intensely.

The spears that had appeared out of the ground shot out like arrows, piercing into their midst.

The Corrupt experts were horrified. Previously, they had seen these spears grow out of the ground like bamboo. Thus, they thought these spears couldn’t leave the ground.

But now thousands of them were flying through the air. The Corrupt experts let out panicked screams. Those who were struck were transformed into earthen statues that crashed to the ground, crumbling.

The most terrifying aspect of these spears was that they contained extremely strong earth energy. When it invaded a person’s body, it would transform them into earth. It was the same move that had once attacked the two of them.

However, this time, it was Li Qi and Song Mingyuan controlling the energy. The result was a hundred times better than when the Earth Spirit Bead had been using it. Unlike it, they knew how to attack a person’s weak points.

However, this kind of large-scale attack was only effective against weaker experts. Several rank three Celestials waved their hands, activating their Treasure items. The spears were blown apart, and they shot back toward the two of them.

“Earth Spirit Battle Armor!”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan both formed hand seals. Earth energy erupted, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, the ground twisted and wrapped around them.

They became two earth giants thirty meters tall. Earth pillars appeared in their hands, and they were covered in runes. People could even sense the ground sending endless energy into their bodies.


Their weapons smashed on the ground. The ground shook, and then huge earth swords shot out of it. Each one of them was a mile long.

The Corrupt expert at the front roared furiously and slashed his Treasure item. He shattered the huge earth swords one by one.

But the comparatively weaker ones didn’t have that ability. When their weapons smashed onto the giant swords, it was like they had struck unbreakable boulders. They vomited blood.

Only thirty-some rank three Celestials managed to make it through. They charged at the two earth giants. Song Mingyuan’s earth pillar smashed toward one of them.

That expert blocked with his full power, but he was blown to bits. Blood filled the air, startling the other experts.

They didn’t know that this was Song Mingyuan and Li Qi’s strongest state. Now that they had summoned the Earth Spirit Battle Armor, they were drawing out the limitless energy within the ground. This was the strongest point of earth attribute experts; their energy was practically limitless.

“Don’t fight them head-on! Their bodies are huge, so they have plenty of openings! Split up and attack!” shouted one of the Corrupt experts. He was someone who had gone through plenty of battles, and he immediately noticed that while the two of them were powerful in this state, their movements were clumsier. That was a fatal weakness.

The Corrupt experts hastily spread out. They noticed that when these two earth giants attacked, their movements were extremely obvious and easy to predict.

“Die!” One of the corrupt experts slashed his weapon onto Li Qi’s head. This was his full-strength blow, and he cut a small nick into Li Qi’s giant head.

That nick instantly healed, not affecting Li Qi at all.

“Careful!” That person was stunned. His companion warned him and he suddenly realized two huge hands were clapping toward him, like a person trying to kill a fly.

BOOM! That expert was flattened. As thin as a piece of paper, he fell from the giant’s hands.

“Don’t fight them head-on! Split up! We’ll handle this; everyone else, go kill the aboriginals!” shouted one of the rank three Celestials. They surrounded the two giants.

The other Corrupt disciples shot toward the aboriginals, bloodthirsty smiles on their faces. The aboriginals no longer had any guards. 

“Brothers, don’t be afraid. Go all-out! Kill them one by one! If you kill two, then you’ll have earned a profit!” shouted Xiao Fei. He gripped his weapon, prepared to fight to the death.

“Fantasy Blade Storm!”

A voice rang out. It was a beautiful sound like the music of nature. A huge storm cloud condensed in the sky and then rapidly grew.

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