Chapter 908 Soul Martial Dual Cultivation

But it was too late. Countless spears shot out of the ground with each one of them thirty meters long and incomparably sharp. These experts’ sense of danger hadn’t even been triggered before they were skewered.

Countless miserable screams rang out. The unending spears were like a huge wave devouring them. The majority of the Corrupt experts that had been charging out were now killed. Only a small portion with extremely sharp senses had managed to escape with their lives.

But seeing the endless spears on the ground, they felt a cold breeze on their backs. Those who died had been killed in the most humiliating and terrifying way.

The spears that were enveloped by runes had pierced out of the ground and out of their bodies. Those that hadn’t escaped fast enough and had been struck felt their bodies harden, and they quickly became earthen statues that then shattered.

“Haha, what powerful earth energy. Brother, you really are vicious.” Up in the sky, there was a muscular man with a head as bright as the sun.

That person was Gu Yang. As for his bald head, it wasn’t on purpose but because of a cultivation technique passed down from his ancestors. In this lifetime, he shouldn’t even think about growing a strand of hair on his head.

Gu Yang held a golden spear, his muscles practically bulging with explosive power. Standing in the air, he gave off boundless pressure.

“Haha, since you could get strong, how could us brothers not follow?” laughed Li Qi. After refining the Earth Spirit Bead’s energy, their Spirit Roots had changed. They had instantly become experts capable of controlling earth energy and were finally able to vent.

Just as everyone was shocked by Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan’s arrival, the sound of vomiting blood rang out in their ears.

That expert fighting Meng Qi finally couldn’t endure any longer. He vomited several mouthfuls of blood and fainted. This fight, which had taken a day and a half, had finally reached its conclusion.

Meng Qi put away the Soul Suppressing Tower. Standing in the air, her pale face recovered to its original rosy color. She didn’t appear the slightest bit tired.

“You… you… you… PFT!” The Corrupt expert pointed at Meng Qi, shuddering. He vomited another mouthful of blood. He finally realized Meng Qi had just been playing him.

“Sorry, Xue You. You won’t be able to achieve that desire of yours,” said Meng Qi indifferently.

In truth, using the Soul Suppressing Tower was extremely taxing, especially to a person’s soul energy. It was just that Meng Qi was connected to the Soul Suppressing Tower’s item-spirit, and the two of them had worked together. The Soul Suppressing Tower had been in charge of defending, while Meng Qi had been in charge of absorbing energy from the air to make up for the consumption.

Let alone fighting for a day and a half, she could have continued this kind of battle for a year without losing any soul energy.

“Lord…” That expert looked at Xue You, aggrieved.

Xue You icily stared at him. “I only care about the results, and I don’t like excuses. Sorry.”

That expert let out a miserable scream as Xue You took out a bone claw and crushed his head.

That white bone claw was like a greedy beast. It crazily sucked the blood from the crushed head, desiccating the corpse. His essence blood and Heavenly Dao runes had all been absorbed.

The Corrupt experts’ hearts shook. Xue You’s ruthlessness was famed within the Corrupt path.

Xue You slowly pulled back the bone claw, his expression calm, as if he had done something completely unremarkable. He turned to face Meng Qi. “You were stalling for time for them? Why hasn’t Long Chen come?”

“If you’re patient, Long Chen will quickly arrive,” said Meng Qi indifferently.

At this time, Meng Qi was standing with Gu Yang and the others in front of the aboriginals. They were greeting Feng Geyin’s people.

Although it was their first time meeting, after following Long Chen for so long, they had been infected by his habit of using intuition to judge others. Just looking at Feng Geyin, they judged him to be a righteous man. He didn’t seem to be that kind of petty, scheming person. Thus, they directly treated him as one of them.

Seeing Gu Yang and the others treat them like their own people without even asking anything, Feng Geyin couldn't help being moved. This kind of magnanimity was something only the legendary Dragonblood Legion could possess. Even though he hadn’t seen Long Chen yet, just this was enough for him to sacrifice his life for.

“Wait for him? No, my time is precious. Even if I have to wait for him, I have to prepare some gifts first.” Xue You icily smiled. Now that he knew Long Chen was coming, he was at ease. He turned to the people behind him. “These aboriginals have no use anymore. Kill them all. As for Long Chen’s group, I only want that woman alive. I only need the heads of the others. Now’s the time for you to display your use. Don’t disappoint me.”

With Long Chen’s woman and brothers here, then with his character, even if this place was a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, he would come.

Since that was the case, these aboriginals weren’t important. As for Ji Changkong’s plans, he hadn’t cared about them from the start. He had always believed that schemes were useless in front of power.

As long as he could kill Long Chen, he wouldn’t care about any plans. He would then lead his army to slaughter their way into the aboriginals’ ancestral lands. Even if they had Foundation Forging experts guarding it, he was confident in being able to destroy their altars in the first instant.

Once the altars were destroyed, they would be under the heavens’ curse and would be like sheep for the slaughter. At that time, the Corrupt path could not only offer sacrifices to their corrupt weapons, but they could also wantonly snatch their resources. He was already getting impatient for it.

Xue You hoped that by the time Long Chen arrived, Meng Qi would already be in his hands. At that moment, he would display Gu Yang and the others’ heads as gifts. That was the only way to win back the face he had lost. 

“Kill!” The Corrupt experts roared and charged. Other than Xue You, they had all sprung into motion.

“Everyone below rank four Celestials, fall back! There’s no need for you to participate. All you need to do is protect yourselves. Otherwise, we won’t be able to face boss,” shouted Gu Yang.

The aboriginals and disciples from the Wind Chant Pavilion were startled. Like this, wouldn’t the only one participating in the battle be Feng Geyin?

“Everyone, fall back!” Shi Cang ordered his people. A battle of experts on this scale could kill them with just shockwaves. Although he was unwilling, he had to admit that a battle on this level wasn’t something they could participate in.

Following Shi Cang’s shout, all the aboriginals rapidly retreated. The battlefield was left to Meng Qi and the others. As for the Wind Chant Pavilion’s disciples, they hesitated, but in the end, they retreated with the aboriginals.


A rank four Celestial had already exchanged blows with Gu Yang. That terrifying power caused the void to shake.

Gu Yang’s spear shook, and like a dragon coming out of the sea, his aura erupted. As a rank three Celestial, he obstinately held back this rank four Celestial. Both of them were brute power fighters, so their exchanges were particularly resounding.

On the other hand, Yue Zifeng was fighting with the previous spear-wielding rank four Celestial. Sword Qi erupted, and spear-images shook the sky. Neither side could take the advantage.

Meng Qi had just been about to use a large-scale soul art again to kill these experts when her heart shook. A terrifying ray of Sword Qi locked down on her.

The Soul Suppressing Tower appeared in front of her, blocking this Sword Qi. This was an extremely powerful attack, and the Soul Suppressing Tower quivered. It was actually knocked back, and Meng Qi felt a burst of pain in her soul. This attack had also contained a spiritual attack.

For a physical attack to contain a spiritual aspect shocked Meng Qi. Only now did she see the one who attacked her. It was a woman and also one of the Corrupt path’s rank four Celestials.

“Are you curious? Hmph, then I’ll let you see the power of soul martial dual cultivation!” The woman raised her sword, and sword flowers suddenly appeared in front of her. They transformed into millions of rays of sword-light that shot toward Meng Qi.

Meng Qi rapidly formed hand seals, and the Soul Suppressing Tower rapidly grew, becoming three hundred meters tall. It revolved in the air, and her enemy’s sword-light all shattered upon coming into contact with it.

”Hmph, I knew your tower was strange. However, you’ll still die.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out behind Meng Qi, startling her.

This Corrupt woman’s cultivation was extremely terrifying. It was unknown what she had done in order to suddenly appear behind Meng Qi while she was distracted by the sword-light. The Corrupt woman launched a sudden sneak-attack that came too fast to react to.

Even though she was being sneak attacked, Meng Qi’s expression didn’t change. She shook her head. “Sorry, Long Chen has said that my life isn’t just my own anymore. It belongs to everyone who loves me, so I can’t die!”

The Corrupt woman suddenly sensed that something was off. Seeing the hand seal Meng Qi had formed, her expression changed.

A furious roar shook the sky. A huge figure appeared, and one of its wings smashing toward her. The huge wing struck her like a hammer, smashing her into the ground.

“Eighth rank Earth Dragon?!” She crawled up from the ground, blood dripping out of the corner of her mouth. She looked in shock at the Earth Dragon, which, despite constantly flapping its wings, was still rapidly descending from the sky.


The Earth Dragon crashed into the ground, leaving behind a huge crater. Although it had wings, its body was too heavy to fly.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth, and a fiery wave of heat attacked the Corrupt woman.

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