Chapter 907 Arriving One by One

Before people could even clearly see it, the sword had already been resheathed. A man stood in the air. He gave off the feeling of a sharp blade.

This person was Yue Zifeng. He had already advanced to the first Heavenstage of Sea Expansion, and he seemed like an awakened divine weapon.

As soon as he appeared, he shocked everyone. His attack had come too quickly and too sharply. Many people hadn’t even seen anything happen at all before it was over.

Two rank three Celestials had been killed just like that. There were countless people who used swords, but there were only a few that could be called sword cultivators.

“As expected, he’s still alive.” Ji Changkong sneered. He had a deep impression of this powerful sword cultivator. Back then Ji Hongling had warned him that he had to kill this Sword Dao genius. They couldn’t allow him to mature. However, Ji Changkong didn’t make a move right now. Since Xue You had already revealed himself and ruined his plans, then Xue You could deal with the consequences.

“Do you need help?” asked Yue Zifeng.

“No. It’s fine as long as you protect them.” Meng Qi shook her head, her face extremely pale.

Finally, someone had arrived. That made Meng Qi much more relaxed. If Yue Zifeng had arrived, then the others should already be on their way. The more time that passed, the more favorable their situation would be.

“Someone, go kill him.” Xue You frowned. Running into a powerful sword cultivator was a bit out of his expectations. However, this wasn’t enough to shock him.

Five experts behind him nodded, and they shot toward Yue Zifeng. They were all innate rank three Celestials, but because of their impure bloodlines, they hadn’t been able to use their advancements to Sea Expansion to also advance to rank four Celestials.

But even so, their combat power wasn’t something ordinary rank three Celestials could compare to. There was an impassable divide between them.

“Brat, time for you to die!” The five of them released their auras, Treasure items in their hands as they attacked Yue Zifeng.

Yue Zifeng coldly stared at them. His right hand slowly grasped the sword on his back.

Flying Rainbow came out of its sheath, striking like a bolt of lightning. It reached one of the experts in an instant.

That expert was horrified. By the time he reacted, Yue Zifeng’s sword was already right in front of his chest. His sword seemed to be able to slash through spatial restrictions.

Despite doing his best to block with his saber, it was ineffective. What horrified everyone was that even his Treasure item was cut in two along with him.

“Scatter! That is a high grade Treasure item!” shouted one of the Corrupt experts. Only a high grade Treasure item could so easily cut through a low grade Treasure item.

But it was too late. Yue Zifeng’s sword began to glow, and suddenly a sea of sword-light enveloped the four of them.

They didn’t even get to make a sound before being killed. Yue Zifeng’s comprehension into the Sword Dao was incredibly deep now, and combined with the peak grade Treasure item Flying Rainbow, he was like a tiger with wings.

Xue You’s expression finally changed. He hadn’t expected Yue Zifeng to possess such battle prowess. Before he had to say anything, another expert suddenly flew out from his side.

“Let me handle him.” That person was a rank four Celestial, and he held a long spear in his hands. That spear was speckled with rust and extremely ancient.

But if you were to look closely, you would see that the supposed rust was actually dried bloodstains. This was a terrifying corrupt weapon. The bloodstains were marks left behind when the spear killed supreme experts and absorbed their soul essence. Ordinary experts didn’t even have the qualifications to leave behind such a speckle once they were killed.

Blood Qi erupted as soon as the spear appeared. The sound of countless ghouls wailing filled the air.

BOOM! When Yue Zifeng’s sword slashed onto the spear, it merely left behind a tiny white mark. This spear was clearly extremely high quality. Even if it wasn’t a peak grade Treasure item, it had to be high grade.

“Die!” The rank four Celestial’s spear suddenly grew explosively, piercing toward Yue Zifeng. He had actually summoned his Treasure item’s true body.

Yue Zifeng snorted and his sword also instantly grew. He had obtained Flying Rainbow’s approval, allowing him to fully release its power.


Terrifying qi waves erupted and everyone hastily retreated. This was the power displayed when Treasure items released their true bodies.

Both Yue Zifeng and the rank four Celestial were blown back by the other’s power. Then with a cold shout, they once more attacked. The two of them released their full power, causing the void to rumble.

“How is this possible? Isn’t it said that rank four Celestials have an absolute suppression against rank three Celestials? But that brat doesn’t seem to be at a disadvantage!”

The Corrupt experts couldn’t help being shocked. The reason why rank three Celestials didn’t dare to fight rank four Celestials was because of the suppression of the Heavenly Dao runes.

“He is being suppressed. Look, his runic domain is clearly being suppressed and forced to a small size because of senior Ku Ta’s runes. But because he is a sword cultivator, his attacks are extremely sharp. That’s why he’s barely able to remain undefeated. But once enough time passes and he runs out of energy, he’ll definitely be killed,” said someone.

On one side, Yue Zifeng was fighting intensely against the rank four Celestial, causing huge explosive sounds. On the other side, Meng Qi was still bitterly enduring the attacks of her opponent. The expert fighting her was about to go crazy.

Just as Yue Zifeng had appeared and everyone’s attention had been drawn to him, the zombie-like Corrupt expert had stealthily taken out a medicinal pill, one that allowed him to regain a part of his energy.

But even so, he was still unable to defeat Meng Qi. Although she seemed to be on the verge of collapse, she refused to fall. He almost had an urge to kneel down and beg her to give up. If she continued, he would be the one to die.

Xue You looked from the tottering Meng Qi to Yue Zifeng. Lost in thought for a moment, he suddenly waved his hand. “A few people, go and kill some of the aboriginals.”

Dozens of Corrupt experts immediately shot toward the spectating aboriginals. Many of them were rank two Celestials.

“Hahaha, I suppose this counts as making it on time. Brothers, kill!”

Suddenly, heroic laughter rang out. Out of nowhere, over thirty experts wearing Righteous robes appeared. There were men and women in that group, and the one leading them was a rank four Celestial.

That rank four Celestial was a handsome man who looked to be in his twenties. Wielding his sword imposingly, he led his people to attack the Corrupt experts.

Everything happened too quickly. Those Corrupt experts had only just charged forward when they were slaughtered. The majority of them were killed by the leader of that group. In front of a rank four Celestial, they were nothing.

“Who are you?” shouted Xue You.

“The Wind Chant Pavilion’s disciple, Feng Geyin!” That man raised his sword at Xue You.

The Wind Chant Pavilion’s arrival shocked everyone, whether it was Ji Changkong, Xue You, or even Meng Qi. Why would they have appeared here? And it seemed they had come to help Long Chen.

The aboriginals were also startled. But other than Long Chen, they didn’t trust anyone. They tightly held their weapons. Who knew whether or not this was some trap?

“You’re going to stand on Long Chen’s side?” Xue You was startled. If that was true, then they were too stupid, so stupid that he couldn’t believe it.

“Haha, is that very unexpected? It is true, this is no different than courting death. However, we came just to court death! What’s there to fear? Don’t cultivators get stronger so they can do whatever they want to do? Otherwise, why bother cultivating? A portion of us simply admire Long Chen, for example, me. Another portion of us have received Long Chen’s favor. So even though we know we’ll die, we refuse to be turtles that simply wait for their deaths. Hehe, to be alive is to be willful!” Feng Geyin seemed calm, as if he didn’t care about life or death. 

That made Shi Cang, Xiao Fei, and the others feel profound respect for him. If what Feng Geyin was saying was true, then he really was a true man.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect this idiot to actually be so stupid. Well, killing him here is also good. There’s no need to find an excuse.” Ji Changkong watched from his room, a sinister smile on his face.

“Should I go and cut him down first?” probed Zheng Mingkong.

He had his own plans. In his eyes, Ji Changkong was the future leader of the Eastern Wasteland’s junior generation. Thus, he would be Ji Changkong’s right hand.

In truth, he really was worried about Feng Geyin joining their side. If that happened, he would have a competitor. That was why he wanted to kill Feng Geyin. One reason was to prove his own worth, and another reason was to get rid of a possible troublemaker.

“No need. That idiot Xue You dared ruin my plan. All the consequences will be left to him,” sneered Ji Changkong.

Outside, Xue You was icily staring at Feng Geyin. He even suspected that this person was one of Ji Changkong’s chess pieces who was intentionally sneaking his way to Long Chen’s side to stab him in the back.

But he quickly tossed aside that thinking. The probability of that was too low, and it would be too easy for Long Chen to notice it.

“There’s no need to care too much. A few more of you, go out and kill half of the aboriginals. Remember, don’t kill them all. As for anyone else, do as you please,” ordered Xue You.

Following his orders, thousands of Corrupt experts charged out, with a rank four Celestial leading them. He went straight toward Feng Geyin. Xue You was clearly using his true pieces now.


Suddenly, a spear shot out like a meteorite at the rank four Celestial. That rank four Celestial was startled and hastily blocked.

“What?!” But as a result, the power of the spear sent him flying. If he hadn’t been caught by other experts, it was unknown how far he would have flown.

“Great Earthen Spears!”

No one had seen who had thrown this spear. Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of them. Their hands slapped on the ground.

“Retreat!” Someone felt something was off and cried out with shock.

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