Chapter 905 Meng Qi Displays Her Power

More Righteous experts suddenly appeared. They were multiple times their number, charging at Xiao Fei and the others. This time, they were no longer just launching probing blows. Having received Ji Changkong’s orders, they were going to slaughter a large mass of the aboriginals.

During this time, Ji Changkong had used Long Chen as a bait to draw the aboriginals over. Then the baited aboriginals would act as more bait for more aboriginals.

However, the aboriginals didn’t send very many reinforcements. They had clearly already realized something was wrong. Perhaps they were gathering and discussing what was going on.

Ji Changkong delighted in this feeling of control, of forcing his opponents to dance to his tune. Once a large portion of the aboriginals were killed, the other ones would definitely panic. They would definitely send a huge army to save them.

In the face of this many Righteous experts’ attacks, Xiao Fei, Shi Cang, and the others’ expressions were all grave. They had all made their preparations for the worst-case scenario.

“Brothers, this is a sinister trap. They want to use us to draw out more of our tribesmen, but we can’t let them have their way. Do your best to kill as many as possible. Those who have died are heroes, and as for those who haven’t died, brothers, you should know what to do!” shouted Shi Cang. He had seen through some clues.

“Kill! We definitely can’t implicate others!”

The trapped aboriginals let out furious roars. They understood what he was saying. If they all died fighting, then their tribesmen wouldn’t need to think about saving them. Then they wouldn’t fall for this trap.

They had all made their preparations. Either they had to die to their enemies’ blades, or they had to die to their own blades. Of course, before dying, they had to break even.

The Righteous experts were like a flood now. Their numbers continued to grow. Just as the few hundred aboriginals were about to be submerged, a sigh rang out in the air. 

“Sorry. Soul Extermination Life Devouring Art.”

The voice was beautiful, but it was full of regret and unwillingness. A terrifying fluctuation spread around the battlefield.

The Righteous experts stiffened and collapsed on the ground. Their life auras had disappeared. Everything had happened too quickly, and their momentum carried them forward for a while before they became still.

Of over two thousand people, only forty to fifty experts had barriers of light appear over their bodies. That was the automatic defense of protective soul items.

But those barriers had only just appeared before they dimmed and shattered.


Those people immediately despaired. But it was too late for anything. The flames of their souls were like candles that had been dropped inside a pool of ice water. They were instantly extinguished.


Everyone was shocked. The Righteous experts had all been killed in just a breath’s time. Even Shi Cang and the others were dumbfounded.

People raised their heads to see a graceful figure floating in the air. Her white robes were sacred and holy. And combined with her pure face, she was like a goddess from above the heavens. She was Meng Qi.

A trace of pain appeared in Meng Qi’s eyes. She didn’t like fighting, and she didn’t like killing people. But she knew that these aboriginals had helped Long Chen. If it were Long Chen, he would definitely do this.

Since Long Chen would do it, then whether or not she liked it, she would support him. So she had used a soul art to undertake a large-scale slaughter.

As soon as Meng Qi appeared, corpses littered the ground. Everyone was appalled. They were all experienced people, and they knew they had just encountered a terrifying soul cultivator.

But no matter how terrifying she was, how could she possibly kill this many people so quickly? Most of these people had possessed protective soul items, but even the strongest soul items had only lasted for less than a breath before running out of energy. Such a soul cultivator was truly too terrifying.

The hidden Ji Changkong was shocked. But he quickly calmed down. He had fought Meng Qi before, but back then, her soul arts hadn’t been so terrifying.

“Fuck, I didn’t expect Long Chen to have such luck with women.” Ji Changkong became a bit jealous.

“Hehe, don’t worry, alliance master. How could any woman you fancy escape you?” Zheng Mingkong smiled. A woman with an immortal-like charm like Meng Qi was extremely rare in this world, and any man would be moved. But Zheng Mingkong didn’t dare to express his own desire.

However, Meng Qi’s arrival didn’t cause Ji Changkong any worry. In fact, it relieved him. It meant everything was still going according to plan. Right now, he was just thinking of what he had to do to capture this peerless beauty.

“Many thanks for helping, miss. May I ask…?” Shi Cang cupped his fists to Meng Qi, and all the aboriginals bowed.

“I am Long Chen’s… friend. Thank you everyone for taking care of Long Chen. In truth, Long Chen is fine, and he’s already on his way here. Don’t worry.” Meng Qi returned the etiquette.

“Long Chen’s on his way? Haha, good. Then I, Xue You, can cut off his head.”

Suddenly, a cold laugh rang out, and a mass of Corrupt disciples blocked the entrance to Drake Mountain, with Xue You standing at the front.

“You fucker Xue You, what the fuck are you doing?!” cursed Ji Changkong. According to the plan, Xue You was only supposed to appear once Long Chen was baited. Then both sides would work together and make sure he had no chance of running.

But Xue You had appeared now. Once Long Chen learned that both the Righteous and Corrupt paths’ experts were lying in wait here, would he really just stupidly jump in? Ji Changkong cursed every member of Xue You’s family.

“Girl, this lord has taken a fancy to you. The others will all die, but you won’t. I hope you can see the situation and not force me to use violence!” Xue You looked at Meng Qi with admiration.

Meng Qi was incomparably beautiful. Xue You had only seen one woman as beautiful as her, and that was Leng Yueyan. However, even though he had gotten stronger, he didn’t dare to place such thoughts on her. But he had no such qualms with Meng Qi.

More and more Corrupt experts were appearing. By the time over ten thousand experts had appeared behind Xue You, Shi Cang and the others’ expressions were extremely ugly.

Over ten thousand Sea Expansion experts. Almost half of them were rank two Celestials, and they had hundreds of rank three Celestials. Furthermore, there were three fellows with vast auras behind Xue You, auras powerful enough to cause everybody to despair.

When fighting invaders, without an altar’s protection against the curse, only Foundation Forging aboriginals could fight against rank three Sea Expansion Celestials. And their power would only be slightly greater.

But now, there were four rank four Celestials. Even if all the aboriginals arrived here, they wouldn’t be able to defeat such terrifying opponents. It would be a one-sided slaughter.

“You fucker Xue You, you’ve actually ruined all my work for one woman.”

Ji Changkong was clenching his teeth in fury. He hadn’t expected Xue You to be so unreliable. Now the chance of Long Chen falling for this trap had fallen.

“Secretly spread my orders. The concealed Righteous experts aren’t to move. Let this bastard deal with this. If he really ruins this matter, I’ll kill him,” ordered Ji Changkong.

Zheng Mingkong nodded and left, leaving only a gnashing Ji Changkong in the room.

The battlefield was still empty. Meng Qi’s figure slowly descended from the sky, and she landed in front of Shi Cang and the others. To Xue You, she said, “I’ve heard Long Chen mention your name.”

“Oh?” The more Xue You looked at Meng Qi, the itchier his heart grew. This goddess-like woman was too beautiful. He was only able to reply instinctively.

“Long Chen said that your neck was very hard, and cutting off your head took quite a bit of work. Is that true?” asked Meng Qi lightly.

Xue You’s expression instantly changed. The fact that Long Chen had cut off his head was his life’s greatest humiliation and his greatest taboo right now. Even just mentioning it was no different than a slap in the face.

Xue You turned icy. “Looks like you don’t know how to appreciate kindness. Since that’s the case, I won’t be courteous.”

“What, you want to personally take action?” asked Meng Qi.

“Hmph, don’t worry, if I were to personally handle you, it would just be bullying. You’re a rank three Celestial, so I’ll also send out a rank three Celestial. If you lose, obediently let yourself be captured. If you cooperate, I can spare these idiots’ lives.” Xue You pointed to Shi Cang and the others.

However, a crafty light flickered deep in Xue You’s eyes. This was a scoundrel oath. He had said he would spare their lives, but he couldn’t represent the Righteous experts. They were still allowed to kill as they pleased.

Meng Qi was a soul expert, and right now, she had already refined that mysterious expert’s soul crystals from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s trial. Her Spiritual Strength was as vast as an ocean, and this little trick was unable to escape her eyes.

“No problem.” Meng Qi agreed to his terms.


“You can’t!”

“This bastard is simply conspiring against you. We can’t exchange our lives for a woman’s dignity.”

The aboriginals immediately shouted. They refused to allow such a matter to occur. If Meng Qi was defeated, just how were they supposed to face Long Chen? They would rather die than be saved like this.

“Don’t worry. I’m confident.” Meng Qi smiled at them, and she also sent a spiritual message to Shi Cang.

Shi Cang was also unable to accept this, but once he received her message, he stopped everyone’s shouting and led them to back up, leaving space for Meng Qi to fight.

The aboriginals couldn’t understand what he was doing, but his position was clearly high in their hearts. They still listened to Shi Cang’s orders.

“Let’s begin.”

Meng Qi’s robes began to drift as she slowly floated into the sky. She made people have an urge to worship her.

“I’ll handle you.”

Xue You cast a glance at a certain person. That corpse-like man immediately flew into the air.

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