Chapter 902 A Storm Approaches


A large mountain crumbled and soaring qi waves surged into the sky. A long-haired man stood in the sky, four-colored runes around him.

“Long Chen, the time for your death has come at last. My Spirit Blood has awakened, allowing me to comprehend the Remote Heaven Canon. Just what will you use to fight me?!”

A shout shook the sky. This person was the Remote Heaven Gang’s number one expert, Ji Changkong. His Spirit Blood had awakened, and he had become a rank four Celestial.

“Lord Changkong.” A dozen Righteous experts reverently bowed toward him.

“I’ve just reached the first Heavenstage of Sea Expansion. I’ll need a few days to completely stabilize my cultivation base and get accustomed to my new power. You are to spread out, gathering all the Righteous experts. Spread the news that I’ve come out of seclusion as loudly as possible. This time, I want to teach Xue You, Yu Changhao, Huang Junmo, and the likes just who is the number one person of the Righteous path!” ordered Ji Changkong.

“Yes! However, we’ve heard that the Wind Chant Pavilion’s top disciple, Feng Geyin, as well as the Seven Star Gate’s Zheng Mingkong, have advanced to become rank four Celestials. The two of them probably won’t be so obedient,” said one disciple.

“Hmph, two nameless little sects. Did they think that just by hiding two talented disciples from others, they could rise? Laughable. What sect isn’t formed through countless years and generations of accumulated efforts? If they don’t know how to appreciate kindness, just have them die here,” sneered Ji Changkong.

Although he was a bit surprised that two such figures appeared out of nowhere, he didn’t place them in his eyes. Small sects like theirs didn’t possess a strong enough foundation. Even if they gave birth to talented disciples, their power would be limited. That had to do with the sect’s foundation.

“There’s also Long Chen…” probed one person.

“Hmph, I will personally cut off his head. But before I do so, I’ll make him lose all his reputation. I’ll make him an absolute villain targeted by everyone. Then even if I kill him, the Xuantian Dao Sect won’t be able to make a fart!” Hatred flashed in Ji Changkong’s eyes. The icy smile on his face made them shiver.

“Greetings, lord Xue You!”

Hundreds of Corrupt experts were bowing toward a slim man. This was was the Corrupt King Xue You.

There weren’t any fluctuations coming off of Xue You’s body, but an indescribable feeling radiated from him, one that made people feel even more terrified.

His devil eye was open. Countless runes revolved within it, looking like a starry sky. It was like it contained a universe, a universe that was filled with terrifying power.

“What is happening outside?” asked Xue You, standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

“We’ve investigated. Seven rank four Celestials have appeared in the Corrupt path,” reported one disciple.

“Seven? That’s not bad. Looks like there are quite a few scheming people who hid themselves deeply. What are their plans? Do they wish to follow me?” Xue You found this a bit unexpected. He had been focused on cultivating during this time, so he hadn’t learned of what had happened on the outside yet. He had given the task of information gathering to others.

“Your subordinates were too slow. Three of the seven want to follow you, but the other… they’ve been snatched away by Ka Wutu,” said one disciple carefully.

“Ka Wutu? The one who provoked Leng Yueyan and was then tormented for a month? He still has the face to continue living?” Xue You frowned.

“Yes. The Devil Empress once viewed him as a target to kill, but he was too weak, and each time, he was defeated and then tormented.” When talking about Leng Yueyan, all of them felt a cold breeze on their backs.

“That idiot! It was clearly lord Xue You who saved him, but now he dares to challenge you. He really is courting death!” raged a Corrupt expert.

Saying that Xue You had saved him was a bit exaggerated. The truth was that Leng Yueyan had felt Ka Wutu to be too weak and had simply lost interest in him. So she had changed her target to Xue You.

In truth, at that time, Leng Yueyan’s fame hadn’t been very illustrious in the Corrupt path. It was because she had later set her sights on Xue You that her fame had increased. They had fought three great battles without a clear victor. Of course, those three battles had ended with Xue You miserably fleeing. The last time, he had almost been killed by her. He never mentioned the results of those battles and Leng Yueyan also disdained to mention the topic, so the outside world thought that they were evenly matched.

In the Corrupt expert’s eyes, only Xue You could fight against Leng Yueyan. They didn’t know that if Xue You saw Leng Yueyan, he would immediately turn tail and flee.

“That idiot does have some ability. However, he cultivates the corpse devil path and has cultivated his own body into a withered corpse. It’s too disgusting. Now that he has advanced to become a rank four Celestial, my guess is his bloodline’s blood corpse energy has awakened, making his physical body even stronger. That’s why he dares to challenge me. Ignore him. When the time comes, I’ll put them all in their place. If they don’t appreciate my kindness, I’ll directly kill them. My devil eye has completely awoken, so starting today, the Corrupt path is mine to lead. Those who oppose me will die. Hmph, I’ll conveniently handle Leng Yueyan as well, letting her know that I am the true king of the Corrupt path,” said Xue You confidently.

“That’s right, lord Xue You, in a certain place, we noticed the Nine Yin Corrupt Bone Transportation Formation. It should have been left by the Devil Empress,” said a disciple.

“She left?” Xue You was startled. He couldn’t understand why Leng Yueyan had left at this time. But then he nodded. “That’s fine. I’ll end her once I get out.”

Although he acted dissatisfied, he was actually relieved. Leng Yueyan’s departure lightened the pressure on him a lot.

“What about on the side of the ancient races?” asked Xue You.

“The ancient races are a bit disorderly right now. Quite a few vicious fellows have appeared. They were previously a bit irritated with Yu Changhao. Nine of them have just advanced to the fourth rank, and they’ve begun amassing troops, forming their own powers to declare dominance.”

“That’s normal. Those half-human half-beast people have powerful bloodline powers. Once they reach the fourth rank, their bloodline power completely awakens, granting them immense power. As for Yu Changhao, he overestimated himself, thinking that he is unrivaled in close-range and long-range combat. That’s why he often looked down and scoffed at people seeking asylum with him. Now that others have become rank four Celestials, he’s isolated. However, the ancient races are united. Even if they don’t get along, they won’t start an all-out war with each other. At most, they’ll just work independently. That might be a good thing for us. What about the Righteous path?” asked Xue You

“On the side of the Righteous path, there’s nothing to worry about. After asking around, we found that other than Ji Changkong, they only have two rank four Celestials from smaller sects. They’re the isolated, poor kind of sects. Their combat power is probably only slightly greater than innate rank three Celestials,” sneered a Corrupt expert.

A person’s strength could not be determined merely by cultivation base and talent. Their cultivation techniques, their magical arts, their weapons, and all the resources that had gone into them were also extremely important. Just good talent alone was useless. It could be said that geniuses were built up mostly by resources. To put it even more bluntly, they needed money.

So whether it was Ji Changkong or Xue You, they didn’t care about those two Righteous experts. Such people weren’t a threat.

“What about Long Chen? Is there any news?” Xue You’s eyes narrowed. When he mentioned this name, killing intent surged within his eyes. He hated Long Chen to the bone. Long Chen was the only one in this world to have ever cut off his head. That was an indescribable humiliation.

“This entire time, we were unable to even find Long Chen’s shadow. He should still be in seclusion. However, we did hear that Ji Changkong is searching everywhere for Long Chen. Furthermore, he is offering a bounty for anyone in Long Chen’s group.”

“A bounty?” Xue You was startled.

“Yes. Ji Changkong seems to want to rule the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path, using his power to intimidate all the Righteous experts.”

Xue You nodded. “I’ve heard of Ji Changkong. The Remote Heaven Gang’s Ji family not only has a secret canon inheritance, but it seems that a supreme expert once appeared amongst their ancestors. Perhaps he has some ability.”

“Ji Changkong is in the midst of gathering all the Righteous experts. He sent out an arrest warrant for Long Chen with a reward on it. Anyone who finds any of the people in Long Chen’s group will be richly rewarded. The funniest thing was, there are two experts from the same sect as Long Chen, Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan, who have become Ji Changkong’s underlings. They’re saying that Long Chen has colluded with the aboriginals to kill his fellow Righteous experts. His group has become all the Righteous path’s targets,” sneered a Corrupt expert disdainfully. The Righteous path was truly interesting.

The others were also sneering in disdain. The Righteous path was most skilled in this kind of game. Ji Changkong’s confidence must have inflated to the point that he wanted to use the status of the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path’s number one expert to challenge the Corrupt path.

However, in order to become the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path’s number one expert, he had to first eliminate Long Chen. Long Chen truly did have relationships with the aboriginals. The crime of forging secret ties with aboriginals was a grave one, and there was proof.

However, for the ones who accused Long Chen of working with aboriginals to be the ones from his own sect was too laughable. Although Xue You hated Long Chen, he had no choice but to admit that Long Chen had his own pride and ability. Did he really need to collude with the aboriginals to kill a few people from the Righteous path? Just how small did a person’s brain have to be to believe such a thing?

They were clearly framing him, but there were so many people who ‘believed it without question’. Those people clearly knew the truth but were just acting. They felt that Ji Changkong was stronger than Long Chen. Long Chen hadn’t appeared, and the people from his own sect had betrayed him. They simply acted according to the situation.

“What should we do now?”

“There’s no need to do anything. Just calmly watch what happens. With Ji Changkong present, we don’t even need to do anything. He’ll force Long Chen to come out. When it comes to scheming, we are lacking compared to the Righteous path. We should just wait until both sides are exhausted to kill them all. This time, we’ll win a perfect victory, not letting a single one of those Righteous experts to leave alive” said Xue You. Ever since the Righteous path had gained Long Chen, the Corrupt path had run into setback after setback, irritating the higher-ups.

Long Chen had been number one on their must-kill list for a long time now, but he was still alive and healthy. That was a humiliation to the entire Corrupt path.

During this time, whoever could kill Long Chen would become the Corrupt path’s hero. They would gain unprecedented glory.

“Reporting to lord Xue You, a disciple from the Righteous path wants to see you.” Suddenly, a Corrupt disciple walked in with a strange expression.

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