Chapter 900 Huge Skull


Although the two of them had been warned by Long Chen, they still screamed. They felt like their souls were being torn apart.

Originally, half the Spiritual Strength Long Chen had been sending them had been absorbed by the Earth Spirit Bead. But were his things ever so easy to snatch? It had always been Long Chen snatching things from others, and when others snatched things from him, they had to pay a steep price.

Long Chen hadn’t stopped the Earth Spirit Bead from absorbing his Spiritual Strength. In fact, he had intentionally given it his purest Spiritual Strength.

Once that Spiritual Strength entered the Earth Spirit Bead, it began to spread, merging with every bit of the bead. The Earth Spirit Bead was a spiritual treasure that only heaven and earth could give birth to. Because it had been nourished by the tower for so long, it had grown stronger, having its own intelligence.

It had actually instinctively decided to absorb their souls to nourish itself. That would make it even more intelligent. In truth, although it was powerful, its current intelligence wasn’t very high. Absorbing their Spiritual Strength had just been an instinct.

As for Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, it just foolishly absorbed as much as it could. It didn’t know that once his Spiritual Strength entered its body, it merged with all its core energy, making it so that the two could no longer be separated.

Now that the opportunity had opened, his Spiritual Strength erupted and all of it was retracted. His Spiritual Strength pulled away all the Earth Spirit Bead’s core energy.

What was entering their bodies was not only a massive amount of Spiritual Strength, but also boundless earth energy. It ravished their bodies, making them feel like their bodies and souls were about to explode. They continuously screamed.

“What are you shouting about? Don’t you feel embarrassed to shout? Weren’t you willing to give up anything, including your lives, in order to get stronger? You’re going to scream from this little bit of pain?” raged Long Chen. They hadn’t listened to him, so Long Chen refused to slow down the energy flow. In fact, he didn’t even suppress the Earth Spirit Bead’s retaliation, making the two of them endure it.

Ever since he had heard that the two of them had gone out on their own, there had been a stone on his heart. Now that he knew they were alive, they needed some punishment.

Hearing Long Chen’s words, the two of them actually did feel too embarrassed to continue screaming. They staunchly clenched their teeth. But it was truly too painful. The superposition of physical and spiritual pain made it so that their eyes were about to pop out and large veins bulged on their foreheads.

Finally, the Earth Spirit Bead realized something was wrong and began to crazily retaliate. At this time, Long Chen had no choice but to suppress it with his Spiritual Strength, or that power would make them explode.

“Don’t just clench your teeth and wait for it to be over. Hurry and absorb this power. Gather it on top of your Spirit Root. In the future, you’ll be earth attribute experts,” said Long Chen.

Now the two of them didn’t just need to endure the pain. They also had to remain focused and absorb the unending earth energy.

After two hours, the huge sphere cracked. The Earth Spirit Bead’s earth energy had all been extracted and given to Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. Long Chen suddenly felt a burst of weariness.

The Earth Spirit Bead was a treasure that had given birth to its own intelligence. The amount of earth energy inside it could be likened to an ocean. He had exhausted a great deal of his Spiritual Strength to handle it.

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi didn’t disappoint him. They had both become earth attribute experts and were now lying on the ground like lumps of mud. They had almost fainted several times during this torment, but in order to absorb more energy, they had endured it.

“We’re sorry, boss.” When the two of them finally recovered enough energy to speak, their first words were still the same. They were ashamed enough to die. The fact that Long Chen had come down here to search for them made them gratified, but it made them feel even worse.

“It’s fine. Seeing your expressions just now, I feel much better. Don’t bring it up again,” said Long Chen. He examined their surroundings.

The two of them had equally split the immense energy within the Earth Spirit Bead. Now that they possessed earth energy, Long Chen’s plans changed.

Originally, he was going to ask the Eastern Wasteland Bell to bring them up. But now that these two had earth energy, why not have them dig a cave out? Although it might take an exorbitant amount of energy for them, it could be treated as part of their punishment.

“Long Chen, you don’t need to worry about leaving here. Help me out. Go down to the bottom of the abyss so I can figure out exactly what happened to the Immemorial Path.” The Eastern Wasteland Bell’s voice suddenly rang out in Long Chen’s head.

“What? I’ll be killed by the spatial blades,” said Long Chen.

“I’ll protect you. I can’t go down by myself. Before things come to light, it’s not convenient for me to reveal my body. I need your help,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Then be careful. I only have this one life and it’s very important. Don’t make me lose it accidentally.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

“You two can rest here. I’m going out for a trip. I’ll be right back.”

Not waiting for them to reply, Long Chen flew out of the tower, descending down. In truth, he also wanted to know just what secrets lay at the bottom of these abysses.

Last time with Leng Yueyan, he had vaguely seen a huge chain. But before he could see any more details, he had been forced to flee for his life.

Now, the spatial blades were even stronger than before. They came one by one, but this time, Long Chen didn’t need to block them. A layer of light appeared over his body, smashing apart any of those spatial blades.

After descending more, he saw what was essentially a region of death. Countless spatial blades were clashing here, and space was constantly rumbling. Long Chen felt his scalp turn numb.

These powerful spatial blades were as big as a mountain. When they struck him, fierce ripples appeared on the barrier around him. He really was worried that the Eastern Wasteland Bell wouldn’t be able to handle it, and he would be instantly blown to bits.

The only comforting thing was that the Eastern Wasteland Bell was very reliable. Even when those terrifying spatial blades struck him, its barrier still blocked them.

Finally, they were getting close to the bottom. But the Eastern Wasteland Bell told Long Chen to slide down from the wall. Those stone walls had been compressed by the spatial blades to the point that they were incredibly hard.

After another, even more berserk sea of spatial blades, Long Chen finally saw the bottom of the abyss. When he saw it, his hair immediately stood on end.

He saw that the block of land he was sliding down was actually an island, floating in the air. Below it was an endless sea of blood.

That sea of blood was filled with surging Blood Qi. Even Long Chen felt terrified by it. 

There were huge chains within the blood, chains which connected to the bottom of the land blocks. Certain lines on the chains would occasionally light up.

“Continue forward.”

The Eastern Wasteland Bell pointed out a direction for Long Chen. He continued, flying above the sea of blood. The sea of blood was still, but it filled his nose with a pungent smell.

Blood! There was human blood and Magical Beast blood. Just what was going on? What had happened for there to be this much blood.

Long Chen was like a small, insignificant fly compared to this sea. It was just enormous.

Later, Long Chen realized his speed was increasing. The Eastern Wasteland Bell must have been unsatisfied with his speed and was increasing it.

The floating blocks passed one by one over his head. Long Chen shuddered. At this speed, if he crashed into one of those blocks, he would be squashed to death. This speed was too dangerous.

He didn’t know how far he had flown before his speed gradually slowed down. Following the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s instructions, he went along the wall of a block, slowly moving forward. When he reached the end, he raised his head and looked around.

“What is that?!”

Long Chen was shocked to see a huge altar. Countless chains connected to it.

There was a mountain-sized skull on the altar. It looked like a human skull, but it was huge.

The skull floated atop the altar, revolving ever so slowly. As it revolved, strange runes appeared in the air. Long Chen could almost sense strange energy flowing through the chains and into the altar.

As he looked in horror at this unimaginable scene, the skull slowly turned to face him.

He looked into its empty eye sockets. There were actually blue flames within them, and it seemed to be able to see him. Long Chen suddenly felt like his soul was about to flee from his body. A fierce sensation of death filled him from head to toe.

“It sees me!” Long Chen was horrified. His intuition told him that this skull was somehow alive.

A ray of light shot out from the skull’s eyes, and Long Chen immediately felt the despair of death. He was locked down. This power was impossible to resist.

The difference was too great. He was an ant against an elephant. This difference could make a person give up all hope.



A powerful explosion rocked Long Chen. The land block beside him was shattered. He even thought that he had also been blown to bits.

But the scene in front of him suddenly changed. He appeared at the place where he had jumped down into the abyss. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were beside him, stunned. Everything he had seen was like a dream.


“Forget everything you just saw. Act like nothing happened, and definitely don’t bring it up to anyone. You aren’t at the level of being able to participate in any of this,” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen was deeply shaken. Perhaps he had just come into contact with a terrifying secret, which was why the Eastern Wasteland Bell was warning him so gravely.

He nodded. Overthinking such things wasn’t good and would simply cause disorder in one’s heart. He directly acted like it had never happened. He gave Li Qi and Song Mingyuan rank three Heavenly Dao Fruits and the peak grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. Then while the remnants of the spiritual qi eruption were still present, they quickly underwent their tribulations to enter Sea Expansion.

The two of them managed to expand their qi seas to two and a half thousand miles, which was beyond Long Chen’s expectation of just two thousand miles. The Earth Spirit Bead must have helped them more than he had thought.

Once they had advanced, he brought them back to Meng Qi’s location. The Dragonblood warriors were finally all located. Long Chen’s heart was finally at ease. Now was the time to refine the true dragon essence blood.

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