Chapter 899 Earth Spirit Bead

Long Chen hastily took out the sensor device. He saw a small arrow pointing to some extremely faint fluctuations. He hastily rushed off in that direction.

After just a few miles, Long Chen had to stop. A huge abyss had appeared. It was even bigger than the abyss he and Leng Yueyan had fallen into.

“They couldn’t have…” Long Chen looked at the sensor device with bewilderment. Once he was in front of the abyss, his heart sank. The arrow was pointing down into the abyss. “They actually fell down.”

Now this matter was grave. If they had fallen down this abyss, then even ten thousand lives wouldn’t have been enough.

When he and Leng Yueyan had gone all-out and worked together, they had only managed to escape with their lives because of a coincidence. But Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had only been at the Xiantian realm when they had left. There was no way they could have survived.

Thinking of that, sadness crept across Long Chen’s face. Although he had known the chances of them surviving were remote, he had still been hopeful. Now that he was facing this result, he couldn’t accept it.

“No!” Long Chen suddenly realized something was off. If they really had fallen to the bottom of an abyss, the terrifying spatial blades would have torn them to pieces. Even the sensor devices on their bodies should have been destroyed.

“They have to still be down there.” Long Chen’s heart jumped. Looking down at the abyss, he clenched his teeth and asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell, “Senior, if I go down, do you have the power to bring me up?”

“That’s no problem, but it would use up one of your favors. Think about it carefully. For two people who are likely dead, you are sacrificing a life-saving opportunity. Is it worth it?” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Of course it’s worth it. Anything is worth it for my brothers. Since I know they’re below, I have to go down. Even if what I find is their corpses, it’s worth it!” said Long Chen.

“Sometimes I find you really are incurably stupid. But I like this stupidity of yours,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Its voice contained the slightest bit of gratification and admiration.

“So then you’re saying it’s no problem?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course. I am the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Even in my broken down state, such a minor matter is nothing,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell indifferently. But its voice clearly contained its own arrogance.

“Alright, then I’m going down.”

“Go in peace.”

Go in peace? Long Chen was speechless. Those words seemed rather ominous.

“Let me say it another way. With me present, you can be at ease as you go!” The Eastern Wasteland Bell also seemed to have sensed that its words were a bit odd and changed them.

“Is there any difference?” Long Chen rolled his eyes. Did people from ancient times all talk this way?

“Are you going or not?!” raged the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen jumped down into the abyss. This time, he was completely on guard. He did his best to control his own descent speed. He found that it was the same as the last abyss. He could only go down, not up. Now that he had jumped down, he had no way back up.

He slowly descended. As he got deeper, his surroundings got darker. He suddenly found that this abyss was even deeper than the one he had previously encountered.

Eventually, the sliver of the sky disappeared. But there still weren’t any fluctuations from below.

After another two hours, there were finally some spatial fluctuations. Minute spatial blades began to appear.

But these spatial blades were gentle, almost like feathers. They didn’t contain any offensive power. Furthermore, by stepping on them, it was possible to slow his descent. In fact, he could even stay stationary in the air.

As he continued downwards, he gradually began to feel like something was off. He was hearing some faint rumbling from very, very far down. That had to be some terrifying force. It made his scalp numb.

A hundred miles down, the spatial blades were starting to grow powerful. But he still didn’t see any sign of Song Mingyuan or Li Qi.

However, the sensor device’s vibrations were growing more and more intense. He was clearly getting closer to them.

The spatial blades here were now spinning. Long Chen had no choice but to take out Blooddrinker. This time, Long Chen wasn’t as miserable as last time. These spatial blades weren’t able to pose much of a threat to him. Blooddrinker was able to destroy any one of them with a single slash.

“They’re ahead!” Long Chen suddenly noticed a huge, ancient tower below him. It was a hundred miles long and was stuck diagonally into the side of the abyss, keeping it from falling to the bottom.

Long Chen immediately began moving toward it. As expected, as soon as he jumped onto it, the sensor device’s vibrating grew to a new level. The two of them had to be in the ancient tower. If it weren’t for this ancient tower, they would have fallen to the bottom of the abyss and been exterminated by the spatial blades. There would be nothing left.

The ancient tower was piercing the abyss’s cliff. It had been split open and he easily entered inside. The fact that the tower hadn’t been completely destroyed after falling such a distance showed that it was actually exceptionally sturdy.

Long Chen saw two sets of footprints in the dusty tower’s floor. He was delighted and hastily rushed deeper into the tower.

“Song Mingyuan, Li Qi!” he shouted loudly. His voice reached every corner of the tower, but he didn’t hear their response nor did he sense their auras.

That made Long Chen’s heart sink once more. He hastily continued deeper. When he reached the peak of the tower, he saw two earth statues.

They were Song Mingyuan and Li Qi!

Long Chen was startled. The two statues were Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, but their life auras had disappeared. They were standing there, wrapped in earth.

“Earth Spirit Bead? This tower actually had an Earth Spirit Bead protecting it? Regretfully, the formations were broken, and there was no one to look after the Earth Spirit Bead. It actually gave birth to its own intelligence and wants to devour their soul essence,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Only now did Long Chen see a huge sphere up ahead. It was three meters in diameter and covered in dust.

He had just entered this region when his foot was suddenly caught by a powerful strand of earth energy. He instantly became encased in earth just like Song Mingyuan and Li Qi.

This earth possessed its own powerful energy that was binding Long Chen. He felt like he was buried beneath endless earth. That pressure made it so he couldn’t move.


With a loud bang, the earth around Long Chen exploded. This earth was extremely powerful. Perhaps it could trap even Sea Expansion Celestials, but it was far from enough to bind Long Chen.

After breaking his earth seal, Long Chen extended his hands and pressed them against the foreheads of Song Mingyuan and Li Qi. He broke away the earth, touching their skin.

“Good, good. They hid their souls in their Niwan. They hadn’t dissipated yet!” Long Chen was delighted. The so-called Niwan was located in the middle of a person’s head. It was also called the Niwan Palace and was the spring which gave birth to a cultivator’s Spiritual Strength.

When the earth seal had covered him, Long Chen had sensed a special energy from the earth trying to absorb his soul.

As for Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, they had been unable to fight against that absorption, so they had sealed their own souls in their Niwan Palace, which had made them enter a state of quasi death. That was the only way to slow down the absorption of their souls.

However, even if they had sealed their Spiritual Strength in their Niwans, they still weren’t able to completely stop it. The only thing they could do was stall for more time.

Their Spiritual Strength was extremely weak now, and the flames of their souls were almost extinguished. It was no wonder he hadn’t sensed their life auras.

Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength gently entered their Niwans, nourishing their souls. As he did so, their souls were like dry riverbeds finally receiving nourishment and recovering.

At the same time as they recovered, another kind of energy was absorbing quite a bit of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength. He sensed that it was being sent to the large sphere.

Long Chen’s mouth curled into a cold smile. He allowed it to continue absorbing his Spiritual Strength.

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi’s souls were extremely weak, and so Long Chen didn’t give them too much Spiritual Strength at first.


It was several hours before their souls finally awoke. Seeing Long Chen in front of them, they were startled and delighted, but also ashamed.

“Recover your souls fully first,” said Long Chen. Although the two had awoken, their Spiritual Strength was still weak. They needed more time to recover to their peak.

“Boss, we’re sorry,” said Li Qi. He felt himself to be too useless. He had wanted to get stronger, but the result was that he had just caused trouble for Long Chen.

“There’s no need for such words between brothers. I have to admire the two of you. Can you tell me how you ended up here?” asked Long Chen as he continued pouring in his Spiritual Strength. He was curious, had the two of them wanted to get stronger so badly that they had gone insane? Had they decided to follow the legends of people jumping off cliffs in search of opportunity?

“It was that bastard Yue Qianshan. He joined forces with Zhao Wuji to chase us down. We weren’t able to beat them, so we were forced into this abyss,” raged Song Mingyuan. He hated those two to the core now, but they hadn’t been able to defeat them.

“Alright, don’t be so mad. If you want revenge, you can get it once we get out. Once you see those two, just directly crush them.” Long Chen smiled.

These two really were unlucky. They had fallen here not long after entering the Immemorial Path. After being sealed here for so long, they didn’t even know what had happened outside.

As for Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan, they were just rank two Celestials. To the current Long Chen, rank two Celestials were weaker than cannon fodder.

An hour later, their souls had fully recovered. But Long Chen still kept them encased in the earth.

“Alright, be careful. I will help you refine this Earth Spirit Bead. It might be a bit painful, but endure it.” After saying that, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength suddenly spurted out wildly, and the two of them immediately felt a burst of pain in their souls.

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