Chapter 899 Earth Spirit Bead (Teaser)

Long Chen hastily took out the sensor device. He saw a small arrow pointing to some extremely faint fluctuations. He hastily rushed off in that direction.

After just a few miles, Long Chen had to stop. A huge abyss had appeared. It was even bigger than the abyss he and Leng Yueyan had fallen into.

“They couldn’t have…” Long Chen looked at the sensor device with bewilderment. Once he was in front of the abyss, his heart sank. The arrow was pointing down into the abyss. “They actually fell down.”

Now this matter was grave. If they had fallen down this abyss, then even ten thousand lives wouldn’t have been enough.

When he and Leng Yueyan had gone all-out and worked together, they had only managed to escape with their lives because of a coincidence. But Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had only been at the Xiantian realm when they had left. There was no way they could have survived.

Thinking of that, sadness crept across Long Chen’s face. Although he had known the chances of them surviving were remote, he had still been hopeful. Now that he was...

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