Chapter 898 Finding a Clue

Even after three days of searching, there weren’t the slightest vibrations from the sensor device. To search for the two of them, Long Chen had picked out nine paths they could have gone after parting with Wilde.

These nine paths were all paths to the trial regions. With the Ten Thousand Beast Forest at the center, these nine paths were the most likely ones they would have taken.

But after three days, he had already gone through eight of them without finding anything. If he still didn’t find anything on this ninth path, he would have to extend his search region on each of the nine paths again. That would waste even more time.

It had been over seven months since the Immemorial Path had opened. There were less than five months until it closed. He was pressed for time.

All the experts were in the midst of a metamorphosis. Once they came out of their seclusions, they would be true experts, and there would definitely be a bloody battle fought in the Immemorial Path. At that time, the Righteous and Corrupt paths would fill the sky with blood.

But this time, the Righteous path was clearly too weak. Furthermore, because of his enmity with Xue You, the next time they fought would be to settle everything.

Even facing such opponents, Long Chen wasn’t afraid. The thing he was afraid of was losing his brothers. So he had to find them. Even if they were dead, he had to bring back their bones. He couldn’t let them rest forever in this foreign world.

A day later, Long Chen’s expression was dark. The sensor device still hadn’t found anything on the ninth path. In this huge Immemorial Path, searching for a person was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The nine paths he had picked were just the ones the two of them would most likely have chosen. But who could say for sure just where they had gone?

Long Chen stood in front of a barren desert. There was a trial region below, but Long Chen had no heart to check what treasures there were. With the sensor device Guo Ran had made, he would be able to sense them if they were within three thousand miles.

If it didn’t sense anything here, it meant they weren’t in this desert. Long Chen sighed deeply. Calming his mood, he prepared himself to start a new search.

Just at that moment, space shook. A terrifying attack shattered the void as it came for Long Chen’s back.

The attack had practically broken spacetime. It had come without the slightest premonition. Long Chen was startled. The attack only accumulated energy for the blink of an eye before possessing such power.

With a thought, Blooddrinker appeared in his hand. His spiritual yuan poured into it, and without looking back, he slashed his saber behind him.


Heaven and earth shook. Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his arm and blew back like a lightning bolt. He shot three hundred miles across the ground.

He was absolutely shocked. Just who was so terrifying? Right now, everyone had only just advanced to Sea Expansion. But this person’s power had already reached such a monstrous level.

Suddenly, sword-light filled the sky. Like falling stars, they shot toward Long Chen, and an aura of death enveloped him. This attack contained boundless killing intent.

Long Chen’s heart shook. He knew he had encountered a terrifying opponent. His saber danced, forming a web of Saber Qi.

The Sword Qi crashed onto his defensive net, causing heaven-shaking explosions. That power turned Long Chen’s arms numb, and he was forced to repeatedly fall back.

When the Sword Qi faded, Long Chen finally saw a figure wearing a black cloak. But before he could clearly appraise that figure, a huge sword-image pierced the sky, parting the clouds. With boundless killing intent, it once more slashed at Long Chen like a devil’s blade.

Long Chen frowned. His divine ring appeared behind him. The three-thousand-meter, four-color ring shook heaven and earth. 

Blooddrinker pointed toward the sky, and its blood-colored runes lit up. “Split the Heavens 2!”


A saber-image crashed with a sword-image. This was a world-shaking collision. Screens of light appeared in the void, constantly twisting and appearing incredibly shocking.

The cloak his attacker was wearing couldn’t bear the force of this attack, and it was torn to pieces. His attacker’s face was revealed, stunning Long Chen.

An elegant, jade-like figure with hair that fell to her waist. The most stunning part of her was her blue eyes that were like sapphires. They shone like the sky’s stars had fallen into them. In this world, only she possessed such a look.

“Leng Yueyan!” Long Chen was first stunned, but then he raged, “Do you have a mental illness?!?!”

Leng Yueyan had attacked without the slightest mercy. Her attacks had been full of killing intent, and there was no way she could argue that she had not been trying to kill him.

Leng Yueyan’s delicate mouth curved into a smile. She resheathed her bone sword behind her back and said, “Don’t be so angry. Didn’t I say that I’d give you a greeting before killing you?”

“You…! Let me warn you, stay further away from me! I’m not the old me. If you provoke me again, even I don’t know what will happen. When I get mad, sometimes I even beat myself!” raged Long Chen. He truly was intimidated by this crazy woman.

Leng Yueyan had also reached Sea Expansion and now her spiritual yuan was extremely strange, completely different from before. It contained Death Qi.

Furthermore, there was something else to her spiritual yuan. There was some hidden energy within it. When fighting against her, it was like there had been a death god staring at him from behind. That was an extremely strange feeling.

“Hahaha…” Long Chen’s words caused Leng Yueyan to laugh. “You really are different from before. I can sense it just from the test I did. Excellent. I was originally going to kill you this time to finish up everything here before leaving, however, your growth has exceeded my expectations. If we fight to the end, the most likely result is that we’ll both die. That’s not the result I want, so, I can only say goodbye to you now.”

“You want to leave? Great! Cough, I mean, it’s great you can have a good rest. After all, for a lady to wander outside must be tiring. If you can find a suitable person, you should just go marry them and leave it at that instead of spending all day fighting and killing,” advised Long Chen.

Leng Yueyan smiled. “Don’t be so happy yet. You’re the man I’ve set my sights on. It took a long time for me to find such an excellent target. I’ll be relying on your support to live in the future. Other than that, let me give you a piece of bad news. I’ve looked through this entire world and finally found what I wanted. Once I return, I’ll go into seclusion. Let us meet again once I come out!”

After saying that, Leng Yueyan winked at Long Chen amicably and flirtatiously. For a beauty to do such a thing was an extremely moving sight. But Long Chen’s hair stood on end and cold sweat covered his back. Hearing that this crazy woman had actually had her own goal in coming into the Immemorial Path and that she had obtained that goal, her power once she came out of seclusion would be…

“Do you really have to kill me?” sighed Long Chen.

“Yes. You’re the greatest target I’ve found in my life,” said Leng Yueyan.

“If you one day die beneath my hands, will you feel regret?”

“No regret. To die to the man I acknowledge would be my best fate,” said Leng Yueyan, her gaze just as staunch as Long Chen’s.

“Then sorry!” sighed Long Chen.


“My life isn’t just my own. My life belongs to my brothers, my beauties, to each person who cares for me. If you kill me, they’ll be hurt, aggrieved, and pained. I definitely won’t allow anyone to hurt the people by my side. So the next time you come to kill me, I will go all-out killing you. I definitely won’t be merciful!” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was furious. If Leng Yueyan wasn’t so terrifyingly powerful, perhaps he wouldn’t have to kill her. But Leng Yueyan had the power to kill him, and he couldn’t play with his life nor could he play with the emotions of his comrades.

Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen for a long time before sighing. “Long Chen, you might be the most outstanding man I’ve seen, but I can’t abandon my goal. Perhaps that’s very selfish, but there isn’t anyone in this world that isn’t selfish, including gods. Perhaps you don’t understand, perhaps you think I’m crazy, but as long as you can continue to live until the end, you will understand the reason behind this.”

Long Chen really was unable to understand her ridiculous goal. But the Eastern Wasteland Bell had said that she had her own reason that forced her to act like this.

Long Chen wasn’t someone who wanted to be friends with everyone. He was a selfish person. No matter what his opponent’s reason was, as long as they wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t be merciful with his counterattack. This time would be Leng Yueyan’s last warning.

“Be careful. When Xue You and the others advanced to rank four Celestials, they awakened their bloodline power, and their combat power has greatly increased. Regretfully, I’m in a hurry to leave, otherwise, I really would want to see his power. Remember, you are mine, and you can only die to my hands. Don’t get slaughtered by anyone else!” Leng Yueyan reached out her hands and helped Long Chen tidy his slightly disarrayed robes.

Long Chen was shocked by her actions. Even this killing goddess had a warm side?


Long Chen didn’t recover for a long time after Leng Yueyan left. But suddenly, a soft sound woke him.

“They’re here?!” cried Long Chen. The sensor device had actually sensed something.

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