Chapter 897 Search


Meng Qi suddenly cried out and tightly caught Long Chen’s evil hand. Her face was completely red.

Long Chen had known he couldn’t possibly succeed. Other than some kissing and hugging, he was always caught at the next step.

“Long Chen, don’t make things difficult for me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to face the other sisters.” Meng Qi held Long Chen, pleading. But in this springtime of love, such a look made Long Chen even less able to control himself.

Long Chen was helpless and could only release her. He was finding it harder to control himself around her, especially because of their bath in the Spirit World. He had seen her flawless body, and it was because he had seen it that it made it even harder to stop himself. Being able to look but not eat was an extremely cruel torture.

Perhaps if Long Chen tried pleading, he might have some methods that could work with Meng Qi’s kind character. But he couldn’t do such a thing. He loved her, and so he couldn’t allow her to suffer the slightest grievance, even from himself. Love required sacrifice.

“Long Chen, I’m sorry…” said Meng Qi.

“Foolish wife, what’s there to be sorry about? I was clearly in the wrong.” Long Chen lightly kissed Meng Qi on the forehead and smiled. Meng Qi was truly too kind.

Meng Qi took out a sleek blanket and helped Long Chen take off his shoes, just like a gentle wife taking care of her husband. It made Long Chen emotional and apologetic. But he really wasn’t able to refuse Meng Qi’s kindness. She also took out a tea set and boiled tea for him, telling him about what had happened to her.

Not long after she had entered the Immemorial Path, she had encountered Ji Changkong. That fellow’s mouth had been so loathsome that even she had thought he had to die. When she summoned the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, she had almost killed that idiot. If he hadn’t had a powerful soul item to protect himself, he would have long since disappeared from the Immemorial Path.

After that, she had been sneak-attacked several times. What made Long Chen furious was the fact that her sneak attackers were all experts from the Righteous path.

In the beginning, Meng Qi hadn’t had the heart to kill them. But later, she found that more and more people were treating her as prey. She was finally infuriated and summoned the Blood Phoenix. As a result, those people all had miserable ends.

She went through several trial regions without obtaining anything. In the end, she had inadvertently ended up here. She had found countless soul cultivator inheritances beneath these ruins, so she had stayed here to study them.

When asked about how large her qi sea was, Meng Qi responded with three thousand miles. That made Long Chen relieved. Three thousand miles was a limit. Having one ‘marvel’ like Guo Ran in the Dragonblood Legion was enough.

When he asked about the Blood Phoenix, Meng Qi said that it was out hunting, finding food for the Earth Dragon. After being raised by Meng Qi for so long, it was at the peak of the seventh rank. Even if it ran into Sea Expansion experts, it would have the power to protect itself.

Right now, everyone was in the midst of expanding their seas. There would be no problem with it going out alone. It was because of the Blood Phoenix that the Earth Dragon was able to grow so fast.

“What about you, Long Chen? What happened to you once you entered?” asked Meng Qi, handing him a cup of fresh tea.

“Me? I seem to have been born under an unlucky star.”

Long Chen couldn’t help but grumble. He gave her a simple rundown of his journey in the Immemorial Path, starting with killing Shui Guanzhi all the way to the heavenly tribulation.

“Just what kind of existences were those four?” asked Meng Qi with shock.

“Who knows? Although they’re idiots, I have no choice but to admit that their strength exceeds my imagination. I only managed to con them once because my lightning tribulation is special. If it was a true battle, I definitely wouldn’t be their match right now. I asked lord Heaveneye, but he avoided my questions, merely saying that I had to be careful of them. Those are peak geniuses. From their tone and conduct, I later guessed that those four are likely those legendary true Celestials, in other words, rank nine Celestials,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi was startled. Rank eight Celestials and below were known as quasi Celestials. Only rank nine Celestials were true Celestials. But such figures were on the level of legends. In fact, some people even doubted their existence.

“Long Chen… could it be that you guessed their identity from the start, but still decided to go against them?!” Meng Qi was a bit speechless.

“My wife really knows me the best!” Long Chen laughed, giving her a thumbs-up.

“Don’t mess around! I have to say, your temper really is too explosive! If you don’t care about any consequences, you’ll suffer sooner or later!” said Meng Qi.

“There’s no way around it. You know my temper. Back then, I was so angry I wanted to bite them to death!” Just thinking about back then ignited Long Chen’s rage.

They really knew how to act arrogant. And in order to show off how badass they were, they caused Yue Xiaoqian to exhaust so much of her essence blood. Even if he had to repeat this ten thousand times, he would do the same. If he didn’t go all-out against them for such an offense, he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

“That Yue Xiaoqian was willing to sacrifice her life to let you escape back in the Jiuli secret realm. She clearly is a woman who cares deeply about emotions and relationships,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen smiled. Originally, he had just been probing Meng Qi’s attitude toward Yue Xiaoqian by bringing her up.

“You wouldn’t be opposed to the matter between me and Yue Xiaoqian, right?” Long Chen solemnly held Meng Qi’s hand.

“She cares so much for you and is also willing to sacrifice her life for you. She even bitterly endured her own sorrows for fear of implicating you. How could I be opposed to such a woman?” Meng Qi shook her head.

“You really are the best! This magnanimous and vast heart of yours is my blessing.” Long Chen excitedly hugged Meng Qi and gave her a kiss. He knew that someone as kind as Meng Qi was the best person to talk to about this. As long as she wasn’t opposed to this, then this matter would be easy.

“However, you shouldn’t tell Wan-er for now. That girl’s spiritual yuan is wind attribute, and her temperament is also like wind and fire. She’s extremely direct, and she won’t be happy if you let her know,” warned Meng Qi.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” asked Long Chen.

“Fool, didn’t you say that you and Xiaoqian would reunite? Wait for then. Once everyone gets a chance to know each other, you can bring up this matter again. Wan-er isn’t unreasonable. Her temperament is just too direct, and if you simply bring it up out of nowhere, she’ll think you were fickle-hearted and went out to seduce Xiaoqian. But once everyone is familiar with each other and becomes friends, she won’t feel that rejection. In fact, even if you don’t bring it up, she might help you pull her in. With Wan-er’s direct temperament, she’s amenable to soft tactics, not hard tactics,” said Meng Qi.

“Wife, you really are the best! Let me give you a kiss!” Long Chen emotionally moved in.

“No, you’ll want a mile if I give you an inch.” Meng Qi covered Long Chen’s mouth with her hand.

“No, no, I definitely wouldn’t do such a thing. I just want to express my gratefulness.”

“I won’t believe your lies! This is already the seventeenth time you’ve done this! I might have fallen for it the first sixteen times, but this time…”

In the end, Long Chen didn’t manage to get his way. But he was extremely grateful to Meng Qi. She was definitely the best of all his beauties.

Meng Qi asked Long Chen about his plans. He told her that he would refine a large number of Sea Merging Pills for everyone so that they could expand their qi seas to their limits before reaching the first Heavenstage.

Now that their initial seas had formed, they would need a certain amount of time to adapt to their Dantians. During this time, it was possible to use medicinal pills to expand the sea again.

It was said that as long as the medicinal pills were strong enough, it was possible to increase the size of the qi sea by thirty percent before entering the first Heavenstage.

Thirty percent was a shocking concept. For human cultivators, this could determine life and death.

But this was just in theory. The quality of the medicinal pills determined everything. So Long Chen had come over in order to borrow the Earth Dragon’s core flame.

Long Chen extracted the Earth Dragon’s core flame, using it as his Pill Flame. But during this time, the Earth Dragon entered a feeble state. It fainted, seeming almost dead. But there was no way around it. His Earth Flame was still in slumber, and so he couldn’t refine higher quality Sea Merging Pills.

So Long Chen got to work immediately. His goal was to refine nine-ring Sea Merging Pills. Only pills of that level could allow them to expand their seas to their limits.

For normal experts, increasing their qi sea by ten percent this second time around would be exceptional. But Long Chen was seeking the greatest possible results.

He refined for seven days and nights without sleep, refining over six hundred nine-ring Sea Merging Pills, as well as over two thousand that were below the nine-ring level.

He had Guo Ran rapidly distribute these pills. The amount of nine-ring pills should be enough for his people to reach the pinnacle with quite a few leftovers.

As for the remaining ones, he put them away. He was planning on selling them to gain more resources. After all, Sea Merging Pills were essentially extinct in the outside world.

Returning the Earth Dragon Golden Blaze to the Earth Dragon, Long Chen also gifted it some of the beast flames he had been raising in his body to make up for the damage. It would allow its core flame to grow even stronger.

“Long Chen, you aren’t going into seclusion with everyone else?” asked Meng Qi.

Long Chen sighed, “Song Mingyuan and Li Qi are still missing. I have to find them.”


“They’re my brothers. I have to find them no matter. If they’re alive, I want to see them. If they’re dead, I want to see their corpses. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be fit to be called boss!” Long Chen gently rubbed Meng Qi’s cheek. “I know my temperament is aggravating and even sometimes stupid, but there’s no way for me to change it. I won’t be able to have peace of mind until I find them. Don’t worry, my qi sea is different from yours. All of you can focus on increasing your power. I’m the one most suited to finding them.”

After settling all that, Long Chen left with a specialized sensor device Guo Ran had given him. Right now, his greatest hope was that two of their lives were hardy enough.

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