Chapter 897 Search (Teaser)


Meng Qi suddenly cried out and tightly caught Long Chen’s evil hand. Her face was completely red.

Long Chen had known he couldn’t possibly succeed. Other than some kissing and hugging, he was always caught at the next step.

“Long Chen, don’t make things difficult for me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to face the other sisters.” Meng Qi held Long Chen, pleading. But in this springtime of love, such a look made Long Chen even less able to control himself.

Long Chen was helpless and could only release her. He was finding it harder to control himself around her, especially because of their bath in the Spirit World. He had seen her flawless body, and it was because he had seen it that it made it even harder to stop himself. Being able to look but not eat was an extremely cruel torture.

Perhaps if Long Chen tried pleading, he might have some methods that could work with Meng Qi’s kind character. But he couldn’t do such a thing. He loved her, and so he couldn’t allow her to suffer the slightest grievance, even from himself. Love required sacrifice.

“Long Chen, I’m sorry…”...

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