Chapter 896 A Small Test of Power

Clapping rang through the air. It wasn’t very loud, nor was it very warm. In fact, the only one clapping was Guo Ran. Long Chen raged, “You’re the one who wanted to show off! What are you doing, dragging me into it?!”

“Hehe, boss, I’ve already finished showing off. Now it’s time for you to show off your own splendor! Junior brother wouldn’t dare fight with you for the stage.” Guo Ran smiled mischievously.

“Wouldn’t it be better for you to hog the stage yourself?” Long Chen didn’t understand. When had this brat learned to be low-key?

“Cough, after bathing under the baptism of your light all day, after listening to your teachings every day, junior brother’s immoral tendencies have already been dispelled. In the outside world, harmony and peace are the most precious. How could I start fighting with others so easily…” Seeing Long Chen’s despising glare, Guo Ran hastily changed tones. “Cough! What I mean is that you know my power! Each time I attack, it costs money! I want to become a hardworking and thrifty man!”

At least Long Chen understood now. This brat definitely had the goods to kill these people, but he was unwilling. Many of his stronger attacks were one-time things. It not only wasted money, but it also exhausted his time and effort. Thus, he was unwilling.

As for the top expert of the Scarlet Blood Salamander race, he was clearly a stubborn, defensive opponent. After considering that, Guo Ran had decided being a poser wasn’t worth the money this time.

“Bastard, you dare to dupe me?!” roared one of the Scarlet Blood Salamander experts. He shot forward, slashing his saber at Long Chen and Guo Ran.

This attack was shockingly powerful. This was the terror of Sea Expansion experts. With so much spiritual yuan, a random attack could shatter mountains. Guo Ran hastily shot back.

A hand caught the saber. Long Chen had one hand behind him, with one hand forward, holding the saber. That powerful Saber Qi vanished without a trace under Long Chen’s hand.

“Boss really is boss! To grab a blade with his bare hands, what a badass method!” Guo Ran laughed as he hid in the distance.

“Many thanks to senior apprentice-brothers for saving us. We-” thanked the two women.

“It’s fine. You can leave now. Once boss takes action, he’ll definitely shake heaven and earth. You two should leave before being blown apart by the shockwaves.” Guo Ran waved his hand, his eyes only on Long Chen.

The two women glanced at each other, clearly a bit disappointed. Guo Ran wasn’t warm to them. Perhaps it was due to their previous actions that had caused him to despise them. Without saying another word, they bowed to Guo Ran and left.

Guo Ran didn’t particularly care about their departure. His focus was on Long Chen. He had to solemnly learn these ultimate poser abilities.

Long Chen had caught the saber with one hand, like he had caught a child’s plaything. That saber was a low grade Treasure item, and its sharpness was shocking. But it wasn’t even able to break Long Chen’s skin. Long Chen finally experienced the delight of having his strength explosively grow.

Having reached Sea Expansion and completing the fourth star, his physical body was comparable to Treasure items. The feeling of catching Treasure items bare-handed was excellent.

The Scarlet Blood Salamander experts jumped in shock. They didn’t know this was Long Chen. Although they had heard his name, they didn’t realize this was him.

“Bastard, you dare look down on us?!” that expert roared. This was a naked humiliation. His aura erupted, and berserk energy surged behind him. It was the sea manifestation of a Sea Expansion expert. There were two-colored runes within that sea. That was the mark of a rank two Celestial.

Following the eruption of his full power, the ground began to shake. But he was unable to pull back his saber or to make it even twitch.

“Too weak.” Long Chen shook his head.

Suddenly, a cracking sound rang out. Long Chen increased his strength, and that Treasure item was shattered.

He flipped the tip of it and stabbed it through the expert’s head. Blood mist filled the air as he was killed in one blow.

The innate rank three Celestial’s expression finally changed. Seeing how terrifying Long Chen was, he immediately attacked.

Qi waves surged out of him, and his scales began to shine. He smashed his fist at Long Chen.

Long Chen also punched out. As a result, that person was sent flying. He crashed into his fellow clansmen so hard that their bones broke and they fainted. As for the innate rank three Celestial, his arm was completely deformed.

He was appalled. Their Scarlet Blood Salamander race was renowned for their powerful defenses. But this one attack had broken his arm.

“You’ve attacked twice. It should be my turn now.”

Long Chen suddenly sent a punch toward the innate rank three Celestial. This punch sealed any of his escape paths. The innate rank three Celestial’s expression completely changed. In that instant, he felt like his skin was about to explode, as if an ancient dragon had woken and was attacking him.

“Scarlet Blood Gold Body!” His entire body became covered in golden runes, forming layers of defense. He seemed like a golden statue now. This was his race’s strongest defensive move.


Long Chen had attacked with his full power. He wanted to see just how strong he was.

The result was that the rank three Celestial’s arms were both broken, and Long Chen’s fist still smashed onto his chest.

The Scarlet Blood Salamander expert stared at the fist stuck in his chest in horror. 

“Your qi sea isn’t stable, your magical arts are impure. You can’t even use your own power. What a waste of my effort.” Long Chen shook his head, pulling back his fist.

“Who...are… you…” The Scarlet Blood Salamander expert’s voice was as ugly as clashing steel.


Regretfully, before he could hear Long Chen’s response, his body exploded like a shattering statue.

“Boss, you’re too powerful! Even such a powerful fellow was one-shotted by you!” Looking at those shattered remnants, Guo Ran was shocked. His boss was becoming more and more of a monster.

“These people just advanced to Sea Expansion. They still weren’t able to bring out a Sea Expansion expert’s power, which was why they were killed in one blow. The strongest point of Sea Expansion experts is that they can use magical arts to activate natural energy. But these fellows came out before stabilizing their realm. It’d be strange if they didn’t die.

“However, don’t look down on the ancient races just because of this. These idiots from the Scarlet Blood Salamander race should have had many powerful inherited magical arts. The Sea Expansion realm is the stage where their power undergoes a heaven-toppling change. However, these idiots came out before even cultivating their inherited magical arts. So killing them was just a waste of time. There’s no way to judge the ancient races’ power through this.” Long Chen shook his head.

Guo Ran nodded. “You’re right. In truth, the most terrifying ones are those that have advanced to become rank four Celestials. The rumor is that rank four have an immense suppressive effect on rank three Celestials. They’ve already entered another kind of realm. For this many rank four Celestials to appear at once, perhaps the Immemorial Path will be extremely chaotic for the next bit. Many people want to declare themselves king here.”

Seeing Guo Ran’s worry, Long Chen smiled. “What are you afraid of? As we swept through the land beneath the heavens, when were we ever afraid of anyone? Aren’t they just rank four Celestials? Just as before, when we see them, we’ll smash their balls!”

“Hehe, I knew boss was the biggest poser. To tell the truth, today, I’ve finally realized why I can’t learn boss’s poser style,” laughed Guo Ran.

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m just acting badass, but you really are badass. I have to act because I’m worried others won’t realize I’m a badass, but you, you don’t need to act like anything to prove who you are. So in the future, I’ve decided not to imitate you. I couldn’t imitate you even if I wanted to. I have to find my own poser path,” said Guo Ran, his face lit up with comprehension.

“Are you planning on spending your whole life posing?!” cursed Long Chen. There really was no hope for him.

“Then what else am I supposed to do? With how badass you are, and with me following you, if I didn’t show off, who would even be able to tell how badass I am?” grumbled Guo Ran.

Long Chen looked at Guo Ran, unable to find a word to say in retort. It seemed this preposterous reasoning of his actually did have some logic to it. Was being a poser also a kind of cultivation?

Guo Ran went and resolved the fainted fellows and took away any valuables. The two of them continued on their way.

They traveled for a long time, but they didn’t meet anyone. It seemed that other than those idiots from the Scarlet Blood Salamander race, no one wanted to waste this critical time.

On the way, Guo Ran killed two seventh rank Magical Beasts as rations for the Earth Dragon. Guo Ran had become a qualified keeper during this time, caring for the Earth Dragon like he would his own wife.

After half a day, they reached a desolate temple that had collapsed. There was a statue within the ruins, but it had also crumbled. Only its lower body remained; however, it was shockingly huge. There was a large Earth Dragon lazily soaking in the sun on top of that the statue.

What startled Long Chen was that this Earth Dragon was even bigger than Guo Ran’s, and its aura had already reached the sixth rank.

When Long Chen and Guo Ran arrived, the Earth Dragon suddenly stood up and glared at them. Guo Ran hastily tossed it a Magical Beast’s corpse as a bribe, and it obediently moved aside, revealing a cave.

“What is this? It takes bribes to get in?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Boss, you can go down first. I’ll go out and find some more food. This little fellow’s stomach capacity is too shocking.” Guo Ran ran off.

Long Chen followed the tunnel down. It wasn’t long before he entered a large room. As soon as he did, a burst of fragrance attacked him, and a pair of arms tightly wrapped around his waist.

Long Chen pulled that sweet body into his embrace. In spite of Meng Qi trying to dodge, his mouth firmly planted on hers, giving her a fierce kiss...

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